Slate of Ancestry

Slate of Ancestry


, , Discard your hand: Draw a card for each creature you control.
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Slate of Ancestry Discussion

NoNeedToBragoBoutIt on Ezuri Elf Tribal EDH Deck

1 day ago


I agree on Loreseeker's Stone, Mind's Eye, Harmonize and Slate of Ancestry, but Collective Unconscious and Shamanic Revelation are game changers anytime i play them!

Another suggestion of mine would be Fresh Meat, as it is the perfect response to board wipes.

As for removals; Scour from Existence, Desert Twister, Rootgrapple and/or Bramblecrush could widen your options. They might be rather costy, but from my experience being too cheap in EDH never pays off.

rdmn on Ezuri Elf Tribal EDH Deck

1 day ago

@ NoNeedToBragoBoutIt

Beast Within is a great idea. I think I have too many expensive card draw mechanisms like Loreseeker's Stone, Mind's Eye, Slate of Ancestry, Collective Unconscious, Harmonize and Shamanic Revelation. I will propably throw some of them out and definitely add Beast Within.

But I've had no problems with too few removal spells so far. Reclamation Sage and Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury can both destroy Artifacts and Enchantments as well and I have multiple options of recursion to bring them back if necessary.

enpc on Krenko! Get swarmed.

3 days ago

I would recommend replacing Coat of Arms with Obelisk of Urd.

Slate of Ancestry / Loreseeker's Stone could be worth running as well to help with card advantage. I think your land count is also a bit low, I would recommend upping it to 35.

DarkRequiem on Here Comes Odric! Prepare Your Anus!

1 week ago

Sure thing!

Your deck hates mass removal! I'd still run it but would remove Wrath of God. You get nothing in return from it. Abu Ja'far clears part of the board, allows for interesting politics and can be re-used through Emeria, The Sky Ruin and Angel of Glory's Rise (we'll get into that in a bit).

Revoke Existence could be swapped for Devout Chaplain. Same effect, can be reused. I know, one can be used as a suprise... But can't be used more than once. Up to you to check which one you prefer.

Darksteel Mutation is fun and all but somehow I feel that Condemn is better.

Aegis of the Gods sounds, to me, like a very meta-specific card. Are you targeted that often by an opponent's spell or ability? Its the only card with that effect that you're running. Ok, it has a low cmc but still... Knight-Captain of Eos instead since most probably it'll save you more often.

Elite Inquisitor sounds very meta-specific too. Unless you're playing against Vampires, Zombies or Werewolves, it won't do much for you. Ok, again low cmc with first strike and vigilance. You already have ways of giving those abilities to your creatures, so it doesn't matter much if has them. Slate of Ancestry so that you can draw into them faster.

Palisade Giant is fun. There are better options though. Angel of Glory's Rise being one of them. While the Giant needs to survive to do something useful, the Angel does just by coming into play. Even if your other creatures take damage (and combat damage becomes a bit irrelevant due to Odric's ability), you get to revive most of them.

Loxodon Gatekeeper is fun but it won't do much. Sure, if you were playing with a few more permanents that did the same like Kismet and/or Blind Obedience, I'd keep it. As is, I don't know... Grand Abolisher might be a bit more useful since it prevents spot removal when you're attacking with Odric, giving some form of protection to your commander.

I don't think Urza's Incubator holds much value on a low cmc deck. You already have Pearl Medallion, Ballyrush Banneret and Daru Warchief. Valor in Akros could easily replace it.

As most people here, I'm not sold on Fabled Hero either. You're playing a grand total of 25 artifacts and enchantments. Does your playgroup use mass removal for those? If so, Open the Vaults might be your friend. If not, leave it be.

Your mana curve would rise a bit with these changes but I don't think that would be problematic with your build.

jcro on Inferno Jungle

1 week ago

Massive update. Threw in an Umbral Mantle and Sword of the Paruns to combo off of Priest of Titania/Archdruid, I threw Presence of Gond back into the mix so I can piggy pack on Priest of Titania for infinite elves and mana. Speaking of, Wirewood Channeler is also a newcomer for more flexibility when it comes to mana. I also added Shamic Revelation, Genesis Wave and Slate of Ancestry for card draw/play. Instead of Strionic Resonator I put in an Inquisitor's Flail for Atarka. More to come... More recommendations are welcome.

ibanner56 on Karlov Soul Sisters

1 week ago

List looks pretty solid. A few thoughts:

I don't think you have enough cheap creatures for Return to the Ranks to be the right choice here. I'd much rather be playing Immortal Servitude or Rally the Ancestors, since they let you bring more of your creatures in most cases.

I don't personally feel like Pontiff of Blight or Divinity of Pride are powerful enough for their mana cost. The Pontiff, especially, since you're sporting a lower creature count, tokens aside. Along that same line, Slate of Ancestry also doesn't seem that powerful.

Since you're running Deathbringer Liege you may want to run more spells that are both black and white, since that's what gets the most value out of him.

SorinDankov on Here Comes Odric! Prepare Your Anus!

1 week ago

Abu Ja'far sounds interesting. I'll consider it.

Mother of Runes is kind of meh to me. In my playgroups, she tends to be useless. I'll mull it over though.

Angel of Glory's Rise sounds like a good idea. Same with Knight-Captain of Eos and Slate of Ancestry.

Daru Encampment is practically useless to me. I don't like it. I know it's cool for flavor, but I'd rather run another plains.

Archetype of Courage is already in. lol

Thanks much for the suggestions and upvote! (:

DarkRequiem on Here Comes Odric! Prepare Your Anus!

1 week ago

One hell of a card to go with Odric is good old Abu Ja'far. Everything they have available blocks it and dies. Not a full board-wipe but its quite awesome. Being 1cmc it can be tutored with your Ranger of Eos. Same goes for Mother of Runes, another great 1cmc drop that I think you should include.

Regarding recursion, 21 out of your (presently) 26 creatures are humans. Angel of Glory's Rise could help you after a board-wipe.

Gempalm Avenger can help you with the draws. Another card that might help you is Slate of Ancestry if you end up top decking often.

Knight-Captain of Eos gives you almost free fogs. That guy alone is quite good.

Landwise, you're missing Daru Encampment. Even if only for the theme, I'd add it.

Now, have you considered Archetype of Courage?

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