Witch Hunt


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare

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Witch Hunt


Players can't gain life.

At the beginning of your upkeep, Witch Hunt deals 4 damage to you.

At the beginning of your end step, target opponent chosen at random gains control of Witch Hunt.

Witch Hunt Discussion

BMHKain on Best Mono-G CMDR for "Impurity" ...

1 month ago

@SP3CTR3_chelts: Interesting... "Aurelia's Parhelion △ Legion of the Damned". Not a bad idea; in spite of Her being created by Feather, retaliated against her, & became a Guildleader, & Razia is a Parun… I suppose I'll deal w/ that; though I dunno about the "of the Damned" part now...

Already knew about Leyline of Punishment , but I wonder how good Witch Hunt really is...

Definetely sucks, since I'm making CMDR Decks for both; including Kruphix. I'll leave the mass draw from here...

Yeah, Ajani Vengeant ; though he abandoned the Mana by the time he followed a now dead Elspeth Tirel to Theros; but if Elspeth was mentioned to be a part of Tamiyo 's Story Circle, is Elspeth REALLY ALIVE? If the Final Moments of FATE REFORGED told us nothing, I'd reference BlazBlue while I'm at it. So how did Elspeth Tirel Escape the Starfield of Nyx , & Planeswalk to Kamigawa to meet up w/ Tamiyo in the first place?

It's odd. Gideon Jura did side w/ the Boros Legion for awhile, & his background as Kytheon Iora  Flip came from an area of Theros (Gideon's Home Plane) centered on Red & Mana; & most of the cards' lore based upon this further demonstrates this point. Even Heartwarming Redemption of WAR further expands the story after Gideon's death as well. Which was Ironic as he did wield Blackblade Reforged ; which is Black mana incarnate of Weaponry.

I'll talk about a Boros OC Planeswalker another time. But she's definitely no War-Like individual; preferring to actually think than just react alone as an action.

SP3CTR3_chelts on Best Mono-G CMDR for "Impurity" ...

1 month ago

Hey sorry I am not on tapped out that often but thought i replied to the one on the 8th of june :S

I would go with Auralia, I always thought that feather was a not a typical boros leader and auralia is just boros incarnate!

Strictly Mat'Selesnya might still be alive resting inside the vitu-ghazi which was animated by nissa in war of the spark. Yes it/they were defeated by the god externals but it is not dead (only dormant).

Leyline of Punishment and Witch Hunt stop life gain, I also use Insult / Injury for finishing in my purphoros deck.

kruphix works like omnath but making it colourless is problematic. Omnath can re cast himself (assuming you have flash) and kruphix cant. he is also a win con because he gets big. in my eyes kruphix is a utility piece and omnath is a commander!

Ajani was once boros! but less organised I liked the idea of maybe a Gideon but in boros ... alas it will never be!

Daedronus on Go Go Gadget Xantcha

1 year ago

Nice! This deck will be sweet and unique for sure.

I'd consider Rain of Gore over Witch Hunt. Perhaps also Rampaging Ferocidon? They're cheaper CC and will lower the average CC of your deck but do something similar. The Ferocidons will probably do more damage in fact, especially against creature-heavy decks. Maybe?

Kogarashi on I can be pretty.......Heartless

1 year ago

Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of good replacements for the Leyline and Skullcrack.

Witch Hunt prevents everyone's lifegain, but has some interesting interactions as it's passed around the table.

Insult // Injury does a one-turn "damage can't be prevented," which you could try to combo with one-sided damage dealing. It also doubles damage output.

Unstable Footing blocks damage prevention, and if kicked also deals damage.

Wild Slash deals damage, and if you meet the Ferocious requirement, it also blocks damage prevention.

Eternity Vessel might appeal to you, as when landfall is triggered, your life total becomes equal to the number of counters on it (which equal your life total when you cast it).

Mostly I'd use those two slots for some red ramp.

KingRamz on Etali

1 year ago

I would definitely recommend Neheb over Etali if you want to cast X-spells. X-spells are terrible with Etali because when you cast them for free, X must be zero.

Flaming Gambit is really bad. It's only good when you're targeting someone that has no creatures out for lethal damage, and if you're doing that, Blaze will also kill them. But Blaze also kills people who do have creatures out, and if you need to, it will kill a better creature than their worst creature. Gambit is an instant and it flashes back, but these things don't save it. Cut it for Blaze and you won't be sorry.

I typically don't find one-shot Threaten effects to do very much, so I'd also recommend cutting Kari Zev's Expertise.

An-Zerrin Ruins seems like an odd inclusion to me unless you expect to face a lot of tribal decks. Maybe you do and if so, that's fine.

This deck feels like it really wants Witch Hunt and/or Sulfuric Vortex. Something to consider.

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