Slate of Ancestry

Slate of Ancestry

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4, T, Discard your hand: Draw a card for each creature you control.

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Slate of Ancestry Discussion

logansullivan on The Amber Throne

1 week ago

Parallel Lives is pretty good for this deck, for card draw I am a big fan of Slate of Ancestry I personally think that even though it will always come in tapped Murmuring Bosk is just another tri land for the deck and thanks to khans it's dirt cheap

-x-Juuzou-x-x- on Best not Blink.

1 week ago

You wanted help? Here are some cards to get competitive. Sylvan Library is crazy card draw.

Momentous Fall is worth running.Both Greater Good and Natural Order are amazing.

Green can't deal with creatures so things like Lignify and Song of the Dryads are needed.

Card draw is something every deck needs. Being creature based, Slate of Ancestry might be good.As is Mind's Eye

I'll be back with creature suggestions.

Traveler247 on Might of Karador

2 weeks ago

Hey! I saw your comment on DSHoyt's Karador deck, and thought I'd drop in to give some advice.

First off, your land count is 22. If you aren't seeing consistent problems, then that's fine, leave it, but I expect you could use a land count of at least 30. Second, you have barely any card draw. I see Soul's Majesty, of course, but that's it. There are other ways of generating card advantage though: Fauna Shaman, Yisan Chord, and Prototype Portal (ish, you don't really have the artifacts for this). Third, you have some cards in here that just don't make sense, and have numerous more powerful alternatives, or are just under-powered. These include:
Corpsejack Menace - it assists 5 creatures, and is otherwise a vanilla 4/4
Nylea's Disciple - This is severely under-powered lifegain, which is already iffy by itself. Try Thragtusk.
Karametra's Acolyte - This is very slow mana ramp. For 4 mana, you could be playing Oracle of Mul Daya, for example.
Pharika's Mender - This is very expensive for what it does, and is just kinda iffy overall.
Darksteel Forge - You run 11 artifacts. Of those, 3 are basically dead targets. That means 9 mana and a card slot to make 8 relevant cards indestructible.
Xathrid Gorgon - I see this around a lot. It feels powerful, on paper, the problem is that, in EDH, the creatures you need to deal with frequently aren't the one's that are attacking you, they're the ones with some ridiculous passive ability, like Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, or Iona, Shield of Emeria. Even if those aren't the relevant creatures, things die and come back in EDH, and this card's effect is rendered largely useless. And a 3/6 deathtouch for 6 is just not worth it. Now, I don't know the level of your playgroup, so this may be good for now; however, if you keep tuning this deck, this card will definitely need to come out.
Golgari Charm - This is just under-powered. None of it's effects are that good.
Pull from Eternity - This is highly situational, and at best turns their Swords to Plowshares into a Terminate. You're now getting 2-for-1ed. By your own card. That's just terrible.

Also, I see some interesting sub-themes: devotion to green, tap abilities, and ETB abilities. It's important to be thinking about these, because it costs cards you could put towards other themes when you pursue something.

Devotion to green is...ok. In EDH, it's pretty rough around the edges. Honestly, the cards that you need for this theme are terrible on their own, which means that when you're behind, and you draw one, they don't do anything for you, but when you're ahead, they feel great. It's important for cards to help you all the time, or you'll be unable to recover if you fall behind.

Tap abilities, in general, have a huge vulnerability: they can't be used instantly, and removal means you really come out behind on tempo. Now, that said, you have Thousand-Year Elixir, which helps out, but there are several considerations with this. First, Thousand-Year Elixir is dead by itself. Second, your creatures are vulnerable without it, but they can still be very effective. This is actually an identical scenario to ETB effect strategies: the creatures are effective on their own, but are extremely effective when combined with an ETB engine. The engines are useless without a creature though, so, obviously, you want more creatures than engines. You do this, but I'm not sure if you have enough saturation for either strategy to be especially effective at the moment. Now, I'm not saying that you should stop running etb effects and focus on tap abilities (or visa versa), but I am saying that if you are going to run an engine, you should make sure to have lots of fuel for it, and I'm not sure you do at the moment.

Based on the budget of your deck currently, I'm guessing you don't have access to some more expensive cards, like Survival of the Fittest, but I'm not sure exactly where your budget is, so I'll let you find cards. I'd just recommend asking other Karador deck builders what they found effective, or playtesting their decks to figure out what they're doing that's good. The main thing to think about is what themes you want in your deck right now, and how to increase the saturation of that theme. It'll make the deck a lot more powerful. Currently, it's rather scattered. You've got the obvious re-animation theme, but your sub-themes are too scattered to be very effective.

Oh, and card draw options:Skullclamp
Greater Good
Mind's Eye
Momentous Fall
Regal Force
Soul of the Harvest
Slate of Ancestry

Traveler247 on Deck of the Rhysing Sun

2 weeks ago

This deck definitely needs some more card draw, in my opinion. It's based around getting out a lot of tokens, and there are several draw engines that work off of that. Here are some cards that might work for your deck:
Sylvan Library
Regal Force
Staff of Domination
Mind's Eye
Slate of Ancestry

I would also suggest cutting lands for more elves:
Llanowar Elves
Fyndhorn Elves
Elvish Mystic
Heritage Druid

Overall, this deck looks fun, I'd just up the creature count a bit and add more draw.

Ghosthunter39 on Best not Blink.

1 month ago

I would suggest some card draw. Collective Unconscious, Soul of the Harvest, Slate of Ancestry, Seer's Sundial, Momentous Fall, Mind's Eye are all good card draw for mono green.

buzzgsm92 on Accounting Nightmare

1 month ago

Awesome deck dude! Some generic additions - I would say the deck needs a lot more ramp to get to the top end faster: Cultivate, Into the North, Kodama's Reach, Sol Ring, Gaea's Cradle etc.

Some more top end staples would be awesome here and give you some comeback against wrath effects: Avenger of Zendikar, Regal Force, and DEFINITELY Craterhoof Behemoth.

Token Strategy is so awesome with Elspeth Tirel, but also Saproling Symbiosis, Eidolon of Countless Battles, Slate of Ancestry, Parallel Evolution and even High Sentinels of Arashin for the counters plan. Add in some Overrun effects and your in business!

Oh.... and how is Cyclonic Rift not in here lol :P

Cost 4
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.3
Avg. cube pick 7.31


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Ninth Edition Rare
Onslaught Rare

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