Mind Twist


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations Rare
Masters Edition III Rare
Fourth Edition Rare
Revised Edition Rare
Unlimited Edition Rare
Collector's Edition Rare
International Collector's Edition Rare
Limited Edition Beta Rare
Limited Edition Alpha Rare

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Mind Twist


Target player discards X cards at random.

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Mind Twist Discussion

theindigoeffect on Tymaret, the Discard King

1 week ago

Honestly, that kind of strategy is pretty tame in our play group. In that scenario, a discard strategy puts a huge target on my back, so I have to win quickly or I'll die.

Don't get me wrong, I love Mind Twist and Attrition, but they don't offer much synergy in a creature recursion deck, which is partly the problem.

Now if I could cheat cards like Myojin of Night's Reach into play consistently, I wouldn't have to worry about casting costs, but I don't know many cards that do that, other than Quicksilver Amulet.

Thank you for the suggestions! I agree that one-offs like Black Cat just don't do enough, unless I could clone/recur it a thousand times. I don't know if it's possible to clone something in B/R, but now you've got me thinking about it. Blade of Selves perhaps? I'm not sure what else off the top of my head.'

SteelSentry on Tymaret, the Discard King

1 week ago

Mass discard is a "mean" strategy, and I think you may have built this list afraid to be the villain. It looks like you tried to hybrid an aggressive deck and a cruel control deck, and those don't really work together. First thing I would do is slow down the deck, and put in more longevity.

A lot of your discard is low-impact. Black Cat, for example, only makes one opponent discard once. Why not play, for example, Hypnotic Specter, which can hit multiple times. In addition, I would add things that benefit off of discard, like Liliana's Caress, Sangromancer, Geth's Grimoire, and Waste Not. Symmetrical effects are a little harder to build around, but things like Sire Of Insanity, Oppression, and Bottomless Pit can really get your job done faster. Notion Thief can prevent your opponents from refilling their hand, and Torment of Hailfire is a good finisher from HOU.

In addition, Tymaret already wants you to have tokens, so I would beef up that sub-theme, adding things like Ophiomancer and Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder. Tokens would keep you alive longer, and would allow you to play things like Sadistic Hypnotist and Mind Slash. If you have fodder lying around a lot, Pox and Death Cloud hurt you a lot less than your opponents.

A cruel control theme is not an easy way to make friends at the table, but playing a lot of spite cards can make people reluctant to attack you. Mind Twisting for 7 or having Attrition on the board will stick with people (and, if your budget is bigger, No Mercy).

B0effe on Cao Cao Lord of Wei Discard EDH

2 weeks ago

Nice deck. I would run Leyline of the Void main deck. It is really powerful in both discard and mill decks. Most commander decks have some kind of graveyard interaction which you can then annihilate + it functions really well with Ill-Gotten Gains which then becomes an advantage entirely for you. I would remove Ghirapur Orrery from the deck, which I don't really get? Doesn't it help your opponents a lot, or is there some kind of plan to it?

Also Mind Twist is a Classic and Silent Specter and Shimian Specter could be some nice touches.

Winterblast on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

4 weeks ago

DarkLaw I think it looks interesting at least because it says "nonland" casting this after a boardwipe essentially means 3 times X dmg. Having everyone at zero cards in hand isn't too hard to achieve in a mono b deck either, with stuff like Delirium Skeins, Bottomless Pit, Mind Twist, Necrogen Mists...I think I'll try it in my deck with Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed

theindigoeffect on inundate&pillage

1 month ago

I used to play Persecute on turn two against my friend's mono-colored burn deck with a little help from Dark Ritual. If you want to speed things up, Dark Ritual is a good start.

In addition to the always awesome Hymn to Tourach, Thoughtseize is pretty effective, and Painful Quandary is an interesting discard engine.

My all-time favorite is Mind Twist and its little brother Mind Shatter isn't too shabby.

greyninja on Best commander for...

1 month ago

Telepathy could work as glasses #2

Lazav, Dimir Mastermind might be an idea. Run cards like Thoughtseize, Ostracize, Mind Twist, etc to capitalize on Lazav's ability with the knowledge you've gained from Glasses of Urza

ZombieswithJetpacks on What should the invocations have ...

1 month ago

I agree that they should have only been Spells, no creatures or artifacts. Also the lack of green invocations was disturbing. To break it down:

White cards: 7

Blue cards: 11

Black cards: 6

Red cards: 3

Green cards: 1 (The God)

If you count the gold cards, Green gets an additional 1 card, white gets an additional 1, and black gets 2 more.

This brings us a total of 30 cards. I kind of wish they were evenly spread out, each color getting an even amount.

Below is a list of what I would have made the invocations be and this list does include alot of the invocations that were already made. Additionally this list is made to have all the colors get equal representation. Additionally this is just an opinion. Here we go by color:


1x Austere Command1x Worship1x Wrath of God1x Swords to Plowshares1x Oblivion Ring

Blue (This is the only color, for obvious reasons, that I didn't add any cards to, but rather subtracted from):

1x Counterspell1x Cryptic Command1x Daze1x Force of Will1x Pact of Negation

Black (I almost just subtracted down to 5 like blue, but Mind Twist always felt a bit disappointing for me as an invocation, and was cut [remember this is all just opinions and fun times]):

1x Attrition1x Dark Ritual1x Diabolic Intent1x Damnation1x Entomb


1x Aggravated Assault1x Chain Lightning1x Lightning Bolt1x Sneak Attack1x Anger of the Gods

Green (This one took some work):

1x Vines of Vastwood1x Harrow1x Tooth and Nail1x Nourishing Shoal1x Exploration

Gold (While not totally even, I tried to represent colors fairly):

1x Maelstrom Pulse1x Vindicate1x Lightning Helix1x Aura Shards1x Electrolyze

What do other people think? Hows my list?

theindigoeffect on Damia Bodysnatcher

1 month ago

There are also better mass discard spells like Persecute and Mind Twist that are more efficient than jin-gitaxias.

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