Slate of Ancestry


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins Rare
Ninth Edition Rare
Onslaught Rare

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Slate of Ancestry


, , Discard your hand: Draw a card for each creature you control.

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Slate of Ancestry Discussion

MagicalHacker on Boros Forever!

11 hours ago


So the deck looks pretty good! I can see a good theme of aggressive creature that also do other stuff, like anthem all your creatures, so it looks like this can beat down pretty hard pretty quickly.

You mentioned that you find yourself in topdeck mode pretty often, and I can see why. I usually aim for 10-14 cards that draw more cards, and I only see 2 here (Staff of Nin and Reforge the Soul.) A lot of people will say that Boros just can't draw spells, but those people are wrong. Now, Boros isn't the most efficient at drawing cards, but it's not out of their reach. Get ready for a wall of text, because here are all your options:

Pursuit of Knowledge, Sorcerer's Strongbox, Slate of Ancestry, Dreamstone Hedron, Magus of the Wheel, Knollspine Dragon, Commune with Lava, Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Fate, Mentor of the Meek, Bygone Bishop, Stromkirk Occultist, Sin Prodder, Prophetic Flamespeaker, Outpost Siege, Chandra, Pyromaster, Chandra, Flamecaller, Well of Discovery, Urza's Blueprints, Tower of Fortunes, Thran Tome, Tamiyo's Journal, Sword of Fire and Ice, Skullclamp, Rogue's Gloves, Moonring Mirror, Mind's Eye, Mask of Memory, Loreseeker's Stone, Infiltration Lens, Illuminated Folio, Farsight Mask, Endbringer, Bottled Cloister, Bargaining Table, Book of Rass, and Angelheart Vial.

Of these, I'm going to suggest the following eight to bring your number up to ten (obviously Mind's Eye, Sword of Fire and Ice, Chandra, Flamecaller, and Wheel of Fortune are the absolute best, but they are all above $5, unlike the following cards):

  1. Skullclamp
  2. Mentor of the Meek
  3. Outpost Siege
  4. Chandra, Pyromaster
  5. Knollspine Dragon
  6. Magus of the Wheel
  7. Slate of Ancestry
  8. Mask of Memory

So what 8 cards to take out? Let's find out which are the least impact, and let's start from the highest cmc, because getting a lower curve is never bad.

  • Captain of the Watch: This card is great in a soldier tribal, but too low impact in this deck, I think. With only 10 cards that get the boost from her, on average, it will only interact with 1-2 cards at a time.
  • Lightmine Field: I can understand wanting some pillow fort, but there are plenty of options that don't affect your creatures too, and you are going wide, so this card hoses you pretty bad.
  • Ajani Vengeant: His plus is very situational, and even though the other abilities are pretty good, him sometimes not doing anything until then is kind of a waste of a card here.
  • Sword of Vengeance: I like having a lot of abilities to get the boost from cards like Concerted Effort, but I think this card is just too expensive for too little. None of the abilities are necessities in the deck to be on one creature.
  • Skyknight Legionnaire: French vanillas are sometimes cool, but this one here is not worth 3 mana. There are better hasty creatures and better fliers for 3 mana, so I don't think its necessary to have them both on one creature since they don't really combo in any way.
  • Lightning Talons: This pretty much has the flaws of both above cards, plus the fact that it's an aura means that it opens yourself to a 2-for-1.
  • Godsend: This isn't really an equipment-themed deck, and there are better equipment for a deck going wide, like Sword of the Paruns. Overall, it's not a horrible card, but paying six mana to give a creature +3/+3 and exiling "deathtouch" doesn't seem that worth it here.
  • Asha's Favor: Again with the keywords, and the auras, and the three mana!

So those are the 8 cards I would take out for the drawing cards.

If you are interested, here are some cards I think would definitely make this deck more resilient!

First, a deck with lots of creatures is going to be weak to board wipes, so here are some cards that will protect you from those: Selfless Spirit, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, and Eldrazi Monument.

Secondly, there are a couple of super aggro cards for edh that I think you could take advantage of, although be wary because these can make you an early target if played too soon: Luminarch Ascension, Serra Ascendant, and Hero of Bladehold.

Lastly, every deck needs a couple of easy ways to pick off nasty creatures, so I would recommend using Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, and Darksteel Mutation (which turns off commanders!) as some pretty good spot removal cards.

Thanks, and good luck!

joshuaizac on Abnormal Human Growth

6 days ago

Not a bad decklist, sounds like your in a pretty good casual group. Few things that I think would help your deck with consistency and make it a little stronger...

Mana base:

-2 Swamps, -2 Forests

+1 Sandsteppe Citadel

+1 Blossoming Sands

+1 Jungle Hollow

+1 Scoured Barrens

and possibly add in 1 more plains (for 37 land total)

Enchantments: I'd probably cut 1/2 of these, more specifically aura's that temporarily lock down creatures until the enchantment gets removed. Some of the others are just sub par.

-1x Arrest, -1x Captured by the Consulate, -1x Pacifism, -1x Suppression Bonds, -1x Hope Against Hope, -1x Sunbond, -1x Oath of Nissa

Other thoughts;

Dark Prophecy, is triple black, and doesn't say "may" draw...this is a bit scary....Kothophed, Soul Hoarder is even more scary.... you for sure need draw power, I'd personally cut them for less scary/less triple black draw power.

-1x Tamiyo's Journal, pretty janky and slow unless your whole deck is full of clue gen.

-1x Briarbridge Patrol, only combos with tireless/journal...and you're not cheating in eldrazi or anything...

-1x Nessian Asp, filler jank

-1x Enduring Scalelord, kind of cool, but a little underwhelming...

-1x Archangel of Tithes, cool card, not great without lots of other taxes cards.

-1x Rally the Ancestors, you might keep this, but I'd rather go for a more permanent recursion than a 1x surprise recursion then exile.


add Utter End, Condemn and Putrefy

add Corpsejack Menace, Managorger Hydra, Sunscorch Regent and Angel of Glory's Rise (<--better than Rally I think)

then fill in the rest of the slots with any of these (a few are not super budget);

Inspiring Call, Harrow, Phyrexian Arena, Mind's Eye, Slate of Ancestry, Skeletal Scrying, Collective Unconscious, Grim Flowering

Well that's enough wall of text for me...

gl & hf

joshuaizac on Saskia Tribal EDH

1 week ago

A few of these have already been suggested...

Angel of Glory's Rise

Patriarch's Bidding

Obelisk of Urd

Overwhelming Stampede

Beastmaster Ascension

Slate of Ancestry

Mind's Eye

Collective Unconscious

Grim Flowering

Just a few thoughts... 48 creatures is a lot... like more than I've ever seen on a decklist. When building an EDH deck I try to include at least a little of the following in most builds

  • Ramp

  • Recursion (I tend to get carried away with this)

  • Removal

  • Card Advantage

To make room for a little more of these, I'd probably try to cut list down to 42 creatures (counting the commander), which is still really high.

Osbert on Purphoros Token Fiesta EDH

2 weeks ago

Sorry for the double post, not sure how to edit one.. But i forgot some crucial cards: Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle Does heavy work, Caged Sun : Mono color decks best friend, Slate of Ancestry : even more draw, Surveyor's Scope : decent land ramp at an affordable cost.

JoltsOfEnergy on The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw

4 weeks ago

Caged Sun and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx tend to really help in any mono commander deck. Also I'm not sure if you have trouble with card advantage, but I see you using Slate of Ancestry, so perhaps cards like Reforge the Soul and Wheel of Fate might help you? Otherwise you can always get cards like Mind's Eye and Staff of Nin for more card draw.Hope these help.

joshuaizac on Selvala with her wolves and elves

1 month ago

Prismatic Omen ? in a 2 color half-elf deck? did i miss something ? maybe cut for Cryptolith Rite to make even your wolves into mana dorks ?

aside from that and the mana base as you stated, you have little to no;


Slate of Ancestry ?

Grim Flowering ?

Collective Unconscious ?

Tower of Fortunes ? (can work with elves especially with cryto-rite)


Creeping Renaissance ?

Elixir of Immortality ?

Praetor's Counsel ?


Hibernation's End - Love this card in my cousin's golgari savra elf...but not the best for an unexperienced player, and very time consuming 'till they get to know the deck. Just a thought for later tho as its amazing and budget friendly.

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