Bloodchief Ascension

Bloodchief Ascension


At the beginning of each end step, if an opponent lost 2 or more life this turn, you may put a quest counter on Bloodchief Ascension. (Damage causes loss of life.)

Whenever a card is put into an opponent's graveyard from anywhere, if Bloodchief Ascension has three or more quest counters on it, you may have that player lose 2 life. If you do, you gain 2 life.

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Bloodchief Ascension Discussion

DrkNinja on Dictation of effects (Help Please)

3 days ago

Ok so it looks like a solid deck however, i'd suggest this:

  • -2 Fertile Ground; It's just not worth more than having an actual land
  • -4 Pharika's Chosen Cards below, are just much better alternatives to stall out the game with life gain
  • +4 Either Essence Warden/Soul's Attendant/Soul Warden
  • +2 Sterling Grove; Dude this deck NEEDS these who needs tutors when these are in here?
  • -4 Burning Sands; It hurts you just as much as it does them, find away to produce mana without lands and sure. Other wise just no.
  • -2 Parallel Lives; This is a questionable one, in my Elf deck 2 Parallel Lives was never enough, so either run 4 ofs or none at all
  • -2 Dictate of Erebos; If you have or can afford the Grave Pacts, bro they are SO MUCH better then dictates. Its cool to have them as back ups or cool flash mechanics but otherwise not really worth
  • -3 Beseech the Queen; so the queen is only good for decks whose CMC is below 3 on average, and since I can tell the tutors are to get to your win con of the Hellion Eruption just stick with 4 Diabolic Tutors unless you can get your hands on Demonic Tutors then run those instead cuz this is legacy

Cards I would suggest:

Also it should be noted that a Virulent Plague or Illness in the Ranks or an Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite wrecks your entire deck; and that this is legacy so turn 1 wins are a thing in this format.

Angry_Potatoes on Choose Your Own Horrible Adventure! (Budget)

3 days ago

Ra1nStorm, see the above comments with cboston_9, he (or she) asked the same thing today.

Basically: Damnation, Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, Phyrexian Arena, Vampire Nighthawk and Bloodchief Ascension are the cards to look at.

Angry_Potatoes on Choose Your Own Horrible Adventure! (Budget)

4 days ago

Oh, I forgot about Bloodchief Ascension! Yeah...use those.

thewyzman on Game of Groans

5 days ago

OMG, I just typed up a HUGE write-up explaining everything, and the website bugged out and took it off my clipboard. I hate this site's endless bugs.

Summary: Duskmantle Guildmage's first ab, and Bloodchief Ascension's second ab BOTH cause infinite loop with Mindcrank, but GMage's second ability can trigger the combo, whereas I'd have to deal damage somehow under BCA, which is where Extort triggers come in handy.

So yeah, I do like how it can trigger both. I'll have to track down my pontiff! (or any extorter)

thewyzman on Game of Groans

6 days ago

Mindcrank works off Bloodchief Ascension by triggering an infinite loop of mill-lose-life. Pox and Agony both cause a card to go to the yard AND life loss, thus triggering the loop. I'm looking for cards like those, that trigger win-cons.

Crypt Ghast and Pontiff of Blight, as I read them, both help in triggering the Sanguine Bond+Exquisite Blood combo, which I do like. I only own the pontiff, if I can find him in my collection.

pahamaki on Sigil of the Empty Throne ...

1 week ago

As far as colour goes, Mardu can hold it's own just fine. Black provides the card draw that is sorely lacking in both white and red, so it's a lot nicer to build than Boros for example. But Tariel, Reckoner of Souls is really bad, albeit I'll agree flavourful.

Angelic Accord, Angelic Renewal, Angelic Destiny and Luminarch Ascension seem on the mark.

Adarkar Valkyrie sort of does the same thing as your general. Angel of Despair seems like a theme fit as well. There's an abundance of high-costed, good angels in these colours.

Vampires are a bit trickier. I'd suggest getting your bombs and wincon stuff from the angel side, and focusing on the vampires as a support tribe. Blood Artist, Vampire Hexmage and Viscera Seer are good utility for almost any EDH deck. Various vampire creatures can also act as targeted removal (albeit at a high cost): Kalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet, Gatekeeper of Malakir, and Vein Drinker.

Also, how about Bloodchief Ascension and Blade of the Bloodchief to round off the theme? Animate Dead seems like a good fit too.

Red can handle "controlled" creature destruction with stuff like Mizzium Mortars and even Earthquake, leaving your big butts on the field, while filling graveyards with smaller stuff to borrow. Also, Harsh Mercy needs to be in every tribal deck!

In line with your commander, I'd pay special attention to ramp (artifacts, in this case) and various types of creature removal (to fuel your commander's ability). Maybe Illusionist's Bracers to get the most out of that?

And since you're playing black, don't forget to look into your budget tutor options: even a Diabolic Tutor helps in a pinch (especially in a slower metagame), but my special favourites are transmute cards like Netherborn Phalanx and Brainspoil.

Daedalus19876 on EDH MIRKO VOSK

1 week ago

No Bloodchief Ascension for the insta-mill combo with Mindcrank? XD

Rayze_Darr on Discard It Like It's Hot

1 week ago

Thanks for the ideas, crexalbo! That Liliana's Caress is a pretty solid upgrade from Megrim, with the only real drawback being that my Dimir Machinations can't search for it, but that card was put in mainly for Pain Magnification anyway.

I'm actually fairly new to the game, so Waste Not is a new sight to me. I think I'd need to do some more drastic modifications to make that one work as well, maybe put in stuff like Bloodchief Ascension and turn it primarily Black, but it's a card that I'll definitely keep my eye on.

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