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Roadkill Budget Cube

By Fleetfiend

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WIP colorful budget cube based mostly around cards I think are fun/interesting. A lot of cross-color synergy to support 2-3 color decks with goofy gimmicks. Almost every card in the deck is under a dollar, two at the most, with just a few exceptions. A few combos are weaker than others atm. Lots of +1 counters in most archetypes.

Also note: I like to play cubes where people can freely include Evolving wilds (up to 4). So, those are not included in the list.


  • Self-mill
  • Counters, Boosting
  • Land Destruction, Elementals
  • Non-creature spells, Equipment
  • Flicker, Reanimator
  • Sacrifice
  • Card Draw, Ramp
  • Equipment, Artifacts, Boosting
  • Unblockable, Control
  • Artifacts, Flicker

Maybes (Cut due to price or other reasons)

Gold (112)

Creature (72)

Sorcery (14)

Instant (13)

Enchantment (7)

Planeswalker (5)

Artifact (1)

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Date added 1 year
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+1 Ionize
-1 River Sneak

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