Conjurer's Closet


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CMT) Rare
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Rare

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Conjurer's Closet


At the beginning of your end step, you may exile a creature you control, then return it to the battlefield under your control.

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Conjurer's Closet Discussion

Spud9000 on U/W Flicker

2 days ago

I really like the idea of a flicker deck (I created an outline for something similar myself: Flickering Splicers).

My idea was getting a bunch of Golems with Splicers, I never thought about adding morph creatures, but that is an amazing idea.

I have a few suggestions:

How did the deck run in the matchups you mentioned? How does it run in general?

NickyBolas on Pirate's life

6 days ago

Pirates looks to have two possible builds: Treasure-Combo or a more aggressive combat-centric deck. I'd be inclined to focus on one over the other. Right now it's a little split between the two which is giving it that "Jack-of-all, Master-of-None" feel.

Treasure Combo

Focusing on the Revel in Riches win condition, you can utilize the creation and sacrifice of artifacts as the main mechanic of your deck.


Focusing more on leveraging Admiral Beckett Brass's abilities we could go with more of an aggressive build. Since the pirate tribe is on the weaker side combat-wise, you're going to want combat buffs and lots of evasion.

  • Urabrask the Hidden is great at getting in some quick damage and makes it difficult for your opponents to mount a defense. Doesn't synergize perfectly with Raid since they don't like haste, but it's worthwhile to keep everyone's shields down.
  • Siren Stormtamer is an evasive early-game creature that allows you to trigger early game raid, counts for Admiral's ability and can save her from removal.
  • Taurean Mauler counts as a pirate and can get HUGE.
  • Dire Fleet Ravager is good start on reducing life totals. You're going to have more creatures than your opponents, and they're going to need to deal with his menace body, which means you're less at risk from losing life to his ability.
  • Dire Fleet Poisoner might as well give one of your guys unblockable, as people will rarely want to trade down with a Pirate.
  • Coastal Piracy is on flavor but Bident of Thassa is an upgrade.
  • Kari Zev, Skyship Raider has menace and first strike. She may require some equipment to abuse her first-strike ability. But the menace will allow you to get damage through consistently.
  • Vanquisher's Banner gives your team a mild boost coupled with some card draw.
  • Similarly Herald's Horn can draw you extra pirates and makes them cheaper.
  • It works great with Heirloom Blade, a card that gives you a pirate back when your pirate dies! Also +3/+1 for 1 to equip is pretty dang good for an aggro deck.
  • Kindred Discovery is an insane draw-engine especially in a deck that likes to attack.
  • Archetype of Imagination is a possible candidate for making your team unblockable.

Good In both Builds

  • Deadeye Tracker is great at dealing with cards in graveyards, something that every EDH deck should have to combat those powerful reanimator, dredge, and combo decks out there. Additionally, this guy can grow or draw cards doing so... which is all upside.
  • Deadeye Navigator can allow you to trigger Raid or create treasures repeatedly for a mere 1U. He scales in effectiveness with however many Raid and ETB effect guys you end up with. Similarly Conjurer's Closet and Panharmonicon can lean you towards a more ETB-centric build using Raid to pad out your other options.

Determining what to cut would involve going "All-in" on one of the mechanics, and effectively removing the other.

DrukenReaps on Hogwarts deck of wizardry

6 days ago

I would suggest Conjurer's Closet, ETBs are going to give terrific value and you have really good ones already. This will make it very easy to put them on repeat. If you eminence off the closet then the wizard you get doesn't go away until your opponents end step which is kinda fun.

Timestream Navigator and Wanderwine Prophets can be used to get extra turns. The prophet can go infinite with inalla while the navigator will get you 2. Although if you Conjurer's Closet the navigator 5 mana at the end of every turn gets you an extra turn...

This leads me to mention Deadeye Navigator another broken card you could add to make those ETBs go to work for you.

Something fairly important if you want to combo off regularly is tutors but the good ones will cost a pretty penny. It may be better to just go for valuable ETBs with a chance of comboing off. Archmage Ascension is a cheap one though that I feel is really underplayed in commander. It does take a bit to get going but totally worth it in most blue decks.

Since firemind is in the deck Curiosity and Ophidian Eye go infinite with him.

Flameshadow Conjuring is another inalla though requires . Shifting Shadow can get you through to other creatures turn after turn.

Berilio on Brago, King Eternal - Complete Guide

1 week ago

Seetigermage yeah, ill mention this counters and also Foil as alternatives to force of will and pact of negation.

I never really faced your problem, since on my store people tend to play more midrange and aggro decks. There are only a few people playing control, and they usualy focus on holding down aggro strategies. Online i don't have this problem either since i usualy play on xmage on more casual tables.

But if you are having problems getting your commander on the game, i would suggest the following options:

1) Make your deck more independent from your commander. Use things like Conjurer's Closet, Panharmonicon, Eldrazi Displacer. Keeping your deck going even if Brago dies is a good plan B. If you are able to consistently blink things like Cloudblazer, Mulldrifter and Sphinx of Uthuun even without your commander on the field, you will eventualy find the answer you need or a win condition. And you won't feel so bad if brago is being consistently dealt with.

2) Play counters to fight their counters. Well... i imagine you already do that, but ill make some considerations: If you are planning to play brago with mana open, you know you won't be playing him on turn 3-4. Plan your deck accordingly, lowering your curve and maybe playing more instant stuff. Maybe put a vedalken orerry or something like that. If you are planning to protect specifically from counters, no shame on using Dispel, Swan Song, Negate. Most things that will fuck you up are non-creature spells anyway, since you can deal with permanents more easily.

3) One off-game thing thing about is sit right before the control guy on turn order. If you are the last one playing before he does, maybe a threat is played before it comes down to your turn, and you will have green light to play your commander. But remember that this can backfire. If nothing is played, he will for sure counter your commander because otherwise he might waste his mana open (if he has many counters in hand and is playing Baral or something like that). Anyway, the lesson is: try to avoid being the most threatening person on the table. Keep doing fair stuff until you feel the way is clear to go off and lock the game in your favor.

Hope i helped somehow, if i remember something more ill come back and comment. Thanks again for ur suggestions.

Nahgg on Inalla Tribal

1 week ago

Update: Dimir Infiltrator out for Whir of Invention as the flexibility of tutoring any artifact into play with instant speed is stronger. Kess is out for Conjurer's Closet, a card I've wanted to try for a while. I'm not expecting it to be very effective, but I do intend for it to be fun. The third change is Crypt of the Eternals out for Mortuary Mire. I thought Crypt would provide some utility to filter, but being down a color is just bad. I would rather have a utility land that gives me another source of recursion.

Some playtesting things: Timestream Navigator is INSANE. Even one activation is often good enough, after which you don't really care if it dies since it gets recurred anyway. The copy effects of Body Double, Phantasmal Image, and Vizier of Many Faces, I have found, allow you to create infinite turns with an empty library if they (2+ copies or 1 + original) are in play copying Timestream Navigator. Every turn, one copy can go to the library after you play the one that was the last card in your library, so you will always have card named Timestream Navigator in play. It came up one game when a player cast Psychic Spiral on me when I had 25 cards left. With an empty library, I activated Phantasmal Image copying Navigator on my upkeep to draw it and replay it, creating the loop.

loudbliss on Want to build a flicker ...

1 week ago

There are some engines which are very common for the archetype:

The next step would probably be maximize Enter the Battlefield creatures:

There's a whole bunch of them that can help with the direction you choose for your deck.

Follow that with ramp, removal and maybe protection and you're on your way.

Bento6 on Sedris EDH??? halp pls

2 weeks ago

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid Definitely adding Vodalian Illusionist and Conjurer's Closet in there to keep my creatures alive after unearthing them. Ruthless Disposal sounds like a solid option for me too since most of the people I run into have creatures who are indestructible.

I feel like having some heavy hitters in this deck with solid ETB effects, and maybe even going wide and using sac outlets, but it seems like I can only choose one of the two. The issue I'm having with the first option is obviously getting these heavy hitters out quick enough, or having some way to stall out other people, (maybe just saying fak iht and just throwing in a Winter Orb in the mix). The issue I'm having with the second option is that I'm not sure how I can turn going wide and sac outlets as a way to take the game.

So I guess what I'm asking is how can I make this deck more versatile??

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