Creature — Spirit

Whenever a creature is exiled from the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on Soulherder.

At the beginning of your end step, you may exile another target creature you control, then return to the battlefield under its owner's control.

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Soulherder Discussion

amicdeep on Bant Blink

1 week ago

no Soulherder ?

also Glasspool Mimic  Flip + Flickerwisp combo really well

Knight of Autumn also probably replace rec sage and finks in your sb

Elite Spellbinder and Professor of Symbology also look like they may have a home in this kind of deck once they are released.

Yorion, Sky Nomad as companion may also be worth while

BrassLord on Happily Ever Reborn - 5C Control

4 weeks ago

Ah another fan of Happily Ever After !

Flicker effects also really work with your commander, things like Cloudshift , Soulherder , Thassa, Deep-Dwelling . Flicker of Fate in particular, as you can activate Happily Ever After again if it's on the field

I see you run a lot of cards that are multiple types! Another good one would be Baleful Strix . And really any of the multicolored gods from Theros would work, as they're hard to interact with once they hit the board. Since your primary goal is Happily Ever After with a fall back of control Zur the Enchanter could fit your bill. You have a few other targets in your current build for it as well, with a weird fun one being Klothys, God of Destiny .

Ize19 on Pattern Recognition #182 - Flicker

2 months ago

Very nice article, berryjon! This was a fun look at one of my favorite mechanics, and was a pleasure to read. I will dispute the article's conclusion though, as whether or not flickering wins games depends entirely on what's being flickered.

Everybody knows card draw can win games, by ensuring you have the cards you need to win, so one of the most powerful effects flickering can abuse is card draw.

Watcher for Tomorrow and Sea Gate Oracle are great blink targets because they not only put a card in your hand, they also filter through your deck quickly, digging 3 or 4 cards deep with each ETB. Mulldrifter and Cloudblazer don't dig as deep, but make up for it by giving you 2 cards with every blink.

Another powerful, potentially game-winning ETB effect is token creation. Thragtusk is well-known for being a great flicker target, as it's 3/3 Beast token comes with a side helping of 3 life, and Armada Wurm starts as a great deal, with 10 trampling power for 6 mana, and just gets better with every flicker.

My personal favorite blink targets are the Splicers, e.g. Blade Splicer who not only produce 3/3 Golems, they boost their abilities as well. Nothing says inevitable victory quite like a couple of Soulherder flickering a Blade Splicer and a Master Splicer every turn, before you finally drop that Wing Splicer and have your Golem army fly in for the win!

Thanks again for covering one of my favorite subjects, I had a fun time both reading and replying to this one! As always, I look forward to your next article!

Tawarianer on Five color'

2 months ago

Spells like Ephemerate or Creatures like Soulherder are very efficient with Golos.

And you can diversify your Landbase with Golos, make it a toolbox. Carddraw Arch of Orazca, Landdestruction Ghost Quarter, Graveyard Exile Scavenger Grounds etc. You can fetch them as you need it with Golos and don't have to worry to much about Color, because Golos can ofc. fetch the missing Landtypes. Just ramp into him. With Sol Ring e.g.

Also, Tag him with * CMDR * (without the blanks) in the Edit-Mask to mark him as your Commander.

Ize19 on Solaria

3 months ago

It's a good idea, and prior to Soulherder's introduction, Eldrazi Displacer was my main blink engine.

The problem is this deck is pretty mana hungry, and it's usually late in the game when I can spare 3 mana for a blink. It's also a bit awkward because I only have 4 lands that provide the colorless mana required to use Displacer's blink, and putting more in would lower my decks consistency.

That said, I appreciate you taking the time to look at this deck, and I always appreciate any advice given, even if I decide against taking it. Thanks so much, hope you had/have a Merry Christmas!

Kazierts on Mardu Unearthly Blink [Budget/Casual/Primer]

4 months ago

I actually didn't think about having a Soulherder variant. It would probably make thing more consistent than having to rely on Ephemerate and Astral Drift. I'll probably play around with an Esper version of this deck somewhere in the future then.

My only concern with Street Wraith is it's price. In dollars it's very cheap. However, in reais(Brazilian currency) this card isn't that budget. Which is kinda of a concern because Canyon Slough isn't that budget either. Still, I can't deny that the Wraith would be pretty good in this deck.

The only reason I'm not running Viscera Dragger is because it doesn't do enough. It's actually pretty interesting that it can trigger the Drift and has Unearth itself, but it has no utilitiy besides that. Extractor Demon is pretty big and has evasion. First-Sphere Gargantua is also pretty big while providing card draw. Rotting Rats helps to fill the graveyard and can work as disruption. Compared to them, the Dragger doesn't seem that useful. Still, I can see an argument to include it given its double duty.

dragonstryke58 on Yorion and Soulherder EOT trigger …

4 months ago

Unfortunately, Felidar Guardian and Wall of Omens won't be legal targets for Soulherder.

At the beginning of your end step, the two cards in question will not have entered the battlefield yet. Delayed triggered abilities also use the stack, so they must resolve first. In this case, the delayed triggers for Felidar Guardian and Wall of Omens must resolve before they can enter the battlefield.

Since, targets are selected when putting an ability onto the stack, the two cards will not be on the battlefield and able to be selected as targets when Soulherder's ability is put to the stack.

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