Charmbreaker Devils

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Charmbreaker Devils

Creature — Devil

At the beginning of your upkeep, return an instant or sorcery card at random from your graveyard to your hand.

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, Charmbreaker Devils gets +4/+0 until end of turn.

carpecanum on Zada

10 months ago

Lunar Frenzy maybe?

All the Red creatures with Myriad are pretty cheap and would provide you with extra copies of any Instants you cast.

Charmbreaker Devils and Seething Anger allow you to recast

tylorlilley on Parnesse Politics

1 year ago

I think Spelltwine doesn't work with your commander, because you are copying the cards and casting them instead of copying the spell. If that's right than Mizzix's Mastery and Arcane Bombardment also wouldn't work, sadly. Maybe they are good enough to keep anyway? Not sure. Cards with the Cipher mechanic are also so close to working but I don't think they do. This is actually kind of hard to brew around! Ugh, God-Eternal Kefnet wouldn't work either, ew.

Immolating Gyre and Volcanic Vision are really good boardwipes in a spells-y deck... as is Cyclonic Rift, which you definitely should still run. In fact, all the overload spells are pretty sweet here, since they only target things you don't control, so if you copy them opponent's can't even pay the 4 life to hit one of your things. Makes Vandalblast and friends possibly worth it.

Radiate is such a fun card that could do some real crazy things here! Shoutout to Radiant Performer as well.

Sublime Epiphany and Volcanic Offering Might not be good enough here.

I really like Narset's Reversal, Split Decision, and the demonstrate cards in this deck! Obviously Twinning Staff is fun here too.

It will be interesting to see if Lithoform Engine or Pyromancer's Goggles will be good enough here (I like Primal Amulet  Flip). Maybe more spells that copy spells are better than these chunkier repeatable ones? Things like Galvanic Iteration or Reiterate if you like the buyback better. Or Increasing Vengeance for the beefier flashback. Hell, if its politics Bonus Round could be really fun. Chef's Kiss is a newer one that I forgot about

Maybe this is the kind of deck where Thrilling Encore shines?

Is Stunning Reversal here to try and copy and save other people with?? Seems like it may not be good enough when you have access to blue for card draw/protection anyway.

I've found the expertise cycle (Baral's Expertise, Yahenni's Expertise, maybe not Kari Zev's Expertise) to be really fun with spell copying, since they in turn let you cast more spells themselves.

I wish, as I always do, that Cloven Casting wasn't soooo bad. Or like, any of the cards with Replicate. Those would be so perfect. Maybe Shattering Spree is good enough but I think it isn't. Ugh, that makes me think about how you're definitely supposed to play storm cards in this deck. Are there any storm cards that aren't miserable? Mind's Desire maybe...

Is Charmbreaker Devils good enough?

Wild Ricochet is an oldie but maybe enough of a goodie here with the copying theme?

Harmonic Prodigy since your commander is a wizard isn't a terrible idea...

Humble Defector might be too cute.

Gotta have Rakdos Charm! Honestly there might be other charms that are worth it to like Crosis's Charm, but definitely Rakdos Charm.

Cruel Ultimatum is the ultimate chunky spell and you're even in the right colors for it!

Also Chaos Warp is still good enough as universal instant speed removal and kind of fun/politics-y as well

TypicalTimmy on Kaalie, Seismic Shift

1 year ago

Kaalie, Seismic Shift

Legendary Planeswalker - Kaalie

Kaalie, Seismic Shift costs less for each Hellion and / or Wurm creature you control.

+1 Create a 4/4 red Hellion creature token with ": This creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn."

+1 Create a 5/5 green Wurm creature token with trample and reach.

-9 For each Hellion and Wurm creature you control, destroy up to one target land.

{Kaalie, Seismic Shift can be your Commander.}


My kinda gal ;)

I might try to find really nice artwork for this one and proxy it. Would be a super fun EDH deck, in my opinion. She has some fantastic protection, two completely untapped tribes, and a game breaking ultimate if you can go off. Would be difficult to run as the deck is essentially unsupported, but there's ways around that ;) Basically Changelings. But there are some nice Hellion and Wurm available to us. For example, Hellion Eruption and Sandwurm Convergence come to mind. The Sorcery has ways to be recast in red; See Charmbreaker Devils and Past in Flames as examples. As for Sandwurm Convergence, any token doubler will suffice. There's also Hellion Crucible, Garruk, Primal Hunter, Worldspine Wurm and of course Wurmcoil Engine.

It definitely would be a difficult deck to run, but completely doable. Definitely not cEDH material - probably mid-tier at best. You'd want tons of ramp in both mana rocks and land tutors, and then you'd want solid card advantage - be it in regular draw or impulse draw.

But, once you get the engine (little pun for you all) going, you can become unstoppable with a force of giant creatures, huge tokens and an ultimate that will end the game. More so one of those decks you sit down to drink a few beers with and eat pizza / tacos while bullshitting the night away - my kind of style, honestly.

For her story, I'd say she's a native to Zendikar and traveled to Ravnica, Amonkhet and Dominaria where she studied Hellion and Wurm. Then returned to Zendikar to unleash their destructive potential (hence her ultimate). I'd say she has the untamed wild heart of the Gruul Clans and likely seeks to spread that influence across the multiverse - firmly making her an antagonist in every sense of the word. Her goal is to destroy civilization and raze the land back into rubble as to cleanse any world of the influence of man and mer alike.

Basically Domri. Lol. But better.

GangstaFranksta on Red Green Black EDH

1 year ago

These are the things I don't think are very strong in the deck at the moment.

Death Denied just takes them to your hand and most of the ones you want are big, it would probably be better if it put them on top of your library. The same could be said for Darigaaz's Charm, Phyrexian Reclamation, Necromantic Thirst, and Disentomb.

I don't think Charmbreaker Devils, Xira Arien, Staff of Nin, or Yurlok of Scorch Thrash add anything to this deck at all.

I'm not sure Hoarding Dragon and Lathliss, Dragon Queen is that good; are these really worth it? This doesn't seem like a dragon focus deck really, even though you do have a few dragons. I think the energy is better spent focusing on another theme like big creatures and sacrificing, ramping, or jund control.

Jund Battlemage puts tokens onto the field but it costs a mana I'm not 100% sure it's worth. Something like Dragonlair Spider or Grave Titan like I mentioned in my last comment are more worth it imo.

I don't like Shreds of Sanity because there aren't that many instants or sorceries in the deck to begin with and I feel that the deck would be stronger if it focused on it's creatures anyway.

RambIe on Advice For Olivia CMDR

1 year ago

I think Olivia, Crimson Bride has the potential for competitive 1v1 if you pack some serous rocks, and optimized level in pod games

good rakdos functions that would support her
Etb Creatures like: Rune-Scarred Demon & Terror of the Peaks
Extra ETB: Molten Echoes & Mirror March
Direct Damage:Flayer of the Hatebound & Syr Konrad, the Grim
Dredge: Shenanigans & Necroplasm
Extra card: Sin Prodder & Dark Confidant
Recursion: Charmbreaker Devils & Sheoldred, Whispering One
Extra Combat: Port Razer & Breath of Fury
Load GY: Burning-Rune Demon & Shifting Shadow
Infect: Ogre Menial & Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon
Big Ouch: Ebonblade Reaper & Malignus

KaptnK on

1 year ago

Asmoeus here are some suggestions around what I would do to improve the deck on a budget



  • Look decent. Gilded Lotus does have a high mana cost so would keep an eye on how often you cast it.


  • Remove Creative Technique (with your lower mana curve odds of you revealing something really good is low) > Add Arcane Denial as a good, cheap counter spell
  • Remove Fiery Encore (expensive and requires you to discard a high mana cost card to deal decent damage) > Add Solve the Equation (Tutor for the spell you need)


  • Remove Charmbreaker Devils (returning spell at random will not often get what you need, and does not have a way to get around blockers) > Add Runaway Steam-Kin (Will help you cast more spells and give you mana)

Other Considerations

TypicalTimmy on seshiro_of_the_orochi

1 year ago

For some reason my phone keeps having the page crash on your post.

The average result on a single d12 roll is 6.5. because we can't deal in half-rolls, we can assume one will be a 6 and one will be a 7.

So for 7mv, you are theoretically able to, on average, deal 6 damage to each creature "for free". The issue, however, is that for an average to be realized, multiple rolls must be made. In EDH, you get to cast this spell once unless you have ways to copy it or recur it.

Yes, you can roll a 1 and a 3. You can also roll a 12 and a 12.

Consider it like this, 50% of the time your roll is less than average (6 or less) and 50% of the time your roll is more than average (7 or greater) on any one roll. Now people can say that your chances of, say, rolling two 10s are drastically lower than rolling one 10, and while mathematically this is true, your first and second roll have no barring on each other. How you roll on your first die is not going to have any effect on your second die.

This is the type of card you'd want to run in gimmick decks to take advantage of copying it. Krark, the Thumbless would be a good Commander but you'd want to be in Izzet at minimum to really take advantage of everything, such as Ral, Storm Conduit, Mirari, Double Vision, Swarm Intelligence, etc.

Generating infinite mana in Izzet is easy so these high MVs are not difficult to attain. But then you must ask why you aren't playing something larger to just win the game?

Also Pixie Guide is worth a shout-out there...

My opinion? It's a fun D&D themed card for a fun D&D Precon and nothing more. Doesn't have a whole lot of utility outside of that setting. Even something like Charmbreaker Devils barely assists you as you could pull anything else you might have in the deck.

So you need to ask yourself: Are you playing to have fun, or to win? If you are playing to win, the card is a shim for your wobbly table. If you're playing to have fun, fun is subjective; If you enjoy it, it's as valuable as Dockside Extortionist.

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