Untap all creatures and gain control of them until end of turn. They gain haste until end of turn.

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Insurrection Discussion

darkin10s on Obeka, Reckless Chronicler

13 hours ago

Cards like Act of Treason don't synergize with Obeka's ability, in case you don't know. I found it confusing at first, too, and have heard multiple different takes on the effectiveness of the card, but cards like Act of Treason, Ideas Unbound, or Insurrection end at 'End of Turn'. Obeka ends the turn, going straight to clean up step. Wasn't sure if you knew.

Abzkaban on Your Favorite Plays

1 week ago

Otherwise all my favorite big plays come from games with my Queen Marchesa aikido deck. Most of them involve preventing some form of win against me and then immediately retaliating and taking the game. Things like Insurrection or Deflecting Palm. This a really watered down description of those games, but they all differ depending on the situation.

griffstick on Technically not infinite combos

2 weeks ago

For a long time, I was calling Vicious Shadows + Blasphemous Act a combo. I don't know if it is because it doesn't always end the game. It is similar to Insurrection, you need lots of creatures but also lots of cards in your opponents hands with Vicious Shadows. It was my unique way of ending the game. I was expecting a different reaction from my friends when I did it but, "it is what it is". There are way to many cards in the game of magic that when any 2 or 3 cards get paired together creates a non Infinite winning position. To say "hey no Infinite combos", is in a way, "not fun". POWER LEVELS AND PREGAME DISCUSSIONS WILL DETERMINE A HEALTHY GAME. ESTABLISH A HEALTHY PLAYGROUP AND JUST PLAY THE GAME. I also incurage post game discussion. Talk to the players about the game. Things you liked. Things you didn't. Cards you liked. Cards you didn't. Make suggestions for improvements. Do these things and you'll be fine. Also have your own non Infinite combo/s, because after all is said and done. THE GAME IS ABOUT SELF EXPRESSION AND CREATIVITY THROUGH CARDS.

SpammyV on Technically not infinite combos

2 weeks ago

It depends. Usually when I talk about two-card combos in decks I mean both infinites and things that decide the game then and there. Technically the game can continue after you resolve Mycosynth Lattice and Vandalblast but there's not really a point in sticking around. Same with Pact and Oracle.

But I'm a little looser when it comes to good battlecruiser cards ending the game. If you have enough lands that Avenger+Craterhoof is oppressively game ending I'd like to see the list, but otherwise the tokens need a turn to stick around. It's why I'm pretty high on Insurrection, if Insurrection wins a game because there's enough power on the board to kill everyone but it's all stalled, then the game is probably dragging and Insurrection just ends a game everyone is emotionally finished playing. The game does have to end but if it ends and people don't think they had enough impact that shuffling up was worth it, that's a problem.

It's probably fuzzy but for me it's about speed, consistency, and interaction points. The more things that have to stick around for a turn, are expensive, and/or can only be stopped with a counterspell the more I like them. I enjoy Commander games that are more battlecruiser Magic when people can all have a chance to feel like they had an impact.

ClockworkSwordfish on Criminally Underplayed EDH Gems

3 weeks ago

No shortage of 'em, that's for sure...

Hull Breach: The same card advantage of Return to Dust and at the same speed... but for half the mana. It's a common, too. How this two-for-one superstar was ever forgotten was beyond me!

Blood Frenzy: Mono-Red is somewhat lacking in hard removal. Sure it can throw direct damage at creatures, but EDH is the world of big plays, and sometimes a fattie will come along who is simply too big to burn. Blood Frenzy can kill any attacking or blocking creature for just two mana - while coming with a free Scorching Missile! This type of card takes advantage of the multiplayer format that EDH often is: If Player A attacks Player B with a big creature, you can use Blood Frenzy to make the creature hit Player B for four more points while conveniently disposing of it right after. Whoops, you just did Doom Blade better than black could ever dream of.

Aftershock: Blood Frenzy is cheap and powerful but a little specific in what it can target. Aftershock can flat-out destroy any permanent of the three most common types with no restrictions! This kind of versatility at four mana comes with the acceptable caveat of 3 life, which is a pittance when you start with 40. If you're making a mono-red deck, the flexibility of Aftershock should make it a staple.

Repopulate: Graveyard hate for decks without access to black - and it's an instant, so you don't lose the element of surprise like if you run artifact solutions. It can also fight against milling effects if you're desperate. Don't need graveyard hate? Hey, you can just cycle it away for something else!

Kill Switch: Playing a colour that can't deal with artifacts? Crank this guy every turn and you'll shut them all down! A Blightsteel Colossus is only scary if it can move. You can even still use mana rocks and attack with artifact creatures on your turn, then activate Kill Switch afterwards to keep anyone else from having access to their own trinkets.

Duskmantle, House of Shadow: Does anyone in your playgroup run Cruel, Enlightened, Mystical, Personal, Sylvan, Vampiric or Worldly Tutor? How about Harbingers, Volrath's Stronghold or Momir Vig? It can be comforting to have an anti-tutor just sitting in play, making mana when you don't need it.

Mitotic Manipulation: Monoblue can't do mana acceleration, right? Under most circumstances, Mitotic Manipulation is three mana to put an Island into play untapped - last I checked, that's better than the ever-popular Wayfarer's Bauble. Plus, once in a while you might get to pull out a Sol Ring, Gilded Lotus or other format staple if one of your opponents already has theirs.

Coalition Honor Guard: Long before Spellskite was zooming the toys away from Boggles decks, this unassuming common was doing the same. The Honor Guard is a nightmare for any Voltron-style deck that leans heavily into auras, including the common Zur and Uril builds. It also soaks up removal that would be pointed at key cards, such as your own commander.

Warping Wail: This counterspell can be played in any colour and even has some other modes. Any EDH deck without access to blue can still run this to prevent untimely board wipes, extra turns, and plenty of game-ending cards: Debt to the Deathless, Exsanguinate, Finale of Devastation, Genesis Wave, Insurrection, Rise of the Dark Realms, Torment of Hailfire... any number of effects you never want to see your opponent resolve.

Heat Shimmer: This mundane-sounding sorcery can do some heavy lifting, particularly in a colour pie as shallow as red's. Shimmer allows you to bring the heat by copying not only the best comes-into-play trigger on the field, but also any fun triggers from attacking, dealing damage, and so on. This can be a roundabout way for red to ramp, draw cards or borrow the nasty abilities of Resolute Archangel, Terastodon and other off-colour haymakers. Don't forget you can also get a permanent copy of your token if you Populate it before it's gone.

Bind: The best cards are often not only powerful but completely unexpected. Green isn't exactly known for its countering, but this cheap cantrip lets any mono-green deck stop combos, hose Strip Mine/Ghost Quarter, prevent a planeswalker ultimate or turn Aetherflux Reservoir into a losing proposition. All this for two mana and it even replaces itself!

Arena of the Ancients: We all know Karakas is banned for hosing commanders too hard, but the Arena does a decent impression and is still fair game. This cheap artifact can tap down even commanders with hexproof or vigilance and keeps them locked down - especially useful for colours that don't typically have strong control options, like black and/or red. It's another easy answer to voltron commanders.

Righteous Aura: This card doesn't read as too impressive, but performs a lot better than you might think. 2 life is a pittance in the face of some of the steroid monsters you'll see in any given EDH game, and it allows you to ignore Commander damage entirely as well as any other non-creature or even non-permanent threats that might take a chunk out of you. Best of all, it doesn't even target, allowing it to bypass hexproof, shroud and protection.

EssTea on Lynde Curses

1 month ago

Unfortunately most win cons cost more than 10$ and our playgroup play under 100$ (theoretically). Like we don't want someone having a non thematic deck filled with broken cards. I really would have liked Insurrection. I think my best bet is to politic my way through the game until a 1v1, which this deck can maneuver way better. Also, Sower of discord and all the goad cards become way stronger once theres 3 players and not 4.

SirYupp on Olivia Voldaren

2 months ago

Pretty good starting point, one of the things to keep in mind in Commander though is generally, you're expecting a 4 player game that lasts a long time, so you want to prefer cards that can have major impact in the early game or the very late game, something like Act of Treason is pretty limited in terms of when it will be really useful, cards with similar effect but with more power or flexibility (one of which you found in Insurrection) will serve you better in most games. Consider instead something like Harness by Force or Captivating Vampire.

The other thing to consider is ideally, if you're stealing creatures from your opponents, you want to make sure they don't get them back, Indulgent Aristocrat and Yahenni, Undying Partisan are good examples, but ideally you want as many of those sort of effects as you can fit in, Viscera Seer, Bloodflow Connoisseur, and Immersturm Predator are all decent vampire options, though you also can find things like Carnage Altar that can give you some extra value from your steals.

Single target removal like Terminate and especially Doom Blade are probably unneeded for you. If you need to kill a single target your plan is probably better focused on stealing it and sacrificing it instead. You probably are better off with a few more board wipes instead, if you do fall behind or lose place, you'll want a few more reset buttons. Kindred Dominance is an expensive but really powerful option for Tribal decks, Decree of Pain hits you as well, but it's a much cheaper card and great for if you're running out of gas in the late game. If you do want single target removal spells, again, you want flexibility, consider Bedevil, for just one mana more than Doom Blade you remove the restriction, and now can deal with much more than just problem creatures.

All in all though, like the list as a starting point, you'll figure out what you need and what you can cut best by playing the deck, so good luck!

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