Gut Shot

Gut Shot


( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Gut Shot deals 1 damage to target creature or player.

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Gut Shot Discussion

DMFF on 8-Bolt Blitz Wizards

18 hours ago

Sprite Dragon is indeed really good and I have even considered making an aggro izzet faerie list. My last Jeskai deck, Isochron Ascension, utilized Sprite Dragon but in a more control-based shell. I definitely know how good it is! I suppose cutting Stormchasers would still leave me with 12 Wizards. Perhaps I run 2 Wizard's Lightning and replace 2 with either Burst Lightning , Gut Shot or even Grapeshot since it really synergizes well with Clever Lumimancer . I plan on playtesting throughout the week with some of my playgroup, so hopefully I'll find that sweet spot.

TriusMalarky on What Makes Phyrexian Mana More …

1 week ago

Two-brid mana is inherently balanced. It takes work and building around it to be able to pay instead of , but it also takes work to be able to pay . The two-brid cards available are pretty bad outside of mono color(and even then, it tends to be Spectral Procession in Modern and Beseech the Queen in EDH that are the only ones that see play) for that reason. However, if new cards were printed, there would be no real problem outside of some annoying people complaining about color pie breaks online.

For example, Lightning Bolt but twobrid. Giving ALL colors access to Lightning Strike isn't broken at all. Does it help decks like Tron or Monoblue who typically have problems removing creatures? Yep. But will it break any format? Most definitely not. Well, it will make Modern Burn and Pioneer Red Aggro lists a lot better in this specific case.

Compare this to . You are almost always paying life instead of the mana cost. You will only ever not pay life in very specific situations. In fact, if you pay mana for it when you have enough life, people question you. They wonder what the hell you are doing in your deck. Phyrexian mana is like having a multicolored Simian Spirit Guide in your hand at all times, except it costs 2 life. It's raw, unfettered mana advantage, which quickly and easily turns into advantage in the action economy.

Also, take a look at the banned Phyrexian mana cards. And the playable ones. Gitaxian Probe is Peek , which is basically unplayable. Mental Misstep would be unplayable if it cost instead of . Gut Shot , Postmortem Lunge , Mutagenic Growth , Dismember are all horrible if they didn't have the Phyrexian mana attached. It's the fact that they cost the generic cost only that makes them good. Dismember is a 1-mana spell, that costs a bit more later on if you have mana to spare but not the life. All the 1 mana Phyrexian Mana cards are actually zero mana.

Omniscience_is_life on Atla Palani, Egg Lady, Or “Gotta Hatch Em All”

4 weeks ago

Hey there! Nice build! (I really like your use of Gut Shot )

If you want some inspiration, my take on Atla is always here for you:

Wait wait wrong egg WRONG EGG | **Primer**

Commander / EDH Omniscience_is_life


Demarge on Asleep at the Wheel

1 month ago

In modern the 5 cmc dragon threat is really only going to make it you need to have all 4 copies of Sarkhan, Fireblood , he even has the means to reduce the effects of his own redundancy so why not increase the chances you get a 5 cmc dragon out faster?

now your current choice of 5 cmc dragon maybe the new hotness, but what does it really do for your deck synergy wise? Glorybringer and Demanding Dragon both fit the scary dragon top end threat while being removal. Stormbreath Dragon represents a lot of damage and is harder for white decks to remove with path. Terror of the Peaks though is probably the dragon with the most synergy, you get bonus damage from your dragons, though Hunted Dragon does give the opponent some creatures to trigger the slumbering dragon.

Now your sprite really wants free spells or ones that are cheap and cantrip, for consideration Gut Shot and Dismember are both cheap/free removal, Mutagenic Growth also free, these cards also synergize with another suggestion lower down. Manamorphose is probably the most free spell. Opt is just strong cantrip.

Now for possibly the best dragon for this shell that seems to like to target it's own creatures with spells Orvar, the All-Form will get out of hand pretty easily giving all your buff spells a Clone tagged on it.

other considerations are the above mentioned bolts, cheaper spell and doesn't require hoops for it to dome someone. Mutavault is a dragon man land, extra worth considering if you go heavier into a dragon tribal. the full 4 on copter, it is just the best vehicle for it's cmc, well there is the The Omenkeel ... I'd almost suggest having just 4x of these two as your full vehicle detachment the god side would even provide late game options. Spell Pierce is also likely a strong choice over the dragon counterspell, double blue can be tricky to pull off and also have double red.

AllenChou on modern turn 1 win cheap

2 months ago

Lava Dart is good, but I think Gut Shot is better in this case (because it can cost less mana)

rjphilla on Blitz

2 months ago

You need Mutagenic Growth literally free triggers.

I've found that 4 Gut Shot is better than 4 Lava Dart .

Neotrup on Interaction between Hostility, Torbran, and …

2 months ago

It looks like the right conclusion has been reached, but I want to make sure it's spelled out:

With Hostility and Torbran, Thane of Red Fell on the battlefield, Crackling Perimeter will deal 3 damage, because only Torbran's replacement effect is applicable (Hostility specifically looks for spell damage).

That said, it's worth examining Gut Shot instead. The targetted player will get to choose whether to apply Hostility or Torbran per the quoted rule 616.1. If they choose Hostility, you'll get one 3/1. If they choose Torbran, then they'll get to pick again, with Hostility being the only available choice, so you'll get three 3/1s.

616.1e Once the chosen effect has been applied, this process is repeated (taking into account only replacement or prevention effects that would now be applicable) until there are no more left to apply.

It's also worth noting that Torbran has a replacement effect, but Hostility has a prevention effect. This doesn't change this particular outcome, as the referenced rules do apply to both replacement and prevention effects, but it the spell were instead Skullcrack you'd deal 5 damage to the targeted player, and Hostility's ability couldn't be applied for the rest of the turn.

zAzen7977 on SCOURGE BOLT - Suicide Burn

3 months ago

I’ve been meaning to respond to the most recent comments.

Goblin_Guide, I chose not to include Gut Shot in this build because the cost/damage ratio is too low (cost of 2 life to 1 damage). I also excluded Light Up the Stage so I could focus on burn spells and damage potential. This is essentially a burn deck and too many non-burn spells kill the build’s explosive-ness. I know the purpose of Stage is to gain late-game firepower, but ultimately I would rather just have a burn spell instead.

I am a big fan of Vexing Devil because most players take the 4 damage during the early turns. This allows me to play a 4/4 Scourge as early as turn 2 if I have the right lands. Plus they are amazing blockers if the opponent chooses to keep them around during the late-game. Very good value for 1 mana.

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