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Sram, Senior Edificer | Equipment Voltron

Commander / EDH* Aggro Mono-White Multiplayer Voltron



July 19, 2017 - Hour of Devastation Update

The primary objective for victory is to deal 21 Commander Damage to each opponent with Sram, Senior Edificer

In the early game, Sram, Senior Edificer is cast as soon as possible (preferably Turn 2, Sram might wait if there are no Equipment in hand) for early hits and to draw off of Equipment. At the same time, I'm also setting up my board with any available ramp, utility creatures, and other support cards.

Once my board is built, further resourced are devoted into keeping Sram, Senior Edificer suited up, casting new Equipment or recurring destroyed ones as necessary. At this time, I'm also disrupting my opponents' game plans with removal and pressuring the opponents Sram isn't targeting with any available alternative threats.

In the event that Sram, Senior Edificer dies, if I don't have an alternative threat on board, he's recast and reequipped. If Sram is stuck with summoning sickness for that turn, other creatures may pick up the slack as to not miss any Sword of the Animist or Mirran Sword triggers, finish off Planeswalkers, or to at least keep the pressure up.

In the event that Sram, Senior Edificer becomes too expensive to recast, my deck's alternative threats take over and I attempt to defeat my opponents though regular damage.

This is my first Commander deck. I started building in October 2011, with Kemba, Kha Regent as the first Commander for her synergy with Equipment. The earlest builds of this deck were a Token/Voltron hybrids to benefit from Kemba's cats. Overtime the token support dwindled, as I no longer cared about the token aspects of the deck and desired to focus more into accomplishing Commander Damage kills.

In July 2013, Eight-and-a-Half-Tails, took over from Kemba as the second Commander shortly after the token support was dropped completely. 8.5 was much better suited for a Voltron strategy by using his protection to keep targeted removal off of himself and my Equipment and bypass blockers. 8.5 wasn't without his own issues. He's essentially useless early game and the occasional games with mana screw botched his effectiveness, but he was the best Commander available that fit my needs.

Aether Revolt gave this deck its third and current Commander, Sram, Senior Edificer, and Equipment synergy returned to the Command Zone. While Sram lacks the built-in protection Eight-and-a-Half-Tails provides, he makes this up with speed and card advantage. Sram is able to drop as early as Turn 2 and begin the Commander Damage death clock much faster than his predecessors while keeping my hand stocked.

Deck Development

Last Updated: July 19, 2017

Banisher Priest - A Journey to Nowhere effect on an easily recurrable, Equipment-wielding body.

Restoration Specialist - 2-for-1 artifact and enchantment recursion. Supports enchantment/Aura additions.

Basilisk Collar - Lifelink to boost my life, deathtouch to keep threats at bay.

Inquisitor's Flail - Damage Doubler. Stacks very with double strike.

Mine Excavation - 2-for-1 recursion spell, brining back any of two artifacts and enchantments using conspire. Supports enchantment/Aura additions.

Reliquary Tower - In some games, Sram, Senior Edificer and Sword of Fire and Ice's forced card draw triggers can fill my hand faster than I can empty it. Not ideal to discarding cards for nothing.

Commander decks are dynamic and ever-changing. New cards replace the old, players adapt to each other's strategies, and opinions of cards can alter over time. What was yesterday's strong additions can become tomorrow's weakest links. No deck stays the same for too long.

The following cards are what I'm currently thinking about dropping, either because, they're no longer effective, I became uninterested in them, or they're being replaced with something better.

Angel of Sanctions - Placeholder. If a more desirable card becomes apparent, this card is a likely cut for it.

Argivian Archaeologist - With the idea of adding some Auras and support for them into this deck, Argivian Archaeologist's days are currently numbered. Recursion options that grab both artifacts and enchantments are more valuable than artifact-only ones. Adding one Aura won't affect its position, but if a few Auras are added or more enchantment-based Equipment support gets printed, it'll have to yield to broader recursion.


Remaining Acquirable Foils: 6 | Unavailable in Foil: 8

Foils: 56

Prerelease Foils: 7

Buy-a-Box Promos: 1

FNM Promos: 1

Grand Prix & Pro Tour Promos: 4

Judge Promos: 5

Masterpieces: 5

Miscellaneous Foils & Promos: 7

Remaining Acquirable Foils:

Recruiter of the Guard

Land Tax

Forsake the Worldly

Return to Dust

Mikokoro, Center of the Sea

Petrified Field


Unavailable in Foil:

Argivian Archaeologist (Reserve List)

Armory Automaton

Conqueror's Flail

Masterwork of Ingenuity

Flickering Ward

Grasp of Fate

Nahiri, the Lithomancer

Myriad Landscape

Please read my Notable Exclusions list before posting!

Not every card is going to be usable. Some have become obsolete, some are overall too weak, and some just don't fit the theme properly. Whatever the reason, there are some cards that I simply don't want in my deck.

I have no intention of using any of the following cards.

Additional 0-1cmc Equipment - I'm not going to add cheap Equipment just for the sake of drawing cards off of Sram, Senior Edificer. Chaff like Bone Saw and Accorder's Shield have no place in proper Voltron Commander decks. I see Sram, Senior Edificer's ability as a bonus for using already good Equipment, not an excuse to flood the deck with crap. I'm all for Equipment with low costs, just not the poor quality trash that accomplish nothing.

Equipment Tutors - I can't fit every tutor in this deck and most of them have become outclassed. Steelshaper Apprentice and Relic Seeker are too slow. Taj-Nar Swordsmith needs way too much mana at once. Quest for the Holy Relic has a very clunky hoop to jump through and is a horrid mid-late game draw.

Auras - Even though Sram, Senior Edificer is now the Commander, I still wish to keep this deck primarily centered on Equipment. Never expect a full-blown Aura suite. However, I don't mind using a select few utility Auras if they're worthwhile. Auras like Flickering Ward, that are great even without Sram, Senior Edificer on board, are the ones I'm looking out for. Not that interested in combat-oriented Auras like Angelic Destiny, as this deck would rather have an Equipment in the same slot.

Vehicles - Vehicles must have a crew cost no higher than 2 and have some form of meaningful utility for me to consider them (ie. Smuggler's Copter has crew 1 and looting). If a Vehicle fails to meet both of these requirements, I don't want to use it. I'm not interested in Vehicles that are just bodies.

Shroud - Shroud is a complete roadblock in Voltron strategies. Lightning Greaves and Whispersilk Cloak would force me to equip them to other creatures and leave my suited up creature exposed. Indomitable Archangel and Fountain Watch cause the same issues with my artifact creatures, and they effectively shut down Armory Automaton. In short, if it grants shroud, this deck doesn't want it.

Mana Doublers - Equipment decks will naturally incentivize heavier artifact hate, and non-Equipment artifacts will frequently end up as collateral damage. Mana doubler have their individual issues as well. Extraplanar Lens doesn't like a mana base with 56% Basic lands. Gauntlet of Power can double my opponents' mana. Caged Sun has a clunky mana cost.

Poison/Infect - Dying to poison counters is simply not fun. At all. It's an endless frustration for my opponents and a hollow victory for myself. Grafted Exoskeleton and Inkmoth Nexus would devolve the deck into getting infect kills. I want this deck to be an entertaining challenge, not a nightmare.

Mass Land Destruction Spells - I don't like them in Commander. They're either win-more when I'm ahead or useless when I'm behind. There's no middle ground. They also carry the stigma of ruining games. Not what I want for this deck.

Auriok Steelshaper - Doesn't do enough. Shaving off from equip costs isn't worth an entire slot.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope & Darksteel Forge - Both have very cumbersome mana costs and do nothing in the wake of the efficient exiling removal that's available nowadays.

Bastion Protector - Too narrow. Only boosting Sram, Senior Edificer and nothing else isn't that great in games where I have to restort to my alternative threats. Indestructible is best given by Darksteel Plate and not a body that can easily die.

Iona, Shield of Emeria - Mean-spirited griefer card that unnecessarily hates on Mono-colored decks. Her entire purpose is to stop players from playing the game. Why is she even allowed in this format?

Leonin Shikari - Never liked it for this deck. Instant-speed equipping offers little utility when you want to attach everything to a single creature.

Ranger of Eos - I've tried using it and it doesn't work in this deck. I don't use enough 1cmc creatures and adding more would be forcing Ranger to work and clog up deck space.

Stone Haven Outfitter - Not a Voltron card. It's anthem isn't effective when I only want to suit up one creature. It's card draw trigger only works when I'm being set back and it doesn't trigger off of Sram, Senior Edificer returning to the Command Zone.

Elbrus, the Binding Blade  Flip - Comprehensive Rules 903.4 and 903.4c. Elbrus has a Colour Identity of . This deck can't use it.

Skullclamp - This deck doesn't have the luxury of on-demand, expendable X/1s to fuel it consistently.

Sword of Body and Mind & Sword of War and Peace - These Swords are the overall worst of the cycle. Body and Mind's milling is a weak back-up plan that gives free fuel to graveyard decks. War and Peace's triggered ability is incredibly lackluster and doesn't provide any significant value. They're not even worth using for the protections when there are other Equipment that provide more practical abilities.

Sword of Kaldra, Shield of Kaldra, & Helm of Kaldra - The Kaldra Set was in the deck before, but newer Equipment have antiquated them and it's too inconsistent to get all three out at once.

Banishing Light & Oblivion Ring - Not that great in comparison to newer cards with stronger effects or the effect attached to handy bodies.

Mass Calcify - 7 mana is too high for a creature-only sweeper and it instantly backfires against other White decks.

Dispatch - While metalcraft isn't too difficult to achieve, it's still a conditional removal spell. Compares incredibly poorly to Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares.

Artifact Lands - Ancient Den and Darksteel Citadel don't provide any meaningful utility. Ancient Den specifically would often end up as collateral damage from an opponent's artifact sweeper.

Fetchlands - The main benefit of using Fetchlands is colour-fixing. As this is a Mono-coloured deck, I have absolutely no need for colour-fixing. Using them for "deck thinning" is a complete waste, as deck thinning is completely negligible even in 60-card Constructed. Fetchlands would essentially accomplish nothing and use up valuable deck space in the process.

Eiganjo Castle - Preventing 2 damage on a legendary creature is severely low-impact and completely superfluous in a deck with Equipment that can provide much stronger effects.

Flagstones of Trokair - Does absolutely nothing in the the vast majority of games. A land that replaces itself when destroyed has very limited applications and one land barely makes a difference after mass land destruction. This card just isn't useful and I have absolutely ZERO interest in it.

New Benalia - The lone scry 1 isn't worth the tapped land.

Temple of the False God - This card is a trap. It holds the promise to produce , but is completely dead without 4 other lands. This uselessness early in the game forces mulligans when in the opening hand and drawing it early game sucks. Later in the game, it has about the same impact as a late Sol Ring: nice to have, but not accomplishing much.


Hour of Devastation Additions:

All Is Dust -> Hour of Revelation

Drifting Meadow -> Desert of the True


Other Additions:


I'm always on the lookout for ways to lower this deck's average CMC. Equipment are expensive to play and maintain, so having everything else be as cheap as possible is ideal. Nothing gets as cheap and efficient as Hour of Revelation. 3 mana for an entire board purge is excellent, and the '10 nonland permanents' requirement for the cost reduction is very trivial in Commander. Hour of Revelation will cost only more often then not.

All Is Dust was the cut for Hour of Revelation. Trading a 7-mana sweeper for a "3-mana" sweeper is a no-brainer. This swap also adds more hard artifact removal to the deck. Though I appreciate that All Is Dust spares my Equipment, it also leaves behind my opponent's mana rocks and other utility artifacts. My heavy aversion to stronger artifact hate lead to issues in my removal suite. Blowing up everything equally is better than leaving long-term problems behind.


Drifting Meadow has been replaced with Desert of the True. While it's seemingly odd to be replacing a card with a technically inferior one, Desert of the True is available in foil. I'm trying to foil this deck out as much as possible and there's no guarantee cards pre-Urza's Legacy will be reprinted in foilable sets.


Commander 2017 is just around the corner and Ixalan isn't too far off. The annual Commander sets always has something to tinker with, though I don't have high hopes for Ixalan. From what was leaked on that rare sheet a little while back, there's nothing notable to use and my expectations on anything remaining are currently very low.

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Gleeock says... #1

Hmm. I've actually enjoyed spells like Cataclysmic Gearhulk in my sram deck, I personally prefer Divine Reckoning by far. But the "choose one" option has made for some fantastic mismatches even when I destroy my own crap; usually I keep a lynchpin equipment + enchantment (argentum armor...swords) & just combat trick em to death once there wall is turned to crap

July 16, 2017 8:33 p.m.

NensouHiebara says... #2


Stonecloaker - Never been too sure if I really want this card. It always feels like something I'd end up cutting if another Equipment support creature gets printed.

Scroll Rack - I took it out for Smuggler's Copter back in February. I seldom had both it and Land Tax out at once, never wanted to burn tutors to assemble them, and didn't really use Rack by itself that much. I'm a lot happier with Looter Scooter. It triggers Sram, Senior Edificer, it loots, can take chunks out of Planeswalkers, and also pairs well with an active Land Tax.

I'm fully aware of the issues Sword of Light and Shadow causes, but I bite the bullet and deal with it. Sword's protection from both creature removal colours and creature recursion is too invaluable to drop.


This deck has an ever noticeable artifact hate issue, and it's been causing many problems.

Actively avoiding heavier artifact removal so that I don't destroy my own board has been a detriment. It has allowed my opponents to get away with the game with utility artifacts and extensive artifact-based ramp. Cataclysmic Gearhulk was the first attempt at adding more artifact removal, as it at least spares by best Equipment. I also added Forsake the Worldly to patch up remaining gaps in my removal suite. While these additions are fantastic, it's still not enough. I'm planning on dropping All Is Dust for Hour of Revelation to add another hard artifact sweeper.

July 16, 2017 8:48 p.m.

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