The Threefold Sun Incarnate

As you enter the territory of The Great Calamity, you hear a faint sound of drums off in the distance. You may choose to listen...or not. Your choice.

What is best in life? Crushing your enemies. See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. You relish at the thought. If you haven't already run away in fear...then clearly this is the deck and more importantly - Commander for you. Zacama can easily overrun and terrorize the battlefield all by herself, but there are times when you may need to employ a pack and it's tools to crush a wily foe. The design of this deck is as simple as nature: dominate and destroy all before you using the embodiment of pure savagery and might.

This deck's aim is to be a well functioning Dinosaur tribal deck that maintains the aesthetic of Ixalan. The deck's strategy comes in two phases - First is the Timmy Manifesto. Basically you ramp and play big stompies that wreck face. Second, your gameplan evolves into a Spike Strategy where you start looking for combo pieces to seal the win. Zacama is one of the keys to victory as there are multiple combos that work with Zacama to create infinite mana while untapping your lands. I explain how those combos work in the "Tooth and Nail" section of the accordion. There's also a backup plan in case Zacama becomes unavailable involving Forerunner of the Empire , Polyraptor , and Rite of Passage .

To get to victory, the deck requires a steady stream of cards while having enough big scary creatures to fend off other players who may wish to deny Zacama her due. Touching on that, the deck's primary weakness is that it's politically weak. For some reason having all the removal options attached to my commander makes it something of a target while just sitting (probably loudly) in the command zone, so making friends is important! That's why Yavimaya Hollow is very useful as it can target opponent's creatures, additionally Pir's Whim can punish those who have been less than friendly early on as well. Drawing cards is also something of a weakness in Naya so taking some inspiration from the Professor of User:TolarianCommunityCollege, I included some good green draw options, as well as the mono green draw engine of Abundance + Sylvan Library .

To measure the deck's power level, I use the chart referenced in the video How to Power up your Commander deck by The Command Zone. From that video, I would guess that this deck fits well within the Focused category. It's meant to face upgraded Casual decks, Optimized decks, but will get absolutely destroyed by cEDH decks, and tear Jank decks to pieces too quickly. Also, I definitely advise you to watch the video referenced above - it's really good for helping you to communicate to other players what kind of deck you are working with.

  • Zacama, Primal Calamity + Temur Sabertooth + *12 Lands (or mana): Infinite Mana - With Temur Sabertooth and 12 lands in play I tap all my lands and play my Commander . With floating, I use Sabertooth 's ability to return my commander to my hand, and I net additional mana with all of my lands untapped. Rinse, wash, repeat and I have infinite , , and mana. With mana doublers such as Mana Reflection , Zendikar Resurgent or Mirari's Wake then the number of lands required for the combo drops to 6. Besides filtering that mana into Zacama's abilities, they can be filtered into any of the following lands for absolute victory:
  • Zacama, Primal Calamity + Cloudstone Curio + Kinjalli's Caller *: Infinite Mana - Note: This combo requires a specific amount of lands in play in order to net the extra mana which is ( Zacama 's coverted mana cost) + (the converted mana cost of another creature on the field) + 1 = 11 Lands. Let's walk through this step by step: with 11 lands, Cloudstone Curio and Kinjalli's Caller in play, tap all lands to float to play Zacama for the first time. All lands untap, Cloudstone Curio triggers, and you bounce the Caller back to your hand. You net mana. Play the Caller again - using of that floating mana, leaving you with floating mana. Cloudstone Curio triggers, and you bounce Zacama back to your hand. Tap all of your untapped lands for again, and play Zacama once more. All lands untap, Cloudstone Curio triggers, and the Caller goes back to your hand again. You net , and you play the Caller again and net . This will be added to your remaining floating mana which come in for a total of . Rinse, wash, repeat until you have however much you want amount of mana.

  • Polyraptor + Forerunner of the Empire + Rite of Passage : P.O.U.S - Polyraptors of Unusual Size: To explain this combo, i will just quote the article Brewer's Minute: Rivals-Seven Modern Combos by SaffronOlive: "The basic idea of the combo is that we get Rite of Passage on the battlefield, use Forerunner of the Empire to find our Polyraptor, and then when Polyraptor enters the battlefield (perhaps with the help of something like Through the Breach or Dramatic Entrance), we make an infinite number of infinitely huge Polyraptors! Each time a Polyraptor enters the battlefield, Forerunner of the Empire does one damage to everything. Normally, this would kill off the Forerunner of the Empire after three pings, but with a Rite of Passage on the battlefield, every time Forerunner of the Empire pings our creatures, our team also gets a +1/+1 counter! The end result is we make as many Polyraptors as we want while also sweeping away all of our opponent's creatures and making all of our Dinosaurs huge with +1/+1 counters!"
  • Polyraptor + Bear Umbra + Pyrohemia : Polyraptors... - Step 1. Equip Bear Umbra onto Polyraptor with Pyrohemia in play. Step 2. Tap 6 and activate Pyrohemia which will in turn Enrage Polyraptor 6 times generating 6 tokens (and possibly wiping the board of all of your opponents creatures). Step 3. Attack with the "original" Polyraptor equipped with Bear Umbra untapping all of your lands. Step 4. - Optional step here - can choose to "sacrifice" the Bear Umbra effect by tapping 4 to activate Pyrohemia 4 times targeting all Polyraptor s in play generating 24 Polyraptor s in addition to the 6 created before. This step is optional, because you can wait until an opponent's turn to do this, and preserve the Bear Umbra .
  • Nature's Will / Bear Umbra + Aggravated Assault + (5 Lands in play, 1 creature): Infinite Combat Steps with tiny Dinos - This combo is highly contingent on two factors - 1. If I have a creature in play with a power of at least 1 and 2. If I have 5 lands, with two being mountains. If all of the previously mentioned stipulations are in place, then I would have infinite combat steps. What happens is that when I attack with my creature, all of my lands will untap due to the Nature's Will / Bear Umbra trigger. Then i'll just pay the for Aggravated Assault , and continue well...assaulting.
I also welcome criticism. As I am customizing the appearance of the page, if something is not aesthetically pleasing to you I'd be grateful if you told me why. Comments like "Ugh, this is ugly" aren't helpful as I'm not a mind reader- meaningful criticism is welcome. Thanks for taking a moment to check out my latest creation. Please come back, as the page and deck will change and evolve over time.


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14 Oct 2018 - Game Haven, MD

I played in a pod with Niv-Mizzet, Parun , Tuvasa the Sunlit and Kess, Dissident Mage . During that game, I learned that this deck is very weak against blue control magic - specifically Counterspell and other spells of it's ilk. The experience of having the Parun player counter my precious Etali, Primal Storm really stung. Worse yet, they also countered my first attempt at casting Zacama . The Tuvasa player then took the opportunity to blow up my Lightning Greaves on the field to keep me slowed down for good measure. After that game I went straight to ebay for a good deal on a Cavern of Souls . I ended up losing when the Parun player cast Jaya's Immolating Inferno for choosing me as all three targets. To be fair, I did have Zacama on the field with a Mirari's Wake . The Parun player was just at 8 life as Tuvasa was just wrecking his house most of the game. Tuvasa ended up winning that one.

In Game 2 one player switched decks, and another tagged out. Now I was facing Tatyova, Benthic Druid (was previously the Parun player), Emmara, Soul of the Accord (the new player), and again, Kess, Dissident Mage . This game went differently - I didn't get countered so hard, however I did make a mistake, and misplayed Forerunner of the Empire - with the Polyraptor + Forerunner of the Empire + Rite of Passage combo online and with both Zacama and Ghatla Primal Hunger on the field (and not sick from summoning). I created 1,000,000 Polyraptor s but forgot that Forerunner of the Empire not only deals 1 damage to creatures I control, but to all creatures on the battlefield. I completely misread it's 2nd ability, and am still kicking myself for it. The Tatyova and Emmara players had pretty gross boardstates. The Kess player in response to my combo Mystical Tutor ed a Rakdos Charm to kill me on their upcoming turn as I had 1,000,000+ Polyraptors on my board. I went to combat, and sent Zacama at Kess and Ghalta at the Tatyova, Benthic Druid player. Both of my creatures had +1,000,000 power and toughness due to Rite of Passage . Additionally, I was still pretty salty from the last game where the Tatyova player (who was previously piloting Niv-Mizzet, Parun ) countered my big plays. Tatyova had no answers and died, while Kess used a Terminate to stop Zacama. :( Unfortunately, I was eliminated on Kess' turn.

What left me salty was that Kess wasn't really doing much of anything the whole game, and conveniently had the perfect card to eliminate me, and the means to tutor for it on my turn. I was mentally debating on swinging both Zacama and Ghalta at Kess, but decided to go for the greedy play. If I played Forerunner of the Empire properly, I think I would've sent both at Kess knowing that I was in imminent danger. After my defeat, the Kess player was instantly killed by Emmara - as he had hardly any cards in hand or threats on the board. In fact, he just kind of gave up after I died. I felt like I was just beaten by a lucky cheap shot.

Oh well, that's the beauty of Magic - no matter how good you think you are, there is always something to learn from every game. Be it from the cards you play, the decks and people you find yourself up against, or yourself. Despite my salt, I wished my opponents a GG - I lost fair and square. I feel like I definitely could have won the game, but the problem was the Pilot - not the deck. Also, I broke down and bought a Cavern of Souls - counter magic sucks to play against.

And P.S. - I just realized that the Forerunner of the Empire that was in play also could have swung for lethal - and I could have also sent that in along with Zacama to kill the Kess player. Now i'm just annoyed with myself. I screwed that up.

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