Spellgorger Weird

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Spellgorger Weird

Creature — Weird

Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, put a +1/+1 counter on Spellgorger Weird.

TapatioDorito on Pauper Prowess

1 week ago

Why bother with Red Elemental Blast in Mainboard? It's a dead draw if you're not up against blue, and it's not like Pyroblast where you can have it target something and be a "free" spell to cast. Why Heap Gate and Ornithopter at all? Lots of odd choices.

Your Prowess theme is lacking too, very few threats to take advantage of the spells, with Spellgorger Weird and the tokens of Goblin Wizardry being really slow. I understand it's pulled from your collection, but there's not enough of the "prowess" part to it right now.

Destroyerbirb on Izzet Tempo - Tournament Ready

1 year ago

Murphy77 The reason I prefer Stormwing Entity over something like Spellgorger Weird is a) It technically costs only two mana, compared to 3, b) starts at three loyalty, c) Scries when it enters the battlefield, and d) it's a flying threat, which means it's pretty much unlockable. I actually have like twenty Spellgorger Weirds so I could have added them if I wanted, but they don't have as much upside as it looks like it.

When it comes to Magmatic Channeler, I originally had three Stern Dismissals, but everyone pointed out that I was threat light, and they managed to convince me to add it in. The wizard is good because it's card advantage in the early game, and a 4/4 beater a turn later.

It's nice to know you were watching the deck. Thank you!

Murphy77 on Izzet Tempo - Tournament Ready

1 year ago

I have been watching this deck develop over the past couple of weeks. I have started to comment a few times, then bailed out. Interestingly, as the deck has developed, you seem to be getting closer and closer to my own Sprite Dragon deck. There are still 2 significant differences between our decks and I would appreciate your comment on the different card choices.

1) Instead of Stormwing Entity, I went with Spellgorger Weird (another Sprite Dragon, but without flying)

2) I dropped Magmatic Channeler for an extra 1-drop instant.

multimedia on Kalamax-imum Overdrive

2 years ago

Hey, good upgrades of the precon. Interesting version with lots of creatures. I've been playing Kalamax on a budget since he was released and I personally prefer less creatures and more instants/sorceries. My version is very different than yours, but I have some suggestions of how you can improve your version.

Cards from the precon to consider adding:

Kessig Wolf Run is one of the better support lands with Kalamax since it can a repeatable source of trample. Getting both Run and Encampment or Settlement with Crop Rotation is nice. Run is a land upgrade for Sapseep Forest. Harrow is one of the better land ramp spells with Kalamax because you sac one land to search for four basic lands of your choice and put them onto the battlefield untapped. Getting the basic lands untapped gives you mana to cast a spell on an opponent's turn and that's really the strength of Kalamax. Harrow is better than Natural Connection.

Primal Empathy is a fine repeatable draw source since Kalamax is going to most likely be the biggest creature on the battlefield and if he isn't then put another counter on him to make him bigger. The three Bounce lands are good budget lands that are upgrades for Guildgates and Life lands (Rugged Highlands).

Some cards to consider adding:

Narset's Reversal is powerful with Kalamax since it can be a repeatable instant. You can return the original Reversal back to your hand with the copy of Reversal that Kalamax makes and still get a copy of opponent's or your own instant/sorcery you first copied. The repeatable interaction is nice with Guttersnipe and other creatures who ping your opponents. Reversal could replace Volcanic Geyser.

Shared Summons is an instant creature tutor that can get any two different creatures. With Kalamax it can tutor for four different creatures. Summons could replace Whiplash Trap. Wavebreak Hippocamp could replace Lunar Mystic. It's one less mana and the draw is repeatable for no mana cost. Sprite Dragon is a upgrade for Spellgorger Weird. It's one less mana and has evasion flying to take more advantage of having a lot of counters.

Paradise Druid can tap to make any color of mana and can use this mana to cast any card. Paradise is a ramp upgrade for Vodalian Arcanist. Cultivator's Caravan is an upgrade for a three drop mana rock because of crew 3 which is a repeatable way at instant speed tap Kalamax.

Good luck with your deck.

wolfsack on Thundercat Song Reference *Temp retired*

2 years ago

We talked about it a bit earlier, but Leonin Warleader is a good include here. I think it's more threatening than Brimaz. I see Impact Tremors, so It would be intersting to kinda steer the deck in a token build. Docent of Perfection  Flip can help get the party started. There are also gobo spells you can cast daddy Vadrok, like Hordeling Outburst to help fuel your army.

One thing I noticed is that there aren't a whole lot of pump effects for a voltron subtheme commander outside of double strike type cards. Might be cool to add Brute Force, Infuriate, and low cost buff spells. If that style sounds cool you can add in Feather, the Redeemed for more ways to get your spells back and if you lean towards token theme adding Zada, Hedron Grinder will really scare the table!

As for potential cuts, I think Archipelagore can probably take a seat. High mana cost with a bit of a low effect. How often will you mutate ove 2 creatures. Fling seems a bit out of place. I can't imagine wanting to sacrifice a mutate pile.

Focusing on your commander's ability and bouncing to recast it will be much cheaper and have a greater impact in game. Blistercoil Weird, Kiln Fiend and Spellgorger Weird could also be some cool potential targets to mutate onto. Flood of Tears can clear the board and let you put down a mutate target.

AjMcGamer on Shrine to 21

2 years ago

Hey it's nice to see another shrine deck, though I'm kind of curious, what is the general gameplan for this deck?

Are there reasons for the creatures you have chosen? I dont really see how Ghostly Pilferer, Warded Battlements and Spellgorger Weird help the deck, they just seem to be... there. Paradise Druid, if you have any, is probably better than Llanowar Visionary, Dryad of the Ilysian Grove is another good option though more expensive in terms of CMC. I have had success recently running Growth Spiral and Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath(not necessary if running growth spiral, lanterns and paradise druid but nicenfir the life gain) for ramp along with Chromatic Lantern.

I do like the inclusion of Shark Typhoon as it could provide some shenanigans as well as a great outlet for mana if flooded.

I have been tinkering with shrines myself and have found that the Sanctum of Stone Fangs IS the win condition for any shrines deck. If you land all 6 shrines the game is put on a 2 turn clock, unless your opponent has gained a ton of life by this point, as such I find the deck really needs to be focused on controlling the board state, protecting/recursion of enchantments and finding shrines when needed.

This is also a deck that benefits greatly from a wishboard. Fae of Wishes allows the main deck to focus more on its goal of getting out and maintaining shrines while still having enough flexibility in the side/wishboard to deal with pretty much any situation.

Do you find your mana base consistent? It looks as though you might struggle here since the Fabled Passage and Llanowar Visionary are all I see in the way of fixing.

Sorry if I am missing something crucial about how this deck works but as a fellow shrines player I wanted to share what I've learned so far, hope it helps.

Clashboy15 on Modern Prowess 2020

2 years ago

alexon1000 Spellgorger Weird is not playable for modern. A 3 mana 2/2 just won't cut it. It can easily get killed and costs way too much mana. Kiln Fiend is a much better option because it's cheaper and almost as durable. Also, Lurrus is in the deck as a just a free card, I think. Adding those cards would just change the deck too much. I'm not sure what OP will say though.

alexon1000 on Modern Prowess 2020

2 years ago

Creatures are your win condition, you need to have at least 10

On the other hand Kiln Fiend is a big hitter but dies easily for the 2 mana, it is NOT a bad choice though, red prowess has always run this

Include 4x Soul-Scar Mage and 2x Spellgorger Weird

The deck only needs 18 -19 lands

With Lurrus Seal of Fire is also great

Where is Mishra's Bauble?

Where is Manamorphose?

Also with the mix I just proposed maybe include Fight as One although that would be less competitive more for fun (you could exxclude 2 boros charm and put in 2 of these for example)

You need 3x Kor Firewalker in your SB

hope this helps!

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