Dark Prophecy


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 (M14) Rare

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Dark Prophecy


Whenever a creature you control dies, you draw a card and lose 1 life.

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Dark Prophecy Discussion

Frank_Glascock on Edgar's Dega Vampires

1 day ago

Last_Laugh, thanks for the quick response.

  1. Butcher of Malakir is definitely on the watch list. I am playing six creatures that sacrifice, Grave Pact, Eldrazi Monument, Phyrexian Tower and Diabolic Intent. You make a good case for Anowon, the Ruin Sage.

  2. I may cut Urza's Incubator for the reasons you mentioned. The draw effect on Herald’s Horn make it more valuable in this deck. I play all the mana artifacts that you do. The lack of green's ramp seems to make both of these necessary but again you make great points.

  3. I held Coat of Arms out of this deck originally for the tribal meta issues you raised. I decided that we are the best of the tribal decks to abuse Coat of Arms so I am testing it now. The Wizards deck needs to be combo to win not aggro. The Dragon deck seems to only have a few dragons out at one time.

  4. The life loss from Dark Prophecy is a concern. We play a lot of lifelink creatures so the hope is they mitigate the loss of life. Board wipes are the bane of this deck. I have tried to put in as much anti-wipe tech as I can.

  5. You mentioned that you are not playing Purphoros, God of the Forge to keep the deck's power level in check. Are there anymore cards you are not playing because of power level?

umtebink on Interview with the Vampire

1 day ago

@Frank_Glascock I'm also brewing an aristocrats Edgar deck which will use Dark Prophecy for sure as you can easily trigger the draw yourself. It could be considered here as it is insurance against sweepers and gas in exchange for natural combat trades but I have not tried it in this version yet (I find spaces are very tight, and right now I'm trying to figure out which XLN cards would be best to add).

Frank_Glascock on Interview with the Vampire

1 day ago

Has Dark Prophecy been given any consideration or is the loss of life too great?

Frank_Glascock on Edgar's Dega Vampires

1 day ago


  1. I am playing Butcher of Malakir in the place of Anowon, the Ruin Sage. Do you think I should switch them? I also play Grave Pact and Voldaren Pariah. This is in addition to the other creature based removal we both play in Gatekeeper of Malakir and Patron of the Vein.

  2. We have almost identical spell based removal with the exception that I play WearTear and Vindicate. I think in a non competitive environment we can run more higher cost removal that hits more targets.

  3. What do you think of Urza's Incubator? I am running it along with Herald’s Horn.

  4. What besides Shared Animosity, are you running to finish off the table? Has Coat of Arms or Eldrazi Monument been considered. I run both in addition to Shared Animosity but would probably cut Coat of Arms between the two as Eldrazi Monument provides protection against many board wipes.

  5. Am I correct that you are playing enchantments that draw you cards over something like Anointed Procession? Was Dark Prophecy given any consideration or is the potential loss of life too great?

Laserbeam on Skirsdag High Priest Deck

1 month ago

twistedmage i can see that working but the Dark Prophecy helps you with the card draw, the Quest for the Gravelord could be switched with Claws of Gix. But i think that Quest for the Gravelord is really useful when you pull of your combo's with Voldaren Pariah  Flip so you get another 5/5 zombie on the BF. But thx for the idea.

twistedmage on Skirsdag High Priest Deck

1 month ago

Maybe removing a copy of Dark Prophecy or Quest for the Gravelord for a Claws of Gix to replenish some life lose and its also a sac outlet

Byuante on Life & Death: A Story of Decay

1 month ago

Deepstriker29, this deck contains 11 cards that either draw or tutor for cards, most of which draw a butt ton at once, which has proved time and again to be sufficient to keep the deck chugging along (This deck had 12, but the 12th was removed due to its major downside in this deck, that card being Dark Prophecy). Soul of the Harvest is a slightly worst Harvester of Souls, as it triggers only when I play creatures, while Harvester will trigger upon any nontoken creature dying, mine or my enemies.

I don't like the sorcery speed card draws you suggested as they have their statutes of limitation. A card like Inspiring Call, which is an instant, does something similar to Rishkar's Expertise but the biggest difference is that Call has a far less chance of decking me than rishkar's expertise. This deck goes crazy quickly, and once it starts, without having instant speed cards to draw with, a card like Expertise could only be played before it useful, or after its too late. Mazirek grows to be around 60/60, Mycoloth about 80/80, which makes the Expertise a threat to me as it will deck me at that point, but with call I can respond to his trigger to make the most use of the draw.

Grave Titan used to be in here, cut him for Ophiomancer due to how synergistic she is with Ashnod's Altar and Dictate of Erebos, along with others.

Thanks for your suggestions.

dan98mg on teysa life and death

1 month ago

No Grave Pact? Also I like more on board draw like Smothering Abomination, Dark Prophecy or Grim Haruspex. Then some more token producers would help, Xathrid Necromancer, Hanweir Militia Captain, Requiem Angel. I also have been enjoying Ravos, Soultender, and High Market in a B/W weeny deck, speaking of weeny decks, Dusk / Dawn works wonders in them, this card brings back most of your stuff while getting rid of everyone's fatties. Shred Memory can become another copy of Altar of Dementia or Blood Artist so its nice as another tutor. Also Nether Traitor (which can be tutored via Shred Memory) can generate infinite mana with your commander and Phyrexian Altar.

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