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I don't care about how effective a cards is in cEDH or 1v1. This deck is neither of them and discussing cEDH and 1v1 here is irrelevant.

I dismissed Fetchlands because monocoloured decks don't need colour-fixing. Without that need, Fetchlands have minimal use. This is the same reason why I don't want to use Flagstones of Trokair: Minimal use.

May 21, 2017 6:14 p.m.


Land advantage shouldn't matter. Mass land destruction spells should seal victories and end games on the spot.

May 21, 2017 2:51 p.m.


Flagstones of Trokair is not strictly better than a Plains. It's still a nonbasic land and affected by nonbasic land hate, such as Blood Moon.

Even if I did own Flagstones of Trokair, I still wouldn't use it. I own a lot of cards in my Notable Exclusions list, and they're stored in a binder.

If all Flagstones of Trokair can offer is minuscule advantage, I might as well keep the Plains.

I call Flagstones of Trokair "bad" because, at least in Commander, it is. The task it performs is mediocre and has narrow applications. Not every utility land is going to be some all-star or hidden gem. Sometimes, cards are just bad and there are more worthwhile options to use instead.

Can this discussion over Flagstones of Trokair end now?

I'm never going to use it and nothing will change my mind.

May 21, 2017 12:33 p.m.


This doesn't change the fact that Flagstones of Trokair doesn't add to my deck in any meaningful way. Replacing a Plains with it doesn't significantly enhance the deck's performance, so why should I even bother? I'm not going to burn resources acquiring a card my deck doesn't need. My money is better spent on other things.

Flagstones of Trokair's price tag comes from the fact that it's a decade-old card with a unique effect that was never reprinted. Supply of it is low and it slowly built value over time. It would be much more expensive if it were used in any notable Modern or Legacy decks.


One land after mass land destruction is irrelevant. If the player casting mass land destruction hasn't essentially won on the spot just by having the strongest board, they're wasting everyone's time.

May 20, 2017 11:32 p.m.


I dislike Flagstones of Trokair because it does absolutely nothing.

There are utility lands have powerful activated abilities, valuable ETB and upkeep triggers, or game-altering static abilities. Flagstones of Trokair just sits there waiting for something to pop it, and all you get is a Plains for your troubles.

There's is no "incidental" land destruction. If a player blows everyone's lands up, it's because the fully intended to. And the player casting the land destruction spell should be securing their victory with it, making the tapped Plains gained from Flagstones of Trokair completely negligible.

It's definitely NOT a monetary thing, it's a utility thing. Flagstones of Trokair offers so little that a Plains is better by comparison.

I don't understand is why everyone seems to believe that a land that replaces itself with a tapped Basic is meaningful in a 99-card singeton format.

May 20, 2017 12:10 a.m.


At 6 mana, Terminus wins out as the expensive, creture-only sweeper due to its miracle ability. This deck doesn't have a consistent way to enable delirium, making Descend upon the Sinful pretty much the same as Final Judgment, which I also opt not to use.


Rest in Peace keeps all graveyards empty and also stops death triggers, bringing any graveyard strategy to a complete halt until it's removed. Popping one grave once isn't enough. Having a rattlesnake makes opponents bait it to have it pop early. Graveyard decks are going to get more mileage out of the 'yard than my creature and artifact recursion. I don't mind botching my own recursion if it means locking all graveyard strategies in a stranglehold.

My meta isn't trigger happy with land removal. Crucible of Worlds wouldn't be very effective. Only using it to retrieve utility lands is too narrow to warrant a spot in the deck.

Interactions don't automatically redeem bad cards. Flagstones of Trokair is still the severely lacking utility land it will always be even with synergy with other cards.

May 19, 2017 9:04 p.m.


Crucible of Worlds - Too narrow. I have Sun Titan and Petrified Field if I need to recur lands.

Tormod's Crypt - Not strong enough. I used Relic of Progenitus before Rest in Peace was printed and eventually replaced Relic with RIP. In games where grave-hate is absolutely needed, I want the graveyards to be empty and stay that way.

Flagstones of Trokair - Useless. It does absolutely nothing while it waits to be destroyed. I have ZERO interest in it.

May 19, 2017 8:59 a.m.


903.4 - The Commander variant uses color identity to determine what cards can be in a deck with a certain commander. The color identity of a card is the color or colors of any mana symbols in that cards mana cost or rules text, plus any colors defined by its characteristic-defining abilities or color indicator.

903.4c - The back face of a double-faced card is included when determining a cards color identity.

Elbrus, the Binding Blade  Flip cannot be used in non-Black decks.


Auriok Steelshaper is too low-impact. Shaving off isn't as impressive as Puresteel Paladin's metalcraft ability providing free equips or the handful of other cards that completely circumvent costs. It's anthem is also weak. +1/+1 to all Soldiers and Knights isn't effective when I only have so many creatures out at a given time, and there are only 4 Soldier and Knights total in the deck.

I'm currently exploring additional ramp options, but I feel like I don't need too much more. This deck already has six ramp cards alongside four cards that assist in land drops. I can only add so much ramp and land tutor effects before it starts to eat up space for other needed cards.

May 17, 2017 10:24 a.m.


Godsend's triggered ability is amazing, completely skewing combat in my favour.

  • Blocking will exile one of their better creatures if they don't have expendable weaker creatures or tokens to chump with.
  • Not blocking to save their valuable creatures gives this deck what it wants: Sram dealing Commander Damage.
  • Having it equipped to an untapped blocker keeps me protected from any non-evasive threat.

Godsend is essentially an upgraded Sword of Kaldra.

May 9, 2017 11:14 p.m.


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