Collective Unconscious


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CMT) Rare
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare
Eighth Edition (8ED) Rare
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Rare

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Collective Unconscious


Draw a card for each creature you control.

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Collective Unconscious Discussion

ThallionDarkshine on We are proud to fight alongside men once more

1 week ago

Looks like a pretty sweet list! However, I would consider running a few more ways to recover and/or protect against board wipes. Eldrazi Monument is a great way to both protect your board from destruction and yourself from fliers. Temur Sabertooth is a great way to either give bounce your own creatures to save them from a board wipe, or just eke some additional value out of your etb effects. It also does silly things with a haste enabler on the board, making all kinds of silly infinites possible.

Next, there are some powerful mana producers you might want to consider. Argothian Elder synergizes very nicely with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Growing Rites of Itlimoc , and Elvish Guidance, potentially producing enormous amounts of mana. Viridian Joiner can also generate lots of mana, potentially letting you pump multiple more times with Ezuri or just go infinite with Umbral Mantle.

I feel like Soul of the Harvest and Primordial Sage are a little too slow for their intended purpose. Generally elfball decks want to explode early, but run out of gas later. While these cards can give you a bit of sustain, generally you'll already be running low on creatures to trigger them by the time they come down. I suggest Shamanic Revelation, Collective Unconscious, and Regal Force as great ways to draw a bunch of cards off of a board of elves, giving you additional value for when your board is cleared.

Finally, mono-green has some issues with fliers. The aforementioned Eldrazi Monument should help with that, but there's another very synergistic option available. Jagged-Scar Archers grows with your elf army, and pings off fliers when its not swinging in for tons of damage.

Hope these suggestions were helpful!

Randomsome1 on Yavimaya Resurgence

2 weeks ago

This is very budget right now because I still need to build it and test it. Grasslands, Mountain Valley, and Naya Panorama are just budget options for Wooded Foothills, Windswept Heath, and Arid Mesa. I had Cultivate and Farseek in here before, but I took them out for options that can be abused with tokens. They may very well go back in after testing.

I've been on the fence about Beastmaster Ascension and decided to use Collective Blessing instead because I have it. Thunderfoot Baloth and Overwhelming Stampede will definitely be thought about. I still need to find a good ratio between Pump and Tokens.

I have Shamanic Revelation in already with Skullclamp, Slate of Ancestry, and Fecundity. I wanted to try and make room for Harmonize but now Collective Unconscious has to go in. I always lean towards fewer multi-use spells than more single use, which might be the wrong mentality.

Thank you so much for the suggestions. Do you have and suggestions on what to take out?

Pal00ka on Yavimaya Resurgence

2 weeks ago

Beastmaster Ascension, Thunderfoot Baloth, and Overwhelming Stampede are more options to boost your tokens.

Only having 2 draw "sources" is...silly. I always ensure I have 8-9 sources because nothing is lamer than playing your hand out and top-decking the rest of the match. Shamanic Revelation, Collective Unconscious, Soul of the Harvest, etc. Look for cards that either get you a bunch in one shot or continuously over the course of a match.

Grasslands should only be played in Titania, imo, because it is so slow. Add in the other Panoramas that can find 2/3 of your colored lands. In 3-color decks I generally do 12 non-basics, 24 basics, and 10-12 ramp cards that put basics onto the field (Cultivate, etc.) because 3-color's main weakness is mana-fixing. You have way too many lands that 'enter the battlefield tapped.'

When I'm brewing/making a deck I generally do 10 ramp, 10 card advantage, 10 interaction, and 36 lands. That leaves me 33 cards for my theme/focus. With this ratio, for me, my deck functions despite whatever janky theme I have going on. I'd balance your ratios more for functionality's sake but it's your deck, play it how you enjoy it.

geena on The Whitewash Project

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the heads up on Collective Unconscious -- I forgot that was in 8th! Also have a Sylvan Library coming :) Savannah was already in ;) I'll look for space for the other two :D

SufferFromEDHD on The Whitewash Project

3 weeks ago

golf clap how can something so wrong be so right. +1 from me.

A few suggestions to strengthen the list: Intrepid Hero, Sylvan Library, Collective Unconscious, Plow Under and of course, Savannah.

Homelessguy on Heart of Eldrazi

1 month ago

Personally, I think if you have top deck manipulation to get the pieces you need to win you don't need as much draw Power.

So I'd get rid of Collective Unconsciousand cards like that.

tdopires on Intangible Tokens

1 month ago

If you are on a budget and want to be REALLY competitive, you might want to play Pauper instead of Legacy/Modern!

You can even do infinite tokens in Pauper, like Recover819 pointed... Midnight Guard + Presence of Gond

Besides that, the currently most played Tier 1 deck in Pauper is Stompy, which is a monogreen deck that aims to flood the battlefield with small creatures and hit as fast and consistent as possible.

Like said here before by Dr_Jay, Legacy has a very fast metagame, and you need very consistent (and expensive) mana base to that: fetches, shocks, old duals... And this is just for start, because the other cards are also kind of expensive.

But for casual play, your deck seems very fun and strong! Here are some tips of mine:

Pieguy396 on $10 Tokens ✨

1 month ago

Shamanic Revelation instead of Collective Unconscious? Also, why is this Legacy?

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