Baral's Expertise

Baral's Expertise


Return up to three target artifacts and/or creatures to their owner's hands.

You may cast a card with converted mana cost 4 or less from your hand without paying its mana cost.

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Baral's Expertise Discussion

Polaris on Are reflexive triggers just triggered …

1 month ago


"...players can respond and add things to the stack during the resolution of Fiery Encore because it puts new things on the stack to resolve as itself is resolving?"

I was responding to this specifically. No actions can be taken during the resolution of a spell or ability except for what it says. You can cast a spell as part of the resolution of Baral's Expertise, but that doesn't create an instant round of priority. You finish resolving Baral's Expertise and then a new round of priority happens as normal, during which people can respond to the spell Expertise let you cast.

Polaris on Are reflexive triggers just triggered …

1 month ago

To clarify about casting during an effect's resolution: if a card like Baral's Expertise lets you cast a spell as part of its resolution, the casting takes place while Baral's Expertise is resolving. You will make choices, select targets, and put it on the stack, but neither you nor anyone else gets priority until Baral's Expertise finishes resolving, including any effects it has after casting the spell. After it finishes, priority passes as usual and players can respond to the spell you've cast.

Gidgetimer on Are reflexive triggers just triggered …

1 month ago

Reflexes triggered abilities is simply what that type of ability is called in order to make a few rules that enable them to function. Normally triggered abilities must exist at the time that the triggering event happened in order to trigger. Reflexive triggers look back to earlier during the resolution of the spell or ability that created them to see if the triggered event happens. Other than that, they are simply triggered abilities.

You will be able to put both the reflexive trigger and any other thing that triggered since the last time a player received priority on the stack in whatever order you like. This DOES NOT function as Baral's Expertise or other spells/abilities that allow you to break timing restrictions and put something on the stack during another objects resolution does. Reflexive triggers, like other triggers, will trigger and then wait to be put on the stack the net time a player receives priority.

Yesterday on Are reflexive triggers just triggered …

1 month ago

Just wanna double check I have this right.

I have a few copies of Fiery Encore on the stack.

When I discard an Alchemist's Greeting to Fiery Encore, I have the choice of whether to resolve the Madness cast trigger or the Fiery Encore's reflexive trigger first?

When I discard a Kozilek, Butcher of Truth to Fiery Encore, I have the option to shuffle the graveyard into my library before or after the Fiery Encore trigger resolves?

And, as with spells that have you cast another spell as part of the first spell's resolution (like Baral's Expertise), players can respond and add things to the stack during the resolution of Fiery Encore because it puts new things on the stack to resolve as itself is resolving?

This seems like a bit of a non-question I guess. Basically, is there anything that makes reflexive triggered abilities in spells or abilities notably different from regular triggered abilities?

CWSchub on 1 tix codie

4 months ago

Hey! what an original deck, have you thought of Throes of Chaos and the expertises ( Baral's Expertise or Rishkar's Expertise are my favourite).

You could even have a look at discarding permanents and recurring them from the graveyard. I see Shark Typhoon finding a slot here.

If you'd like, you might find some interesting cards inmy Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder deck Yidros. Also I just finished my Rafiq of the Many Delegates, would love some feedback!

Have a good one!

griffstick on Big Instant/Sorceries to Copy?

7 months ago

Baral's Expertise would e really good too

BlackoutX on Something’s in my eye! Whatever shall I do?

8 months ago

Wood Elves makes more sense in a two-color deck.

Renegade Doppelganger can be used to make one of your opponents waste a kill spell or just lose the game because you pull out so much value.

Baral's Expertise can be abused easily in your deck, it's also a very good control card.

Daze and Gush may be good cards to consider, you may want to play more heavily around landfall if you do though.

KongMing on Orvar decks you had to choose the clones

9 months ago

Some more ideas:

Ashiok's Erasure , Baral's Expertise , Naban, Dean of Iteration , Narset's Reversal (the original spell doesn't need to resolve to trigger Orvar, just get cast), Unsubstantiate , and Isochron Scepter (since you actually cast the copy).

Also, a quick note on Venser, Shaper Savant . As noted before with Narset's Reversal, the spell you cast that targets one of your creatures only needs to be cast, not resolve. So, for example, if you cast Cerulean Wisps on Venser, a copy of Venser would enter the battlefield, the copy would disappear due to state-based effects, and then the copy's trigger would sit on the stack, allowing you to target Cerulean Wisps and return it to your hand before it resolves. This lets you repeatedly cast the same spell, although it never resolves, as long as you can continue paying for it. Of course, that can be a good thing, and there's also plenty of ways to pay for it with this commander.

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