Atarka's Command


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir Rare

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Atarka's Command


Choose two —

  • Your opponents can't gain life this turn.
  • Atarka's Command deals 3 damage to each opponent.
  • You may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield.
  • Creatures you control get +1/+1 and gain reach until end of turn.
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Atarka's Command Discussion

InnerFlame on Let's have that talk: Burn

5 days ago

Entrei, Oketra's last mercy won't be played as mush as a lot of people are thinking. Timely Reinforcements is a much better option. Not only do you not want to really do it until around 5 life, but reinforcements is more survivable if you get Skullcracked or Atarka's Commanded. You can use timely reinforcements with value at any time and it's still devastating, plus it has the added vesatility of tokens. Therefore I don't see it being replaced and people won't run that much devotion against burn. As far as Leyline of Sanctity goes, they have just as much of a chance as you do to draw into Destructive Revelry and mise we'll play two turns to see if you draw it while establishing the mana, DarkLaw.

I see how the deck is linear, and that can be played around by stoping their options by drawing your options. Which, isn't that how magic is? So if you get mad about not drawing your answers, you're mad at your luck, which is a large part of magic. So I don't see the use in getting mad about the deck. I can see the it's not interactive and boring to play against part, I get that a lot actually. That's probably the best argument against playing it. The players calling it a non-deck are just what run through my head a lot.

InnerFlame on Let's have that talk: Burn

5 days ago

Burn, a deck I've seen best described as "the counter-less Control deck, the creature-less Agro deck, the combo-less Combo deck. The thing that makes this deck tick is the simple fact that it has no classification outside itself." it's one of the oldest decks and competes almost every format, a feat not all decks can bost; however, there seems to be a stigma or prejudice agand net the deck. And that, is what I want to talk about.

When my deck, deck:my-burning-crush-on-taylor-swiftspear broke grounds on the site, it was met with a larger amount of support and admiration than I thought it would, or at least more than new user me would have expected. and when I would play it, deck performed decently well. Even better, when other people piloted the deck, they would comment back to me how well they did. It is important to note, I'm not saying burn was my idea or that my deck was something special, simply that it was a generic burn deck with some minor tweaks. Mine just had a name of interest. What's important to note is that those who piloted it, liked the deck and it performed well. Though, when I would play with the deck in an FNM, I would catch some negative vibes from my pears. I'd get the sighs when my opponent found out they were playing against a burn deck. I catch the murmurs of opponents dreadfully explaining how they lost to burn. I once even had a player rage quit and yell "it's not even a real deck" as he protested against my deck after his Jund deck sizzled out. The latter really kind of offended me. Even outside of FNM, around the LGS and online, is hear players bash burn saying the same thing, "it's not a real deck." Some even said it wasn't competitive, and of course, there is the ever so popular saying "it takes no skill to play." It even got to a point where one of my favorite players when I started playing magic, Lee Shi Tian, wrote about how one of his fellow players became so "desperate" he turned to burn for a pro tour. Needless to say, I disagree. This all left me in a mind rut I couldn't get out of, though. I loved burn. I didn't only perform decently well with burn, but burn represented me as a player (overly aggressive). But, every time I played with it or defended the stance of it, I'd be magic shamed.

Why? Why the magic shaming? Why the resentment and shaming? Burn is a deck, it's not like it's been crafted out of non magic cards. Anybody that's played magic for a long time will tell you burn does take skill to play. In fact, a lot of games it takes a skilled player to play burn because one misplayed spell can cost you the game. It isn't a mindless deck, for the previous reason on top of having to learn how to play control with a burn deck. Burn players are forced to make decisions on nearly every cast. It's not always straight to the face of every opponent and tap out every turn, especially when playing against a control deck. It takes knowledge of every deck and planning of what might happen if you cast this spell or if you need to get rid of that creature. At the same time, you can't get too off track of your combo to 20 life. It's a fragile deck that performs well in every role if it has a well-practiced pilot.

Versatility is a key to a deck, and with burn, the basis of the deck can stay the same while changing how it feels by mixing some things up. As of now, Naya is the preferred burn color. But there are mardu and jeskai variants of the deck that can attack different weak points of the deck and change how the deck interacts slightly. Essentially, the core idea of burning stays put as you change colors, but changing colors sets the deck up for different situations all together, and does so very smoothly. Which could be a saving grace in a deck that appears very linear.

Even more, the meta for burn currently doesn't seem like it couldn't be better. Death's Shadow is running modern top 8 list right now, not because the deck is just powerful enough to make up 15% of top 8s, but because of the sheer number of players playing the deck right now. Everybody is playing it. And if you have the chance to play against it twice out of your 4 or 5 rounds at an FNM or larger tournament (adjust figures), is burn not one of the decks you'd want to be playing against a deck that does 10 damage to itself. Ever since twin left the scene, there's been no good control-yes twin was a combo deck but also a tempo/control deck-that has taken modern like the aggro decks have. And all the combo decks can be hosed by burn, especially after sideboarding. Fetches and shock lands are more prevalent than ever before, almost guaranteeing a free Lightning Bolt or Boros Charm . Really the only deck that has burns number right now is junk, and that build has fallen out of favor in recent months. It's a turn four deck, in a turn four meta which is doing nothing but helping burn.

As far as I've been able to identify, there anti-burn discussions are based off of 3 main points. The first being, an opponent of burn won't win off skill. Modern isn't fair, it's been well documented on how there's a ton of decks in modern that aren't fair. If you're going to play a fair deck in a unfair format, you shouldn't be a sore loser about it. And yes, I'm going to want to play a deck that gives me those free wins sometimes, positioning myself in a good spot; that's just common sense and good planning. Secondly; it takes no skill to play burn. I discussed this above, but pretty much, it's such a fragile deck that every spell matters. Lastly, the deck is too linear. The biggest weakness of the deck is that it is not very resilient. It likes to do one thing in one way. It can be altered a bit by changing a few points of the deck, however this can take away from the overall aggression of the deck burn is famed for. Changes that include the inclusion of Wild Nacatl, changing colors for Tasigur, the Golden Fang, or protecting against lifegain outside of Skullcrack and Atarka's Command with counters or Rain of Gore .

It's an ever changing deck that has evolved throughout the past 25 years, and will do so going forward by adding a card here and there, possibly even colors. But still today, I don't understand all the hate that surrounds the build. Maybe it's magic's biggest misunderstanding. Maybe it's time to put the burn shaming to rest. Maybe I'm just delusional.

What do you all think?

Squirrelbacon on Reckless Revolt Zoo

1 week ago


Looking over your list, you seem very counter influenced. Have you thought about adding in Hardened Scales and Hunger of the Howlpack?

Also, I think all zoo decks need Atarka's Command mainboard.... it's so valuable and it helps the strategy to play everything and alpha strike to end the game!

PrinceOfCzechia on Naya Aggro/Burn

2 weeks ago

Thanks for your feedback, guys.I think i might run Atarka's Command as a sideboard card and swap it with Madcap Skills depending on the opponent's removal possibilities. And about the mana, I guess I'll keep it current way, because the nonfetch dual lands are 2 types which boosts this deck significantly.

IggmondVanre on Naya Aggro/Burn

2 weeks ago

Sounds like your looking for some of the fetch lands. Arid Mesa, Wooded Foothills, and Windswept Heath are the ones best suited for your colors. The other are Overgrown Tomb, Flooded Strand, Bloodstained Mire, Scalding Tarn, Misty Rainforest, Polluted Delta, and Marsh Flats.

Atarka's Command Might also be a good addition, I would use it in place of the Madcap Skills.

The fetches and Atarka's Command are a bit pricey, so if you're going for budget they might not work well. Good luck!

Mooseblood on #MakeDomriRadeGreatAgain / Gruul Aggro I

2 weeks ago

kizukesadama, not bad! I like Atarka's Command a lot, and I can retool a couple things here and there for Voltaic Brawler

Jimmy_Chinchila on Naya Cats

4 weeks ago

Qasali Pridemage solid sideboard card, Atarka's Command as well. Heroic Intervention against Anger of the Gods. Prowling Serpopard maybe as a singleton, Steppe Lynx good with fetch lands. Qasali Ambusher fun too.

Nice build, +1

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