Mob Justice

Mob Justice


Mob Justice deals damage to target player equal to the number of creatures you control.

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Mob Justice Discussion

Genderfluidia on Krenkin' out Gobs

1 month ago

What do you think of a Mob Justice? I would cut Goblin Motivator (sorry to say) for another static haste effect, like say Tuktuk Rubblefort which is even on flavor! Really dig your build, Love me some goblins. +1

BruhYouFarted on Overlooked But Awesome Cards For …

5 months ago

Recently, I have been scrounging the Gatherer for new sweet Pauper cards, which has been successful. The catch is, these might not fit into decks in the mainstream or decks built around these would be pretty janky. If anyone could make a list out of any of these, I applaud you. Anyway:

Kobold Taskmaster : Sitting at a steep 30 cents, Kobold Taskmaster gives all Kobolds a boost. In case you haven't noticed, Kobold Tron is legal. ( Crookshank Kobolds , Kobolds of Kher Keep , and Crimson Kobolds ) Kobold Taskmaster can also just provide a boost to Changelings, like Universal Automaton and Changeling Outcast , or just give your board some bones on the meat with Shields of Velis Vel . A playable deck though; that is for you, the victim of my madness, to decide.

Glyph of Doom , Glyph of Destruction , and Glyph of Life : All of these are in here because of a combo with Wall of Glare . Either block all their guys and gain a ton of life, or wipe out all their attackers. If you combine Doom and Life, you can get a one-sided board wipe if you play your cards right.

Mob Justice : This 2 mana spell can absolutely wipe someone out. With the help of creatures from Kuldotha Rebirth , The Kobolds, and others like Hordeling Outburst , Nest Invader , Sprout Swarm , Triplicate Spirits , etc. You could then finish the game with Raid Bombardment , Massive Raid , or Impact Tremors .

Hopefully you enjoyed my list! I still have some cards down my sleeve, but I would like to hear your overlooked cards for Pauper as a comment. I really want to do a part 2, so one will surly coming. Cya.

PapLaRiviere on Krenko's Goblin Swarm [Primer]

10 months ago


Thank you for taking the time to have a good look at my deck and thank you for the upvote. Mob Justice is a solid recommendation and I will give some thought as to where I could work it in.

Best regards,

Genderfluidia on Krenko's Goblin Swarm [Primer]

10 months ago

Missing Mob Justice , otherwise a very good deck. +1

GoblinElectromancer on Goblins Unleashed!

1 year ago

Cool goblin deck! I play Krenko, Mob Boss as my commander sometimes.

Here are some cards you might like: Mogg War Marshal,Mob Justice,Massive Raid,Empty the Warrens,Goblin Motivator,Goblin War Strike,Gempalm Incinerator, and Goblin Oriflamme.

Good Luck!

lukeanto on Pashalik Mons

1 year ago

Oh i see why you prefer pasha over krenko as need yo be speedy...i have things like Mob Justice thats why i prefer krenko, i want lots of tokens for attacking or sac

KayneMarco on Forge the Horde

1 year ago

Of the 3 I mentioned I’ld put in the mirror march and the hatchery. Flameshadow is the weakest of the 3. I would cut Mob Justice and Loyal Apprentice. You already have an indestructible damage dealer in the command zone and the apprentice only gives one token per turn. The other two could give you many tokens per turn meaning more damage from your commander.

Vimozahr on Krenko

2 years ago

Hello Kilolord, found your Deck here and would make suggestions - if you like it, take it as Inspiration.

  • I dont like Manarocks there Cmc is higher than 3+. Its slows you and makes just colorless Mana.
  • You use many Abilitys/Cards for pumping up your Goblins, maybe to many - i prefer to make more and more Goblins, faster and faster to overrun my Opponents in my Build. Maybe its possible for you to use more Haste-Enabler/Stuff to untap your Commander and cut Pump-Options. But its just my suggestion :).
  • I see many Cards in this Deck there are funny but more useless for reaching a Win. ( Dark-Dweller Oracle , Goblin Assassin , Helm of the Host and Pyromancer's Goggles
  • Maybe you want play Cards like: Goblin War Strike , Massive Raid , Mob Justice ?

If you want take a look on my Build: [Commander/CEDH] KRENKO, Boss Mob

Regarts Vimozahr

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