Necrogen Mists


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin (MRD) Rare

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Necrogen Mists


At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player discards a card.

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Necrogen Mists Discussion

magnum237 on Hoarders **Primer**

1 week ago

Hi, love the deck! Would you consider subbing out Liliana of the Veil for Necrogen Mists in a budget version of this? Or are the options Lili provides too great for replacement.

SynergyBuild on Look Ma, No Hands!

2 weeks ago

A pair of Necrogen Mists and a Raven's Crime for 3?

Icbrgr on A Real Pain In The Rack

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the input Se7enfoot! I initially had Mutilate as a one of in the Sidboard as a one-of before Bile Blight got the spot. After a few games with mainboarding it against Elves in particular I found because of Smallpox/Raven's Crime/Necrogen Mists I hardly ever get to see 4 mana and at the same time have Mutilate/Languish in hand despite running 24 lands... My lands tend to be the first thing to be discarded in favor of trying to hang on to Victim of Night/Go for the Throat as long as I can to take out lords like Joraga Warcaller/Elvish Archdruid. or even make spite Pack Rat tokens for chump blockers if applicable.

I love Extirpate but i find it more suited for the sideboard and bringing it in against a less creature focused matchups like Control/Burn to take away there Mana Leaks/Lightning Bolt or key combo pieces... otherwise actual discard effects to optimize the damage/lifeloss of The Rack/Shrieking Affliction or spot removal just gives me more piece of mind when something nasty resolves like Grim Flayer.

Funeral Charm seems pretty awesome with it being at instant speed as well as being a possible Pack Rat pump; i just hate how it visually clashes with the rest of the deck... I might have to get over it and put it in here though cuz it does seem like its great for this deck; but im not certain what i would replace/cut for it.

StopShot on Help me find good cards ...

3 weeks ago

For Xantcha, Sleeper Agent run Hero's Blade to make her bigger before giving away control of her. Also run Heartstone since it makes all activated abilities of creatures cost less regardless if you control them or not. Also run Braid of Fire and Thran Turbine since you can use those to draw cards on your upkeep with free mana. Grave Betrayal practically makes her impossible to get rid of. Mana Cache is a way to give your opponents lots of mana to spend on your commander. You can also run cards like Oppression, Bottomless Pit, Necrogen Mists, Stronghold Rats to keep everyone's hands empty so that they'll want to draw more cards. Helm of Awakening is also good, since it makes all spells cost less leaving your opponents more mana to spend on her ability. Also since she has to attack you could also run Vampiric Link to gain life by enchanting your commander or you could just use Exquisite Blood to capitalize on the slugfest that is bound to ensue.

APPLE01DOJ on Budget 8-Rack

3 weeks ago

I would cut the creatures. Replace them with Funeral Charm Duress and Harsh Scrutiny.

Dark Deal would pair nice with Waste Not.

Necrogen Mists is worth including.

Since you're running Dark Deal. 1x Empty the Pits could be good.

xyr0s on Help with an anti net-deck

3 weeks ago

In the meta you describe, Smallpox might be a boon to your opponents. Most of them don't mind a bit of discarding after all.

Also, as others said, you need The Rack over Quest for the Nihil Stone - quest doesn't work unless you enable it, which means you have to spend a mana to play it early, while opponent still has cards to discard, and you would rather spend that mana playing discard.

Necrogen Mists could be just what you want for longer games.

eleventhend on Muldrotha EDH Mill/Value

1 month ago

Couple of notes up front (might just be due to ongoing edits):

  • You have 2 copies of Victory Chimes in the list
  • You only have 96 cards in the list (including the duplicate above) instead of 100

Design Strategy

Want to suggest a couple of deck strategies to consider focusing in on (they are all fairly synergistic but it might help to pick one to focus on to help the deck feel like it has a clearer win condition):


With your current list of mill-value and beats, the missing pieces only seem to be ways to close the game.

Potential Additions

Discard Group Slug

I think this is a really interesting avenue for Muldrotha: running cards like Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, Waste Not, Oppression, Mindslicer and Myojin of Night's Reach to clear out your own and opponents' hands while benefiting from Muldrotha and other graveyard recursion effects to allow yourself to keep making plays. It would be a deck unlike any other at our table so far.

Your win conditions could be both mill, using cards like Keening Stone to close, or life-loss with cards like Liliana's Caress and Bloodchief Ascension mixed with some mild creature beats.

Other solid cards that support this archetype:

Graveyard Theft or Pure Recursion

This concept would run recursion spells like Boneyard Parley to steal the best things from opponents graveyards. In this case, Muldrotha allows us to consistently run targeted recursion from our graveyard, and we can focus our deck construction on the grave-robbing package. Because of Muldrotha's ability, we want to focus primarily on "theft on sticks" which we can repeatedly cast as needed, likely leaning heavily into Black.

Theft on Sticks examples


xyr0s on Sister's of the Dark Nile

1 month ago

You probably will never win with UB zombies on being faster than your opponent. So you should most likely prepare for a longer game, maybe with a sac outlet, Grave Crawler and Diregraf Captain to push in the last points of damage. The sac outlet shouldn't cost mana to use, and that limits the options.

Also, stop using lands that come into play tapped - it's the same as playing timewalk for your opponents benefit.

You might also make something poor of symmetrical discard/sac, since zombies have a lot of creatures that can crawl back from the graveyard. Smallpox, Fleshbag Marauder, Necrogen Mists... Liliana of the Veil, if you truly have no budget considerations... those are all symmetrical, but can turn to your advantage.

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