Chain Reaction

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal

Chain Reaction


Chain Reaction deals X damage to each creature, where X is the number of creatures on the battlefield.

Jopling on Watch the World Burn from Afar (Chaos Burn)

1 day ago

DreadKhan These are all great suggestions, thanks for taking the time!

Thieves' Auction, Blasphemous Act, Chain Reaction, War Room, Viashino Heretic and Citadel of Pain I will try and slot in.

Reckless Endeavor costs a little too much mana for me and I will certainly keep Vandalblast and Gorilla Shaman in mind if I need more artifact removal.

DreadKhan on Watch the World Burn from Afar (Chaos Burn)

2 days ago

In my Rakdos deck (which is fairly Chaotic), I like find Thieves' Auction is almost a win con by itself, it's especially juicy if your board includes lands that aren't in the right colours for everyone else and you have a bunch of global effects that work regardless of who controls them, such that you just take a whole bunch of better stuff, including importantly the best thing. It doesn't even target anything, so it gets around almost anything, it's just a stupid 'I want your stuff, have my dreck'.

You might like Blasphemous Act, or maybe Chain Reaction or Reckless Endeavor. You might also like Vandalblast, Viashino Heretic, Gorilla Shaman or Citadel of Pain to discourage people from holding up interaction/burn them out. Not sure if it'll go lower, but War Room is probably a great card in mono-Red.

Housegheist on Miirym job!

1 week ago

hi magwaaf

what i still notice is the low interaction with the boardstate of your opponent, either target or mass. Is this intended? I would swap Disaster Radius for Blasphemous Act and would make another cut for Chain Reaction. If you do want (target/mass) removal you should add some protection like Heroic Intervention or Asceticism. The latter is always a good choice.

I can't believe that especially i would swap the following (very flavourful!) Dragonlord's Prerogative against Rishkar's Expertise. IMO Rishkar provides a lot more value. I like the idea of Lurking Predators as it will trigger at least once (of Opponent tries to remove it immediately)... i added it into my Maybeboard :)

Beside the lack of interaction with your opponents board i still like your list. It's very different from mine and i'm curious how it plays on the table :)

Housegheist on DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames

1 week ago

You're describing a nice playtest. I like your take on Miirym. Upvote!

May i suggest some (maybe) interesting cards? You're already using the Dragon Orbs... Orb of Dragonkind is a 2cmc colourfixing rock which can also dig into your library. Monster Manual can cheat your dragon into play. Sure, more cmc than Sneak Attack but your beasty-boys do not have to be sacrificed in the end. The Great Henge would cost or even just most of the time and grants enormous value. More on the flavour side is Korlessa, Scale Singer which is pseudo card advantage. Herald's Horn reduces your dragons cost and can provide card advantage (works pretty well with Lapis Orb of Dragonkind). Rishkar's Expertise is a powerhouse draw and could cast 17 creatures or almost all your artifacts/enchantments.

And finally, i like Wrathful Red Dragon as a protection piece. In addition it's a surprise "i-win" with Blasphemous Act and/or Chain Reaction

I did a take on Miirym by myself and i hope you don't mind me linking it in here to hear your opinion on it.

Miirym or Double the Fun

Commander / EDH* Housegheist


Housegheist on Miirym's Dragonhorde

1 week ago

I noticed a lack of interaction. I would recommend playing Blasphemous Act and/or Chain Reaction as they deal with opponents boardstate and are a surprise i-win-condition with Wrathful Red Dragon.

Monster Manual can cheat your Dragons into play and is (still) budget friendly.

Orb of Dragonkind fixes mana as a 2 cmc rock and can dig into your library.

Patron of the Arts is a nice on-theme ramp creature which provides 2 treasures total.

Other than that, i like it, that you stick on creatures not on specific dragons and clones :) I tried a take on Miirym by myself. Maybe you want to take a look

Miirym or Double the Fun

Commander / EDH* Housegheist


Housegheist on Miirym job!

2 weeks ago

Sorry for double… but Blasphemous Act and Chain Reaction can both be a surprise „i win• with Wrathful Red Dragon

Forkbeard on Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm: Double Dragon

4 weeks ago

Thanks Housegheist. I'm personally pretty luke warm on all 4 orbs and I'm not sure what I'd cut to make room for them. I like that they're on theme, but I prefer the ramp + utility I've got going on in here already. Gadrak, Renari & Swashbuckler are all interesting but again, I would struggle on cuts to make room for them. Thunderbreak Regent is definitely cool and I like the deterrent factor - I thought on adding this dragon for a while but remembered that I used to run it in my Atarka brew. It was never as impactful as I thought it would/could be so I ended up subbing it out at some point.

Chain Reaction is a very appealing option! As you say, BA redundancy would be handy but it's also just a good value wipe option in R. I like it.

carpecanum on R/G Dragons - Burnt to Ashes (Klauth)

1 month ago

Earthquake to replace Chain Reaction so your guys are left alive.

Bower Passage and maybe Ghitu War Cry

I would try to replace Sorceries with Instants that you can cast immediately when Klauth gets his bonus mana. Things to prevent blocking, blow stuff up or add damage

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