Unflinching Courage

Unflinching Courage

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has trample and lifelink. (Damage dealt by a creature with lifelink also causes its controller to gain that much life.)

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Unflinching Courage Discussion

BRG24 on Felidae Cult

2 months ago

I’m not entirely sure what a “toolbox deck” officially refers to, but I’ve always seen them as decks that can very easily adapt to face different strategies that your opponent might be using, be that by using tutors to find answers or flexible cards that can deal with multiple things. Since I’m a fairly budget player, any toolbox deck I build focuses on the flexibility side, and as such I tend to like using planeswalkers, since their different abilities give me options of what to do.

I’ll have a go at convincing you why planeswalkers can be so powerful and fun to play with, especially in a deck like this. If you can keep them alive, they provide immense value across a game, enough that they will often be what win you games. Since you have such a creature heavy deck, with lots of chump blockers in your tokens, a planeswalker should be pretty easy to protect against most strategies (exceptions being decks with lots of fliers, and in those matchups you can just sideboard them out). They also can be must answer threats, which will redirect much of their attention away from you and your board and life total, or stop them developing their own boards. They are particularly strong if they bring with them the ability to protect themselves, either by making blockers or removing threats (hence I like Ajani, Strength of the Pride quite so much, since he can pump out tokens to block with), since even playing them out into an unprotected board can be viable. However, I would say that you should not include a planeswalker just for its ultimate, since most of the time the opponent will have been able to remove it before you reach the required loyalty, or will at least deal some damage to slow it down. Hopefully this makes sense, please just ask if you want more advice on how to use planeswalkers, I’d be happy to help.

As for the choice of aura between Cartouche of Strength and Setessan Training, I would probably lean towards Training. The fact that it replaces itself in hand can be very significant, and the fact that it is one mana cheaper is also pretty important. The removal can be pretty situational, since it requires you to have the bigger creature, which you won’t always have, and your board pressure will often force them to make blocks that will remove creatures anyway. I still wouldn’t disregard Unflinching Courage though, giving a Pridemate lifelink can be ridiculous.

BRG24 on Felidae Cult

2 months ago

9-lives, unfortunately unblockable is an effect mainly kept in blue, so I’m not sure if there are any effects like it in your colours. The way you will be getting damage through in this deck will most likely have to be trample instead. Unflinching Courage might be a good way of giving your big creature trample, and the lifelink is also pretty nice for a huge creature to have. Setessan Training and Cartouche of Strength are two other auras that can give something trample, and each having a useful secondary effect (card draw or removal).

About the only card I can find that does give unblockable in your colours is Key to the City, but I would not recommend it for a deck like this. While is have used the card a lot in discard decks, this deck probably can’t afford the discard cost, since the draw effect is pretty clunky and you don’t have any other sources of draw.

Regarding Sylvan Caryatid, this deck doesn’t feel like it is in need of ramp all that much, it would most likely rather just play out threats each turn. It would also prevent you from running Kaheera, the Orphanguard as your companion, which could prove significant.

Trial of Strength also feels a little strange. Sure it works well with Anointed Procession and populate, but it’s also moving away from all your cat synergy and is ultimately in lots of cases just a 3 mana 4/2. If you want another good token producer for the deck, I’m going to say once again that Ajani, Strength of the Pride feels like the best way to go. The tokens are replicas of one of the deck’s most powerful creatures, plus it has the flexibility to do so much more, which seems perfect for the toolbox strategy you are to be going for.

As a final thing, I’ll mention your sideboard. To make your toolbox strategy you’ve moved a lot of the traditional “sideboard cards”, like Prowling Serpopard and Watchers of the Dead into the mainboard, which I feel is a mistake. They are good into some matchups, sure, but they will often be dead draws against other decks. You’d probably be better off running flexible cards or cards with multiple effects in your main board, then having the full blown counter cards in your sideboard. Feline Sovereign is a great card for the mainboard, for example, since it has a primary buff effect that helps in every game, but can also have extra incidental value in some matchups, and then in the games where the artifact or enchantment hate is necessary you can sideboard in some more. Since we’re viewing this as a toolbox, you could see it as trying to fill the mainboard with “multitools”, shall we call them, and then have the precision tools for specific jobs in the sideboard (please forgive the awful analogy, but hopefully it makes sense).

And regarding Kaheera, cut down to only one in the sideboard, since you can only cast one from there each game.

Sorry that this is long again, hopefully this is helpful.

BRG24 on Selesnya Bogles (GW Hexproof Aggro)

2 months ago

Nice deck. Just a few possible alternative auras that I feel could add to the deck. Sentinel's Eyes I find does a lot of work, the vigilance gives you an important blocker in a deck with a very low creature presence most of the time, and then can also recur itself if your hexproof thing ever dies. Setessan Training is a cheap way of giving trample that also draws you a card, and when playing with it often find it better than Unflinching Courage. This deck is also very light on removal, so Cartouche of Strength seems another better alternative to Courage. Finally, Setessan Champion might be interesting. It functions almost identically to Sram, but the extra growth may come in useful at times, as might the ability to have two in play at once. Hope this is helpful.

BRG24 on Selesnya Pioneer Bogles

3 months ago

Personally, I feel that The First Iroan Games is quite weak and slow. You’re mainly playing it for the second and third abilities, both of which can be easily messed with since the opponent can see them coming and may end up coming too late. That’s what I would cut for Season of Growth.

I’m also not a huge fan of Calix, Destiny's Hand. For the top card in your curve, he doesn’t seem to do an awful lot that you aren’t already doing better. Season of Growth and Setessan Champion are better for card advantage, and I feel the removal isn’t that great either. Instead, I’d replace him with a card that will help get your creatures across the line to finish a game. The best two in my mind are Cartouche of Strength and Unflinching Courage. Both give trample, which is the big thing here, and the Cartouche can also act as removal for problematic creatures, something that the deck may be lacking.

While I’m here, I have a few more possible recommendations. I recently built my own G/W auras deck (Pioneer Auras, if you want to check it out) and these are cards that are either in the deck or were seriously considered.

  • Sram, Senior Edificer is yet another replacement for Champion and Season for card draw.

  • Gladecover Scout and Witchstalker are both nice creatures for you to put all the auras on due to the protection their hexproof gives them. Witchstalker in particular can be a nice card against control, since most of their spells will only make it grow.

  • Cartouche of Solidarity and Sentinel's Eyes are some nice cheap auras that have some nice effects. The extra blocker that the Cartouche brings can be useful against aggro, and the vigilance of the Eyes lets you attack more freely. Eyes is also nice since it can recur itself.

Hopefully this is helpful to you, I know it’s a bit long. Good luck with the deck.

fmastrome2008 on Bogles

4 months ago
  1. Most decks utilize 2-3 Spirit Mantle in lieu of Unflinching Courage.
  2. I'd add 1 Spirit Link to your SB to fill in the 15th spot. As it's not Lifelink, you still gain life off the combat damage. I.e, 2 lifegain triggers even if equipped with Daybreak Coronet.
  3. Damping Sphere slows down Storm, Tron, other big mana decks. 2 in the SB is normal.

Grubbernaut on

9 months ago

With 4 passage and 4 attune, I think you need more basics; or, to cut some of those cards. I'd go down to 2x passage, and replace them with a couple more basics.

Also, with several higher CMC haymakers, I think 4x Sylvan Caryatid would be a good plan. Blocks little creatures, not easily removed, fixes, and ramps to the big stuff.

Lastly, I'd cut Unflinching Courage from the SB and swap in Knight of Autumn for the flexibility. Maybe even 3, since it's currently at 14 cards.


NoSoyYucateco on Suck It, Sheoldred!

10 months ago

I think you need a bit more ramp to speed up the deck. You're playing green--why are you running the signet over more durable land ramp, especially when you only have 35 lands here? Rampant Growth , Nature's Lore , Cultivate , Diligent Farmhand , Wood Elves , Farhaven Elf , and Solemn Simulacrum are all cards I would pick before the signet. These will help you get Sigarda out sooner and give you staying power for the late game.

Also, if you're up against Sheoldred regularly, you might want to consider some more graveyard hate, like Scavenger Grounds , Tormod's Crypt , and Sentinel Totem . Sigarda will keep you from sacking but she won't prevent them from reanimating.

I would also swap one of your artifact/enchantment removal spells for Return to Nature , since it can exile something targeted by a reanimate effect.

Since you're aura-focused here, I would also think about Battle Mastery .

You also have virtually no draw here. Sram, Senior Edificer , Rishkar's Expertise , or Return of the Wildspeaker would all be great in this build. Even a Harmonize would do you good.

As for what you could cut to make room for some of these suggestions, I'd think about Flower / Flourish , Unflinching Courage , Dromoka's Command , Devouring Light , Indestructibility , Darksteel Plate , Bow of Nylea , and maybe one or two other targeted removal spells. You have a lot here.

cpollock055 on Just wait until I play my Bogle

10 months ago

-I'm not sure that this is a Once Upon a Time deck. It only hits 10 "important" things and if you already have a bogle in play it's pretty much useless and a waste of mana. Maybe keeping 1 for some insurance is fine but I don't think that card is meant for this deck.

-I'm not totally sold on Gift of Orzhova . It's just a slightly worse version of Unflinching Courage and gums up your curve by being so high cmc. I would just go the full 4 Unflinching courage and replace the remaining two Gifts with some lower cmc auras (maybe Gryff's Boon if you're worried about having flying? And to provide early evasion).

- Hero of Iroas seems really strong for racing non-interactive linear/combo decks and reducing your somewhat high aura curve, but obviously isn't great for other more interactive matchups since it doesn't have hexproof.

-I would most definitely play Veil of Summer in the sideboard, that card is just far too powerful to not play and protects you against Thoughtseize and your opponent blowing up your key auras.

-And finally I don't think you're winning the game if you have to play Witchstalker on 3. Waiting to attack until turn 4 is too long in this format even if they do ban the more degenerate stuff like copy cat and Kethis combo.

Upvoted. Creative and budget-friendly. Good luck hope you have fun in the new format! :)

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