Maul of the Skyclaves

Maul of the Skyclaves

Artifact — Equipment

When Maul of the Skyclaves enters the battlefield, attach it to target creature you control.

Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has flying and first strike.


Maul of the Skyclaves Discussion

wallisface on

3 months ago

Some thoughts:

TheoryCrafter on Balan Voltron

4 months ago

For ramp, have you considered any combination of Ambitious Farmhand  Flip, Environmental Sciences, Kor Cartographer and The Birth of Meletis if you need a way to to get lands onto the battlefield faster there's also Walking Atlas

Puresteel Paladin is also an option for you. Not only can you get some extra card draw, but once you have 3 artifacts on the battlefield, equipping Balan will be free. Though Maul of the Skyclaves can enter the battlefield equipped to a creature.

If you have cash to spare, don't forget Shadowspear.

Also, since you have a lot of artifacts, Have you considered Inspiring Statuary, Introduction to Annihilation and Scour from Existence as a means to protect yourself from the Karn, the Great Creator/Mycosynth Lattice Combo? If nothing else, Inspiring Statuary will at least help make your nonartifact spells cost less.

Other artifact lands to put in your deck are Ancient Den and Treasure Vault

Thank you for reading me out. I hope this helps. Happy Hunting!

PurePwnage on Kira, Great Glass-Spinner's interaction with …

4 months ago


I am attempting to build a UW Stoneblade deck with Stoneforge Mystic, Batterskull, Kaldra Compleat, Maul of the Skyclaves, etc.

The question is in regards to playing artifacts using the living weapon keyword ability while Kira, Great Glass-Spinner is on the battlefield and under our control.

Is it safe to assume the since living weapon does not specifically target, casting spells such as Batterskull or Kaldra Compleat will succed and either will become attached to there respective germ token without the equip/attach getting countered by Kira?

PurePwnage on Stoneblade

5 months ago

zapyourtumor, I have played Esper Sentinel on paper for a bit and determined this card is OP against Burn, Control, and other early game removal/combos. I am extremely hard-pressed to remove it from this deck, because of how it passively interacts with Stoneforge (free card draw and bait). It's basically fodder for removal, while punishing our opponents Mana efficiency during the critical T1/T2/T3. Equipping Sentinel late game with Batterskull or Maul of the Skyclaves is basically free card draws. Anything we can do to drag the game out longer, essentially gives us the advantage, because, after all, this deck is a control shell and going to turns is definitely not a bad thing. Sentinel shuts down multiple efficient decks that rely on non-creature spells such as RDW, Boros Burn, Goblin Charbelcher, etc. I believe this card is highly underrated in modern as it essentially taxes fair and interactive spells when they are needed the most (the first few turns of the game).

I believe you are correct with recommending Solitude, I just do not have the time and money at the moment for the paper cards and believe it is a flex slot card vice a main deck option for now. As you probably already know, nearly all of the elemental cards printed in MH2 are fairly expensive, because of there brokeness. Thanks again for the recommendations and feedback, I greatly appreciate it.

Omniscience_is_life on Historic D&T

6 months ago

Hey there, nice to see another Historic D&Ter around the block!

A few suggestions:

Strict Proctor seems like a distinct non-bo with many of your main value pieces, I would strongly recommend SBing it for matchups when you really need it.

On the topic of Side Boards--you should consider one! Rest in Peace, a couple more Containment Priest for the CoCo matches you talked about, and the Proctors that really don't feel like they should be Main Board could be a very solid SB.

I see the combo between Crucible and the pseudo-Wastelands you have, but that's a pretty divergent strategy, something only a more established format like Vintage and Legacy could pull off. As it stands, Historic isn't a strong enough format to support an separate package like this LD one.

I can't imagine that Emeria's Call  Flip gets played that often as a spell, so putting it on the list of finishers appears disingenuous. I would recommend a Maul of the Skyclaves as a much faster clock (starting T3 instead of T7), although you may need to cut a Reidane or something since Emeria is still a land.

Love what you're doing here overall, though! Keep it up :3

Omniscience_is_life on Historic Mill--Because Mill

6 months ago

So far, this is my experience with the Arena Historic meta:

Lifegain, both GW and W: your life total is of no importance to me! This is probably our best matchup, although getting hit by Maul of the Skyclaves is a bit of a tough clock to beat. Our Winds of Rebuke pale in the light of Alseid of Life's Bounty, but seeing as the Maul usually comes down T3, we can usually hit the threat before they get mana to activate. Not an issue.

5c: there seem to be a lot of 5-color variants in the format, between Niv, Jodah, Slivers, etc. Slivers seem to do well against us, even with their cascading from The First Sliver thinning their deck. Lavabelly Sliver has lead to most of our few defeats.

Elves: have gave us some close games, but I think we're the better deck. The Allosaurus Shepherds give some trouble for Anticognition-ing Hoofs, but as long as we have Winds of Rebuke we should be fine.

Merfolk: Master of the Pearl Trident hurts! Probably the only reason we've taken an L to them before. The other creatures they have are certainly efficient, but bouncing a lord or two allows for great blocks with our Walls and such. Winnable matchup.

Hammertime: I struggle to win against Hammertime, but they almost always have 1-5 cards left in library at the end of the game. I think I've been unlucky on missing interaction in our games, since the deck has no protection and gets hosed by bounce. Again, winnable.

Control, both Grixis and Jeskai: another good matchup for us, since we can protect our crabs with bounce spells and Tests. Mill is a very grindy deck anyway, so having longer matchups just works in our favor. And we can hit most big finishers with Anticognition, since it can hit creatures AND PWers, so that's not a problem.

Serriten on

8 months ago

Since equipment decks can be creature light they're very weak to removal and board wipes. Recommend some creature lands so you have something you can equip to like Cave of the Frost Dragon, Den of the Bugbear, and Needle Spires. Helpful creatures that also make good alternate commanders are Bruenor Battlehammer, Akiri, Fearless Voyager, and Koll, the Forgemaster. Unless you're going for a specific theme with the swords, you might also have some faster interaction with equipments like Maul of the Skyclaves that attach to a creature when they enter and save you some mana.

plakjekaas on Need help starting a Forgotten …

8 months ago

If equipment is your goal, some cards that are interesting from other post-rotational standard sets are:

Maul of the Skyclaves

Halvar, God of Battle  Flip

Fireblade Charger

Resolute Strike

Akiri, Fearless Voyager

Kor Blademaster

Koll, the Forgemaster

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