Underworld Dreams

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Underworld Dreams


Whenever an opponent draws a card, Underworld Dreams deals 1 damage to that player.

wallisface on Cards of destruction

2 months ago

Some thoughts:

  • your payoffs (Fate Unraveler and Underworld Dreams) both cost a decent amount of mana, making it awkward to begin the engine early. Furthermore, pretty much any opponent would be very happy to trade 1-or-2 life for a card - most of the time you'll just be allowing your opponents to enact their plans faster, and defeat you without issue.

  • To carry on from the above point, you're missing basically any form of interaction, which is especially dangerous when you're giving your opponents almost-free cards. Combo decks are basically guaranteed to pop-off against you. But also, the fuel you're offering to Aggro and Midrange decks will provide them enough gas to deal you more extra damage than you're causing them. And Control is likely to be able to just shut down your key pieces without issue.

  • I think any cards that let players draw, also need to immediately discard those cards again at the same time, so that you aren't just giving your opponent massive card advantage. Stuff like Burning Inquiry seems useful here. Along these lines, stuff like Waste Not can also help you profit off that forced discard.

  • Your mana curve is waaay too high. A lot of decks have only a few 4cmc cards (3-4), with nothing above this. I don't see how you ever realistically are able to cast those 6cmc spells without the help of Dark Ritual. But in general, your mana curve feels super clunky/slow

Flagellum on Need help deciding on a …

2 months ago

TheoryCrafter Yeah I see the point about Mogis. It opens the doors for more draw as well as more pain. Specifically draw pain like Underworld Dreams, Spiteful Visions, Fate Unraveler etc. which will work wonders with Wheel of Fortune, Reforge the Soul and Dark Deal which I would run anyways or just against any slap happy blue deck. Just sucks that Painful Quandary, Polluted Bonds and Bloodchief Ascension have risen. Even my good ole friend from my Nekusaur days Kederekt Parasite is up to $8ish now lol.

As far as Dina goes, I originally built her with an incremental life gain build but I started retooling it more towards the aristocrat support build after realizing that 4 mana for a 1 life every upkeep trigger is not worth the spot. I see the value of pests/creature death triggers especially in the event of a board wipe.

Jimmy3671 on Here, Take This!

3 months ago

might I recommend Vilis, Broker of Blood and Underworld Dreams it's a fun combo when you give some one Vilis

Flagellum on Interesting Horobi Builds

3 months ago

The new set had me missing a favorite commander of mine, that being Horobi, Death's Wail. I'm looking to remake him but don't want to necessarily go all in as I know that's a trap with him but run most of the great stuff with it. I'm looking to use him as a 1 sided board wipe to clear the field a time or two. That being said I can see him going a few directions

Discard/Pain: Cards like Underworld Dreams or Megrim using Horobi to keep the board clear. Prob the worst way to build him and the slowest. Blood Artist and friends would work well against creature heavy decks.

Infect: while Skittles may be the go-to infect commander I think Horobi can be useful in clearing the path for smaller infect creatures while pumping them prior to horobi's grand entrance. Reason here being cards like Dauthi Trapper, Unspeakable Symbol, Dauthi Embrace work amazing well with Horobi and work well without him with your infect creatures. 10 damage is more easy to cough up than 40.

Combo: some sort of combo in mono black that I'm not aware of. Anything would help. While not a combo par se Endless Whispers would be a funny way to keep Horobi online. Peer into the Abyss + Underworld Dreams would certainly work but is mana intensive.

If you can think of another way to build him that would be great. Or perhaps I'm overthinking it and should stick to just his staples? Lemme know

NV_1980 on Not Quite the Odyssey

4 months ago


Wow, this deck brings back memories. My wife used to play a deck she called 'Stopping Power!'; facing off against it was brutal. Some fun, budget additions I can think of (based on that deck):

Have fun brewing!



Caerwyn on Day’s Undoing and Underworld Dreams

5 months ago

Underworld Dreams will not deal any damage due to Day's Undoing's end the turn effect.

Each time they draw a card, Underworld Dreams triggers and the trigger goes on the stack--this occurs mid-resolution of Day's Undoing. (Rules 603.2, 603.2a, and 603.3). Because these items are on the stack when Day's Undoing ends the turn, they are all exiled before they can resolve and thus no damage is dealt. (See Day's Undoing's reminder text).

603.2. Whenever a game event or game state matches a triggered ability’s trigger event, that ability automatically triggers. The ability doesn’t do anything at this point.

603.2a Because they aren’t cast or activated, triggered abilities can trigger even when it isn’t legal to cast spells and activate abilities. Effects that preclude abilities from being activated don’t affect them.

603.3. Once an ability has triggered, its controller puts it on the stack as an object that’s not a card the next time a player would receive priority. See rule 117, “Timing and Priority.” The ability becomes the topmost object on the stack. It has the text of the ability that created it, and no other characteristics. It remains on the stack until it’s countered, it resolves, a rule causes it to be removed from the stack, or an effect moves it elsewhere.

hiddengibbons on Day’s Undoing and Underworld Dreams

5 months ago

I was doing some research and I found different interpretations. Will Day's Undoing cause your opponent to take damage from Underworld Dreams if cast during your turn or does ending the turn prevent the damage?

Maotroxx on Nekusar, the Booty Clapper

5 months ago

Hello there fellow grixis player, I'm also looking to refine my grixis deck. Underworld Dreams might be a good addition to this since it kinda pings for drawing cards! Love the list btw, gonna pick up a few of these cards for sure

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