Any player may have Browbeat deal 5 damage to him or her. If no one does, target player draws three cards.

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Format Legality
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Limited Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal

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Browbeat Discussion

Hardhitta7 on Mizzix of the Izmagnus

4 days ago

Sweet deck. I see you run Browbeat , have you considered Risk Factor as well?

Azdranax on HELP ME!!!

2 months ago

For mono-red commanders, especially versus blue, there are two keys that will lead to the greatest consistent success - 1) out race your opponent (typically with a lower mana curve) and 2) maintain similar or greater card advantage to mitigate any counter magic directed at you.

As others have previously stated, you can attempt to beat the blue player at their own game by focusing on blue hate options specifically, like Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast, Burnout and Active Volcano. You can also use copy spells like Fork, Reverberate and Reiterate to beat them at their own game to counter their counter magic spells. Finally, you can venture down the road of mass land destruction specific to blue with by casting Overmaster into a Boil or Boiling Seas, bringing down the hammer if their counter magic remains focused on you. Unfortunately, there aren't enough of these card options to realistically create a reliable strategy to overcome blue counter magic, so deck building choices and strategies become even more valuable in most cases.

Simply outracing the blue player in resources and board state in the early game can be very effective. The lower your average CMC, the more you can advance you game plan before counter magic can oppress you. However, you then need to be able to recover your card advantage. While possible in mono-red, the best options are limited and can definitely stretch a budget. Wheel of Misfortune and Wheel of Fortune won't put you ahead in card advantage, but they'll definitely replenish your hand. Jeska's Will can be a powerful play, but it only affects a single turn. Most remaining options like Browbeat or Risk Factor are conditional to an opponent taking damage, which likely isn't a factor in commander if your needing cards in hand.

Based on all of these factors, unless you have the budget to pull together all of the blue hate spells and best draw option spells, I'd recommend giving a different commander in mono-red a try...Zada, Hedron Grinder. So long as you can get your commander in play, every single-creature targeted spell that can draw a card or scry becomes a cantrip or scry spell for every creature you have in play. Even if the original spell targeting Zada gets countered, the copies from the cast trigger can still resolve, so the value of individual counter spells is dramatically reduced for you opponent. Feel free to check out my specific list here: Yada...Yada...Zada

Best of luck with your mono-red goals and happy brewing.

osiczym on What are Slivers?

3 months ago

Really surprised you don’t have any of cheap buffs slivers (Muscle Sliver or Predatory Sliver or Sinew Sliver). Which are usually core of Sliver decks, especially you have those colors. In my deck I have 4+4+4 and slivers grow quickly. Also Aether Vial works perfectly for sliver decks practically doubling the number of slivers entering the battlefield each round. Finally Sidewinder Sliver is perfect turn 1 drop. I also use Browbeat or Risk Factor if I would go out of cards, which is pretty often with that kind of deck.

The biggest issues in sliver decks is creature endurance. How do you deal with that (swipes can basically ruin your game)? I use Ward Sliver and Yavimaya Hollow, but it is still not enough. Mostly blue slivers give one.

And lastly - I am not convinced with Venom Sliver. If it will die before your slivers manage to deal 10 dmg all dmg dealt is for nothing.

Optimator on Giant's Deck

3 months ago

Next step is card-draw and card-advantage. Unfortunately, the Boros colors are the worst at drawing cards. Graveyard recursion is a type of card advantage, so Colfenor's Urn can count. I've never seen that card before! Nice find and good instincts!

Here are some options for you.

First up, the cards I own that I'm willing to part with:

Seer's Sundial - Staff of Nin - Farsight Mask - Key to the City - Infiltration Lens - Mask of Memory - Tome of Legends - Outpost Siege - Khorvath's Fury - Humble Defector - Chandra, Flamecaller - Magus of the Wheel

Cards I don't have that you should consider:

Tectonic Giant is mandatory! He's so good! Protector of the Crown is on-theme too--highly recommend.

Bonders' Enclave would be worth picking up, I think.

Browbeat - Loreseeker's Stone - Arcane Encyclopedia - Vance's Blasting Cannons  Flip - Ignite the Future - Reforge the Soul - Wheel of Fate - Mind's Eye (used to be the gold-standard! Very mana-inefficient though) - Icon of Ancestry (interesting choice since it has the anthem) - Rogue's Gloves - Well of Lost Dreams (great choice with your commander!) - Coveted Jewel (ramp and draw! Unreliable and mana-expensive, but chaotic and fun!) - Mangara, the Diplomat - Runehorn Hellkite - Dragon Mage - Knollspine Dragon - Herald's Horn - Endless Atlas (a bit suspect in two-color decks unless your colors are very skewed or you have lots of Renegade Map-type cards) - Bag of Holding - Arch of Orazca - Geier Reach Sanitarium - Mazemind Tome

Underworld Breach, Sunbird's Invocation, and Stolen Strategy might count as card-advantage, should you feel jaunty. Stolen Strategy is definitely a fun card and get you fodder for Brion's throwing.

Howling Mine + Inspiring Statuary is kinda funny. Probably not worth it though.

Coward_Token on Red card draw and how …

5 months ago

StopShot: Is this still on your mind? If so, how do you feel about drawing from punisher effects?

i.e. cards like Browbeat, Sin Prodder, Combustible Gearhulk and Risk Factor

Daveslab2022 on How is Red Elemental Blast …

6 months ago

Thiccboi5 color pie breaks essentially means creating a card for a color, that has the abilities typically found in another color.

An example would be, well Red Elemental Blast.

A simpler example would be if they printed a spell that cost , printed it at sorcery speed and it just said “draw two cards”

Red can’t draw cards without some sort of other effect like Browbeat where opponents can take damage instead, Outpost Siege where it’s exiled and you only get to play an extra card for 1 turn, or by lacing the draw with discards a la Insolent Neonate or Battlefield Scavenger.

Unlife on Brain Getting Too Big

7 months ago

I've got some experience with nekusar, generally you don't want to give your opponents options, or only target a single player when you can hit the whole field. I would cut Browbeat, Keranos, God of Storms, Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, Mana Leak, Reminisce

As an alt wincon you can consider Jace, Wielder of Mysteries, Laboratory Maniac and Thassa's Oracle so you can deck youself out safely. Mindcrank also forms an infinite combo with Bloodchief Ascension

You could use a couple more mana rocks, and maybe think about damage doublers or extra life lose like Dictate of the Twin Gods and Wound Reflection

I'm not sure about what your budget is, or the deck you were inspired by, so I hope this helps.

MrKillStar on Pain Train

7 months ago

Brash Taunter is pretty much Stuffy Doll in red color.
Peer into the Abyss has some nice interaction with your Price of Knowledge and Kederekt Parasite. Also, Sudden Impact as an instant response.
Breaking Point has similar effect like Browbeat, etc.

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