Witch Hunt


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare

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Witch Hunt


Players can't gain life.

At the beginning of your upkeep, Witch Hunt deals 4 damage to you.

At the beginning of your end step, target opponent chosen at random gains control of Witch Hunt.

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Witch Hunt Discussion

Lycanion69 on padawan need help

1 month ago

I'm sorry to be the one who tells you that but Witch Hunt doesn't work the way you think it doesIt burns your opponent on their turn and not on yours so it will not -4 the cost of your creatures with Rakdos, Lord of Riots

But i do think it would still be an awesome General if you like him

And for the links you can check them before pressing post

But the most important thing is pick the commander that you think you will have the most fun to playRemember Edh is a fun and casual format and there's also 99 other cards in your deck so don't put all your focus on the general only (even if a general seems weak at first with some combo he might get super overpowered) have fun and welcome to commander

Darthlady on padawan need help

1 month ago

Long story real short i have recently invested and now own a card shop and I decided to try playing mtg and I tried a few decks my employees had and I love commander but I have a real problem picking up a commander to main

I went on edhrec and browsed the 2 color section (2 colors for me right now is plenty) and I found a few general who look awesome but I'm stuck.

1.Geist of Saint Traft i love the fact that he's a cheap commander to cast with hexproof.Thinking about making a voltron/enchantment-aura stuck on him +the angel is kind of a bonus

2.Temmet,Vizier of Naktamun obviously would be token oriented and with some artifact with living weapon would be a nice addition to the deck

3.Rakdos,Lord of Riots I love the art of the card, there's plenty of cards to burn in this game to make his skill activate and reduce the cost of my creature one of the card i love is Witch Hunt always a -4 unless it falls on you

4.Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord gain bonus for creatures in my graveBurn people and send the creature in my grave to gain more bonus and when he's destroyed i get him back by sacrificing 2 land (and i have plenty of cards to play land from my grave) so i was thinking so form of a sacrifice deck etc...

5.Queen Marchesa i know she's a 3 color but i love the monarch mechanic and i saw plenty of cards that can combo with it but i don't really see a winning strategy with her yet

SpaghettiToastBook on Ashling the burn deck

3 months ago

One more thing: you can play Leyline of Punishment, Witch Hunt or Sulfuric Vortex to make sure all your damage hits.

KylerStar on Rakdos

5 months ago

Malignus is another EDH staple. Specially when paired with Curse of Bloodletting.

Erebos, God of the Dead is probably the best help against pesky life gain decks, for it does not prohibit you, as well as provide some card advantage.

Leyline of Punishment, Forsaken Wastes, Havoc Festival, Stigma Lasher, Sulfuric Vortex and possibly Witch Hunt, may help against those life gain decks, that might be a problem for you.

Firebones675 on Norin the Gambler

6 months ago

Confusion in the Ranks is nice with norin as whenever he comes back into play you get to steal something and when the next spell is cast, norrin is exiled and returns under your control letting you steal something else.

It's not coin flipping but here are some cards based on randomness you could consider: Scrambleverse, Burning Inquiry, Search for Survivors, Witch Hunt

Last but not least, I think you should include good ol' tibbers, the planewalker that can't decide if he wants to help you or screw you over Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded

Optimator on If Looks Could Kill.. (Diaochan, Artful Beauty)

11 months ago

I am in love with this deck! So unique, much politics. It's an interesting mechanic: the opponent doesn't have to be the one that owned the creature you destroyed. Luckily it's targeted so you can use Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot Boots, Mask of Avacyn, Whispersilk Cloak, etc. for protection.

With burn as a tactic, would Leyline of Punishment, Stigma Lasher, or Witch Hunt be worthy?

What about a Thousand-Year Elixir and Magewright's Stone? Helps Feldon of the Third Path for that late-game push, too.

Utvara Hellkite might be a bit better in the long run than Mana-Charged Dragon... although the latter has the political aspect. Costs less mana, too.

Perhaps a Dragonmaster Outcast as well? I guess those two would have pretty damn big targets painted on them though.

If budget isn't an issue, I'd take a Thran Dynamo over the Worn Powerstone. I have the latter in almost all my decks and no Dynamos to my name. One day...

Price of Glory + Stranglehold is so dope. Mono-Red represent!

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