You may discard an Island card and another card rather than pay Foil's mana cost.

Counter target spell.

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Foil Discussion

Snips500 on All of Pauper's "Free" Spells

4 months ago

FrankieG - yeah good point about Foil and Fireblast . Im coming from the point of view of PDH where foil gets a lot more play than Fireblast does. Ill add a section for free flashback costs and things like Battle Screech and Prismatic Strands

FrankieG on All of Pauper's "Free" Spells

4 months ago

What about Prismatic Strands and stuff like that? Those ones actually see play (unlike Foil , but not unlike Fireblast which is below it on the list)!

Arcaneful on Fire and Ice Kodama: Midrange Combo

4 months ago


Thanks for the comment!!

Force of Vigor is definitely gonna be on my buylist, as well as Mystical Tutor . I totally had forgotten about Foil , so once I get one it's going in the list. I have NO idea how I missed Pestermite .

Thank you so much!

Omniscience_is_life on Fire and Ice Kodama: Midrange Combo

4 months ago

Mystical Tutor , Force of Vigor , any free counterspell ( Foil probably being the cheapest monetarily among them, but up the chain Force of Will ), Pestermite , as many of fetchlands ( Misty Rainforest , etc.) as possible... but overall the deck looks great!

ShaDoWz_6677 on Azami Wizard Storm

4 months ago

IvanS I'm kinda surprised you use Pact of Negation over Force of Will and run Foil over it as well. Is this because you don't own a Force of Will?

in cEDH currently, Pact of Negation is a card that you decide if you want to run but it really isn't something ran. Fierce Guardianship took its place when it was printed.

VampiricTooter on New EDH player please Help!

11 months ago

Pongify Rapid Hybridization Beast Within

Can all deal with his commander at instant speed.

Naturalize is a great option against artifacts and enchantments at instant speed

Counterspell Negate Swan Song can stop your troubles before they even begin.

There are many more options on a budget in your colours that are as good as these if not better depending on the situation.

If you find your opponent amassing a board state with many combo pieces, perhaps try Tranquility like effects. Play at least 10-15 removal spells and effects in most decks and you will stand a much better chance of finding answers to your opponents’ win conditions. Throw a copy of Seedborn Muse or Wilderness Reclamation in, so you can have mana up to cast instant spells when your opponents are about to win and Foil their plans! Hope you are running Azusa in your build.

Omniscience_is_life on Thrasios & Alena

11 months ago

Priority is a fun thing, yes. The thing with red's "counterspells" is that they are very limited (obviously), but what that means is a blue player can just hold up Force of Will Pact of Negation Fierce Guardianship and Foil and just counter your commander, and then counter your counter, and then combo off and kill you. Still powerful though, just intractable like TypicalTimmy said

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