Disrupt Decorum

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Disrupt Decorum


Goad all creatures you don't control. (Until your next turn, those creatures attack each combat if able and attack a player other than you if able.)

Crow_Umbra on Director Isshin's Cut

1 month ago

If you'd like more goad, I'd highly recommend Taunt from the Rampart. It can either buy you a turn, or basically clear away all blockers for you to alpha swing everyone if you have the means to.

Agrus doesn't Goad on his own, & would only Goad if Nelly is also out. Suspecting opponents' creatures without Nelly might not be as good on its own since it doesn't incentivize opponents to attack each other beyond giving their creature Menace.

There's also the classics Kardur, Doomscourge and Disrupt Decorum if you want more mass Goad effects. Bothersome Quasit is another option.

jarncards on Instigate

2 months ago

Spectacular Showdown. Here is the best card in your deck. keep in mind the doublestrike will also cause Firkraag's second ability to trigger twice per hit your opponents get on each other. Avatar of Slaughter, Total War, and Disrupt Decorum are probably the other best ones for killing everything.

Each of these are also good considerations depending on how you build. Agitator Ant | Baeloth Barrityl, Entertainer | Chaos Dragon | Goblin Spymaster | Sly Instigator | Goblin Diplomats | Grand Melee | Master Warcraft | Total War | War's Toll |

NV_1980 on Queen Marchesa: War Profiteering

4 months ago

All hail the Queen! Disrupt Decorum is an excellent disruptor of opposing board-states (and life-totals :)). You've added very little in terms of ramp/rocks. Doesn't that make the deck comparatively slow in your meta (it would definitely be so in mine)? Your average mana value for cards is low, but you could probably still do more from earlier game-phases on if you included at least stuff like Boros Signet, Orzhov Signet, Rakdos Signet and Sol Ring.

Optimator on Anarchy Burger

5 months ago

Return the Past - expensive, but a huge value engine

City on Fire - might not be worth it since you could rarely get the mana discount, but the power is there

Ensnared by the Mara - some damage and value

Spikefield Hazard  Flip - could take a land slot

Court of Embereth - draws a card and starts to make blockers

Virtue of Courage - a bit of burn, then HUGE card advantage. Could be a must-include!

Realm-Scorcher Hellkite - there are a bunch of dragons with repeatable damage abilities--perhaps those would be great mana sinks?

Hearth Elemental - could be decent card draw, then a blocker. Not amazing, but there it is

Flick a Coin - kinda funny

Ravaging Blaze - not amazing removal, but you'll usually have Spell Mastery

Insurrection - a bit anticlimactic, but if you're whittling down life totals this could very often win the game. The red creatures would do bonus damage too. Sorcery synergy I guess

Disrupt Decorum - could get the heat off of you for a turn or two

Abrade - creature removal or artifact removal--the option is nice

Fires of Mount Doom - expensive but repeatable card-draw. A bit of removal and damage too. Perhaps a must-include?

DreadKhan on BBEG Deck Ideas

6 months ago

I feel like you could also look into running a lot of wipes, stax or other salt inducing things, such that the deck will naturally end up the archenemy and everyone will unite against them. Do the other decks compete with one another? If so, something that does Goad or Goad-like effects would be cool. TBH, if I had to pick a commander to try out as an Archenemy type deck, I'd be very tempted to go with Kresh the Bloodbraided. 5 mana for a 3/3 isn't very spicy, but he quickly can get very, very out of hand, it's not unusual for you to do something like Mandate of Abaddon or Phyrexian Scriptures and then one shot people one at a time with your gigantic Kresh. Lots of cards synergize with Kresh, ranging from Grim Feast and anything that works with/is Rite of the Raging Storm. Big Goad effects like Disrupt Decorum and Spectacular Showdown also add a nasty surprise, and Insurrection is a great turn-around-is-fair-play type effect for an Archenemy. You can even make the deck on the cheap using stuff like Fleshbag Marauder (there are a bajillion at this point, especially if you'll pay 4 for a 4 power one), these generate a lot of power if you also have Savra, Queen of the Golgari (or something similar) out. Pestilence and similar effects are very good in here, they let you both clear out weenie blockers while also pumping Kresh ever bigger by winnowing away the chaff. Kresh will quickly crush everyone, you just need to add fun stuff like evasion or trample to make his immense power count. If you build this right it should be quite scary to play against, and the odd Fling can be a nice way to punish the players for killing Kresh.

Another great option might be Sauron, the Dark Lord, the more the party does the bigger the 'threat' gets, and it's almost impossible to remove Sauron. It's easy to sneak in some powerful Changelings to work as a better base army, but the whole 'orc army' thing is in and of itself very stereotypical in D&D. I like Grixis because you get Blue, meaning you have access to the odd counter. In particular I'd look into stuff like Stronghold Machinist, effect-on-a-stick creatures are good for an Archenemy because they tend to soak up the opponent's cards, even something like Royal Assassin is card advantage over time. Since the Army can get pretty big you can use Voltron stuff with it, and if you use Anthems (Berserkers' Onslaught, Dauthi Embrace, and Whip of Erebos come to mind) they'll work on both the Army and Sauron, which is cool Big Bad energy for the deck.

NV_1980 on Too Wide

9 months ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the idea is to create a token army yourself while depriving every other player from their creatures (and tokens) so that they cannot retaliate your attacks, correct? And I see you're aiming for removal through the use of non-permanents, so that this triggers the creation of creature tokens for you. Here are some removal ideas I didn't see in your list:

  • Archfiend of Depravity: not a non-permanent, but one of the more evil removal engines I can think of.
  • Disrupt Decorum: this spell is so underrated. It's not a direct removal spell of course, but it usually still ends up in a lot of stuff dying and you get to sit by and watch and be totally unaffected by it.
  • Void Rend: counterspells won't help against this baby. And it'll target ANY permanent, so very multi-functional.
  • Ruinous Ultimatum: I know, it's expensive to cast, but in the ultimate removal deck, this spell has to be included, right?
  • Do or Die: rather cheap yet very effective removal spell.

Have fun with this brew.

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