Relentless Assault

Relentless Assault


Untap all creatures that attacked this turn. After this main phase, there is an additional combat phase followed by an additional main phase.

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Merfolk vs. Goblins (DDT) Rare
Planechase (HOP) Rare
Tenth Edition (10E) Rare
Ninth Edition (9ED) Rare
Ninth Edition Foreign Black Border (9EDFBB) Rare
Eighth Edition (8ED) Rare
Seventh Edition (7ED) Rare
Starter 1999 (S99) Rare
Portal Three Kingdoms (PTK) Rare
Classic Sixth Edition (6ED) Rare
Portal Second Age (P02) Rare
Visions (VIS) Rare

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Format Legality
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Modern Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Block Constructed Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Legacy Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Relentless Assault Discussion

Peoyogon on Lets Play Fetch

6 days ago

I really like the direction you are going with this!

Some cards that might synergize well with your +1+1 strategy are Forgotten Ancient and Master Biomancer. Ancient gets counters very, very fast and can distribute as many as you want to Pako; Biomancer can help boost anything you get from you or your opponent's deck (or Pako when cast again from the Command Zone).

Have you also thought about adding any second combat phase cards? That seems pretty great with your theme as you can deal twice the damage and get double Pako triggers at the same time. Here are some that might be cool to look at: World at War, Relentless Assault, Fury of the Horde, Combat Celebrant, and of course Aggravated Assault.

DemMeowsephs on My Kaalia Deck

1 month ago

Extra combat steps? Having cards that grant you extra combats can let you attack with Kaalia again, and put out even more crazy creatures!

And maybe some stuff to protect Kaalia, and make sure she gets to attack without risking her dying

NV_1980 on KaaliaAAGGHHH!!!

3 months ago


We like where this is heading but we do have some pointers:

Have fun with the brew!


Mrs. and Mr. NV_1980

Gbeail on The Whole Squad's Here >70$<

4 months ago

Thanks for the info, didn't know they wouldn't trigger. I'll see what I can do to improve it based on this. Before it had turn 4-5 wins, this is a significant nerf. If you have any budget cards that would work it would be greatly appreciated. It could still get a turn turn 4 win if you drew Chance for Glory, Combat Celebrant, or Relentless Assault before the attack and had the mana for it. Before hitting Combat Celebrant was a insta kill however I guess it wouldn't activate that attack.

Last_Laugh on Narset, Budget Commander

5 months ago

My advice would be save up for upgrades that're slightly more expensive and just upgrade less often. I'll keep things reasonable, categorized in order of importance, and mostly in your budget but I'm stepping outside of it a bit for a few key upgrades.

Extra Turns/Combat - This area needs a lot more cards to be consistent with Narset and should currently be your priority. Fury of the Horde, Relentless Assault, Seize the Day, Temporal Trespass, Walk the Aeons, and Waves of Aggression.

Ramp: Work on dropping all your mana rocks that cost or more (unless it costs but adds like Worn Powerstone). Talisman of Progress, Fellwar Stone, Pentad Prism, Crystal Vein, Generator Servant, Basalt Monolith, and Coalition Relic are all good options I personally ran.

Pillow Fort: Smoke, Propaganda, and Ghostly Prison are all excellent options while the decks power lever is built up. You'll eventually drop these if you start to get some of the more expensive extra turn cards in here.

Feel free to check out my list for inspiration. It's not budget friendly as a whole but there's options there that're reasonable. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Narset, American Beauty

Rhadamanthus on Multy Combat

6 months ago

You can use double square brackets around a card's name to create a reference link: Relentless Assault, Reverberate, Repeated Reverberation. It's the easiest way to make sure everyone understands what's going on in your question.

The extra combat phases created by the copies will mostly be wasted. Relentless Assault and most other similar spells only untap the creatures at the time the spell resolves. If you make copies of it, any creatures that attack during one of the additional combats will still be tapped when the next one starts.

You can get around this by either using creatures with vigilance or using a spell that works in a slightly different way. The two examples I found are the "Resurgence" half of Response / Resurgence, which gives your creatures vigilance as part of its effect, and World at War, which specifically untaps your attackers at the beginning of the additional combat phase.

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