Paradox Engine

Paradox Engine

Legendary Artifact

Whenever you cast a spell, untap all nonland permanents you control.

Paradox Engine Discussion

DeinoStinkus on Emry

3 days ago

Paradox Engine and Upheaval are banned in Commander.

ThatGirl_OhWhatsHerName on The End of all Things

6 days ago

Paradox Engine is banned, much to my dismay. Awesome deck though!

smackjack on Never Trust an Elf

6 days ago

Maybe you can find some inspiration from my Marwyn EDH deck? Its not very budget tho, Gaea's Cradle is pretty much the only card i refuse to buy, but there are some budget gems in there.. Malachite Talisman for example. With enough counters on Marwyn you can untap her every time you play a green spell. Its like a baby Paradox Engine :)

SynergyBuild on Longest Turns?

2 weeks ago

3 headed Giant 3v3, and a Sliver Overlord with an Intruder Alarm, a Paradox Engine on a Captain Sisay (around that time), and 3 Selvala, Explorer Returned decks caused a storm count for the turn over 400, all on the stack at once, because the Sliver deck found a flash slive and had a bunch of tapping dork slivers and a sliver that granted flash as well as a bunch of stuff that was weird. It ended that the sliver deck almost won, but in doing so let the selvala's draw a ton of cards, and actually decked the sliver player xD

4 and a half hour turn.

SynergyBuild on RambIe

3 weeks ago

Hey, I love the discussion, but don't want to clutter @StopShot's page. I am someone who pioneered multiple of those Netdecks, which sort of makes the cEDH variants on the old Captain Sisay (I made the Seton, Krosan Protector/Mox Amber setup into my own version of a Bow of Nylea finish in the Paradox Engine lists, pre-ban) decks, as well as the Aminatou/Tezzeret line, the more popular current Yisan and multiple semi-popular new Sisay, Weatherlight Captain lines.

When it comes down to it, many people in the cEDH community work to optimize the lists other people (myself included) pioneer. Someone makes the shell, the combos, the innovations, the others metagame it, tune it for optimization, and though people take my combos, my innovations, I love what they do with them.

I've optimized lists too, Control Zur, various Consult piles, etc. I understand I am better at innovation. Assuming people that takes popular combos are net deckers is often incorrect, the cEDH community is small, and everyone I've ever seen or heard of has been tuning decks to their metagame. I don't know who you've met who honestly just netdecks, but many of my friends are amazing deckbuilders and players. Not to mention even if they 1 for 1 buy a deck whole, they can still innovate in playing.

@dingusdingo isn't someone I know particularly well. They have always been helpful, and after checking through their decklists, I found they (No idea if it was by coincidence, or they read my primer, or someone who was inspired by it) to show off my Prime Speaker Vannifar line, featuring Spellseeker -> Vitalize into Archaeomancer -> Disciple of the Ring in the description of his list, and Chakram Retriever as his (assumedly) go-to 5 drop untapper.

Both 5 drop lines were originally my (only, I worked with a group to make a working line for PSV in the hours following it being spoiled) innovations (Tidewater Minion was the original it was summoning sick however) on the cEDH list. Despite this, he innovated on top of it. I had seen the Ezuri pile brought up by @Soren841 (not sure if he pioneered it or was the one to find it fit in the shell) but the lines to get there weren't the exact same as any other lists.

This, alongside the goal of redundancy in untapping left the list still powerful, but simply more in the combo than the interactivity of the list. Testing this idea is the birthplace of innovation, no one I've seen goes into cEDH copying checklists, they are inspired by other pioneers and support the format. The best decks in the format and the best combos aren't all stolen, someone made them, they were improved time and time again, and many are being improved as we speak. Assuming that you know immediately how to beat them and assuming your opponents are too stupid to beat you is a fallacy, and the people you have gone against are either extremely bad cEDH players or people that don't understand the community and leech on it. I love this niche community. I don't respect your distaste for it, but feel that you've only met some bad cookies.

rayzoredge on Now You're Thinking With Portals

1 month ago

DigitalFear: Yeah, unfortunately, Possessed Portal shot up.

But Planar Bridge and Paradox Engine are much cheaper now. You can get Planar Portal for a few bucks (non-foil).

If you meant casting cost, you can always cheat them out with Tinker or use Sol Rings to help.

SynergyBuild on Parhelion II as Commander?

1 month ago

I stick to the rules, in all honesty, but a lot of that is because I play cEDH mostly.

For any normal game with my casual playgroups (they sorta disbanded/are on hiatus for the quarantine) of course, I let a friend run Jace, the Mind Sculptor, and even use Paradox Engine as a commander (it was eldrazi-storm-artifact-cannon and won ~turn 4 every game) with no care. Whenever it gets too awkward or weird or busted, people stop playing them, and change decks. Parhelion would honestly probably be closer to the Mentor of the Meek EDH deck that was played only a few times, never winning, but being fun to play against.

Sadly that deck never won so it was changed for the new Heliod when it came out, I think they went all Walking Ballista combo, etc.

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