Inscription of Abundance

Inscription of Abundance



Choose one. If this spell was kicked, you may choose any of the following, once.

  • Put two +1/+1 counters on target creature.
  • Target player gains X life, where X is the greatest power among creatures they control.
  • Target creature you control fights target creature you don't control.

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Inscription of Abundance Discussion

Blackgate on equipment in the forgotten realms

1 week ago

Nice deck! I think equipment themed decks are fun in Brawl.
Fateful Absence and Inscription of Abundance are instant speed cards that would work in this deck and give you removal/fight options, +1/+1 counters for some fun Boo combat tricks as well as some lifegain which is good in a singleton format.

PlanetBob on Eat. Sleep. Slime. Repeat.

3 weeks ago

Wow, those are great suggestions. I have Creeping Mold in the deck for thematic purposes as I feel it meshes well with the other Ooze cards, though Bramblecrush is an obvious improvement. As for Inscription of Abundance I think that it is a clear upgrade from Hunger of the Howlpack and I will be including it when I get my hands on some. I may actually have one since I got a couple packs from Zendikar Rising when it came out and if not I can get some next time I pick up a couple singles.

BEDECK on Eat. Sleep. Slime. Repeat.

3 weeks ago

I'm glad you liked it. I took a second look at it and saw some things that may improve it.

I just noted you are running Creeping Mold. I think you can easily switch it for Bramblecrush (lets you target planeswalkers).

Also noted you are running Hunger of the Howlpack. While it is a one mana spell I think Inscription of Abundance is overall better (more versatility).

I tried to focus on changed that wouldn't affect the deck in its essence :V

TheMeadiator on Fynn EDH

3 months ago

Nice deck! I had a quick look through, and you seem to have a bunch of fight cards. Normally, they'd be great, but I think for deathtouch creatures, direct damage might be even better (that way your dudes survive the exchange).

Perhaps consider replacing things like Ancient Animus , Pounce , Setessan Tactics , and Inscription of Abundance with one-sided fights like Devouring Tendrils , Nature's Way , Ram Through , Aggressive Instinct , or Rabid Bite

SpaghettiKnife on Steel-Leaf Company

3 months ago

The other option for it would be keep Avatar at 4, cut Troll to 2, and relegate Scooze to sideboard in place of Setessan Petitioner since Scooze can gain life against aggro, and Inscription of Abundance can cover us with life gain as well.

KablamoBoom on A Grave Ultimatum

3 months ago

Return to Nature is better than Naturalize . Cut Stitcher's Supplier and Guul Draz Assassin. Hapatra and Cheville have no synergy with the rest of the build. If you're running Fetches and Shocks and 4x Thoughtseize I would definitely swap in 4 Death's Shadow and 4 Unearth and go full aggro. But if you are in love with the grindy deathtouch subtheme I would swap out your removal for Driven / Despair and Inscription of Abundance with Midnight Charm in the sideboard for aggro and blitz matchups.

Mechanon on Simic Land Counters

6 months ago

Cool deck idea! I'd suggest bumping up Into the Roil and Inscription of Abundance to 4 each, since it's your only removal cards, plus Inscription is so versatile. Cards like Oran-Rief Ooze , Gnarlid Colony , and Wildwood Scourge are all good, even if you can't spend the extra mana on them. Dragonsguard elite doesn't seem quite as useful, but I haven't looked too much into the Strixhaven cards yet. Body of Research seems like a beast of a card but it might be difficult to play unless you change up your mana ratio. I haven't used some of the other cards so it's hard to give my opinion on them.

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