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zapyourtumor on Shape anew combo (HELP WITH SIDEBOARD)

3 days ago

I recommend 2 blightsteel, even if you can use prismari or valakut to discard one in hand back into the library it still improves consistency in case one gets pathed or something.

Hard Evidence makes a blocker and a token to sac, I recommend 3-4. Cryptic Command seems slow here. Expressive Iteration is a very strong dig spell, I'd run 4. Consider is a strong cantrip that I would play over Peek, and I'd also cut Dispel for it (agreeing with above).

I think you could definitely splash a third color, I suggest white for access to Teferi, Time Raveler and Prismatic Ending

zapyourtumor on Steal them

3 days ago

Wallis how u keep beating me to every modern deck

I agree that you need turn 1 plays. For this kind of deck, I suggest targeted discard: 4x Inquisition of Kozilek is the best one that isn't expensive.

I second cutting all mill-only cards. You don't need them to make Drown in the Loch good because of fetchlands and discard.

Nightveil Specter doesn't fit with your gameplan really, same with Siren. You need to cut down on creatures anyways in this kind of deck since you are presumably stealing your opponents threats instead.

Minion's Return I assume is there to enchant and steal your opponents stuff, which is why its different from Unearth. But its not that good so I'd still cut it, while Unearth is really not a bad card here with all the 3 drops you have.

Second the suggestion of Counterspell. I'd add some cantrips like Consider for consistency. Soul Manipulation is one of my pet cards that I really like but 4x is too much, I recommend 2x. For additional removal 1x Murderous Cut is decent.

keizerbuns on Milking a Miracle

4 days ago

As always thanks for the feedback zapyourtumor! After playtesting this deck some more I'm starting to see your point. I think, like you said, cutting the blinks entirely is the right choice and I should focus more on the drawing/scrying and dumping cards into my graveyard.

I am trying to keep this deck as budget as I can so unfortunately that puts Jace, the Mind Sculptor and maybe even Path to Exile out. The only reason I have some expensive lands in here is because I already had them sitting around haha. I will add a couple Terminus and play around with the Considers and Thought Scours to see which one I like best.

My thinking with Dictate of Kruphix was that it would let me draw into my deck further each turn so that I can draw past the miracle I would be putting back on top of my deck every turn. That's not an issue anymore with all the cantrips and scrying cards I have now so I'll take those out too. I would take Double Vision out as well but I think it's a lot of fun so for now I'm gonna leave them in. Also, my thinking with Test of Talents was that it got more value out of it than the average counter spell and anything it can't counter I can just bounce or kill anyways, but I think you're right about swapping it out for Counterspell. Although I'll still hold on to Test in my side board.

Thanks again for the suggestions and feedback, I always appreciate them coming from you! :D

zapyourtumor on Milking a Miracle

4 days ago

I'm 90% sure soulherder isn't worth it here just to blink Bloodwater and keep doing miracles. You only have 5 other target creatures to blink and if they remove the bloodwater your soulherder becomes useless. I'd cut it. Similarly, I don't think Ephemerate is worth it either. All these cards are too situational, Bloodwater Entity is already good here without them.

Getting rid of soulherder also lets you play some Terminus mainboard. Even if Tide bounces Bloodwater to your hand, there's a lot of decks where Terminus is needed to slow them down and Tide barely does anything. Basically any aggro deck can just dump their hand again if you bounce: it does almost nothing against hammertime, affinity, burn, prowess etc. It also doesn't do much against midrange decks built around cheap+efficient creatures like Deaths Shadow, Jund Sagavan, BRx midrange piles etc. I would most definitely play at least 2 mainboard Terminus.

In general, I'd move more towards a control-miracles shell where Bloodwater Entity is like your snapcaster that lets you play stuff for miracle cost. I don't know why Dictate of Kruphix is here, since miracle only triggers on the first card you draw each turn. Double Vision is also probably not worth it.

Okay, now for some card suggestions. Jace, the Mind Sculptor is an incredibly powerful planeswalker that also lets you brainstorm every turn to do some miracle stuff. It only takes 1 more mana investment than Brainstone and its a lot better. I'd add 2 if you can afford it (I'm not sure if you want to keep this deck budget or not).

I'd add a little more spot removal that doesn't depend on miracles, I suggest Path to Exile to hit creatures out of Thunderous Wrath range. I'd also add some maindeck counterspells, which in my opinion you need to keep the game going long enough to get serious value out of Bloodwater and the miracle spells. Counterspell is pretty budget and probably your best bet. I don't really know why Test of Talents is here, it's only really good against ad naus or rhinos or weird stuff like that.

You might want to consider some graveyard fueling cantrips like Consider and Thought Scour (I think consider is better). Although you can't dump as many in the yard as Gaze, they replace themselves with a draw.

Pinstripes on Commander: Dralnu, Lich Lord

4 days ago

Been working on this deck and upgraded it with some newer cards from recent sets. Lord of the Forsaken plays nice with flashback heavy stuff and Consider is nice and clean.

Ferrisbu3ll3r on Bolas Grixis Control

5 days ago

zapyourtumor This is all extremely helpful. I think I am going to cut out all of the Fatal Push and replace it with the Drowns. I will also be following all of your other suggestions. Do you think that more than just one Kolaghan's Command or maybe a few Cryptic Command have any place in the deck? I have seen a lot of Grixis Control deck techs that have those two.

Additionally, I will definitely replace Augur with Snapcasters. Seems much better especially if I use it with Murktides.

Lastly, would you suggest running a playset of Consider, Expressive Iteration or combo of both for dig spells?

Super helpful stuff, thanks so much for your time.

zapyourtumor on Bolas Grixis Control

5 days ago

Murktide Regent is like Angler but better.

Cruel Ultimatum is still worth keeping imo since it has flavor, and also cruel control nostalgia, but Dark Intimations is bad.

Removal package looks decent, but 4 Terminate is overkill. I'd go down to 2-3. You can add 1 Kolaghan's Command which is a nice multipurpose one.

For counterspells I agree with wallis neither of them is that great here. Remand is more for combo control decks, not as good in hard control. I second the suggestion of Counterspell, but instead of Charm I suggest Drown in the Loch which is a very strong removal/counterspell in UB colors. You can also go down a bit or cut push entirely if you include a lot of Drown.

For cantrips, I'd replace Serum Visions with Consider for instant speed. Expressive Iteration is a very strong dig spell as well.

Dragon-god is 5 cmc compared with 8 cmc so I'd go up to 2 dragon god and down to 1 Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker.

This deck badly wants Snapcaster Mage. I know augur gives flavor so maybe 2-2 split?

Lastly, I'd add 1 maindeck sweeper. Damnation is probably your best bet.

sbh on Izzet blitz? yes it is! (budget)

1 week ago

instead of Fiery Islet ill replace the Considers with Thought Scours

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