Slate of Ancestry

Slate of Ancestry


, , Discard your hand: Draw a card for each creature you control.

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Slate of Ancestry Discussion

Uncle.Istvan on Hazezon Tamar, Land to Sand

3 days ago

clayperce, thanks for the input.

I've actually done pretty well with Mosswort Bridge. It didn't work as well for me in Rith either, but Hazezon can drop, so many tokens at once that I can hit the power pretty easily. I actually ended up dropping Pendelhaven even though it comes untapped because it never did anything and I've been searching out all my basics. I'm considering replacing Khalni Garden with a Stomping Ground when I get one.

I'm not actually deep into landfall. I just cut Rampaging Baloths for another wrath effect. The deck plays more midrange combo where I actually want to play control earlier on to contain the fast aggro attacks before exploding with tokens. Wraths also help clear the board of blockers and double as a sac outlet for Hazezon in a way. Another wrath is coming in and possibly a third, along with another targeted removal spell (STP)

Threaten effects haven't been causing me problems. I usually have a sac outlet on the board.

Amulet is interesting. I hadn't thought of it as a way to ramp but it would certainly work. I don't know if it would be worth it without a way to tutor for it, but it would definitely make me consider keeping Thawing Glaciers, which I had decided to cut because it's too slow for this deck without any way to abuse it.

I think I'd rather have Slate of Ancestry or Skullmulcher over Chandra, Flamecaller as a draw option. I'm considering both right now. Both were initially in but ended up getting cut early. Now that the deck is operating a lot smoother I think either one would work the way I'd hoped initially.

multimedia on Ezuri's Progressive Elves

1 week ago

RicketyEng, your very welcome, glad some of my suggestions helped.

You are on the right track with your deck, don't be discouraged by my wall of text, haha. One thing your current deck does lack is the ability to tutor for a creature. Having spells or creatures that can tutor for creatures are very important to have in green Commander decks because they can find the creature you need when you want it and either put the card into your hand, on top of your library or right onto the battlefield.

Two of the best most cost($) effective tutors are Green Sun's Zenith and Worldly Tutor. The problem with them is they are expensive, $6 or more. If these are out of your budget range then consider adding some budget alternatives.

Elvish Harbinger, Skyshroud Poacher, Fierce Empath, Descendants' Path

  1. Elvish Harbinger, Skyshroud Poacher both can tutor for other Elves, but only Elves. Poacher's tapped ability even puts the Elf you tutor for right onto the battlefield.
  2. Fierce Empath, he finds any creature with six or more casting cost and put it right into your hand. This is great with a variety of creatures you are currently using and one that I recommend you add.
  3. Descendants' Path, this enchantment is not a tutor, but repeatable each upkeep of yours putting a creature onto the battlefield for you if it matches a type of creature already in your control. It is quite powerful with Elves.

Right now your deck only has two ways to find other creatures which is with Sylvan Messenger and Evolutionary Leap. Adding other selection spells can give you more chances to search for key cards at different times in games. This will really help your overall game play. Here are some selection spells for you to consider:

Lead the Stampede, Impulse, Preordain or Ponder

  1. Lead the Stampede, Lead is one of the best selection spells because you are playing many creatures; having the possibility of putting up to five creatures into your hand from one card is great.
  2. Impulse lets you look at the top four cards of your library and put one into your hand. The nice thing about it is you can choose any card not just creatures.
  3. Ponder, Preordain, both these one mana blue draw spells let you first look at the top two or three cards of your library before you draw.

Also consider including more draw spells. You are already using Collective Unconscious which is good, but it is currently your only draw spell. There is other draw that goes well with Elves and your strategy that you should consider adding:

Shamanic Revelation, Slate of Ancestry, Soul of the Harvest, Harmonize, Bred for the Hunt

  1. Shamanic Revelation, Revelation is just like Collective Unconscious except one mana cheaper and has the ability to gain you a lot of life. Since you are putting counters on your creatures making them much bigger than normal; you will most likely have a 4 power creature to turn on ferocious.
  2. Slate of Ancestry, is an artifact which means it is reusable, which makes it really powerful.
  3. Soul of the Harvest, is a great creature, he's not just a 6/6 trampler for six mana; he can also draw you a lot of cards if kept alive on the battlefield. Fierce Empath can tutor for him.
  4. Bred for the Hunt, your strategy with Ezuri is to put counters on your creatures. Bred is very good with trample or any other evasion with your creatures.

This is a list of cards that I think if you included will really help your deck giving you much smoother game play and more options:

Bramblewood Paragon, Gyre Sage, Inexorable Tide, Master Biomancer, Shamanic Revelation, Slate of Ancestry, Soul of the Harvest, Bred for the Hunt, Harmonize, Lead the Stampede, Impulse, Preordain or Ponder, Elvish Harbinger, Skyshroud Poacher, Fierce Empath, Descendants' Path

These cards are candidates for replacement(in no particular order):

Caller of the Pack, Drove of Elves, Elvish Skysweeper, Experiment One, Thelonite Hermit, Titania's Chosen, Ezuri's Predation, Hunting Triad, Sylvan Offering, Arachnogenesis, Mirror Match, Commander's Sphere, Emerald Medallion, Moss Diamond, Seer's Sundial, Wolfcaller's Howl, Siege Behemoth, Thornweald Archer

I wrote a lot hopefully I haven't made this too overwhelming and have given you some more suggestions.

multimedia on Legolas Joins the Party (and all his friends too)

3 weeks ago

yellowaftertherain, I'm not sure if you going for a budget deck or not, but you haven't included any of the green creature tutors, Green Sun's Zenith, Chord of Calling, Worldly Tutor, Sylvan Tutor and Summoner's Pact. This might be because you don't have any of them. If this is the case you should try to get some of them as they will help your deck a lot.

You have also left out the big draw spells that work so well with Elves, Shamanic Revelation, Collective Unconscious and Slate of Ancestry all of these can go in a budget deck. If budget is not a concern then consider adding both Regal Force and Glimpse of Nature.

Two very good one drop Elves that go great with the Ezuri strategy that you aren't using are Taunting Elf and Copperhorn Scout. Both of these little Elves are deceptively very powerful with Ezuri's overrun effect.

You are playing a lot of six or more casting costs creatures this makes Fierce Empath a great Elf for your deck. He can put Soul of the Harvest into your hand.

Two very good support Elves that help take care of problem permanents that give Elves trouble are Jagged-Scar Archers to kill fliers and Nullmage Shepherd as a constant artifact and enchant removal. Consider adding both these Elves.

While you wait to get a Gaea's Cradle consider adding Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. It is the closest land to Cradle that doesn't break the bank. You are playing a lot of enchantments this adds to the amount of mana Nykthos can make. In fact even when you get a Cradle I would still also use Nykthos. Having access to both is just very good.

Good luck with your deck.

TheDevicer on DJ Brimaz - Winter Anthem Mix

1 month ago

Hey mate. Let's talk.

Good cards for you:

Cards to cut and replacements:

TheDevicer on Odric, Token Master

1 month ago

Consider running:

Your deck REALLY wants to hit every land drop. Go up to 38 lands.

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