Treasonous Ogre


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy Uncommon

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Treasonous Ogre

Creature — Ogre Shaman

Dethrone (Whenever this creature attacks the player with the most life or tied for most life, put a +1/+1 counter on it.)

Pay 3 life: Add R to your mana pool.

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Treasonous Ogre Discussion

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on website bug

2 days ago

Treasonous Ogre is sometimes labeled illegal in the EDH/ Commander format on the right-side legality tab. I've looked at other websites to confirm this, but it seems Ogre is still legal in EDH.

escobert on Treasonous Ogre showing as illegal.

2 days ago

Treasonous Ogre is showing as illegal in my Zada Hedron Grinder EDH deck list. I tried to go in to see if it had accidentally been added to the ban list in the fix card tab but, it's not tagged as being banned in EDH. It seems to be legal in some decks but listed as banned in other decks. Any ideas?

SpaghettiToastBook on Ashling the burn deck

4 days ago

Chain Reaction is a really good board wipe: it's inexpensive, has a low CMC, and almost always kills everything.Staff of Nin is recurring card draw and it's cheap. Mind's Eye is more expensive but probably better at drawing cards. Magus of the Wheel and Dragon Mage are more wheel effects you could try. You might also want to try Mana Flare, Treasonous Ogre, or Caged Sun for even more mana to sink into Ashling.

You might want to try damage doublers: Furnace of Rath, Insult / Injury, Quest for Pure Flame, Dictate of the Twin Gods, Curse of Bloodletting, Gratuitous Violence, or Overblaze. All of these are pretty inexpensive.

Copying spells is a neat way to increase the value of your burns. You could try any of these: Reverberate, Wild Ricochet, Fork, Chandra, the Firebrand, Dual Casting, Dualcaster Mage, Increasing Vengeance, Howl of the Horde. You can also use most of these to copy pesky counterspells or copy draw or ramp spells. Price of Glory is great since you're mostly playing at sorcery speed. Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast, Ricochet Trap, and Burnout are good for hating on blue players. Overmaster, Reroute, or Shunt might be okay too.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Ogres are like Onions $20 budget

3 weeks ago

Crown-Hunter Hireling is a great cheap Ogre worth including. In B/R, and especially in a budget build, card draw is scarce, and the monarchy is great way to solve that problem. And give you an excuse to hit people.

Deathforge Shaman is a great finisher creature to play, and its also super strong with Rakdos since you can use the mana for its multikicker instead of casting it.

Heartless Hidetsugu is an absolutely nasty creature that really helps accelerate aggressive games, and is super powerful in multiplayer. Lets you play stuff nearly for free with Rakdos in play.

Hellhole Flailer is strong creature for its casting cost, and is just about strictly better than, say, Ogre Resister.

Henchfiend of Ukor is a cool-looking Ogre that fits into your colors and comes in swinging.

Ogre Geargrabber seems like interesting tech against voltron decks, or if you want to get rid of a Sword of X and Y from something.

Rustmouth Ogre is hard, repeatable artifact removal; an essential effect in EDH.

Singe-Mind Ogre has real potential to hit something super huge, especially in Commander where the average mana curve is much higher.

Treasonous Ogre is everything you want in EDH. Floods life into mana for casting big creatures, or just enough for that Deathforge Shaman multikicker. Dethrone is also a super relevant ability.

Viscera Dragger has a lot of value going for it; cycle it for another card, and then unearth it for two mana for extra attacking power.

sonnet666 on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 month ago

yavimaya_eldred, That doesn't work. All the creatures being searched by Hulk need to have their CMC add up to 6. My first thought was Kiki-Jiki too, but so far there's no 1 CMC creature that combos with him. The bigger problem is that there are very few ways to recur Hulk's trigger in Green or Red without returning it to hand and recasting.

Here's the best I can come up with:

With a sac outlet: first Hulk grabs Feldon of the Third Path + Quirion Ranger + Crimson Mage, to get a second Hulk, return a forest to untap Feldon, sac Hulk to grab Burning-Tree Emissary and Treasonous Ogre, use the and 3 life Feldon a third Hulk, grab Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Kiki copies Quirion Ranger, return another Forest to untap Feldon again, 9 life for a fourth Hulk that grabs Zealous Conscripts.

Total cost: , 12 life, 2 forests in play, a sac outlet, Hulk and 7 other card slots devoted to the combo.

Not nearly as elegant as the combos I posted above.

As far as mono-green goes, I think your best bet is to play Hulk in decks that were planning on comboing out with Umbral Mantle, Staff of Domination, or Sword of the Paruns already, and then just use him as a surefire way to grab the creatures you need once you have one of them out.

Liquidbeaver, How exactly does sacing your own lands break stax?

For comparison, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Krenko, Mob Boss, and Zada, Hedron Grinder are all T3 generals, and all of them are capable of combo-ing out by turn five or six. Hell even Grenzo, Havoc Raiser, Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient, and Feldon of the Third Path are T3, ad they're just value generals. I think Ib is fine where he is.

Winterblast on Original commander ideas?

1 month ago

MagicalHacker there's also a great trick with Treasonous Ogre and Soul can use the life loss ability to pay for the life exchange, which makes it a 4 mana two card combo. Quite awesome imo.

Neotrup on melira, sylvok outcast Devoted Druid ...

1 month ago

If you control Melira, Sylvok Outcast then you cannot pay the cost to activate Devoted Druid's second ability. It is a similar situation to having Platinum Emperion and Treasonous Ogre, for which Platinum Emperion has the following rule:

1/1/2011 You can't pay a cost that includes the payment of any amount of life other than 0 life.

This is not a combo, the cards actually hinder eachother.

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Marchesa, the Black Rose Nr. 6

1 month ago

Treasonous Ogre can help keep you off the 'throne' and sets you up for some very powerful plays. Also, dethrone stacks, so he can grow quickly.

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