Firemind Vessel

Firemind Vessel


Firemind Vessel enters the battlefield tapped.

: Gain two mana of different colours.

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Firemind Vessel Discussion

king-saproling on Gods of Abysmal Terror

1 week ago

These might be worth making room for since they get Tibalt out 2 turns faster and make it easier for you to cast stolen stuff: Hedron Archive, Sisay's Ring, Ur-Golem's Eye, Everflowing Chalice, Firemind Vessel

jsnrice on Niv-Mizzet, Wheel Combo

5 months ago

I'm liking it. I ended up ditching the Firemind Vessel in my version for Scroll Rack If you combine that with Reliquary Tower you can fish out an infinite combo card. I also put Omniscience with Enter the Infinite and Thassa's Oracle for an alternative win-con.

Dromar39 on Slough of Slaughter

7 months ago

Firstly 31 lands with an average cmc of 3.62 is way too low. Run 34 or 35 lands. Switch out Firemind Vessel , its way too slow. Add Commander's Sphere or Mind Stone instead. Quicker to get out and give an added bonus of getting you a card if need be.

multimedia on Sliver Deck (Looking for help)

8 months ago

Hey, good version of Overlord on a budget.

Unclaimed Territory is another budget Rainbow land with Slivers, it could replace Rupture Spire . The Battle lands would be budget upgrades since there's 18 basic lands to activate a Battle land.

By adding the Battle lands then Farseek is two drop land ramp spell that can search for a dual land and it could replace Circuitous Route . Playing Tri lands with Bounce lands can be problematic when having to bounce a Tri land. Consider playing only the Tri lands and cutting the Bounce lands? Some budget Pain lands could replace the Bounce lands.

These potential land upgrades can speed up game play since increasing the amount of lands that can ETB untapped and cutting ones that always ETB tapped. Crop Rotation is a budget land tutor that get any land and put it onto the battlefield and it's helpful when playing lots of basic lands. Faeburrow Elder is powerful in five color decks with so many possibilities from Slivers of having different colored permanents. Elder could replace Firemind Vessel .

Some other budget upgrades to consider:

Shadow Sliver can be a problem not being able to block with Slivers. Dormant Sliver is repeatable draw, but Slivers can't attack until you remove it. Beast Whisperer can be a alternative to Dormant if not being able to attack is something you don't want to worry about. Preordain with scry 2 before draw is better than Ponder and it's less than $1.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Treasure Hungry Korvold

8 months ago

Hey, sure, consider cutting cards that are single effects such as sorceries for cards that have repeatable effects? It's not just Priest that's good with repeatable token sources also Korvold, Pitiless Plunderer / Ruthless Knave , Butcher of Malakir , etc. therefore expanding on tokens helps all these cards.

Some cards to consider cutting:

Some cards that are okay, but could be upgraded with budget options:

Some budget land changes to consider:

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