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Consider Discussion

Icbrgr on Grixis Herald

1 week ago

NICE! maybe Consider could be a good way to dig and put auras in the graveyard?... this is a sweet deck bvb idea!

Unlife on Pioneer Phoenix (SCG Tournament Ready)

2 weeks ago

I've got no specific ideas but some general things. I'm not sure what your wincon is. I'm assuming its attacking with a creature, but with only nine in the main, that feels way too low. Consider Delver of Secrets  Flip, and maybe bumping up to a full playset of Thing in the Ice  Flip. All of your instants and sorceries are are at 2x-3x, you've got no playsets. Definitely look at adding some and cutting others, maybe a full set of Izzet Charm, which are flexible, as well as Opt/Consider. Manawise, if you can run the full set of Fabled Passage, they can help fuel your Treasure Cruise delve a bit. You're curve is fairly low, you could possibly go down to 19-20 lands. If you're having manafixing issues, look at Stormcarved Coast and Riverglide Pathway  Flip. I don't have a lot of pioneer experience, so this comes from just my general experience with deckbuilding. I hope it helps.

susemiehlian on Kinda Competitive Kykar

3 weeks ago

nice deck comrade. i'm brewing a kykar deck for the first time and im thinking of making with the same themes as this, but with some burn finishers as well. Just have some questions id like to ask someone with more kykr experience than me.

23 sorceries seems like a lot relative to 21 instants. do you ever feel like you need more instant speed threats or answers? Also spells like Crash Through and Crimson Wisps since you only have 2 potentially big (prowess) creatures if I count correctly. If they're just there for the cheap card draw maybe more effects like Consider, Ponder would be better? Lastly, how necessary do you feel Prismite and Stonework Packbeast are? (slightly) over half of your spell costs are red, do you think there's really a need to filter red to blue/white? I would think that maybe just color-producing mana rocks would be better in these slots, such as Boros Signet or the blue/white diamonds.

Icbrgr on Jeskai Poppet Pioneer

1 month ago

@ColonelCards yes the classic blunder of "Dies to removal" certainly poses an issue with the strategy... the way this deck aims to play through removal and disruption is countermagic via Censor/Boros Charm and draw power through Opt, Consider, Expressive Iteration to dig through the deck to find additional threats/answers.

I assume "bootleg phoenix" is referring to Arclight Phoenix deck lists? There certainly are a lot of similarities in the playstyle but I think it'd be a bit shallow to label all "spell spam/spells matter" decks as knockoffs of one another... Much like saying all variations of Aggro decks are a bootleg of RDW.

Icbrgr on Jeskai Poppet Pioneer

1 month ago

@ColonelCards the Goal/win condition of the deck is to play Poppet Stitcher  Flip and or Young Pyromancer/Monastery Mentor and cast instant and sorcery spells to create a large number of Tokens... when poppet stitcher transforms into Poppet Factory  Flip the tokens become a swarm of 3/3's... casting thing like Opt, Consider and Faithful Mending create tokens and get more cards in hand to cast additional spells for removal or countermagic to snowball into just having an overwhelming board presence of creatures/tokens beating the opponent down.

Icbrgr on Modern Prowess

1 month ago

Besides mana base improvements with shocks, fetches id say get more/different cantrips... Quicken is cute but i'd think you would be better off with Opt or Serum Visions to get the draw and have topdeck manipulation to set up your next draws better... Consider is somthing else that would fit the bill and has great synergy with Unholy Heat and another option mayber over Show of Confidence?

wallisface on say bye to your deck

1 month ago

I think you've kindof muddled up your plans here, you've got a deck that's both trying to mill out, while also trying to win through Duskmantle Guildmage/Mindcrank combo. I think you need to focus on one gameplan, instead of trying to do both (and so making a weaker variant of either)

  • If you're trying to win through conventional mill, you're a long way from it. All the cards you're currently running are super sub-optimal, and will lead you to not completing your mission. So i'd say, if you wanted to go down this route, you probably need to rebuild your deck from scratch. Cards you should be considering on a budget are Ruin Crab, Fractured Sanity, Maddening Cacophony, Extirpate, Drown in the Loch, Crypt Incursion, Fatal Push. Depending how high your budget is, some mid-range-costing cards to also consider are Glimpse the Unthinkable, Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Hedron Crab and Visions of Beyond. It should be evident from this list, that what you're running at the moment, is comparably waay too slow, and won't get the job done.

  • Personally I think the Duskmantle Guildmage/Mindcrank combo variant of the deck might be a better budget-friendly option for you to consider. For that deck, you don't need any mill cards at all, because that's not your goal - you just want to get your combo online asap and then win the game. You'll want full-playsets of both Duskmantle and Mindcrank, and then ways to fetch them both up - so cards like Muddle the Mixture and maybe even Dimir Infiltrator (though normally Muddle is enough). Other than that, the deck is full of countermagic and stall (like Counterspell, Remand, Vapor Snag, Mana Leak), and a few ways to dig for cards (like Serum Visions, Consider, Opt). Vapor Snag is particularly important as it can act as a way to start the combo once you have the pieces online (by losing the opponent 1 life). Seth did a deck-tech on this a long while back (2016), so there's lots to be improved from this list, but this link might give you an indicator of how the more expensive version of the deck functions.

DeVerbalen on Esper Control

1 month ago

Nice deck! I do think that running both Fateful Absence and Path to Exile might be a little bit to beneficial for your oponent. You could consider swapping out Path to Exile for Fatal Push, having 8 fetch lands in your deck it shouldn't be to hard to remove creatures up to cmc 4. Or you could replace Fateful Absence with something like Murderous Rider hits both creatures and planeswalker and afterwards its a good blocker and it gets you back the 2HP.

You obviously don't have to exchange all coppies by a counterpart, I think even adding 2 pushes in exchange for 2 path's might be very good. It also gives you a little bit more versatility by having a varied graveyard to acces with snapcaster.

Consider might be a neat pick-up. You cycle through the deck a little bit quicker and when you would draw an instant or sorcery you do not need atm you can always acces it with snapcaster.

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