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December 4, 2019 -- Throne of Eldraine Update



The primary objective for victory is to deal 21 Commander Damage to each opponent with Balan, Wandering Knight

Early game is spent setting up. Any ramp, utility creatures, and Equipment are played in the first several turns to prepare the board for Balan, Wandering Knight . Once the board is ready, Balan is cast, equipped, and starts the clock.

Further resources are devoted into keeping Balan suited up to retain her quick clock, casting new Equipment or recurring destroyed ones when necessary. I'm also disrupting my opponents' game plans with removal and may pressure other opponents with any available alternative threats.

In the event that Balan dies, she is recast and reequipped through her ability to quickly resume her assault. If I'm in a situation where recasting Balan isn't ideal, such as right after a full board sweeper, the deck's alternative threats pick up the slack until the board is restored for Balan to take command again.

If Balan ever becomes too expensive to recast and Command Beacon isn't available, my deck's alternative threats fully take over and I attempt to defeat my opponents though regular Equipment beatdown.

This is my first Commander deck. I started building in October 2011, with Kemba, Kha Regent as the first Commander for her synergy with Equipment. The earlest builds of this deck were a Token/Voltron hybrids to benefit from Kemba's cats. Overtime the token support dwindled, as I no longer cared about the token aspects of the deck and desired to focus more into accomplishing Commander Damage kills.


In July 2013, Eight-and-a-Half-Tails , took over from Kemba as the second Commander shortly after the token support was dropped completely. 8.5 was much better suited for a Voltron strategy by using his protection to keep targeted removal off of himself and my Equipment and bypass blockers. 8.5 wasn't without his own issues. He's essentially useless early game and the occasional games with mana screw botched his effectiveness, but he was the best Commander available that fit my needs.


Aether Revolt gave this deck its third Commander, Sram, Senior Edificer , and Equipment synergy returned to the Command Zone. Sram's ability to drop as early as Turn 2 and begin the Commander Damage death clock much faster than his predecessors while keeping my hand stocked fit the deck very well.


Sram's reign was short-lived. Commander 2017 heralded this deck's forth and current Commander, Balan, Wandering Knight , who possesses what her predecessors never had: raw power. Balan is an Equipment master, able to quickly defeat opponents with the minimal set-ups.


Deck Development

As of December 4, 2019

December 4 -- Throne of Eldraine Update

Theros: Beyond Death Additions

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Other Additions

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Artifacts & Enchantments



Updates Add

Throne of Eldraine Additions:

Wrath of God -> Realm-Cloaked Giant

Dust Bowl -> Castle Ardenvale


Other Additions:



Equipment is a heavily ingrained win condition in Equipment Voltron. It doesn't matter if it's my Commander, an alternative threat, or a simple token. An equipped creature is what brings victory.

I'm always seeking ways to increase the number of bodies this deck has available so I'm never stuck with nothing to equip. The two additions from Throne of Eldraine, Realm-Cloaked Giant and Castle Ardenvale, go towards this effort.


Cast them Off

Realm-Cloaked Giant joins Cataclysmic Gearhulk as a sweeper attached to a body. Casting Cast Off has Realm-Cloaked Giant 'go on an adventure', leaving its vigilant 7/7 body on standby in exile until its presence is required. If the Giant ever finds itself in the graveyard, its only one Sword trigger away from another adventure.


Wrath of God was cut for Realm-Cloaked Giant . I was saving Wrath's slot for another modal sweeper like Cleansing Nova, but a second sweeper with a body is still a welcome upgrade.



For the Realm

Castle Ardenvale is a land that creates tokens. These tokens can be used to wield Equipment in a pinch, chump block non-evasive threats, or as fodder for forced-sacrifice effects. And since it's a land, this deck's land tutors are able to get Castle Ardenvale on board with some consistency.

Another quality of Castle Ardenvale is that it produces White mana. One of the benefits of Mono-Colour is all of the fancy utility lands you can use. Unfortunately, so many colourless lands can sometimes cause colour-screwed opening hands. I felt the need of additional White source in my manabase to lessen this awkward mana.


The land cut for Castle Ardenvale is Dust Bowl. It has been increasingly sticking out as a weak link. I thought I'd use it to tag a few utility lands every game, but this hasn't happen with any sort of frequency. I don't mind removing a Strip Land from this deck's manabase. I still have Field of Ruin and two other sources of targeted land destruction to take care of multiple problematic lands throughout a game.


Next Update:

Theros: Beyond Death

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