Price of Fame

Price of Fame


This spell costs less to cast if it targets a legendary creature.

Destroy target creature.

Surveil 2. (Look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them into your graveyard and the rest on top of your library in any order.)

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Price of Fame Discussion

NicodaPico on Marrow Gnawer

8 months ago

needs more cheap targeted removal ala Heartless Act and Doom Blade . I'm a huge fan of Price of Fame in black because it can be 2 mana and also lets you surveil 2 which can be key to find more cards. Since you're more of an agro deck an early Fatal Push or Eliminate could work really well. Forever Young might also be a good inclusion

Malsorn on Zomboss

8 months ago

Looks like fun! What kinds of groups are you playing against? The landbase is always a good place to start, I'd recommend Path of Ancestry over the guildgate and Bojuka Bog / Scavenger Grounds if anyone in your playgroup interacts with graveyards. There's also plenty of great counterspell options out there, Didn't Say Please is strictly better than cancel here, but there's also SwanSong and Drown in the Loch , both of which are pretty powerful in Commander. Removal is also important to consider, there's a bunch of great kill spells that are better than Murder , but they'll depend on your playgroup. Go for the Throat , Price of Fame , Doom Blade , Spark Harvest , Heartless Act , selected based on what kinds of decks you play against. If you're going full zombie-ball, I'd recommend Coat of Arms as a duplicate Door of Destinies . If budget isn't an issue, there's Mikaeus, the Unhallowed , which is a great group-buff and recursion engine, and Patriarch's Bidding , which can give you a huge army really quick, so long as you don't have any other tribal players at the table, but if you keep their graveyards cleaned out it shouldn't be an issue.

Daedalus19876 on To Drown the World in Death: Araumi EDH [PRIMER]

10 months ago

Testing Mystic Reflection over Price of Fame here -- even if it's useful for a shorter window of time, I think it's a better answer for commanders, it can lock things down as effectively as Oko...

And also I suspect it'll enable new combo lines like casting Wake the Dead into five copies of Gray Merchant of Asphodel for the win :3

zamiero on Vial and Ghost!

11 months ago

3> Ahhh I've been wanting to play with Obosh, the Preypiercer and Angrath's Marauders - glad you found a spot for them. While you're at it, you could also consider other "damage doublers" such as Wound Reflection and Fiendish Duo. I've thought about a Vial-Smasher deck with a White partner just to add Gisela, Blade of Goldnight.

3> I see you enjoy big monsters and X-spells here. Oh to be young again... but seriously, this seems like a good deck to play them in as you would be rewarded. Instants are your friend, as you can Smash Vials on everyone's turn! No Comet Storm?

3> I would be worried about Vial-Smasher getting nuked from orbit as soon as your turn passes and it's no longer indestructible. You'll find Heroic Intervention and Slippery Bogbonder will help with targeted Exile removal. You already have Destroy and Sacrifice covered I see.

3> I see some cost-reduced and commander-free spells in there, but you have a limited suite. While doing research for my thoughts on Vial-Smasher, I found the following might be helpful - list is just copy/paste, so it will include some White and/or Blue cards:

3> I see some cost-reduced and commander-free spells in there, but you have a limited suite. While doing research for my thoughts on Vial-Smasher, I found the following might be helpful - list is just copy/paste, so it will include some White and/or Blue cards:

Ardees on The Scarab God

11 months ago

Liliana's Devotee, Necrotic Hex, Shepherd of Rot, Tormod, the Desecrator, Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip, Dread Summons are cards to consider

Liliana's Standard Bearer and Midnight Reaper as draw engines.

Opposition Agent and Hullbreacher for control.

Tortured Existence and Graf Harvest make an incredible synergy.

Mindslicer and Living Death are a must.

Price of Fame works well with its surveil ability (you can discard creatures in graveyard and use them with your cmd), plus is an excellent removal.

multimedia on Teysa, Peasant Slayer

1 year ago

Hey, nice first build of Teysa.

I see Darkest Hour which means you're going combo. Blasting Station can replace any aristocrat as the win condition in the combo because any creature you sac creates a token which untaps Station.

Reveillark + Karmic Guide + Teysa is a combo to exile all your opponents creatures because Teysa can sac herself and Lark/Guide are white creatures who can reanimate each other and Teysa. Lark + Guide + sac outlet is a combo to reanimate all the 2 or less power creatures in your graveyard which an aristocrat can be the win condition or Ayara or Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Buried Alive is very good at setting up Lark + Guide getting an aristocrat into your graveyard.

Hour is an important card and you're playing many other enchantments which makes Hall of Heliod's Generosity a helpful recursion effect. You're playing many utility lands which gives Expedition Map many choices thus I think it's worth adding. When your Commander is able to create 1/1 tokens it makes Skullclamp excellent repeatable draw.

Cards to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

AzulTennin on Budget Treasure go wide

1 year ago

Feed the Swarm is pretty cheap and versatile removal to consider. Fact or Fiction or Read the Bones or even Altar's Reap might also be nice as it seems card draw might be a bit weak Thoughtcast is even better I bet with the Treasure synergies. Murder or Doom Blade or Tragic Slip or Price of Fame or Defile or Cast Down or Drag to the Underworld might also be nice to deal with enemy threats or blockers. Force of Despair is another good cheap effect that can help push through for attacks. Costly Plunder turns a treasure into cards which is nice and on theme. Profane Command is also surprisingly cheap for the versatility. Damnable Pact is neat as you can target an opponent to deal lethal or yourself to draw. Cranial Plating is a pretty awesome equipment with treasure too. Armix, Filigree Thrasher although not a pirate, has a cool synergy with treasures. AEtherize is a neat wrath effect that is cheap. Memory Lapse and Unsubstantiate is a counterspell that feels less controlling since they keep the card. Tolarian Winds is a one sided Windfall which is interesting. Thassa's Intervention is another potential counterspell that doesn't feel so controlling. Distant Melody is also probably a great card given all the Pirates. Merchant's Dockhand interacts nicely with Treasures.

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