Grateful Apparition

Grateful Apparition

Creature — Spirit


Whenever Grateful Apparition deals combat damage to a player or planeswalker, proliferate. (Choose any number of permanents and/or players, then give each another counter of each kind already there.)

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Grateful Apparition Discussion

Nayru_Incarnate on Dragon God smack Down

2 months ago

Maybe replace Clarion Spirit with Grateful Apparition for the proliferate, as proliferate works w loyalty counters. In a similar vein Unbounded Potential or Karn's Bastion work as well. Other than that, it’s a moderately solid deck.

king-saproling on G/W mill

2 months ago

Cauldron of Souls makes your creatures virtually immortal and has fun synergy with Altar of Dementia.

These might interest you as well: Vigor, Pariah, Grindclock, Evolution Sage, Grateful Apparition, Urban Daggertooth

carpecanum on Trelasarra EDH Deck

2 months ago

Something to protect your boss if that's your main win con. Aspect of Mongoose, boots/greaves, Shield of the Oversoul etc.

Paradise Plume, Pristine Talisman

Goldenglow Moth and Grateful Apparition would both be good, especially if you could throw some counters on them.

RelinquishedAttempts on Killian's Kitty

4 months ago

why don't you have Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots ? I'm sure they'd be useful in this deck. Also, I think the cost of auras are reduced with Killian, so you should add some auras. I'm not too familiar with auras, but a good one is Spirit Mantle . Grateful Apparition would be pretty great in this deck I think, seeing as to how you are using +1/+1 counters to make your dude strong. Something like Glimpse the Sun God would be good in this deck too. Also, Hour of Revelation is just a better Planar Cleansing . Finally, since you are doing a voltron strat, you should add Rogue's Passage since it would give your big swinger unlockable.

Anyways, I hope this helps a bit.

cyeRunner on Bant Strixhaven Stadium counters

6 months ago

I'd cut either some amount of Grateful Apparition / Thrummingbird : They both feel quite weak as 2CMC 1/1 flyers and also only proliferate when they deal damage, which is negated when you play Fog .
Or Throne of Geth : You don't have the needed amount of Artifacts to make it work. (But I like the strategy mentioned by Angel_Zero to pair it with Tireless Tracker )
Maybe a -1 of each of these 3 would be good :)

Rodrigoks on Bloody Silverquills | Breena EDH (Primer!)

7 months ago

I tested my version today. Killed an opponent with a 10/10 infect Breena with Tainted Strike on turn 4. Grateful Apparition was amazing with Breena in play. Reaaaally nice and fast deck. Great build.

SirQuixano on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

7 months ago

Its been a while since I built something, and I thought one of the only nonlegendary stx uncommons that looked interesting was Dueling Coach , even if a bit weak, but I do like my monowhite midrange synergies. I'm not sure how you want to format it though, since Grateful Apparition is basically the same strategy, but way more efficient in most play groups without certain kinds of hate, so I just included both as commanders depending on your play group or if they'll allow you to play them as partners for power-level reasons.

decklist: PauperEDH Monowhite Counters for the Cause

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