Mana Severance

Mana Severance


Search your library for any number of land cards and exile them. Then shuffle your library.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Mana Severance Discussion

kidsquid on Mono Blue Moon V2

1 week ago

I love the idea of this one so much! Not only does this deck is very optimized ang goal-oriented, it utilizes otherwise underused pieces like Uyo, Silent Prophet , and it's a Kamigawa commander!

It's hard to come by a Kaho deck that strays away from the usual Laboratory Maniac Mana Severance build so it's an easy upvote for me!

Ojallday on Fun Commander

2 months ago

My favorite and first commander was Kaho, Minamo Historian with her ability you can fetch a flicker spell so she can re enter the battlefield to get more spells and there are other spells that let you shuffle said spells back into your library. Obviously you are restricted to instants with her but with the right set up you can loop your entire deck indefinitely. Some fun budget options are to use Mystical Tutor to fetch Mana Severance to empty your library and if you are running 95 islands you can win by casting Thassa's Oracle .

zapyourtumor on Oops [PRIMER]

2 months ago

Every since I saw this deck years ago, I've always wanted to make a version of it in my favorite format, modern, but Mana Severance wasn't legal. This the flip cards are a great way to get around that, and I never thought of using Sword of the Meek + Salvage Titan + Vengevine to supply that extra damage. +1

king-saproling on Never Fear the Grave

5 months ago

You could include combo lines around Intruder Alarm , such as Alarm + Deranged Assistant + Hua Tuo, Honored Physician . There are actually a lot of cheap self-mill creatures that work here like Cathartic Adept , Vantress Gargoyle , and Millikin among many others. Drift of Phantasms could be nice to include here since it can find either Alarm or Hua Tuo.

Another good combo card is Mana Severance . You could follow it up with Balustrade Spy , Hermit Druid , or Undercity Informer to mill your whole library. This is good since you could then flashback Dread Return targeting Necrotic Ooze, which in turn is good if you toss in Necrotic Ooze combo lines (there are many) such as Phyrexian Devourer + Triskelion .

Another notable self-mill card is Cephalid Illusionist . With it and Lightning Greaves you can mill your whole library, 3 cards at a time. The 3 card chunks is significant since you'll get a bunch of triggers from Sidisi, so a finisher like the above-mentioned Necrotic Ooze combo may not be needed since you'll have tons of zombies. Dimir Infiltrator and Muddle the Mixture are nice here since they can find either combo piece.

Monomanamaniac on Jhoira tinkers with tiny trinkets

7 months ago

Massacar Mana Severance is definitely on my radar, right now I'm just trying to power through the lands with a combination of a low land count and drawing more cards. I'll consider tutors, but I'm loathe to potentially spend an entire turn liking for 1 card. The ravager and emry are interesting. I am running etherium sculptor, and jhoira's familiar, and foundry inspector and herald of kozilek, semblance anvil and helm of awakening all to reduce casting costs, and pretty soon I'll be getting a Cloud Key to add to the mix. I actually use reservoir as a threat, you can see it, and if you do something to me in going to kill you at instant speed lol, but I'll think about some actual storm cards.

Thank you for the suggestions, I'll definitely use a few, I'm likely to use a few others, and I'll definitely consider the rest

Massacar on Jhoira tinkers with tiny trinkets

7 months ago

Mana Severance to allow you to pull lands out of your deck to avoid dead draws.

Fabricate and Whir of Invention to help tutor specific pieces.

Arcbound Ravager, Emry, Lurker of the Loch, maybe Etherium Sculptor instead of or with Jhoira's Familiar

Maybe do a Grapeshot or Brain Freeze to have alternate storm wincons to Aetherflux

Hawke15379 on List of all infinite combos 2.0

8 months ago

You have Mana Severance + Balustrade Spy as well as Mana Severance + Undercity Informer as infinite mill of ANY player...but mana severance can only remove your lands so how is that supposed to mill another player? Just curious what I'm missing. (I'm pretty new to mtg). I could see if you used both those combos on yourself and then played Thassa's Oracle then you could instant win the game but there are easier combos for that (Demonic Consultation + Thassa's Oracle or Tainted Pact + Thassa's Oracle for instant wins)

Massacar on Alela Attempt #1

8 months ago

Dreadhorde Invasion as a backup for Bitterblossom? Maybe a Mana Severance to help you weed out your lands if you're manage to go a few turns without hitting your tutors etc?

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