Necrogen Mists


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Rare

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Necrogen Mists


At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player discards a card.

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Necrogen Mists Discussion

Xica on Are You Alright? You Look SWAMPED!

3 days ago

Liliana Vess is simply very slow (you need some acceleration), and you can't get away with having only 22 lands.

Raven's Crime can replace Necrogen Mists and you should run 4 of ravens's crime, and 2 of necrogen mists. Howver it mandates going black/green, to have Life from the Loam, Sylvan Scrying to tutor for Ghost Quarter.

Liquimetal Coating gets ruined by the enormous amount of artifact removal played inmodern against affinity and the like.

or you could check out "waste not storm" deck, if you like that card, after all that archetype is built around it.

P.s.: you can build working dual colored mana bases on a budget, but you can't really get away with 3 colors. (and you can incrementally upgrade them over time)

majin_shinsa on Mono-Black Madness Control

3 days ago

Maybe add some Waste Not to make your opponent really hate discarding. Maybe even swap the Necrogen Mists for Wrench Mind since you can target either person. Smallpox would work as control too by giving you another discard outlet plus control. Raven's Crime is fun since it can keep coming back wit extra lands

Icbrgr on Are You Alright? You Look SWAMPED!

3 days ago

Thanks a ton for your tips Xica! Very appreciated!

For the idea of behind this deck... Its a tall order i know... but im aiming to keep this deck under $100. It doesn't have to be SUPER COMPETITIVE but yeah i do want it to be able to pull off some wins yknow?

Yeah I definitely do want my opponent to discard and even though the price for Liliana of the Veil went down just one copy is like $20 more than the whole deck. I do have full playsets of Distress and Wrench Mind but im not exactly certain as to what slots I would replace with... like even if i invested in Thoughtseize and picked up Raven's Crime Im just not sure where I would put it/what i'd replace. Currently im thinking that the discard effects happen late game/via cleanup step for the opponent exceeding the maximum handsize and then Necrogen Mists for assistance. Currently as it stands your right i have no way to Blow up all the lands so perhaps i need to integrate more discard enablers.

As for Ensnaring Bridge. The idea seems good. its just too pricey for what im going for... 2 copies of it alone cost more that the entire deck by 20 bucks. Im HOPEING that I finally found a home for Waste Not and some vanilla 2/2 zombie tokens can help chump block with the aid of some spot removal. for a budget Damnation effect i do have a playset of Killing Wave and 2x Necroplasm but just not sure about them...

I love your explanation of Blood Moon... that seems like a very smart idea. But again just not budget friendly and im aiming for mono black... otherwise id try to exploit Liquimetal Coating and green Naturalize/Splinter effects... however; now that you point out the synergy between Ghost Quarter and Life from the Loam thats a lot more tempting now... curse this thin wallet of mine!

As far as scry/tutor is concerned... idk... i have 2x Liliana Vess she does both discard and tutor... any thoughts?

Xica on Are You Alright? You Look SWAMPED!

3 days ago

...If you want your opponent to discard cards you will need to force them to do so. 4x cads are just too few to achieve that goal, at bare minimum you need 6x copies that give the effect or some mechanism to dig out the cards (scrying, tutor... etc.) if there are no two cards that provide the effect you are looking for.

Necrogen Mists tends to be a budget alternative of Liliana of the Veil in this role.

But even if you have 6 cards, its likely that people will just beat down with cheap creatures like Goblin Guide or Insectile Aberration  Flip, which can be cast for a 1 mana, and i highly doubt that you are able to hold them reliably at zero lands.
This is why similar decks tend to hind behind Ensnaring Bridge

Darth_Savage on Liliana Eats Your Brain (Creaturless T4 Win Combo)

5 days ago

The Rack or Shrieking Affliction is a quicker play (though better for a long game) than Megrim, Necrogen Mists might be helpful to ensure a discard. Have you considered a madness sub-theme? Fiery Temper and Dark Withering are the cards that come to mind...

Also a mirror match, a match against 8-Rack or creatureless could go badly. Any deck packing enchantment hate in the sideboard will put it in game 2 as well and your enchantments are your wincons...

Polupus on Eternal Icecream Headache

1 week ago

cut a BSZ and a Necrogen Mists for another Beseech the Queen and now the deck is at 60

mattuch on Mono black discard 8 rack

1 week ago

How about some synergy with Necrogen Mists and Collective Brutality? Madness will be useful in here, e.g. Dark Withering. Also, in my opinion 11 enchantemnts might be too many. Maybe some draw source instaed? There's plenty: Altar's Reap, Sign in Blood, Read the Bones. And I thnik that with those card cost, you could easily drop to 18 swamps.

Darth_Savage on Black Hole

1 week ago

The default discard deck is 8 Rack, named for The Rack and Shrieking Affliction, you can find Rack decks here.

Now that being said, if you want to try something a little different, thats ok. You do have one bad card choice, Assassinate isn't good. You want instant speed kill spells and you want them to cost less than what you are killing. Victim of Night or Fatal Push would be better choices. Alternatively you could use Dark Withering as you should be able to use madness, also madness gives you Call to the Netherworld.

You really want 2 copies of Lilliana Necrogen Mists can pretend to be your second copy. I'd say you want Blood Scrivener rather than Asylum Visitor for the zombie synergy. For the same reason Gifted Aetherborn would be better as Black Cat. Finally the Tree of Perdition is a cool card but Liliana's Reaver would now fit in with a zombie sub theme and it causes discard.

Couple of other cards to look at are Waste Not and Tasigur's Cruelty. Hope this helps.

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