Sentinel Tower

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Sentinel Tower


Whenever an instant or sorcery spell is cast during your turn, Sentinel Tower deals damage to target creature, player or planeswalker equal to 1 plus the number of instant and sorcery spells cast before that spell this turn.

griffstick on Card creation challenge

2 weeks ago

Isn't that just Sentinel Tower

ACapo18 on Kinda Competitive Kykar

2 months ago

susemiehlian Thank you! This deck has gotten much more aggressive over time. I modeled it after my friends Jhoira deck. This build wants to cast as many spells as possible in one explosive turn and win from out of nowhere. Typically this happens turn 5-6 depending on my opponents. As such, casting sorceries vs instants doesn't matter much since it will all be on my turn. When storming you need 2 things: spells to cast, and mana to cast them. In this deck, it is beneficial to have as many spells that cost 1 red mana as possible. So things like Crash Through, Crimson Wisps, and even Overmaster don't matter for their effect, they matter for their ability to replace themselves in my hand. Since Kykar generates me a spirit I can turn into 1 red mana for each noncreature spell, if I had 70 cards in the deck that let me draw a card for 1 red mana, I could keep casting through my deck and just grapeshot my opponents at the end of the deck. The few permanents in the deck are there to either get me value for casting my spells, or to allow me to keep casting spells. So something like Sentinel Tower is great when I cast 10 spells in a turn, especially when paired up with Veyran, Voice of Duality. Prismite is in there in case I get Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip or something else to double Kykar's ability, because then I can generate blue/white mana for my few spells that need it. Often times, my blue spells will let me draw more than 1 card, so if I need to get more cards in hand while storming, I will need blue to do it. Boros Signet is not included due to the fact that I often need blue mana when storming off, not red or white. Diamonds are okay in budget decks or if you drop it turn 2, but otherwise you can't use it until the turn after you play it, so that's why I left them out.

If you have other questions on my specific choices let me know, or if you're looking for inspiration on yours, let me know as well.

Dazard on Izzet - Cipher Deck

2 months ago

I am reanimating this deck and made some changes. I swapped Last Thoughts with Trait Doctoring. So instead of that low 4 mana spell i have a quick "cipher one drop" that can also fix my mana base.

dropped the two Niv-Mizzets, because they weren't a real finisher after all. i added Sentinel Tower and Firemind's Research instead which support my overall cipher theme better.

Dragonshift for some (defensive or offensive) suprises, Mizzium Mortars for some boardwipes.

What do you think?

Sheld on I cast at thee

4 months ago

Hey! You've given a suggestion on one of my decks, so I've thought I could return the favor. :)

I'm not sure how casual/competitive this deck is aimed to be, so I will give suggestions for both.

For a more competitive deck, I'd suggest:

The first three help you create disgusting solitaire turns while the last one may be the easiest win with Mizzix there is.

For a more casual deck, I'd suggest:

General card suggestions:

Mizzix's Mastery, Epic Experiment, Chaos Warp, Commit / Memory, Volcanic Vision, Invert / Invent, Prophetic Bolt, Frantic Search, Pore Over the Pages, Rewind, Solve the Equation and once again Bonus Round (this card is seriously good)

Also, I invite you to have a look at my old Mizzix deck and/or my up-to-date Zaffai deck for some inspiration.

I'm sorry for the long comment in case you didn't wish for suggestions. Just wanted to help. :^)

Lxixian on Feather, Slinger of spells

5 months ago

Used to run things like Firebrand Archer, Electrostatic Field, Thermo-Alchemist, and Sentinel Tower, but they just didn't pull their weight. A newer inclusion, but in the same meh area sits Kessig Flamebreather

Guttersnipe is simply double the damage, and Livewire Lash is also targeted removal. What more do you want from a cheap equipment?!

Polaris on Sentinel Tower triggers with copy …

5 months ago

No, Sentinel Tower triggers when a spell is cast specifically. To work the way you hope, you need something like Ral, Storm Conduit. Magecraft effects from Strixhaven also trigger when a spell is "cast or copied," so you can get a lot of advantage from Grapeshot into Storm-Kiln Artist or Archmage Emeritus.

Unlife on Feather - Low to the Ground

5 months ago

I'd cut Ancestral Anger, Sentinel Tower, Stave Off and Reckless Rage. Across your deck, those 4 seem to be the most 'meh' cards you've got remaining.

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