Garruk Relentless

Legendary Planeswalker — Garruk

When Garruk Relentless has two or fewer loyalty counters on him, transform him.

0: Garruk Relentless deals 3 damage to target creature. That creature deals damage equal to its power to him

0: Create a 2/2 green Wolf creature token.

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Casual Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Unformat Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Garruk Relentless Discussion

Azeworai on Kaldheim's Walkers

2 months ago

Destroyerbirb - Interesting theory on Kaldheim being the home plane of Garruk, as his homeplane remains unnamed. He certainly has the figure to fit the clichés of Vikings. The one bet against his appearance is that he has shown up rather recently. With the story culminating at War of the Spark, WOTC has stepped away from cross-block storytelling for the time being, and he  Flip was just in Eldraine.

Due to Zendikar Rising's odd layout of its lands, being a cycle of Dimir, Boros, Selesnya, Izzet, Gruul, and Orzhov. Wizards has always had cycles of lands completed over two Standard blocks, so the rest should be in Kaldheim. Rakdos, Golgari, Simic, and Azorius should be present, and these combinations may lead to what archetypes will be prominently present, and which planeswalkers align with such archetypes. The Rakdos planeswalker above makes sense with this.

TLDR: I think Kaya is getting another colour combination and that Garruk shan't appear.

Sidenote: Raid is definitely returning as a mechanic. Calling it here.

KibaAlpha on Wolfpack is Life

3 months ago

Garruk Relentless  Flip colour identity is black/green making him illegal in your deck unfortunately.

SimicVisionRy on Card creation challenge

3 months ago

He does technically have a flip/transform card, see Garruk Relentless  Flip, However, I believe you mean like in the vein of the Origins set, so here we go!

Garruk, Son of Raklan

Legendary Creature - Human

Whenever ~ enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a creature card with CMC 3 or less. If you do, you may reveal it, and put it into your hand.

Whenever an opponent attacks you with two or more creatures, exile ~, then return him to the battlefield transformed under it's owner's control.

Garruk, Defender of Beasts

Legendary Planeswalker - Garruk

+1: Create a 2/2 Green Beast creature token.

0: For each tapped basic Forest you control, add 1 mana to your mana pool.

-6: You get an emblem with: "At the beginning of combat on each turn, target creature gains +X/+X until the end of the turn, where X is that creature's power.


Hope you guys like this rendition, I think it's fairly accurate to his lore. As much as we know of his past, that is.

Challenge is to create a Treasure Creating permanent in Green!

shaynejamesgold on Tolsimir, Fren to Doggos

4 months ago

Manapool, The card Garruk Relentless  Flip is / in identity and not legal for Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves.
Check out Tolsimir, Wolf-Slinger!

SimicVisionRy on None

5 months ago


This makes perfect sense; I thought it was the same way. It would be very uncharacteristic for a character like Nahiri to need to be "rehabilitated" back to plain White mana.

I provide, for an example, Garruk; Garruk Wildspeaker to Garruk Relentless  Flip

This perfectly sums up the events that transpired between he and Liliana: Liliana finally gets her mitts on the The Chain Veil. She curses him, causing a traditionally black effect, cursing him, and altering his color identity. It isn't until the events of Eldraine that Garruk is freed from this curse, as Dog. (Lol, Oko, Thief of Crowns, you cheeky cunt.) i.e Garruk, Cursed Huntsman.

Ultimately, I believe Nahiri will just be plain white again, provided she isn't still pissed at the ol Vampire Dude.

Btw, I loved Stone and Blood. Lovely writing to add to the void left in the set. As much as I love FSM, (Emrakul, the Promised End) it was nice to have Nahiri's perspective during the set other than her directly mentioned cards.

Femme_Fatale on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

6 months ago

jdtreker: Garruk Relentless  Flip.

Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Plains Plains. They all seem to work in all the different places. Please check the artwork variations thread in the site updates forum on how to properly link to the artwork variations. The formatting tips also has the info, just the part that uses the wotc id for variations can also be card number.

Prospekt on Sultai Self-Mill

9 months ago

Okay so here's a bunch of suggestions that fit Gyruda's requirement and then some things to then take out.

Put in: Arcane Signet, Wake the Dead, Gravespawn Sovereign, Embalmer's Tools, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Disciple of Bolas, Forgotten Creation, Notion Thief, Oversold Cemetery, Skull Prophet, Clever Impersonator, Garruk Relentless  Flip, The Cauldron of Eternity, Sire of Stagnation, and Razaketh, the Foulblooded. The cards in your maybeboard seem good too.

Take out: Cranial Archive, Enhanced Surveillance, Devious Cover-Up, Gather the Pack, Migratory Greathorn, Polukranos, Unchained, Shepherd of Rot, Vengeful Dead, Void Beckoner, and all petitioners.

In terms of land, there are a lot of cheap options to include that will make a three color deck a lot better: Choked Estuary, Sunken Hollow, Botanical Sanctum, Blooming Marsh, Fetid Pools, Hissing Quagmire, Drowned Catacomb, Hinterland Harbor, Woodland Cemetery, Bad River, Ash Barrens, Dakmor Salvage, Exotic Orchard, Witch's Cottage, and stuff like that. Replace the guildgates and bounce lands and a few basics with those if you can.

And lastly if you want to run the petitioners then you should put more of them in, otherwise having just 8 won't do a whole lot for you most of the time other than for fun.

Coward_Token on Ikoria Teaser

9 months ago

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor: yeah but that's what I meant by the preface; since for almost all PWs, more loyalty isn't a bad thing, the usage of Nesting Grounds just becomes a bad proliferate and non-novel. (but sure, the prospect of getting an ultimate out a turn early out of nowhere makes it worth considering). Only exception I could think of is moving a counter from Garruk Relentless  Flip to transform him right away (and letting you activate his backface abilities on the same turn), and Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis, where you can -2 her twice before killing her with Nesting Grounds so that she can escape

Confused and frustrated about the templating difference for Mindleecher and Haldan. Color cost agnosticism should be universal when it comes to casting other people's stuff for retail price.

Not a big deal but Glademuse doesn't feel like a mono- since it's an enemy of and has City of Solitude & Dosan the Falling Leaf

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