Mace of the Valiant

Mace of the Valiant

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +1/+1 for each charge counter on Mace of the Valiant and has vigilance.

Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, put a charge counter on Mace of the Valiant.


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Mace of the Valiant Discussion

Eaterofvegans on Friendly Griffins

3 months ago

Removing Ring of Thune for Fellwar Stone Removing Spellbook for Arcane Signet Removing Mace of the Valiant for Ghostly Prison Removing Divine Sacrament for Sphere of Safety

I love Spellbook, but with how limited the draw abilities are in mono white, this slot is better served for ramp. I felt the same way about Ring of Thune. It takes to long to get going to be really relevant. That slot was also better served for ramp. Mace of the Viliant was replaced with protection for the same reason. Divine Sacrament buffs opponents and I felt like adding additional protection would be better use of that slot.

Maverick_Titan on Brago Budget

4 months ago

Here are some cards I think may benefit the deck:

Ancestral Knowledge can give you pretty much infinite scry 10

Banshee's Blade goes with the "deals combat damage" mechanic and can beef up your commander

Diluvian Primordial maybe just a sideboard, but could be effective against certain decks

Door of Destinies I saw a couple cards that made all creatures all types and thought this fit in with that

Forbidding Spirit great defensive flicker

Highcliff Felidar nice control flicker

Kinsbaile Courier counter engine

Mace of the Valiant will beef up commander as you flicker your creatures

simoneca on Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

6 months ago

Have you considered Mace of the Valiant ?

DemMeowsephs on Sparkle Pony Fun Bash

6 months ago

Paeldroth on Dark Eyes and Careless Hair (Alela EDH)

1 year ago

multimedia hmmmm.... first thank you so much for your suggestions!

I had the three artifact lands and Sword of the Meek in here at one point. I didn't see the interaction between the Altar and Thopter Foundry. I'll have to think about that.

I've looked at Cranial Plating but was not trying to specifically go voltron with Alela. I've considered taking out things like Mace of the Valiant to reduce my urges to swing hard with a thicc Alela :P

Thopter Assembly, however, could be fun though, as I wanted a way to utilize Time Sieve efficiently. Infinite turns just sounds rude enough to be fun.

Trinket Mage is solid, good suggestion there!

Azeworai on Dark Eyes and Careless Hair (Alela EDH)

1 year ago

I definitely understand that. There is a point in each deck's life where you just feel, "Wait, but I like all of these cards," maugre any good argument against it. Here is the opposing side, whereupon I have some arguments against a few cards, leastway to bring forth my opinion.

If you're not going infinite, Altar of the Brood is lacking, sometimes acting as an affliction. It mills the opponents, thusly furthering strategies such as Chainer or the selcouth and sparsely known Muldrotha (Who plays her, am I right?). The deck appears to have naught in terms of combo lines in its current variation, so meseems this is an easy exclusion.

Now, Unwinding Clock is great, but how are you actually abusing with this untapping? The payoffs seem to be Bident of Thassa, Spear of Heliod, Ethersworn Adjudicator, and a few instants, withal not being enough (There's more, yet I am indolent). Taffy can be interesting, though I think another draw engine would be more potent, or add more reward to the deck for the sake of this working.

Thopter Spy Network... Kill it. Murder it with all of the removal. This is a worse Reconnaissance Mission, for it only triggers upon artifact creatures and at most once. Inutile.

You know what's great? Casting a Treasure Mage and "failing to find." There is distinct lack of 6 CMC tutor targets in the deck, thusly making this a worse Belbe's Percher. Red rum. Following their ensample is the esteemed Trophy Mage, which has a seldom few targets, yet is probably worth it, though notable for the guillotine pile.

I am biased, I don't like voltron, I kind of somedeal maybe perhaps don't quite very much enjoy Mace of the Valiant. It is slow, is bereft of any game betime, and requires much time being upon the table. The mace may very well be of use, though I personally would not run it. Must...keep...drawing...CARDS!

That shall be all, folk. Good luck with your cardboard murder conquest!

Turban on Felidae Cult

1 year ago

I would suggest Odric, Lunarch Marshal as it would allow you to get Lifelink from most creatures or Double strike from Adorned Pouncer or Oketra the True onto all your creatures, Indestructible for Oketra too. Potentially swapping out Oketra's Monument or Heroes' Reunion. Mace of the Valiant, Door of Destinies and Kaheera, the Orphanguard could prove useful.

multimedia on Honour from the Grave

1 year ago

Hey, nice budget version.

You forgot Sol Ring? Ruinous Ultimatum wrecks all your opponents; leaving you untouched to attack. It's the most powerful Mardu spell currently in Commander. Mask of Memory is another way to discard Knights for Haakon or it's another way to get Haakon into your graveyard. Murderous Rider's adventure is an upgrade for a instant removal spell and then it's a Knight.

Exotic Orchard, Caves of Koilos, Battlefield Forge are budget land upgrades. Savai Triome is a Tri land Plains that Knight of the White Orchid can search for. When playing Sunforger than Mistveil Plains is worth adding because it's a way to repeatedly cast the same instant with Sunforger and it's also a Plains that Orchid can search for.

Changes to consider:

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