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What's kept Accorder Paladin in the deck over other 2-drop is its 3 power and ability to boost other Knights. I'm currently looking at Sigiled Paladin as Accorder's replacement, as it can do the same.


Knight of Meadowgrain is okay, but doesn't make the cut due to a lack of synergy. Having my Knights benefit each other makes the deck play better.


Brave the Elements was in the deck before and was cut to make room for a full set of Gideon and additional removal. This deck plays to a strict curve, leaving almost no mana to spare for additional spells in the first few turns of the game. If any mana does happen to be left open, I feel it's better spent interacting with my opponent's board.


Flagstones of Trokair doesn't add anything to the deck whatsoever.


Horizon Canopy has a real cost in its lifeloss. An early Canopy would deal damage to me that otherwise wouldn't of happened, which will matter against other aggro decks and decks that use burn spells for reach.

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