Fateful Showdown

Fateful Showdown


Fateful Showdown deals damage to target creature or player equal to the number of cards in your hand. Discard all the cards in your hand, then draw that many cards.

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Fateful Showdown Discussion

nathanielhebert on

8 months ago

I've been out of the loop for some 20 odd years, but the challenge of putting together a Fog/Burn deck sounds enticing! The "turbo fog" archetype, typically has a card-draw engine in place, and a bunch of fogs to stall out your opponent — as for a burn version, it might make sense to use some direct damage spells that synergize with the extra cards you and your opponents will be holding, due to the draw effect.

Some ideas of cards that play off each other:

DRAW ENGINE: (the card drawing should allow for more consistency, since you'll have more fogs ready for each turn)

Font of Mythos , Howling Mine , Rites of Flourishing

FOGS: (add more fogs, but preferably not "frogs" — they're vulnerable to damage and removal)

Fog , Haze of Pollen , Defend the Hearth , Root Snare , Commencement of Festivities

BURNS: (here's a list of burns that take advantage of the extra cards both you and your opponents will be holding, and punishing the opponent for drawing as well)

Runeflare Trap , Molten Psyche (an interesting burn, since you should have enough artifacts in play, and works with the Runeflare Trap), Spiraling Embers , Sudden Impact , Conflagrate , Fateful Showdown , Gaze of Adamaro

ARTIFACT: (lastly, some artifacts and lands that allow expand your hand size, so you can hit for more with cards like Spiraling Embers and Conflagrate )

Spellbook , Reliquary Tower , Skullcage (another source of damage to punish opponent for holding cards), Elixir of Immortality (so you don't potentially mill yourself)

Hardhitta7 on Rielle's Wisdom

11 months ago

This deck looks fun! Love Izzet decks. +1

I’m new to commander so my suggestions might be bad but Reforge the Soul , and Fateful Showdown fit with the wheel them. Dack Fayden could be good as well.

Edit: oh and Narset, Parter of Veils .

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Just Follow the Trail... wait wrong cycling

1 year ago

Have you considered wheel type effects such as Fateful Showdown or Dark Deal. Your deck seems well suited for it with Archfiend of Ifnir, Bag of Holding, and Bone Miser. These effects also combo well with Rielle, the Everwise. Speaking of the Miser, do you think Waste Not might be a better/cheaper alternative to the Miser?

Kogarashi on Players die instantly reaching 0 …

1 year ago

Fell Specter will trigger, but your opponent will lose before the Fell Specter triggers would go on the stack.

A player losing the game due to having 0 life is one of the game's state-based actions (SBAs). These are checked whenever a player would receive priority. Additionally, triggers go on the stack whenever a player would receive priority, and in order for items on the stack to resolve, all players must pass priority without adding anything to the stack (this applies to each item).

What happens in your scenario is that you cast Fateful Showdown. Assuming no responses (which would go on the stack above it), Fateful Showdown then resolves in its entirety. This means that the Showdown deals the damage, which you stated to be lethal, and then you discard your hand and draw new cards. Technically Fell Specter triggers at this point, but the triggers do not go on the stack just yet since Showdown is still resolving.

Once Showdown is done resolving, the active player would receive priority again, so SBAs are checked before triggers are placed on the stack. SBAs see that your opponent is now at 0 or less life, and your opponent immediately loses the game. Since your opponent is gone, so are their triggers, which never get to go on the stack (which matters in a multiplayer game where you still have another opponent).

fred_leff on Players die instantly reaching 0 …

1 year ago

Example: Opponent with Fell Specter and I play Fateful Showdown targeting my opponent for lethal damage; would he die before I discard my cards or after? Making the Fell Specter trigger and potentially kill me aswell !?

DimitarK on Four Color Turbo Fog - Pioneer

1 year ago

I agree with almost everything Magnanimous suggested except Fevered Visions being a poor win condition. Sure, RDW can dump a bunch of burn on us. I'd suggest running a some main deck + some sideboard Swan Songs which would help with that + protect combo pieces vs control and has virtually no downside due to the fogs.

For Fateful Showdown I agree it's a little clunky. This card will sit dead in your hand most games and the double red is really taxing your 4 mana base with no fixing. I'd also consider cutting down on white, save for the Approach of the Second Sun which is easy to splash for at 7CMC. Repel the Abominable can be subbed out for Root Snare/Winds of Qal Sisma, Supreme Verdict for AEtherize which is easier on the mana and it can fill your opponent's hand back up for some Fevered Visions damage.

Also consider subbing out Growth Spiral+some of the fogs for Sylvan Caryatid/Anticipate. The caryatid can block some early aggression so you don't have to waste a fog early and will help with the mana base. Anticipate will help find that 3rd land drop, your combo piece or a fog when needed.

Shameless plug :D : check out my version of the deck running 3 color Day's Undoing, Sphinx's Tutelage, Jegantha, the Wellspring - Fevered Undoing Fog

abby315 on owling mine help

1 year ago

Fevered Visions does the work of both Howling Mine and Ebony Owl Netsuke efficiently, so that could be copies 5-8 of Ebony Owl. You could pair it with tap cards in blue like Exhaustion and burn effects in red like Fateful Showdown, Gaze of Adamaro, and Runeflare Trap.

There's also good ol' Black Vise.

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