Fulminator Mage

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Fulminator Mage

Creature — Elemental Shaman

Sacrifice Fulminator Mage: Destroy target nonbasic land.

Chino90 on Delirium Shamans

2 months ago

what about Fulminator Mage for the sideboard? Double land destruction for 1 creature seems busted

lagotripha on Collected adversary

4 months ago

I like the list, but feel like the creatures will need tweaks.

Getting 7/8 power for instant ob ult is great, but I'm not sure about these specifics - there are great high power creatures with enters/death triggers out there. Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger has earned its high price tag, doubles as disruption etc, Anax, Hardened in the Forge likes sacrifice triggers and can pick up high power fairly fast in the right build. Traditional grindy creatures like Tireless Tracker can get decently large, and so on.

If you look for a pair of cards that boost one up to 8 power it feels like you'll get more reliable obs, although you may need to swap in some draw power in place of grindy stuff. If you want to go all-in on playing grindy, some lower power creatures that play better when you are both topdecking seems important.

I think the thing I'd want most is more disruption strapped to creatures, so that they can do their thing, put on pressure or be sacficiced if the game is stalling - Fulminator Mage type stuff.

TogbusPrime on Mola Ram’s Black Mass

5 months ago

Seems like a lotta fun, yeah. Reminds me of a very similar deck I ran on Arena. Immediate thought, though: why not more sac lands? Given this's Modern and not Historic, you have Prismatic Vista as opposed to Fabled Passage and I'd definitely prefer the former to the Pathways. I'd also suggest more reanimation like Call of the Death-Dweller, since deathtouch + MD is awesome, or creatures that rez themselves like Reassembling Skeleton given how understandably sac happy this is and experimenting with Collateral Damage or similar spells over the Bolts. If you DO opt for the skelly, Priest of Forgotten Gods synergizes wonderfully~

I also agree you should have Fulminator Mage in the side since you care a fair amount about your own lands and I see the Moon hurting more than helping

RebelGenius on Mola Ram’s Black Mass

5 months ago

Thoughts on Fulminator Mage in the sideboard? There's also cat + oven, but it's pretty slow and it takes up a lot of slots in the deck, but it's an idea.

abbatromebone on Rakdos Sligh Beats - RakdosDeckWins..

6 months ago

RDWDTR on Attrition Jund (Baby Jund) 4-0 at FNM

7 months ago

I'm not sure what your budget is or what exact suggestions you're looking for but here's my feedback. I'm going to write these suggestions assuming you already have an idea of what the "optimal" Jund list looks like. There won't be any of those cards on this list because I assume you already know about them but are unable/unwilling to afford them. Overall I like your budget take on Jund but there's a lot of room to upgrade this, even on a budget.

Cards to look into:


  • Olivia Voldaren and Reaper of the Wilds aren't all that impressive to me, same with Dreg Mangler. These cards feel like filler for this deck. I don't really like Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip either but it's better than the other three cards.

  • Kitchen Finks seems more like a SB card to me against burn or aggro matchups, though it's not the worst thing ever MB

  • Bile Blight is ok but I think Maelstrom Pulse might be better. I would only run 2.

  • Birds of Paradise doesn't really belong in a deck like this. It's not the worst choice but I'd rather be using a discard spell or holding up mana for a Bolt or something T1 than play a Bird.

  • I'm sure you know this, but that mana base is really sub-optimal. You might see the biggest difference in upgrading that first.


  • 4x Dismember? What for? You already have tons of spot removal in the MB.

  • Drown in Sorrow is meh to me; I'm not so sure you need board wipe in your SB with all the spot removal and creatures you're running. I personally think you have better options for board wipe anyway: Bontu's Last Reckoning, Anger of the Gods and Kozilek's Return seem stronger to me. Damnation would be the best boardwipe but it is pricey. I would only run 1-2 of any of these.

  • Putrefy doesn't seem as good to me as something like Naturalize, even if it means getting got by Welding Jar.

  • Duress isn't the best SB slot. You could probably put this in the MB or just go for Inquisition as noted earlier.

  • Rakdos Charm is ok, you run 4 Scoozes in the MB so you're already decent against graveyard decks.

zapyourtumor on Graveyard Bash (Bloodbond March Deck)

9 months ago

Definitely a cool card. Some suggestions:

I like how you're already leveraging the enchantment with grave dumping like Commune and some evoke/undying creatures, but I think you could be running even more creatures like this.

Shriekmaw is so funny. I definitely think you should run some, since you don't really have any removal. For 2 mana, you can return like 2 more shriekmaws from your grave to blow up three creatures and then get some 3/2 bodies.

For the sideboard, Endurance would be very strong grave hate, a lot better than bojuka bog. The price tag definitely isn't ideal though.

Satyr Wayfinder is a great way to dump cards into the graveyard on a creature body. It's a shame it only gets lands, but it still feels very strong here.

Splinterfright is another self mill threat similar to Nyx Weaver but it gets fat as hell.

You'd have to splash red, but casting a Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger for 2 and then getting one back from the grave for free sounds super cool.

Fulminator Mage for tron? Or even for non tron because wiping opponents lands is nice.

Eternal Witness can get back stuff.

YamishiTheWickedOne on Sexy Vampires

1 year ago

Once you're comfortable with the deck, we should start looking into constructing a sideboard.

4x Nihil Spellbomb is some of the best graveyard hate around, followed by Grafdigger's Cage and Ashiok, Dream Render or if 3 mana isn't a problem, Go Blank.

Artifact hate is a little more tricky without red, I'll get back to you on that.

For anti-tokens, good options are Ratchet Bomb, Engineered Explosives, and Liliana, the Last Hope.

Anti-Tron and/or anti-land: Damping Sphere, Fulminator Mage.

Card that does a little bit in a lot of matchups: Pithing Needle

Extra planeswalker hate: Vampire Hexmage and a bunch of other stuff printed recently like Murderous Rider.

Extra hand disruption against combo decks: Duress, Surgical Extraction

Anti-Hatebears: Torpor Orb

And there are plenty of other options. Artifacts are particularly useful if you need a card for certain matchups that your color (monoblack) isn't good at handling on its own.

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