Sadistic Hypnotist


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari Uncommon
Odyssey Uncommon

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Sadistic Hypnotist

Creature — Human Minion

Sacrifice a creature: Target player discards two cards. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery.

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Sadistic Hypnotist Discussion

Mathyzi on "That Elf took my hand, officer!"

1 week ago

miampizza You're absolutely right on the land, esp Command Tower. that should have been there for sure. Crypt Ghast probably should go too, when it came in the deck had waay more swamps in it than it does now. I just have a fondness for it :/

Corpse Traders is in the deck purely because I wanted more Sadistic Hypnotist effects. In an actual game the usage is of that card is less revolved around the discard and more the "look at opponents hand" part.

Craterhoof Behemoth is going straight into the aquireboard. That's rad. Thanks for your help!

griz024 on Catholicism (Teysa, Orzhov Scion combo EDH)

1 week ago


Tyvm for the input.

All the cards you mentioned are powerful enough that i dont really care if i only get to use them once. A one sided boardwipe that also makes tokens (Elspeth, Sun's Champion), for example is too sweet to pass up. Sadistic Hypnotist protects the combo pretty well. Just drop it with one mana up, sack creatures till no one has cards, and then play Darkest Hour. Sidisi, Undead Vizier was simply a cheap, $$$, tutor. It does work really well with Hell's Caretaker as well.

As for Darkest Hour combos, i assumed the creatures GAINED the color in addition to their previous color. I was unaware it simply REPLACED the color with black. Ty for pointing that one out. I will correct my description at somepoint :)

Stax isnt a major component of this deck. I honestly had a Smokestack laying around from a collection i bought, and figured, "ah wth! Lets try it out." Not the most reasonable reason to include a card i will admit :)

However, i have been rather impressed will its performance. A wrath has screwed me once or twice, like you memtioned, but that is a risk you run when playing Smokestack. As for running out of creatures, that hasn't happened to me. I do wait to drop smokestack till i have a powerful token maker like elspeth out, so that maybe why it hasnt bite me in the bum yet

haze on Catholicism (Teysa, Orzhov Scion combo EDH)

2 weeks ago

Found your deck while browsing EDHREC for ideas to update my Teysa. I think I will have to consider Phyrexian Tower, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Sadistic Hypnotist, Sidisi, Undead Vizier, and Smokestack. Aside from the land, these cards are all 4-6 mana - a mild concern. I find it hard to justify adding cards to the deck that can't be recurred by Sun Titan or Reveillark. My friends have long advocated for reducing their decks' overall mana curves, too. Have you found the mana cost of those cards to be an issue for you?

Has Smokestack been effective for you? I liked having Braids, Cabal Minion when she was legal so the Stax archetype has some appeal but, unlike Braids, Smokestack is not something my deck can recur if it is destroyed. Further, I'm thinking my deck might not always have expendable creatures to sac for Smokestack, and I'd be a little worried about having an opponent Wrath leaving me to sacrifice Smokestack or lands. So... yeah, how has it been for you?

Your deck description mentions two combos that don't quite work the way you've described:

First, the Darkest Hour + Blood Artist + Any 3 Creatures + Teysa, Orzhov Scion combo; it does not work because Teysa's first ability cannot be activated when Darkest Hour is in play. That ability requires sacrificing white creatures and Darkest Hour overrides all colors, making all creatures mono-black. Rather, you'd need Darkest Hour + Blood Artist + Any Sac Outlet + Any Expendable Creature + Teysa, Orzhov Scion

Secondly, the Darkest Hour + Sadistic Hypnotist + Any 3 Creatures + Teysa, Orzhov Scion combo is only slightly off; you just need one expendable creature, not three, to make all your opponents discard.

I really like the versatility of having the Karmic Guide + Reveillark combo in my deck and have built the deck with almost everything being capable of recursion by Reveillark or Sun Titan. I like your use of Angelic Renewal alongside Sun Titan; it's another one of those ideas that I feel I should test out. A similar option I only happened upon today (thanks to finding Milan's Teysa deck) is Fiend Hunter to combo with Sun Titan and I'm pretty fond of the idea given that Fiend Hunter can play defense in the early game and can be recurred by both Karmic Guide and Reviellark later. Have you considered Fiend Hunter, Karmic Guide and Reviellark for your deck?

WhirlwindKyo on Nath the hunter of hands

2 weeks ago

I like your deck, currently building something similar. I suggest Sadistic Hypnotist because it combos with Nath to make them essentially discard their hand and get you that many elf tokens

kingmc23 on Gisa zombie control

3 weeks ago

Sadistic Hypnotist lets you use your Zombies to make people toss their hand!

kingmc23 on Zombie Swarm

3 weeks ago

It's a cheap trick, and your opponents won't like it, but Sadistic Hypnotist is good in this type of deck due to you being able to make everyone discard their hands with your horde of zombies.

dhouseholder on Meren, Clan of Nel Toth

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the upvote and the post bluecollarman1. I had him in but took him out for Bloodgift Demon because of the draw. The hand disruption is nice, especially on myself if I have a high costed bomb in hand, but I realized that by turn 5 or 6, he was a little redundant on a 2/2, and number of my opponents were top-decking anyway (Sadistic Hypnotist is sorcery speed). With Bloodgift Demon, I can play a little politics, I have an evasive 5/4 with that oh-so important card draw.

What would you switch him out for?

MindAblaze on Commander for a beginner

3 weeks ago

It depends on who you're playing with on what kind of a deck is going to be acceptable. Can you fly under the radar until you're a threat by slowly maneuvering your battleship into position? Then you can build your decks however you want. Are you planning to sit down at an edh table at your LGS, because if that's the case you may want to build it to be more competitive and be prepared for hate.

Teneb is fun and his effect is useful. Nath has been known to put every player in top deck mode with Sadistic Hypnotist and other stax-y nonsense, but can also play some form of elfball which can be casual, fun and powerful. It's all about where and how you want to play on what's going to give you the best experience.

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