Relentless Assault

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Premodern Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Relentless Assault


Untap all creatures that attacked this turn. After this main phase, there is an additional combat phase followed by an additional main phase.

Quartzrockz on The Boss's Therapist (~$100)

2 days ago

Thank you for the comment, yib (and sorry for the later reply!)

I've never been very good at balancing mono colour decks XD My only one is very artifact heavy. But I appreciate seeing yours Etali Deck RL.

I like your suggestion and incorporated Mirror Entity (I cant believe I missed this one), Moraug, Fury of Akoum, Relentless Assault, and Make a Stand (to go with the Rootborn Defenses in the deck currently). I think I like Secure the Wastes as well but I'm going to have to think what I want to give up for that.

yib on The Boss's Therapist (~$100)

3 days ago

This deck hit surprisingly hard for its budget! I usually play Etali, Primal Storm and found this to be a more fair, watered-down version of it.

Keeping in line with the budget theme, I think that this deck would do well with a few more ways to generate tokens en masse, through cards like Secure the Wastes and Mercy Killing. Mirror Entity and Strionic Resonator can help buff tokens up further. Moraug, Fury of Akoum and Relentless Assault can also help in getting multiple buffs and swinging multiple times. Something like Make a Stand can also be a budget option that helps keep creatures around.

mr5cientific on Fight Club Weaboo Edition

3 days ago

After getting a couple games in with my brother over vacation the extra combats definitely seem wasted. I'm keeping World at War in for now but getting rid of Combat Celebrant, Relentless Assault, and maybe-boarding Moraug, Fury of Akoum

Now that we are moving away from extra combat steps I'll likely cut the vigilance enchantments but I'll need to do some further playtesting. Again, thanks for all the suggestions Crow-Umbra! It has been more difficult to find Isshin, Two Heavens as One commander decks that don't focus on one aspect of attack triggers but your suggestions I feel are getting me a lot closer. I just checked out your Isshin/Musashi deck and just wanted to say its BADASSSSSS. I'll definitely be taking some additional notes from it. I love Elder Brain so I'll probably have to add that as well. Best of luck in your games and brewing!!!

McToters on Lord Xander Taxing your Deck

3 weeks ago

Hey there! Happy to throw some suggestions on this.

Tunnel Vision works as mill but it can also be a nifty last chance tutor on yourself. Depends on how you look at it.

Bedlam would help you worry less about opponents blockers when you swing with Xander.

Kindred Charge could be interesting.

Relentless Assault, Combat Celebrant, are all choices that can help trigger additional combats so you can trigger Xander.

Need for Speed or Anger for haste!!!

Hahaha can you tell I'm a red player? I'll do a bit more research and comment back in a bit! Nice brew! Cheers

IHATENAMES on Command Kaza Pezzent! (25/30 Euro/$)

1 month ago

Surge to Victory would be nice here. Misssex mastery is too expensive for this deck so it will help close out games.

Works well with Relentless Assault for a win. Another possible card. Your built for a mix between wizard tribal and big spell tribal which is cool but focusing a little more one way or the other may help. Like more mana dork like creatures if you focus big spells or perhaps changing commander to Adeliz, the Cinder Wind and using cheaper spells for wizard tribal.

It's up to you looks interesting though!

magicbike on Isshin, Two Heavens as One

1 month ago

so i m gonna take some instant out of the cards gonna take a sorcery out one creatur so gonna put some stuff in like more combat faces

i m gonna put Fervent Charge more card draw would be nice like Thorough Investigation some recursion like Olivia, Crimson Bride i m gonna put things in like Dolmen Gate gonna put Aurelia, the Warleader in with the sword of Sword of Hearth and Home if i place the sword on isshin if i attack if i can do player damage with aurelia/isshin i get a extra step then i exile aurelia place her back in than i do the same thing again i get a extra combat step infinity

i m gonna put Relentless Assault in for a other extra combat step

so cards to get out of my deck is gonna be Wandering Archaic  Flip-Rakshasa Debaser-Cheering Fanatic-Vandalblast-Disenchant

legendofa on Can i infinitely trigger Hidden …

4 months ago

No, a creature can deal attack and deal combat damage only once during a combat phase (barring something like double strike, but that doesn't affect the answer to this question). Untapping a creature won't allow it to attack or deal combat damage again.

Cards like Relentless Assault allow a creature to attack more than once, by specifically creating a new combat phase.

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