Slate of Ancestry

Slate of Ancestry

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4, T, Discard your hand: Draw a card for each creature you control.

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Slate of Ancestry Discussion

griffinpride23 on EGH (Elder Goblin Highlander)

2 weeks ago

I don't generally play burn spells in EDH, but if you want to play them and are using the "X" ones, I highly recommend Mana Echoes. It's a cheap card that can give you a lot of mileage, especially after a Krenko, Mob Boss activation. Maybe replace Lightning Strike? Another consideration is Skirk Prospector.

Also, I would remove Lightning Volley and replace it with Slate of Ancestry since you will need the card draw and will probably have extra colorless off that Mana Echoes.

Lastly, I recommend removing Lightning Bolt and, if you still want the three damage punch, use Lightning Crafter instead. The latter can also protect any Goblin from a board wipe with his "Champion a Goblin" effect.

Goblin Warchief is another great guy to add if you have an extra.

isaelis on Krenko EDH

3 weeks ago

I'd recommend Slate of Ancestry for the drawing potiential! If you do add that, i'd also recommend a Reliquary Tower

MelonGator on Sekki, Season's Guide

3 weeks ago

in regards to card draw i second Skullclamp but i think with token decks Slate of Ancestry is the king.

griffinpride23 on Krenko EDH

3 weeks ago

If you like, you can check out my Krenko deck here. I've been working on it for about six months though and the price has crept up over that time. My main recommendation for you is to drop the creature count and improve you draw and mana acceleration. This build looks like it can run out of fuel quick and be stuck in top-deck mode after a boardwipe. You are running two "wheel" effects; but maybe consider Chandra Ablaze, Rummaging Goblin + Squee, Goblin Nabob , Slate of Ancestry, Mind's Eye, and/or Skullclamp. For mana acceleration, consider Fire Diamond, Caged Sun, Mana Echoes, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, and/or Basalt Monolith. Also, get more outta Krenko by throwing in Rings of Brighthearth or Illusionist's Bracers. I also didn't notice any artifact hate, consider Vandalblast, Shattering Spree, and/or Tuktuk Scrapper. Happy Gaming!

jaded819 on Odric's Order

3 weeks ago

Mentor of the Meek and Skullclamp are great but you still need more card draw. I would add Mask of Memory, Mind's Eye, and Slate of Ancestry. Mastery of the Unseen is a new card that can act as some great pseudo card draw for white; I think you should try it out as well. You should also add more token production; try some cheaper options like Promise of Bunrei or Spectral Procession. They can get Odric up and running very fast.

Wildsong on 2015-02-10 update of The Song ...

1 month ago

I don't like loosing friends :( but look at my tags, i like to play 'competitively'.

Vedalken Orrery Draws tons of hate. But when Seedborn Muse + Vedalken Orrery are together it's pretty much GG. i found myself having problems with blue players and their counters. Vedalken Solves this problem for me, cuz i can manage to cast my bombs on blue players turn, wich screws with their strategy. BTW, its good to make a comeback after a board sweep. Once i had this Battlefield full of tokens, then, in the opponent turn, he casted a Wrath or so. I had tons of elves and a Priest of Titania with vedalken on board. In response i tapped the priest and waited for the kill, then i casted Rhys the Redeemed again, a Hornet Queen and a Mycoloth. I used mycoloth ability to devour every other creature that i had, and Revenge Killed him with a 16/16 Mycoloth with another 12 saprollings on my side. Vedalken Orrery was godly.

I rarely got to the point that i can deck myself with a Slate of Ancestry And sometimes i have some cards in hand that doesn't have any use at that moment. Slate of ancestry worth the shot. I just don't like the idea of sacrificing my creatures with Skullmulcher in order to draw cards. Yes, i have Skullclamp but it is 2 for one and Mycoloth's Devour can make twice as many tokens with his sacrifice outlet. A token deck can swarm the battlefield but it is very mana intensive to create tokens and it's kinda slow to build game until we can deal proper damage. That being said, i just don't think that it is a good idea to remove Slate of Ancestry.

omer1ben on 2015-02-10 update of The Song ...

1 month ago

Glad I could help you lose some friends ;)

Maybe you could try craterhoof again now that you added more ramp. But I agree that lowering the curve is a good idea. Also did you try Thunderfoot Baloth? I haven't tried him in rhys yet but he seems very very good. Have you considered maybe swapping Slate of Ancestry for Skullmulcher? Slate forces you to discard your hand, and can often deck you, or draw you TOO many cards. I like that Skullmulcher gives you a bit more control.
Also just out of curiosity: how has Vedalken Orrery been preforming for you? I've been thinking about adding it to my deck but I'm not sure if it's worth it. same with freylalise.

GoldenDemon on G-G-G-Goblins!!!!! Krenko, Mob Boss(Suggestions!)

1 month ago

Illusionist's Bracers, Magewright's Stone, and Thousand-Year Elixir all allow you to get additional Krenko activations in a turn, which is really the most important thing that your deck will have going on. Outpost Siege is basically a second copy of Boggart Shenanigans, which is really good with the various Goblin-specific sacrifice outlets that are available in mono-red. Speaking of which, consider Goblin Bombardment, Goblin Warrens, and Goblin Sledder. Fervor and Bedlam will allow your token armies to attack unimpeded for a swift victory.

I'd recommend taking out your burn spells, as most of them don't scale well from 60-card to Commander and the others are sort of unnecessary when you consider that you could just be making more Goblins instead.

Tormenting Voice and Wild Guess are just not good cards. I'd recommend Slate of Ancestry instead.

Cost 4
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.3
Avg. cube pick 7.31


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Ninth Edition Rare
Onslaught Rare

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