Welcome to slinging spells

This deck is originally based on and inspired by David McDarby's deck from SCG's Commander Versus -series circa 2013

After the spark of inspiration to make a Melek deck, I've done extensive playtesting and have to say Melek is one of my all time favourite EDH decks to play

The maybeboard holds cards that could be in the deck. They are cards that I've tried out and switched out and cards I think that fit the theme and have left there as a reference for other people that want to build around Melek or any other UR spellslinger general like Mizzix of Izmagnus, which by today might be a better storm general, with both creatures having their pros and cons

Thank you for your interest

As of 2019 you could argue Mizzix of the Izmagnus is a better general for an UR storm deck in EDH and I would agree that he indeed has a ridiculous power level when compared to our 4UR 2/4 wizard. To be quite fair, I think both Melek and Mizzix have their own unique pros and cons which I will quickly discuss here

In a hard cEDH environment I doubt neither could hold their own nor outclass any of the other storm combo decks that have access to black, though I have not yet played this deck in such a meta. This deck has been born and raised in a meta where the power levels fluctuate between mid and high, but I wouldn't call it competitive. This deck can't, at least currently, race to a win consistently at the T3-T4 rate so I won't categorize it as a competitive EDH deck. I will however argue that it is strong

Mizzix has the option to run a much larger average CMC due to the fact that he is a perpetually growing cost reducer and as such can run some very hard hitting stuff like Enter the Infinite and Expropriate and cast those cards with ease. Spells with high CMC, X spells and spells with buyback work amazingly with the little man

However, Mizzix lists that capitalize on said cards will find themselves in a very rough spot against a Gaddock Teeg . Removal or constant denial of Mizzix also hits insanely hard if playing the larger curve when building the experience counters up becomes impossible and as so, can't get the cost reductions to stick. I have a theory that if a table recognizes the power Mizzix as a cost reducer, they are more prone to remove him, as opposed to Melek, which does not appear to be such a horrifying creature at first glance, and hopefully will look that way until it's too late

Melek has a built-in Future Sight that Twincast s instants and sorceries. It's good but it's not game breaking. He's got a banging 2/4 body so he's not much use in combat either, you can maybe block a small token with him if you have to. Seeing permanents on top of your library hurts and he creates more value around spells that actually do something, which leads to a subtle desire to not run any countermagic, a reasoning shared mostly by just me. As so, I'm not running any counter magic outside of the potential Unwind and Muddle the Mixture . However, one could argue that he works very well with counter magic from the top of your library, as he copies the counter so you are increasing your odds to win counter wars when everything is getting 2 for 1'd for the opponent. Melek's largest asset in my opinion is the fact that he combos instantly in a creatureless deck with Proteus Staff

Your game plan to victory is relatively simple, build up your board, build up your graveyard and try not to die

Try to ramp some mana, Fabricate , Trinket Mage , Dizzy Spell , Gamble , ( Personal Tutor , Mystical Tutor can get you Fabricate) all can tutor up a Sol Ring , just try to land some early rocks to help you get online faster, whether that means an early Melek or an early large Epic Experiment . Tolaria West can tutor up a Mana Crypt (or a Boseiju, Who Shelters All ) as well. Rock up early is the motto here, you don't need a lot. Just a few to get you going

As you're digging for mana in the form of land drops and rocks with your many cantrips, remember to keep eyes on potential combo pieces as well and try to assemble something while simultaniously feeding the graveyard with Ponder , Opt , Preordain , Serum Visions , Thought Scour , Sleight of Hand etc

After getting sufficient mana, it's time to start either digging for the right pieces, the combos you will want to perform are going to vary from time to time and the hands you've gotten and the cards you've drawn. If you want the simplest way to attain victory, try searching for an appropriate Tutor to let you search for Proteus Staff . It's the easiest route to play if you have no idea what you're doing

You can go balls deep into an Epic Experiment to see where the road will lead you. I know it sounds corny, but you might draw into cards that change your initial battle plan dramatically, like very good spells and a Wheel of Fortune , Sol Ring and a few more rocks, Tolarian Winds and by T5 you somehow have a graveyard full of toys and have a Mizzix's Mastery in hand and got the mana to cast it as well, it's all an elaborate tap dance if you will. Even as a hail mary, a totally chaotic and overloaded Mizzix's Mastery might win you the game

This list doesn't have most of the cards I'm about to list any longer, as I've gone for the route of trying to rush to victory, but it's still very much advisable to include some of these "tempo" cards, most in the form of a battle trick, that will make your deck more survivable against attacks from large creatures. We have a lot of possible options and wonderful little tools at our disposal.

Cyclonic Rift , Blasphemous Act , Chain Reaction , AEtherize , AEtherspouts , Blustersquall , Illusionist's Gambit , Disrupt Decorum , Polymorphist's Jest , Reins of Power , Evacuation and many more can save yourself from aggression. Disrupt Decorum can possibly make a very dangerous scenario where you walk scoff free while the rest of the table has to fight amongs themselves for a whole turn, you can use AEtherize politically, by saving another player in exchange for something. You can Cyclonic Rift everyones large board state back to square one and be very mean and make them discard it all with Wheel of Fortune

Now that you have mana and are hopefully still left standing, try to combo off. You might get a storm off t5, you might still not see victory at t8, that's the way the cookie crumbles

Sphinx-Bone Wand

A wincon. It often ends up getting blown up before doing anything significant. Don't sweat about it. The power of bone wand isn't that high that people automatically hate it off the table which is one of its advantages and you can blindside them due to that at least once. Hardcasting it is very painful as that's 7 mana you can't get back and you can't ramp that fast consistently. But you can cheat it out with Show and Tell which is a method we'll be discussing later on as well

Aria of Flame is a great canditate to replace Sphinx-Bone Wand as a potential wincon, you don't have to cheat it out due to the affordable CMC, it's a relatively safer option as it's an enchantment and not an artifact which means it's harder to remove and the drawback isn't that bad. You can't kill creatures with it however, otherwise it's functionally the same

Aetherflux Reservoir

A wincon. Unlike the Bone Wand, Reservoir gets recognized and hated off real fast and not without a reason, it has the built in option to gain life and survive from harrassment due to combat damage and most importantly it serves as an important win con of blowing 50 to the face of each opponent

Eye of the Storm

A wincon. It serves as the most ridiculous powerhouse in this deck that will win you the game by almost if not infinite storm if it doesn't get removed instantly or countered. This is the card you'll be worried about before playing it on the table. I would advise you to not play Eye of the Storm until you have a dig spell and a Turnabout in hand which will make you win instantly. The methods will be discussed in the combos section. Like with Bone Wand, you can cheat it out with Show and Tell and not worry about the steep mana cost

Proteus Staff

A wincon. It's a two card combo with Melek, Izzet Paragon on the field as you can activate it, put Melek on the bottom of your library and then reveal your whole deck, putting Melek back on the field and then literally start stacking your deck so that you can keep going nonstop from the top with spells that you want and need to win the game, some suggested stacks will be discussed in the combos section


Mana Flare is a good but dangerous card. It's not as vital as Eye of the Storm, but you need to be very careful that you won't let someone else win the game when you pull it out. You don't want to give your opponents free mana so treat it like you would treat a Guttersnipe and try to win the turn you play it preferably.

Brass's Bounty is the only red ritual that gives you access to blue mana, when you're tapped out into an Epic Experiment it's the only saving grace that will keep your engine going, this card is absolutely bonkers

Bonus Round is a card we'll be discussing later also, it's a must have that you will want to cast as many times as you can in a turn, very effective when exiled under Eye of the Storm

A popular method of generating huge amounts of mana nowadays is to run Paradox Engine and a lot of rocks. However, as permanents in your library don't synergize well with Melek on the field and the fact that Engine doesn't synergize at all with High Tide , Reset or Time Spiral I feel that land based mana is a decent way to cheat out some extra mana with the flare. Feeds well into Brass's Bounty as well, which is the only red ritual that can give you access to blue mana. Not having a huge amount of rocks and an engine also gives you more potential in your Epic Experiment s

Not that it matters anymore, since Paradox Engine was banned, thank god it wasn't absolutely vital for us!

Basic knowledge

If you know how to play storm and spam stuff from your graveyard with Past in Flames you're all set

  • A lot of spells + Ignite Memories

  • A lot of spells + Aetherflux Reservoir

  • Reiterate with buyback to copy anything pretty much

  • Reiterate with buyback can create you infinite red mana and infinite storm if you copy a Mana Geyser when you cast it from the top of your library with Melek, you let the copy of Mana Geyser resolve, giving you probably more than six red mana, and you then cast Reiterate to respond to the original Geyser that is still on the stack with Buyback, you then keep casting Reiterate for any amount of times as you wish

  • Brass's Bounty can also create the same infinite amount of storm and mana as long as you have more than six lands on the battlefield with the same trick

Firemind's Foresight

  • Mystical Tutor + Comet Storm + Reiterate + Melek, Izzet Paragon = Infinite mana and damage. Fetch Mana Geyser with the tutor, cast it and let the copy resolve and then respond to the original with a buybacked Reiterate and keep responding until you have enough mana. Cast Comet Storm multikicked so that it kills the table and respond to it with the reiterate if someone tries to counter it, you can create infinite storm and red like previously mentioned with the Geyser + Reiterate trick so keep that in mind

  • Lightning Bolt + Reset + Reiterate = Infinite mana and damage. Cast Reset during an opponent's turn, respond to it with a buybacked Reiterate , get a million mana, cast Lightning Bolt and keep responding to it with a buybacked Reiterate until everyone is dead

  • Mystical Tutor + Pyretic Ritual + Reiterate + Melek, Izzet Paragon = Infinite red and storm count. You fetch Bonus Round on top of the deck with Mystical Tutor and cast it, resulting in two active bonus round effects for the round. You now cast Pyretic Ritual , it gets copied twice, you let the copies resolve to gain the six red and respond to the original with a buybacked Reiterate that will also get copied twice, the copies and the original finish resolving, giving you nine red mana and Reiterate is returned to your hand on resolve. Each repetition gives you 1 storm count and 3 additional red mana as well as having each spell getting copied twice for that turn

Eye of the Storm

So this big baby boy has become the bread and butter of this deck and the bane of my opponents. As mentioned before, you need to exile a Turnabout or something that generates you mana, like Mana Geyser or Brass's Bounty or even a Frantic Search due to its land untap feature. You'll also need to exile a dig spell like Impulse the moment you play it as this is going to be the moment you're aiming for a win. Whenever you cast a spell you'll gain a storm count which will trigger Aetherflux Reservoir (and Sphinx-Bone Wand or Aria of Flame if you're running them) and then the spell is going to get exiled and recasted again from the Eye, which is gonna generate new storm and new triggers.

When you exile a mana generator and a dig spell under the Eye you'll ensure that you always have enough mana and can always keep digging for new fodder to exile under the Eye which will make ridiculous amounts of storm and mana very very fast. Eventually you'll find Ignite Memories or Mind's Desire or a tutor to get them. Mind's Desire might get you Aetherflux Reservoir or Sphinx-Bone Wand for free on the table. Alternatively you can exile a Lightning Bolt with a Bonus Round under the Eye so that the bolts keep getting more and more copies

Here's a basic pattern for the Eye of the Storm to help you understand it better if you're having any trouble

And so on! Remember that each of these spell casts from your hand and from the Eye trigger Aetherflux Reservoir as well, so if you had one on the table when this example was started you would have gained 55 life (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10)

Another great thing to remember for Eye of the Storm is that you can exile cards in your graveyard to it with Past in Flames to generate some wickedly awesome value

Proteus Staff

So with Melek being your only creature, a staff activation means you get to literally stack your deck to win. Ramping into Melek and digging for Proteus Staff or a tutor that can get it is the easiest and fastest win you can get approximately 99% of the time. Here's a ridiculously simple pile to get you started. Starting from cast order (first card is on top of your library and rest are under it):

Here's something a bit more in-depth that will kill the whole table with certainty:

Using various rituals and Bonus Round you'll net up with a ridiculous amount of mana that gets increasingly ridiculous the more lands you control due to Brass's Bounty and lands your opponents have tapped from Mana Geyser . Gitaxian Probe is great off the top of your library because you don't need any mana to draw Eye of the Storm and Aetherflux Reservoir / Sphinx-Bone Wand / Sentinel Tower to your hand. Cheat out your Eye and Reservoir/Wand/Tower with Show and Tell on the table for free and storm off

You can also just Reiterate the Mana Geyser to get infinite red and then reiterate a Lightning Bolt to win...or just ditch all that mana into a Comet Storm

Once you give all your spells flashback with Past in Flames and cast them from the graveyard, they'll get exiled under Eye of the Storm

Proteus Staff is a nice combo because it enables you to win fast instead of just advancing slowly, resolving spells and crawling to a large enough storm count. You can clearly demonstrate the pile you're going to get and at that point you can ask whether or not anyone has any countermagic or you just won the game

Bonus Round

If you cast it from the top of your library all of your future instants and sorceries on that turn get copied twice, the cards cast from the top of your library will be copied thrice

If on top of that, you get Bonus Round back with something like cast Flood of Recollection , Call to Mind or Mystic Retrieval and cast it once more, the new Bonus Round gets copied twice from the existing Bonus Round effects. Resulting in five active bonus round effects

By recasting it from Eye of the Storm it gets cumulatively larger each iteration. Here I'll show you:

  • You cast Bonus Round off your library, netting you two bonus round effects for the turn, each spell now gets copied twice
  • You play Eye of the Storm and flashback Bonus Round with Past in Flames so that it gets exiled under the Eye instead of just exiled, before the exile happens however the Bonus Round s resolved earlier will create two copies of it to the stack and on resolve you will have four active instances of Bonus Round
  • The Eye automatically casts the Bonus Round you just flashbacked, it gets copied four times, the copies resolve and the Eye cast resolves resulting in nine total bonus round effects for the turn. Casting more spells under the eye makes it go even higher and higher to ridiculous quantities

Count them with your fingers if it makes it seems difficult to understand at first

  1. 2 Bonus Rounds - (Cast from top and copied with Melek)

  2. 4 Bonus Rounds - (Flashbacked and exiled under your new Eye of the Storm , it doesn't get calculated in but the two copies of it do)

  3. 9 Bonus Rounds - (The Eye casts Bonus Round and when it enters the stack it will get copied four times, you apply these total of five new resolutions to the pre-existing four bonus round effects)

  4. 19 Bonus Rounds - (You cast any spell, the Eye recasts it and Bonus Round , each get copied nine times, the copies resolve, the eye recasts resolve, you add these 10 new resolves of Bonus Round to the pre-existing 9 instances of it)

  5. 39 Bonus Rounds - (You cast any spell again, the Eye recasts it, the previous spell and the Bonus Round, each get copied 19 times, the copies resolve, the originals cast from the eye resolve, you add these 20 new resolves to the pre-existing 19 instances of Bonus Round )

And so on. With Bonus Round even Lightning Bolt becomes highly lethal, pretty much anything becomes highly lethal, even Gut Shot . Cantrips might kill you if you create too many instances of Bonus Round and end up drawing your whole deck by mistake, but casting a Quicken might be good because you can let them resolve one by one and put some hard sorceries under the eye to kill everyone before you deck yourself

Bonus Round and Lightning Bolt piles in tandem with Proteus Staff

This is a Proteus Staff pile that kills the table without the use of Ignite Memories , Aetherflux Reservoir or Eye of the Storm

We can technically do the same without Reiterate but it becomes a lot harder. And by a lot I mean why even bother, but you can technically achieve high lethality even without Aetherflux Reservoir , Eye of the Storm , Ignite Memories or Reiterate .

You can do something neat with Bonus Round + Mana Geyser + Mystic Retrieval , let's assume in this example that you have three opponents with five tapped lands each

You need

End result if you calculated your manas correctly, a pool with 170x, a storm count of 8 and all of your instances and sorceries are going to be copied seven times for the turn

Oh boy, are you in for a spicy meme here

The pile you create with Proteus Staff while Melek, Izzet Paragon is on the field goes as follows, from top down and casted in that order:

You can ignore these unless you actually want to do the full combo in a real game, in that case you should probably add these to after the bolt. Twincast or Muddle the Mixture , Quicken , Ignite Memories , Past in Flames

What's required:

Storm 1

Storm 2

Storm 3

  • Use 3x to cast Bonus Round , gaining two Bonus Round effects for the turn. 10x in pool. Each Instant and Sorcery spell cast from the top of the library is now copied three times in addition to the actual cast from this point on

Storm 4

  • Cast Mana Geyser , gain Melek copy and the two Bonus Round effects on the stack, 5x in pool before it resolves

Storm 5

  • Respond to the Geyser on stack with a non-buybacked Reiterate , gaining Melek + Bonus copies. 2x in pool, after Reiterate and Geyser copies resolve, assuming a situation where you have three opponents with five tapped lands each you gain 8x15=120 to your pool. 122x total in the pool

Storm 6

  • Use 7x to play Brass's Bounty , it gains the Melek + Bonus copies. Assuming you have five lands on the battlefield you gain 20x treasure tokens. 115x in pool

Storm 7

Storm 8

  • Use 3x to cast Bonus Round again. It gains two copies from the existing Bonus Round effects. 112x in pool. Don't let it resolve, read further

Storm 9 - 27.

  • Sacrifice 2x Treasures for 2x in order to get a total of 114x to your pool. Spend it all to respond to the Bonus Round with a buybacked Reiterate for a whopping 19 times

This is where things get tricky and I need to make sure you realize how Bonus Round works

So let's solve the stack

The first Reiterate gets two copies from the existing Bonus Round effects, the two copies resolve first and you now have four Bonus Round effects for the turn. The original Reiterate resolves and returns to your hand due to buyback being paid and in the end you have five active Bonus Round effects for the turn

The second Reiterate enters the stack with five copies, the five copies resolve first, then the Reiterate resolves and leaves you with six new Bonus Round effects on top of the pre-existing five for a total of 11

The third Reiterate enters the stack, gets copied 11 times. The copies resolve, it resolves, you add the 12 to the pre-existing 11 for a result of 23

The fourth gets copied 23 times, you add the total amount of 24 to the pre-existing 23 to get 47

And so on like this:

  1. 48+47
  2. 96+95
  3. 192+191
  4. 384+383
  5. 768+767
  6. 1536+1535
  7. 3072+3071
  8. 6144+6143
  9. 12288+12287
  10. 24576+24575
  11. 49152+49151
  12. 98304+98303
  13. 196608+196607
  14. 393216+393215
  15. 786432+786431

After 19 loops of using all of your 114x to Reiterate the Bonus Round with Buyback you have 1 572 863 Bonus Round effects. Lastly, the original Bonus Round and its 2 copies that have been hanging on the stack for a while resolve, leaving you with a total of 1 572 866 Bonus Round effects

Situation at this point: You control 12x treasure tokens, have no mana in pool, the storm count is at 27 (not that it matters) and each instant and sorcery spell that are being cast this turn will be copied 1 572 866 times. Bonus Round is in the graveyard, you have Mana Geyser and Reiterate in hand with a Mystic Retrieval waiting to get flashbacked

You can either sacrifice five of the treasures for a Mana Geyser , assuming still the same 5x tapped lands per opponent situation and net yourself a healthy 23 593 005x or just Lightning Bolt them with 1 572 866 + 1 copies

If your, at this point ex-friends have not yet died from old age or if they haven't left to seek a more fulfilling reason for their lives, if there's still that one blue player just waiting with a Flusterstorm in his or her hands you probably should have that Twincast or Muddle the Mixture , Quicken , Ignite Memories , Past in Flames at the bottom of your initial pile

Unfortunately Bonus Round exists for all players so if you're such a dumbnut that you perform this with the blue player having his mana open, he unfortunately gets to copy spells for 1 572 866 also. In those cases you need this pile to prepare for the shitstorm that's going to be the counter war you two are going to commence, but you still have very much hope

By putting the one and a half million copies of Quicken on the stack, you can let them resolve one by one and keep getting value out of your graveyard with the Past in Flames at instant speed. The worst thing they can do to you is have the mana up for like five counterspells and an instant speed graveyard exile, but with Quicken, it still should be an easily winnable game because all of your stuff are sorceries and instants, you can cheat out Aetherflux Reservoir to the field with Show and Tell after all

The meme combo I listed in "The Ultimate Solitaire Bonus Round Combo" is hilarious and bad, but thanks for reading the joke. And I'm sorry if you went through the trouble of actually executing it

If you didn't already notice, you can go to infinite with Reiterate once you have a few Bonus Round effects even if Melek isn't out. As long as you've casted Bonus Round from your hand twice and have more than 3 lands on the battlefield, each of the rituals ( Seething Song , Mana Geyser , Desperate Ritual , Pyretic Ritual , Brass's Bounty ) all are able to produce infinite red / treasure tokens as well as infinite storm

So let's say you have the Reiterate in hand. You've cast Mana Geyser and also have a Bonus Round in hand. And a Mystic Retrieval in hand or in the graveyard. Call to Mind and Flood of Recollection also both work. You play Bonus, cast your preferred spell retriever card and get back both Geyser and Bonus due to it being copied. You now cast Bonus again (which gets copied resulting in three active Bonus Round effects) and now even your basic rituals provide you with 12 red mana instead of 3

You respond to your preferred ritual with the Reiterate , it gets copied thrice and you now have 8 copies of Geyser/Seething/Desperate/Bounty on the stack with a buybacked Reiterate ready to keep on spamming for the infinite storm and mana

So I can give you some other interactions with some cards from the maybeboard that have once been in

Adding Time Warp , Expropriate and other extra turn effects would also make this more powerful

A bulk of the instants and sorceries UR spellslinger decks have have a very cheap monetary cost and by cutting the expensive cards like Wheel of Fortune , Mana Crypt , Reset and Time Spiral you can get a great Melek based deck at different price points. I've made some reccomended list options for you if you want to check them out

Melek Budget 180$

Commander / EDH Pakku


Melek Budget 100$

Commander / EDH Pakku


You are fragile to aggro and 1v1 isn't the deck's biggest forte if you're running against a fast clock. If the Krenko player has you in sights, you're in for a rough time

Also as a personal touch, I don't really prefer to run extra turn effects. If you're inclined to do so, I reccomend ditching some cantrips to run cards like Time Warp to make the deck even stronger

Gaddock Teeg , Ruric Thar, the Unbowed and noncreature spell limiting cards are all huge logs in your cogs and you're in for a rough time. Stax effects in general hurt.

Gaddock Teeg is still a doable matchup if they don't have a Rule of Law and/or a Null Rod / Stony Silence similar effect on the field due to lower curve that you can kill people without going above CMC 4, especially when you can Show and Tell out Eye of the Storm , Aetherflux Reservoir or Sphinx-Bone Wand . Artifact nulling disables your option to go off with Proteus Staff so everything gets a little tricky, but still way more doable than with Ruric Thar, the Unbowed

Nekusar, the Mindrazer really taxes your constant cantripping and you might just end up getting wheeled to death before you can combo off, also Grixis colors and UB in general with cards like Painful Quandary just make it a pain to even try. Naturally same applies in rakdos colors and in red, where there are effects like Kaervek the Merciless and Zo-Zu the Punisher groupslug decklists that run Eidolon of the Great Revel etc.

Like in burn, hexproofed players and damage prevention like Glacial Chasm is a large problem, chasm doesn't protect against decking your opponent with a Blue Sun's Zenith or Temporal Fissure so that's always an option

January 2020

With the release of Underworld Breach , you can create new combos with Bonus Round as you could theoretically add it as a secondary pseudolike Past in Flames to your decklist. It being an enchantment is a downside as you can't tutor it that well (except with cards that have transmute like Muddle the Mixture , or with something like Long-Term Plans ) which is its obvious downside. However, what reach enables you to do is keep spamming cards for multiple resolutions as long as you have fodder to exile in your grave instead of exiling them like with Past in Flames . Ignite Memories and pretty much all storm spells become very good at low storm counts if you have a way to generate enough mana due to the fact that you can cast them more than once, which then trigger storm. The traditional Bonus Round + Mana Geyser etc, loops do not require multiple casts of Mystic Retrieval as you can substitute this as well. If you play Epic Experiment or you've dumped some rocks like Mana Crypt in your graveyard via the various effects like Cathartic Reunion , Faithless Looting , Fact or Fiction you can also dig them out to the field with little effort, which was previously impossible to do with this decklist, there was no graveyard interaction to cards that weren't instants or sorceries. Truly a great card which has great potential, I implore you to test it out. This is pretty much the closest thing to a Yawgmoth's Will we'll be getting for a while

July 2019

My ideas from february were garbage, but I did switch out Firemind's Foresight , Primal Amulet   and Reset to more cantrips, I might try switching Thought Scour with Cathartic Reunion

February 1st, 2019

Testing out with switching out larger and slower CMC cards for rocks or cheaper value cards even if they have good value to try to combo earlier

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