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[Primer] Mogis Slaughter House: Murder Made Tasty

Commander / EDH BR (Rakdos) Burn Control Enchantment Pillow Fort Primer


Welcome to Mogis' Slaughter House

He is your God Cow!

The main goal of the deck is to win by bleeding your opponents out with powerful card effects. Some are slow and steady, others are like a huge meat cleaver taking big chunks out of your opponents life.

Mogis is ideal for Commander for a deck like this. He slowly burns your opponents or sends one of their creatures to the chopping block. He's also indestructible, which is great seeing as we have quite some cards that cause dmg to creatures. That way we don't have to be afraid that we send him back to the command zone, and he can keep burning or chopping away safely.

Below cards trigger of the Mogis sac effect, in case ppl don't pay the 2 life (vs token decks for instance). This for maximum usage of his effect.

Like the famous words of Team Rocket's Jessie and James, the following cards double the damage and with it the trouble for our opponents.

Both Furnace of Rath and Wound Reflection trigger on dmg our opponents deal to each other.

There is also Dictate of the Twin Gods but I felt it was redundant to have 4 double damage enablers in the deck. A control card felt better in that spot.

This section is about bleeding our opponents dry. We achieve this by either slowly burning them to death chopping massive chunks out of them.

Most meat cleaving cards also double as boardwipes in some form or another.

How to use a meat cleaver Show

Since we're not a creature heavy deck, we need to protect our selves so we're not open season for our opponents.

We achieve this through control and stax.

Controlling the board state is crucial if we want to maintain presence. Rakdos has quite a few control cards available. The only problem was the sheer amount of good ones.

Same goes for Stax cards, it helps us deter our opponents in attacking us or targeting our stuff.

I'm not really a control freak, but can I show you the right way to do that? Show

No crying during Tax season Show

Even roosters know that you can't play a MTG game without extra mana enablers.

Here's a list of what we sling with to get some extra mana:

Problems on the board are dealt with easier by enabling ourselves to aquire more cards.

Here we have card draw and tutors to make sure we're all set up.

Some all around goodstuff cards.

  • Phyresis is in there cause I put 1 infect card in all my decks and has fun synergy with some of the cards in here
  • Skull of Orm: Enables you to get great a many things back from the graveyard
  • Basilisk Collar: Great with our creatures to gain life on dmg dealt, which we can use on life pay cards in return
  • Mindcrank: Seems made for this deck, dmg flying all over the place so this is a great way for resource denial
  • Shadowspear: More lifegain and even the ability to get rid of hexproof and indestructible on opponents monsters so we can kill them with a dmg dealing card
Here are our other win-cons to provide our opponents with a gruesome fate:

I'm open to suggestions and ideas to improve the deck. Bonus points if you make a suggestion and mention what you would cut for it and why.

The deck has already been through several changes. These can be found in the "Update" section below, as well as the reason why said change was made.

The deck is made so to provide our opponents with as much "enjoyability" as possible. Granted they are snacks for the God Cow, but they can be so without having fear their lands or their hands will be blown up.

Be sure to check out my [Primer] If It's Not Black, Put It Back deck for even more funzies.

Leave an upvote if you liked the decktech. :)


Updates Add

20200220: Suggestive update

  1. Wurmcoil Engine for a Torbran, Thane of Red Fell.

    Reason: Wurmcoil is great in it's own right, but Torbran has better synergy. His 3 red mana cost is heavy but we'll see how he runs.

  2. Koskun Falls for a Citadel of Pain.

    Reason: Koskun has the issue of being meh late late game as ppl will pay the 2 and requires us to tap down a much valued blocker. Citadel is good for extra dmg, with Manabarbs ppl get dmg no matter what they do with their lands.

  3. Blood Moon for a Altar of the Pantheon.

    Reason: Moon also shuts down our mana base, having several cards that require 2 or even 3 black mana it would affect us too much, sadly (will include it in any mono red deck XD). Altar just fits nicely with the Devotion boost, ramp and lifegain (which can make a difference in the long run).

  4. Price of Glory for a Chaosphere.

    Reason: Glory takes away lands, ppl don't like that so enter Chaosphere. Added bonus of screwing ppl who bring a full Flyer deck.

20200218: Fine tuning

  1. Whip of Erebos for a Last Laugh.

    Reason: Whip is good, but Laugh feels like it gives more synergy overall.

  2. K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth for a Liliana of the Dark Realms.

    Reason: K'rrik is good, but Liliana feels like it's more steady ramp in the fact that it helps hit land drops and can search for dual coloured swamps.

20200217: Mana rock change

  1. Commander's Sphere for a Expedition Map.

    Reason: I feel like Map has slightly better overall value: Early game it helps hit land drops, late game it searches for the Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth + Cabal Coffers combo. Vs the tap for mana and draw card effect from Sphere.

20200206: Upgrade:

  1. Font of Agonies for a Koskun Falls.

    Reason: We don't have that many life pay cards to really have Font work consistently. Koskun is good in any stage of the game, it's basically a Black Propaganda. True we don't have that many creatures, but enough to have one on the field most of the time, and we don't plan to attack much, unless a good opportunity presents itself, so tapping one doesn't hinder us really. Even the Commander can be used, getting Devotion isn't hard for it to become a creature.

20200205: Revision Of The Revision:

  1. Liquimetal Coating for a Ophiomancer.

    Reason: After thinking and talking this over, I've come to the conclusion that, while this is indeed a great combo with Viashino Heretic, it doesn't pull it's weight without. If Heretic leaves the field or isn't on the field (we do have 3 tutors, but you need to hit those tutors) it's a dead card basically who doesn't really work for us. Ophiomancer on the other hand has far greater value stand-alone; he keeps us safe by providing with a deathtouch token every player's upkeep if we don't have one already.

20200204: Revision:

  1. Expedition Map for a Liquimetal Coating.

    Reason: Map doesn't really offer a lot cept for maybe the cabal Coffers and Urborg Tomb combo. Liquidmetal ofers a far better combo and utility with the below card chage.

  2. Fiendish Duo for a Viashino Heretic.

    Reason: Viashino just fits better thematically, cheaper mana wise and has a hell of an ability. SPecially if combo'ed with above card change.

20200202: Trial inputs:

  1. Chandra, Awakened Inferno for a Fiendish Duo.

    Reason: I feel Fiendish Duo brings more to the table ability wise than Chandra with the emblem and possible -3 ability.

  2. Treasonous Ogre for a Mindcrank.

    Reason: We should have enough Mana enablers, so Ogre makes room for Mindcrank. Mindcrank synergies very well with the deck.

  3. Stranglehold for a Blood Moon.

    Reason: Moon has, imo, better synergy with the deck and offers more control than Stranglehold. If our playgroup really detest this so much I will put Strangle back.

  4. Havoc Festival for a Citadel of Pain.

    Reason: Havoc fits very good thematically, but in reality it doesn't pull it's weight: if it doesn't come into play when a double dmg enabler is to finish ppl off in 1 turn, it's a magnet for drawing everyone's aggro. Citadel is more subtle and pairs well with Manabarbs.

20200126: Fine tuned the deck some more:

  1. Dictate of the Twin Gods for a No Mercy.

    Reason: 3 Double dmg cards seems a bit much, they aren't really a necessity to win, just a nice bonus. So changed 1 for No Mercy which gives added utility in discouraging opponents to attack us

  2. Lightning Greaves for a Night's Whisper.

    Reason: Lightning Greaves would only really help with Hidetsugu and Greaven. Night's Whisper gives cheap card draw, always good.

  3. Greven, Predator Captain for a Disrupt Decorum.

    Reason: Greven seems good on paper in this deck, though after careful consideration I feel it doesn't really fit here. He's better off as a Commander who's 99 are build to support him. Decorum fits thematically and opens the politics game. Also combo's well with the life loss trigger cards in the deck.

  4. Gilded Lotus for a Commander's Sphere.

    Reason: Lotus seems expensive early game, Sphere helps us fix our mana base better early. Late game there are other cards that ramp for a lot, so for now I'll give Sphere a try (can also be sacced late game for card draw).

  5. Chandra's Ignition for a Rakdos Charm.

    Reason: Deck has enough ways to deal with creatures, testing Rakdos Charm. If Enchantments prove a big hassle in our playgroup, I'll prolly switch this out for a Perilous Vault.

20200116: After some feedback following changes have been made:


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