Paradox Engine

Legendary Artifact

Whenever you cast a spell, untap all nonland permanents you control.

AstroAA on What ONE card would you …

1 month ago

I would unban Iona, Shield of Emeria because angels are my favorite tribe, and I have both the Iona, Shield of Emeria and the Iona, Shield of Emeria versions and I need an excuse to run them.

If I couldn't get Iona, Shield of Emeria unbanned, I'd go Paradox Engine because I still have my foil one from back in the day and it's banning killed my Karametra, God of Harvests storm deck.

Megalomania on What ONE card would you …

1 month ago

Paradox Engine. Not sure if it would affect the meta but I think it’s worth considering.

Ojallday on Ways to have infinite cast …

3 months ago

Kahos paradox engine this is an old list I use to play before the Paradox Engine ban if you have infinate mana and a way to give kaho haste and ways to untap her Isochron Scepter with Dramatic Reversal, Lapis Lazuli Talisman and Tidespout Tyrant all let you turn cantrips into spells that draw your deck for wins with Laboratory Maniac or Thassa's Oracle. Generally you will want to fetch a flicker spell, shuffle you graveyard into your library spell to loop whatever third spell you choose. Essence Flux, Stream of Consciousness and a tutor or draw spell were my go to stacks.

Worx on Competitive Captain Sisay (Proven)

4 months ago

MstrCpr Thanks mate. It's been in the works a VERY long time and has won many many tournaments.

The Paradox Engine ban was at first a disaster, but now, I can still win turn 5-6 virtually all the time, and IF I get a good draw, then I can still win turn 4! ;)

I haven't made any notes for a long time and I really should update...

But to answer your questions regarding Vivien, Monsters' Advocate, Ashaya, Soul of the Wild, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, and Eight-and-a-Half-Tails;

Let's just say that I am constantly tossing up whether to include Akroma's Memorial or not due to it's mana cost and the introduction of Crashing Drawbridge. I deliberately stay away from mana costs of non-creatures of higher than 4 so Gaddock Teeg is not an issue. So having a planeswalker of Vivien, with a cost of 5 with no real instant win - I just can't see it's value. Same with Ugin - just an overkill and horrendous cost of 8.

Ashaya is just to expensive for what it does. I mean I used to ALWAYS run the combo Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite and Kamahl, Fist of Krosa for win in removing opponents lands. But I also have a lot of wincons now so I just want to keep the mana costs down.

Eight Tails was a card I used to run, but I found I rarely needed it in Tournaments and if you are doing it only for removing opponents lands, then the above said Elesh Norn/Kamahl wins hands down.

The latest iteration and what I am working on is to ensure I can get the 'haste' out easily, ie Oswald Fiddlebender with artifact tutor so I can get Thousand-Year Elixir out, and then I can again remove Akroma's Memorial, and put back in Masako the Humorless

The deck has undergone a LOT of changes over the years, but still kicks butt and is VERY reliable. (I did sell some cards - mainly lands and foils - kicking myself over selling my foils of Selvala, Heart of the Wilds) So hat's why the lands don't seem 'stable'.

Thanks for commenting and the appreciation.

Gidgetimer on Which Specific Artifacts Have Been …

4 months ago

Paradox Engine comes to mind right off the bat as a problematic artifact from recent memory. Skullclamp, Sensei's Divining Top, and Walking Ballista seem like cards that they would at least want to put a color on now.

Guerric on Good Cards That You Just …

4 months ago

It's funny you mention Grand Abolisher. That card has been in my binder forever. Maybe I should trade it for an Esper Sentinel. Drawing cards is more fun than stax.

A card I hated and rejoiced when it was banned was Golos, Tireless Pilgrim. Much of my hate stems from it ruining standard when it had been good, and one of my favorite standard decks was Orzhov Vampires in Core 2020 standard simply because I could wreck Golos/Field of the Dead decks right and left. I also feel like Golos was bad for commander, because there was little incentive to run other five color decks. Also, he has no real flavor. Urza, Lord High Artificer may be broken, but he has tons of flavor and it makes sense. Golos is basically the tin man from the wizard of Oz becoming some sort of god, like he replaced the wizard or something. If its going to be broken and warp the format at least it should be epic. At any rate, I'm a low ban kind of guy who wants them to unban more stuff, but Golos and Paradox Engine are the two bans that made me happy.

jaymc1130 on Good Cards That You Just …

4 months ago

For me, it's the cards that are good enough that they must be run that I distasted the most. It's probably a hangover from the original Mirrodin block that turned tournament competitive MtG into a true nightmare in the mid 2000s. When every damn deck in the tournament is Ravager Affinity then the tournament itself is pretty ridiculous, so it's when these kinds of situations crop up and a card is so good that it demands to be played while warping the meta completely around it just because it exists is generally when I have a major problem with a card. Paradox Engine is one of the cards I hated for that reason. 1 card combo with every other spell in your deck that is colorless so it should go in every deck... Just ridiculous, those cards should never exist because they make the game less fun since everyone is just doing the exact same thing every game.

Mostly it's the eternal style formats where I find this circumstance most egregious. If a card dominates Standard for a bit it will eventually rotate out, and Standard won't be fun for a while, but it's a problem that is resolved post rotation. Where as in the eternal formats if something is a problem then it will be a problem from now until the end of time. Hullbreacher and Opposition Agent are two of the more recent cards that go on that list for me. Boseiju, Who Endures could become one of those cards. Don't get me wrong, I play all this stuff, and the winning feels great as a competitor, but it doesn't feel like it's worth the "price of my soul" and I usually feel like I need a shower after gaming with cards I dislike from a philosophical standpoint.

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