Treasonous Ogre


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy (CNS) Uncommon

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Treasonous Ogre

Creature — Ogre Shaman

Dethrone (Whenever this creature attacks the player with the most life or tied for most life, put a +1/+1 counter on it.)

Pay 3 life: Add R to your mana pool.

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Treasonous Ogre Discussion

Jagg3r5 on Life's a Bitch, Then You Die.

20 hours ago

Just as a note, an alternative commander could be Mathas, Fiend Seeker as he can also generate decent card draw and will help to pit your opponents against each other. Additionally, this will remove the incentive that the Monarch ability gives your opponents to attack you as well as give you a bit of life gain. This change would however somewhat devalue your Treasonous Ogre. Just a thought!

ChrisKrow on Wort Hermit Storm

1 week ago


I'll try to find another win line for Krosan Reclamation.

What are your thoughts regarding the three which I mentioned earlier? Out of them, I'm sure there is a way to abuse Treasonous Ogre, and it helps in getting more mana for the HD plan anyway.

ChrisKrow on Wort Hermit Storm

1 week ago

also Imperial Recruiter, Tinder Wall, Treasonous Ogre all seem good, and may even call for a new Hulk pile.

Been thinking about Blood Moon as well, but it could screw us up.

kdmurphy001 on Heartless Son of a Bitch

1 month ago

Couple ways about it - but they usually involve Treasonous Ogre and some way to get him out turn one. The deck is a bit different these days so this needs to be updated but example would be starting hand of -

Mountain, Mana Crypt, Treasonous Ogre, Simian Spirit Guide\Lotus Petal, anything to give haste (boots or the R enchanment that gives everything haste) + any damage doubling effect (why the deck can't have to many of these). In this instance you mountani, mana crypt, toss petal and then tap your mountain and mana crypt for four mana to play ogre. Take 15 damage play harry, take 3 more dmg and play Mass Hysteria and then 12 to 15 more dmg to play some damage doubling effect. If you are at even life you can pay 3 more life to get to odd (I've gone down to 1 before) and games over.

Twice I've used the "take another turn then loose at end of game" to either win or kill everyone one (me included) on turn 2 (but some players had yet to take a turn). You really have to go all in every game /w Harry and be willing to take big risks right out the gate.

Bou on EDH Licia, Gladii, Sanguis, Valeria Victrix

1 month ago

Hey! I really liked your storm version. It seems quite a bit more competitive but very interesting use of the spells matter aspect. What I've been trying here is mostly basic "life matters/doesn't matter" with all the life for cards (like Ad Nauseam which is truly amazing like you mentioned), for mana, damage, etc.

I have held back a bit because I didn't want to escalate the power level in my playgroup, which is for me the main reason Aetherflux Reservoir isn't in here. I also generally don't cast that many spells so I wouldn't benefit much from the first ability on it, but 50 life is easily gotten through other means, making this pretty much a 4 cmc game winner. As for Chandra's Ignition, it's my top card by far, cleaning up and catapulting me to near 200 life easily. with aetherwork, that'd be an easy 4-player execution ha.

I am toying with a faster copy of this on tappedout as a test version that includes more life gain/loss with e.g. Treasonous Ogre, Rhox Faithmender, Dragon Breath, and what would happen if I stopped caring about the power level bump, but am hesistant to do so as my group has already expressed concerns about something as innocent (:x) as Serra Ascendant... Though to be fair I did topdeck and drop it turn 1 that one game.

One problem I do seem to run into is mana ramp and color dedication, but I see you're dealing with that issue by using rituals. How have they worked for you so far outside of the storm / as one-offs?

VETJasper on Krenko, Combo Boss

1 month ago

Your life total is ALWAYS a resource. Winning at 1hp is the same as winning at 38hp. If the OP is playing games against decks as disgusting as his own, then cards like Ancient Tomb, Hall of the Bandit Lord, Treasonous Ogre, and Mana Crypt will be some of the most powerful and mana efficient plays he can make.

Combos plan is not to swarm or burn. The plan is to hit every land drop, draw cards, and get into an explosive position that wins the game in one turn. Unless the opponent is running Lightning Bolt, that life loss from Treasonous Ogre will never be relevant when we're winning right after activating his effect 13 times (13 mana for 4, holy sh).

Most of your suggested changes degrade the explosive power of the deck and put us on the defensive, but defense doesn't cut it when Tooth and Nail is hitting the board and Atraxa, Praetors' Voice has you at 8 infect.

You also seem to have a problem with the redundancy of powerful effects in the deck. You run Ruination and Blood Moon together because on average you don't draw either of them, and drawing 1 will seriously set back most non mono-colored opponents. The chances of drawing both in a single competitive game are so minuscule that you run both. The same goes for Phyrexian Altar and Ashnod's Altar.

Also Skullclamp works with tokens; whoever told you otherwise was wrong. Sylvok Lifestaff would also work.

ticked-off-squirrel on Krenko, Combo Boss

1 month ago

looks nice but as an expert goblin player (having 3 goblin commander decks) here are some changes:

switch Gauntlet of Power for Caged Sun. same effects but only affects you. not everyone else.

switch Goblin Rabblemaster with Goblin Piledriver. still gets a buff from other attacking goblins but does not force you to attack every turn with everything. plus has protection from blue. which is nice.

you got too many things that give Haste. keep Goblin Chieftain and replace Goblin Warchief with Hazoret's Monument. still reduces the cost of goblins and is one less thing to give Haste. plus lets you cycle cards if need to. also swap Fervor for Goblin Warrens or Quest for the Goblin Lord. either one works.

switch Lightning Greaves for Swiftfoot Boots. that way you can still play spells and abilities on your creature while the opponent cannot.

i can see why you put Skullclamp into the deck but sadly creature tokens don't go to the graveyard so it won't trigger the ability. i know, i tried it with Sylvok Lifestaff. that being said replace it with a Prying Blade. or if you need the card draw Rogue's Gloves.

i don't know why you have Treasonous Ogre in there but unless you can crank your life up each turn he will drain you. i suggest Tyrant's Familiar. a 5/5 flyer with haste and if your commander is in play, which he most likely is, gets another +2/+2 and can shoot a creature when he attacks. if 7 mana is too much then Goblin Sappers to make your creatures unblockable at the cost of their life.

you don't need both Phyrexian Altar and Ashnod's Altar. both cost 3 mana and both let you sack creatures for mana. drop the Phyrexian Altar. replace it with Coat of Arms. or if you really need the extra mana Pyramid of the Pantheon

Ruination. i'll admit i am on the fence about this. on one hand you can destroy all non-basic lands (even yours) but on the other it is useless if Blood Moon is in play. if you drop it, Massive Raid should take it's place.

Skirk Fire Marshal. this guy. while yes he is a great card he will blow everything and everyone up after tapping like 10-15 goblins. and yes Eldrazi Monument gives your creatures indestructible it does not give you indestructible. so if you have less life than the opponent then this is a bad card. so keep him but if he gets out of hand then put in Goblin Spymaster he may seem odd at first but by forcing your opponent to attack you you can block the attacks with several dozen tokens and have enough for a counter attack. just be careful with flyers.

Tuktuk Scrapper. without other allies he is just another 2/2 goblin. and 4 mana is a bit much for a plain 2/2 goblin (no offense Goblin Berserker). switch him with Goblin Mountaineer. a good scout goblin and is unblockable if Blood Moon is active and opponent has any non-basic lands.

land wise you need to drop the following and replace them with either Mountain or Snow-Covered Mountain:

Ancient Tomb. again, unless your life cranks up drastically each turn it will drain you.

Hall of the Bandit Lord. same reason.

Haunted Fengraf. the creature you get back is random and only a one time thing. not worth it.

Tectonic Edge. if you have Blood Moon in play then there will be no non-basic lands making this useless.

Wicked_N_Irish on A Song of Loyalty and Betrayal

2 months ago

Marchesa is one of my favorite decks to pilot. Have you thought about adding Grave Betrayal for thievery fun? Treasonous Ogre is a great source of mana and also manipulates your life total to assure you'll never be on the throne.

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