Thought Scour

Thought Scour


Target player mills two cards. (They put the top two cards of their library into their graveyard.)

Draw a card.

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Thought Scour Discussion

Necrosis24 on What's Your Favorite Spooky MTG …

2 days ago

Bloodcurdler/Peer into the Abyss I like because at first glance they kinda look like blobs but upon a closer examination you see the abomination

Foreshadow/Hair-Strung Koto: Give me haunted house vibes

Thought Scour/Pulling Teeth: Torture much?

Brink of Madness/Dreamborn Muse: Not inherently scary but becomes more and more unsettling the longer you look.

Grafted Identity: This is one I like because it doesn't really look scary but understanding the events leading up to someone sewing another's face upon theirs is rather terrifying.

hiddengibbons on Scheming Symmetry

2 weeks ago

@ BEDECK: Thanks for the advice. Ashiok, Dream Render is a good addition since Scheming Symmetry with Thought Scour or Codex Shredder against some decks is tantamount to giving your opponent a free Entomb. Adding more removal is also good. Especially with those newer removal spells

StoryArcher on Modern Dimir Mill & Dauthi …

1 month ago

Ugh... I HATE how we can't edit posts after the fact. I meant to ask in the above post if the deck would be better off with the counters or leaning into the speed of the mill and going with something like Maddening Cacophony, Tome Scour and Thought Scour in those slots as well?

StoryArcher on Modern Dimir Mill & Dauthi …

1 month ago


The version of the deck you're talking about (well, MY version of the version of the deck you're talking about) can be found below. I think it's pretty strong right now, though any specific recommendations would be welcome - there are a number of other options I'm considering for those Maddening Cacophony slots, including Thought Scour, Mind Funeral, Tasha's Hideous Laughter and Tome Scour. I was also trying to decide whether the Thoughtseize / Inquisition of Kozilek suite might provide better value than Mana Leak / Counterspell.

Mind Rape

Modern StoryArcher


I'm in agreement with you about Fraying Sanity, the trap of 'win more' is one I'm always on the lookout for. On the other hand, I've found value in the past of building a deck with more than one way to win, and backdooring a legitimate option through damage isn't something I want to discount right off the bat. Judicious use of the sideboard can allow you to shift the deck towards one option or the other in the 2nd & 3rd game, depending on what you're seeing across the board. Jace's Phantasm and Dauthi Voidwalker are excellent options in that regard and you can get some crazy value out of those mills for the latter.

Unlife on Esper Brew Help

1 month ago

Before I respond to everyone, I've been out of modern for a few months due to work, so you are all reminding me of cards I should have remembered to begin with.

GrammarYahtzee Some of the original iterations have been heavier on the mill, but my own playstyle prefers to lean towards the discard, then disruption. Not that I don't mind having a few mills effects, like Thought Scour to help support the primary strategy. The reasoning behind having so many grave disruption effects is that I always want access to at least 2 in my opening hand.

Daveslab2022 Tier 2 control sounds like a prefect fit, especially with my meta. I completely forgot about Damn, so that fills my removal and boardwipe slots, love having the versatility option. Prismatic Ending, I like the idea but I feel I may end up sideboarding them more then mainboard. With esper, I may look at Anguished Unmaking (I'm not sure how much I mind the life loss) but I'm also thinking about a couple more pieces of straight removal, so I can target them in the grave with surgical/extirpate. I would like another option for shred, just so I have more graveyard disruption. Haunting Echoes is probably too cute, but i may leave 1 or 2 off for early testing at the very least.

zapyourtumor on Jeskai Murktide Control

2 months ago

It seems a little misleading to say "based on a list by aspiringspike" when the list is identical to the one played by aspiringspike.

About the maybeboard, I think Consider could definitely replace Thought Scour here. Since we don't really want to rush into casting a 7/7 or 8/8 Murktide as fast as possible, Consider gives us better filtering for what we want while putting one less card in the graveyard.

For Unholy Heat vs Fire / Ice, I'm not sure how easy it would be for the deck to achieve delirium consistently without bauble. With all the X/1 Rags, DRC, Hammer Time creatures, and Risen Reefs in the meta I think Fire is slightly better right now (I even see jeskai control lists playing Electrolyze again).

Prismari Command feels decent if you're seeing a lot of artifacts in the meta else I don't know how good it would be.

Also, I feel like the deck doesn't have many sweepers to deal with go wide decks (with only 1 EE in the sb). I think a second EE and maybe some damage sweepers like Radiant Flames/Kozilek's Return (I think Anger might be too red pip intensive) that miss Murktide could be decent here (unfortunately they miss rhinos too).

K0rt on Grixis control

3 months ago

Your mana is currently a bit of a mess. You want untapped black on T1 for the hand disruption and then UU and BR on T2 to with Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger and Counterspell together, almost guarteeing starting the game at 16 life. As the game continues you want BBRR for Kroxa and UUU for Snapcaster Mage + Counterspell. You also have double island, which is going to be extremely awkward with Kroxa, especially since you going to be fetching them pretty often to save life in the aggressive matchups. As it stands in your build you're going to be taking 6+ damage from your lands per game, especially since you have 9+ shocks. I would per cut 2 Steam Vents and 2 Watery Grave and 1 Bloodstained Mire to add a 2 Creeping Tar Pit for a man-land late game, a Mountain to have a painless untapped red source and some Darkslick Shores for untapped painless black on T1. You could also play some Field of Ruin to help in the Amulet Titan and Tron matchups.

As for cards you currently don't have any methods outside of the Lurrus of the Dream-Den + Mishra's Bauble engine to draw cards or gain card advantage, which is extremely easy to disrupt and is going to lead to a lot of situations where you're going to be out ground in the Control mirror or by Stoneblade decks since both these types of decks can deal with Kroxa easily. Search for Azcanta  Flip is a good method of doing this, it bins cards for Kroxa and works well with counterspells. I'm a big Expressive Iteration fan, although it works best in a discard-based control decks and more Aggressive Grixis Builds since you can play [Inquisition of Kozilek] and Thoughtseize proactivly. Cryptic Command is another way, although it is basically unplayable in the same deck as Kroxa due to mana requirements and is much better in a blue-based Sprite Dragon Grixis control version.

I'd also play 4 Lightning Bolt . It's in a very good position in the current meta and a large number of games are won by Bolt Snap Bolt. If your playing Kroxa Thought Scour is extremely good. It increases the amount of T4 Kroxa being cast while also milling Brainstone activations and Snapcaster targets. Collective Brutality is very good against aggro decks like Burn. Dauthi Voidwalker is a very good card against decks like AsmoFood and BR Midrange and can be played in the main deck or the sideboard. I also Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip in these still of decks as a way of gain card advantage that can be replayed with Lurrus, although it is mostly a pet card for me and isn't really competitive.

DeVerbalen on Murktide Modern Dredge

4 months ago

You could replace Thought Scour for Strategic Planning, this way you make sure you mill the cards you want to mill and don't get screwed by chance. Sinister Sabotage or Counterspell could be a replecement for Remand. I do think Balaam_'s idea of adding Thoughtseize is very beneficial to your deck, it alows you to create a safer environement for Murktide Regent.

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