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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Opt Discussion

Katzmania on Narset’s Nightbound Moon

2 weeks ago

Yeah TheBubbaEA I playtested the deck a couple times, and I felt like Opt wasn't doing anything. I know it is tempting to run, but it literally is one full mana to Sry1, so I don't know where it was coming in useful. I think your deck has a lot of potential, and has really good matchups against a lot of decks. Some sideboard advice, I think you need to run a lot of artifact hate because Hammer Time is a really bad matchup for you, so something like Force of Vigor will really help you in the matchup, because your deck is slower than Hammer Time, doesn't have great instant speed removal that doesn't do damage (which doesn't do anything if your opponents creatures get +10+10), and Hammer Time cheats it's threats into play using cards like Urza's Saga, or at instant speed during combat with Sigarda's Aid. Also, You could probably get away with running some copies of Leyline of Sanctity, or a form of life gain, or other anti-burn cards for the Burn Matchup, which is also pretty bad because it's mostly red and and an Aggro deck. Maybe Chalice of the Void, because it takes away 70% of Burn's options considering they are a Lurrus of the Dream-Den Deck

TheBubbaEA on Narset’s Nightbound Moon

2 weeks ago

Katzmania Okay I see what youre saying. And yeah, I've been oscillating between 2-4 Blood Moons main and Can't find a good number, because I wanted to fit other cards like Opt. But I think cutting Opt down or entirely could make sense! Thanks for the input :)

Katzmania on Narset’s Nightbound Moon

2 weeks ago

Also if your main strategy is Blood Moon disruption, run more! You should probably cut out the Opt because you are spending a card to get a card for one whole mana, and have no synergies with instants/sorceries besides Snapcaster Mage, which you will usually be using for a counter spell.

wallisface on No Souls, Only Shadows

4 weeks ago

You don’t appear to have many self-mill effects, which’ll make getting both those cards in the grave awkward.

  • have you considered Glimpse the Unthinkable as a better way to mill?

  • sorcery speed stuff is generally risky for control decks, as early game it’ll often leave you unable to represent a response. I’d swap Chart a Course for Opt (or better yet the new spell from the upcoming set, “Consider”).

  • running full playsets of the creatures you need to get into the grave seems good to give you better odds. You can minimise the downside of that by playing Bone Shards and/or Collective Brutality

  • everything you cast in this deck is 1-2cmc, you can probs go down to 20 lands, possibly even less given your card draw options.

Gattison on Izzet Defender Idea (Pauper)

1 month ago

Cinder Wall is cheap if you want more defenders. As for support spells, you'd want mostly cantrips imo. Things like Crash Through, Opt, Renegade Tactics, Slip Through Space. Even stuff like Faithless Looting and Thrill of Possibility could be helpful if you want to include flashback/retrace stuff, like Flame Jab.

WotanubisReturned on Mono-Boo-hoo

1 month ago

lagotripha This deck doesn't rely on Scepter like the other one but I think it will be good value in a late game situation. What do you think? I removed Serum Visions since it's a sorcery and it needs Consider instead of Opt.

wallisface on Sultai Hulk

1 month ago

Some thoughts:

  • How have you found Shardless Agent? My initial thoughts reading through this list, is that it's a card which has heavily restricted what control options you can play, because you're trying to avoid hitting stuff like Counterspell, Spell Snare, Thoughtseize, Opt and the likes. Without many fast/efficient ways to deal with your opponents early game, I'm wondering whether having Chalice of the Void in your mainboard makes more sense (i.e. I see more matchups where you'd want to bring this in rather than leave it out).

  • I'm worried that without any way to mill your opponent, Drown in the Loch might be hard to find value from in some games. Though I do get that most of the time it's not a big issue, as modern is a fairly self-graveyard-filling meta in general.

  • I'm not sure Cackling Counterpart is worth it, when it could just be copies 3-4 of Abrupt Decay. Intending to copy Torrential Gearhulk feels far too much like "win more". You also can't get the cascade trigger if you copy Shardless Agent, because the token isn't "cast".

  • The full playset of Torrential Gearhulk feels excessive. With your decks card draw, and the fact it costs 6 mana, I would have thought 2 (or maybe 3?) copies more reasonable. Drawing a second one is probably a dead card in hand a lot of the time. With 3 copies, you're still very likely to draw one before you drop your 6th land.

zapyourtumor on Soulherder Flash

1 month ago

Path to Exile isn't great in the current metagame, since you're running three colors I suggest Prismatic Ending

I'm not sure 4 Opt and 3 Remand is good when you could be running more creatures instead. Watcher for Tomorrow is a decent one to help you dig. Wall of Omens is another good draw engine that can stop aggro and walls Ragavan.

Also I think you should heavily consider Yorion, Sky Nomad as companion. Free cards are just really good, and there are definitely enough good flicker creatures in bant colors to go up to 80 cards. You could also include the Stoneforge Mystic package with the extra space to give the deck a more clear "must answer" wincon besides just generating value with etbs.

Some other creatures I think you should consider are Solitude, Endurance for sideboard grave hate, Skyclave Apparition, Noble Hierarch, Aether Vial (lets you "flash in" those non-flash creatures).

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