Primal Amulet


Instant and sorcery spells you cast cost less to cast.

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, put a charge counter on Primal Amulet. Then if there are four or more charge counters on it, you may remove those counters and transform it.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Primal Amulet Discussion

Lutachris23 on Life is a Series of Choices Between Bad and Worse

3 weeks ago

seshiro_of_the_orochi I played Revel in Riches for a while, but my group packed a lot of artifact and enchantment hate for so long I took it out - I like having my opponents' cards being blanks against my board as much as possible so they will keep the board clear for me..

Mirrari seems too mana intensive for my list; I don't like playing mana rocks so 8 mana to copy a spell feels bad (I even took out Primal Amulet  Flip)

I generally only cast one or two spells a turn so Aetherflux doesn't seem amazing unless I also had Citadel out

I have definitely considered all the cards you mentioned except for Mirari for one reason or another have not added them in.

Seuchenschutz on Copysaurus

3 weeks ago

The problem with Spellbinder is, that it costs 7 mana to get it out and equip, which is much. And even if you are willing to spend that much mana, you still have to remove a valueable spell. And then the Spellbinder still didnt do anything. You still have to get the equiped creature through. The card simply has too many downsides, to be a considerable play. Same with Primal Amulet  Flip, it costs 4 mana and doesnt do much till you get it flipped. The problem with Isochron Scepter is, that you have to have a spell that fits in it. If not you have a dead card in hand. And if you get it out, its an obvious target for the opponent, its gets destroyed and you lose 2 cards. Buyback cards a worth a second thought, Capsize is a great card, that I have to ponder for a bit. I actually played Primal Amulet  Flip and Isochron Scepter in this deck for a while, and this was my experience with these cards. Thx anyway for your suggestions

carpecanum on Copysaurus

3 weeks ago

Spellbinder might work for you and you have a few instants that could go into an Isochron Scepter

Primal Amulet  Flip maybe.

There are a dozen or so Instants with Buyback you could cast every turn

Hardhitta7 on H: Binder W: Pioneer Prowess

2 months ago

I’m looking to build my first Pioneer deck, and of course it’s prowess! I have some random cards mostly EDH stuff that I wanna trade for my new deck. If you’re interested in cards under $2 you can look through my binder, can’t promise everything is up to date though.

Edit: My Binder is now up to date so you can check that out if you wish.

Hardhitta7 on Urza’s Pet Dragon

2 months ago

I cut the All Is Dust for Draconic Intervention and cut Mana Geyser for Primal Amulet  Flip. Still trying to fit in Crackle with Power .

I think if I ran Blitz of the Thunder-Raptor it would replace Abrade . I like Mizzium Mortars for spot removal/board wipe purposes.

Hardhitta7 on Urza’s Pet Dragon

2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll see what I can fit in.

I’ve seen Crackle with Power in some lists, gonna add it and try it out when I get the deck together.

I’m already adding Draconic Intervention just gotta find room, and Evacuation is standing in for Cyclonic Rift until I can buy one.

I do have an extra Primal Amulet  Flip laying around I could add.

I considered Mishra's Bauble but just thought it didn’t do enough, having to wait for the draw is not great. I could see it being good though with Galazeth.

I stayed away from Memnite and Ornithopter because they don’t do anything if I don’t have my commander out.

Do you see anything I should cut?

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Urza’s Pet Dragon

2 months ago

I would add Crackle with Power as a way to potentially kill one or more opponents. Draconic Intervention and Cyclonic Rift are good wipes that keep Galazeth on the board. Mirari and Primal Amulet  Flip are great instant/sorcery synergies that are also artifacts. Mishra's Bauble , Memnite and Ornithopter are 0 mana artifacts that can now tap for mana with Galazeth.

Hardhitta7 on Fun Commander

2 months ago

My favorite budget commander I’ve built is Adeliz, the Cinder Wind . Mine has a Snapcaster Mage in it cause I already owned it but you don’t need it. Primal Amulet  Flip has went up in price recently so you could replace that with something as well.

A Wizard is Never Late

I also built a pretty budget Samurai deck, it’s on my profile if you wanna check it out.

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