Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Whenever enchanted creature attacks, return it and Contempt to their owners' hands at end of combat.

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Contempt Discussion

Dammjan on My first own deck

2 months ago

Hey DreadKhan, thank you for your suggestions. The two lands you suggested are realy cheap and can be a good addition to the deck. I will have a look which lands I can delete out of my original deck to add those since I don t want to get rid of too many basic lands. The other cards you suggested seem to fit realy good into my deck too. Especially Contempt, Slow Motion and Fool's Demise seem to be good cards for this deck. But I realy don t know which cards to take out of my original deck. Maybe you can suggest one. Thank you!

DreadKhan on My first own deck

2 months ago

Darkwater Catacombs and Skycloud Expanse tend to play very well for me, low budget or not tbh. War Tax is a solid pillow-fort effect. Slow Motion is a really good budget card, since you keep getting it back. Contempt might be worth casting. Fool's Demise Mark of Eviction are also interesting, mostly as repeatably castable enchantments that can hinder opponents.

carpecanum on Horrible Djinn Tribal

1 year ago

Dovescape murders everybody if you have Cathars' Crusade. Any moderately expensive non-creature spell becomes a bunch of counters.

If you have a lot of flyers try giving away Gravitational Shift. Maybe things with a cumulative upkeep, Contempt or Mark of Eviction

papahiggs on Kess, wielder of scepters

2 years ago

I like Soothsaying with Jeleva. There are some really good new cards that would be fantastic with her. Blade of Selves. While you don't get her attacks, you do get her etb ability and the chance to use all those cards. Helm of the Host does give you an etb and an extra attack and trigger. I think if you ran a few smaller spells Thousand-Year Storm could be insane. I also like Oblivion Sower as Jeleva tends to hit a lot of lands. I also loved Contempt in my Jeleva deck to reset the cards in exile.

DaringApprentice on Burn Baby Burn

5 years ago

In a similar vein as the last comment, except all commons, here are more non-creature spells that you can cast more than twice, since they can return to your hand: Brilliant Halo, Cage of Hands, Cessation, Contempt, Conviction, Crown of Flames, Death Spark, Fiery Mantle, Gossamer Chains, Launch, Mark of Fury, Petals of Insight, Shackles, Shimmering Wings, Slow Motion, and Volrath's Curse.

kengiczar on Casual combo with Contempt

5 years ago

Well Contempt returns a creature to it's owners hand, along with itself, whenever the enchanted creature attacks.

This go me thinking there are creatures that say "whenever this card attacks for the first time each turn....". Notably we have Aurelia, the Warleader and also Godo and Scourge of the Throne. The reason we can use cards that say "this card attacks for the first time each turn" is that every time we replay those cards they don't count as the same card as far as the rules are concerned.

So if you have an Aurelia out and put Contempt on it you can pick them up and attack again. That's pretty lame since it's so expensive right?

What if I told you that you could crush all of your friends with Contempt + Aurelia + Bear Umbra.... just Umbra on another creature that will survive combat and you win!

You're not impressed? I'm not either. But for a card that than came out in 98 it's amusing that Contempt continues to update itself every few years.

Also you can play this combo in the new 4 color non mana symbol b deck. Also would work in Animar if you use the Scourge but then it stops working if you are on the Throne. So ... use the angel.

MAJOR UPDATE!: LeaPlath pointed out to me that you would need flash for the combo since it puts a combat phase directly after the previous one. I kind of knew this in my head when I was building the combo but forgot to mention it. It's always magical christmas land in my brain with a T0 Leyline of Anticipation. > _ <

carpecanum on The Reaper, King of Maggots

5 years ago

Bringer of the White Dawn (works for boss and all the scarecrows).

Fist of Suns recasts the Reaper King for 5 mana no matter how many times he has been killed.

Dense Foliage protects vs spells but not from King's ability.

Those only protect or revive the boss though. To make -1 counters more effective Proliferate is about all i can think of (Contagion Engine especially). Nefashu throws counters out or you could throw a Psionic Gift on any of your Wither creatures.

Contempt doesn't save the Reaper but its funny as hell on a Pili-Pala or whatever. Recast it every turn.