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Slate of Ancestry


(4), Tap, Discard your hand: Draw a card for each creature you control.

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Slate of Ancestry Discussion

FancyTuesday on The All-Mother

4 days ago

The only non-permanents I'd cut would be Harmonize and maybe Decree of Justice , though I don't know how bomby those cards are for you in practice. In their stead I'd consider maybe Slate of Ancestry and Selvala, Explorer Returned .

Slate is board dependent but I imagine between all those token producing Planeswalkers, a populating Commander, and 25% of your deck being creatures with a serious bend towards token production and reanimation that most of the time it will be like your own personal Wheel of Fortune . Selvala is ramp and lifegain with mutual card draw, so not exactly card advantage but it's still putting cards into your hand.

I'd also consider Garruk's Packleader , since he triggers off of tokens as well as a healthy amount of power 3+ creatures. I think I count 14 creatures as a base, 6 or 7 other effects that put tokens into play that would trigger, then Elesh Norn/Elspeth for making all tokens trigger, so that's about 20 triggers. Not exactly fool proof, but man, card advantage is rough when you aren't in Blue or Black.

asasinater13 on Commander Ruric Thar

1 week ago

I would take out a bunch of your noncreatures. they aren't seeming necessary to the deck and ruric just kills you for them. noncreature cards in ruric should be like, Sol Ring or early mana rocks, and stuff that wins. I would love a ruric deck where the only instant/sorcery is Primal Surge . to survie the primal surge, if you want to use a large amount of your deck, have a sac outlet around, Elixir of Immortality , and then get rid of your mana dorks (you'll ahve all the lands you need) to your sac outlet, elixir to shuffle them, and then you're fine. also I like using a Worldspine Wurm + Feed the Pack combo to keep myself with deck, also fuels 3 5/5s a turn.

to get more ramp with creatures, Llanowar Elves , Zhur-Taa Druid , Generator Servant , Argothian Elder , Bloodbraid Elf (cascades into a ramp spell, lets you get an extra creature out for free), Bloom Tender , there's plenty more, just doing a gatherer search for creature type elf will find you plenty

to destroy noncreature permanents with creatures, Mold Shambler works, you have Acidic Slime and Sylvan Primordial already, Elvish Lyrist , Elvish Scrapper , Hoard-Smelter Dragon , Indrik Stomphowler , Nantuko Vigilante , Nullmage Shepherd , Polis Crusher , Reclamation Sage , Terastodon is an all-star.

for lands (mostly specifiy nonbasic) there's plenty of creature options Detritivore , Deus of Calamity , Dwarven Blastminer , Faultgrinder , FireSnake, Goblin Gardener , Goblin Ruinblaster , Ogre Arsonist , Orcish Settlers , Seismic Mage

Mana Reflection could be Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger for you.

Slate of Ancestry to become a creature, could get a worse replacement in Garruk's Horde . Garruk's Packleader also helps it out.

you could definitely be using like 35-38 lands. And a bit more big cards to make all your ramp helpful. missing land drops won't be good for you, and you'll be taking lands out of your deck with ramp anyways.

NicolBrolas on My Favorite Deck So Far (What to cut?)

2 weeks ago


Harmonize >>>>Chaos Warp : I've been waiting a while to pick up a chaos warp. I just got one! I was unsure of what to cut, but decided that harmonize is a card that is really good, but when it came down to a card to cut, it was between Harmonize and Slate of Ancestry which I felt the slate is more versatile. Always open for suggestions and criticism and maybe Harmonize may even make it back in.

nobu_the_bard on Would Adun Oakenshield make a ...

2 weeks ago

Colorless stuff off the top of my head: Slate of Ancestry , Staff of Nin , Howling Mine

I love Xira Arien but in practice it's tough to get a lot of draws off her in any given game unless you can ramp really, really hard.

csobacki on Gringo the mobster

2 weeks ago

I run Slate of Ancestry In my Krenko deck, pretty much wins me the game every time I get it out.
Other cards you might want are Massive Raid and Burn at the Stake .
Vicious Shadows or Boggart Shenanigans with a sac outlet will win games as well.
Coat of Arms and Marton Stromgald work very well in this deck also.

corythackston on ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??

3 weeks ago

If you want board wipes, go with Austere Command /Wrath of God . The flexibility of Austere Command is a huge bonus, and Wrath of God, like was previously mentioned is just mana efficient. Planar Cleansing seems risky since you have 2 O-rings and a Chained to the Rocks.

I think you'll find that your deck will work a lot better if you play a lot of 2 drop mana rocks like Mind Stone , Fire Diamond , Marble Diamond , Coldsteel Heart , Boros Signet , Gold Myr , and Iron Myr to get your commander out on turn 3 and help you run your soldiers out on the field sooner.

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight would be a major addition to this deck, I think. Also, this deck is really weak to board wipes, so Avacyn, Angel of Hope should probably be in here. Slate of Ancestry could help you draw a ton of cards, and discarding shouldn't be that big of a deal for you, you should run out of cards pretty quickly.

Last thing I would say is that you're playing a lot of standard cards, if I was you I would ask veteran players you talk to what some of their favorite old R/W creatures are for an aggro deck that aren't already in there. The great thing about Commander is the huge card pool, no reason to restrict yourself to cards that you know, just ask vets, they'll be flattered you're asking them =)

biggestmtgnerd on Magic Mau

1 month ago

This version of Magic is based on a card game called mau. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

This is the most important rule: if there is somebody who has never played this way before, the only rule you can tell them is that you can't tell them any other rules.


To start, on person is to be chosen a the "Mau." The mau will then deal each person a hand of seven cards from each of their respective decks. If anybody looks at any of those cards, they are dealt another card. The players may only look at their cards once the mau states "the game of Magic Mau shall commence." If a player is to draw a card the Mau is to hand it to them. There is no maximum hand size.


There are no life totals. In order to win, you must either have no cards in your hand, have an effect that proclaims you the winner, or have all other players leave the game. A player can leave the game by conceding, getting 10 poison counters, or being milled out. If a player is unable to draw a card, they may shuffle all cards they own on the battlefield, in the graveyard, and in exile into that person's library. If they still can't draw a card, they are eliminated.


Whenever you would deal damage to a player, the person you dealt damage to draws cards equal to the amount that would have been dealt damage to them, and you gain delay counters for each point of damage that would have been dealt. Whenever you would draw a card, remove a delay counter from yourself instead unless you have no delay counters on you. If a player would lose life, they are to draw cards equal to the life lost instead. If a player would gain life, that player instead gains delay counters equal to the amount of life gained.


You may only cast spells that either share a color or converted mana with the last spell that was casted. This does not apply to the first spell cast in a game.


There are a wide variety of penalties the Mau may give. Each penalty means making the violator draw a card. These are the following penalties:

-"Talking". If anybody talks in any fashion that that the rules allow, said person is punished. This includes making noises. If a card says to name a card, vote, or chose an option, that does not count towards the penalty.

-"Failure to say "have a nice day"". Whenever a player casts a card with the converted mana cost of 7, if they fail to say "have a nice day," they are to be punished. Saying "have a nice day" does not count towards the "unnecessary talking" rule.

-"Failure to say "mau"". Whenever a player has one card in their hand, if they do not say "mau", then they are penalized. This does not count towards the "unnecessary talking" rule. Cards that say that you have no maximum hand size make this affect undone. Cards that reduce maximum hand size do nothing.

-"Trying to be the mau". This penalty is given to any player who draws a card by themselves, awards penalties, or tries to change the rules.

-"Excessive/unfriendly hand gestures". Pretty self explanatory.

-"Not your turn". Also self explanatory

-"Hurry up". If a player who's turn it is does not do something for every 5 seconds of that turn, that person is penalized. If a player receives 3 of these penalties in a turn, their turn ends.

-"improper adherence to the rules as Mau". This is the only penalty a non-Mau can give, and can only be received by the Mau. If a Mau is not giving out penalties when necessary, falsely penalizing players, is not penalizing himself when necessary, or is not adhering to annother duty of his as Mau, the Mau is penalized.

-"wrong suit". Penalty is given to a player who casts a card that does not correspond with the converted mana cost or color of the last spell casted. After the card is drawn for the penalty, the spell that violated this rule is then countered and returned to it's owners hand instead of going to that player's graveyard.

A Mau is allowed to make penalties of his own. The Mau must announce that he is making a penalty, but the Mau is not allowed to announce what the penalty is. If any player finds a certain penalty unfair, that player is allowed to flip the table, showing that that player is unsatisfied with the rules, is leaving the game, and that the game has probably ended.


The minimum deck size is 80 cards, but there is no maximum deck size except that the player with the deck must be able to shuffle his or her deck without assistance. The maximum amount of a certain card in a deck is determined by how many sets that card was printed in. For example, Thragtusk was only printed in M13, you can only have one of it in your deck. However, because Thran Dynamo was printed in Urza's Destiny, Archenemy, and FTV:20, you could put 3 in your deck. when in doubt, check gatherer.

This is the banned list:Black Lotus

the moxen

Time Walk

Wit's End

One with Nothing

Mind Twist


Ill-Gotten Gains






Decree of Annihilation



Null Brooch

Hellcarver Demon


Dangerous Wager

Mine, Mine, Mine!

Thought Gorger

Slate of Ancestry

Sire Of Insanity

Psychic Vortex

Warped Devotion

Knollspine Dragon

Grafted Skullcap

Pyromancer's Swath

Last Rites

heighten awareness

Turbulent Dreams


Volrath's Dungeon

Kaervek's Spite


Mind Extraction

mono mania

Knowledge Vault

kyreen archive


Trapfinder's Trick

Lion's Eye Diamond

Nostalgic Dreams



Blacker Lotus

Phyrexian Walker

Shield Sphere


Orochi Hatchery

Chimeric Mass

Shifting Wall

Accorder's Shield

Darksteel Relic

Sigil of Distinction

Bone Saw

Fountain of Youth

Herbal Poultice

Phyrexian Marauder

Kite Shield

Amulet of Quoz

Bronze Tablet

Contract from Below


Demonic Attorney

Jeweled Bird


Tempest Efreet

timmerian fiend

Bottled Cloister

Cadaverous Bloom


Identity Crisis

Ignorant Bliss

Jhoira of the Ghitu


Moonring Mirror


Summoner's Egg


Wormfang Behemoth




Coalition Victory

eramakul, the aeons torn


Limited Resources


Protean Hulk

Recurring Nightmare

Sundering Titan

Time Vault


Tolarian Academy


Gaea's Cradle

Karkain on Long live the elves

1 month ago

First and foremost, welcome back to the Magic community!

Next, this isn't Standard Legal lol. This is Legacy legal, but you're probably best listing it as Casual format. Anywho, one thing to always keep in mind as a deck builder is to build what you like. Trust me, this little notion alone makes building so much easier because if you don't like a card, you just don't use it. Ultimately, this game is for fun and you should enjoy what you have, and the best way to enjoy your deck is to build something you really like. And note that my advice is all what I would do with this kind of deck.

Now that we have that nonsense cleared up, let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

General:First thing's first, your ideal deck size is going to be 60, so you'll need to cut some cards. As a general rule, and doubly so when making a Tribal deck, you want to get an idea in mind and shape your deck to that idea, a focus, if you will. For mono-Green Elves, you're probably going to want a plan like "Build up mana and vomit out as many Elves as possible and kill". We'll get into refining your deck later on, but for now the cards I recommend you cut are as follows:

Defiant Elf - I know, Trample is beast when he gets buffed up, but in Tribal you want teamwork to be a thing among your creatures. This guy doesn't really do much teamwork.

Elvish Aberration - High cost elves generally aren't good since Elf is a swarm tribe. Once you have the mana to play this guy, his mana ability is almost redundant.

Elvish Vanguard - He buffs up from Elves coming in, which is nice, but when you have 15+ Elves on the field swinging, his power isn't really necessary.

Immaculate Magistrate - It's cool to ramp your creatures' power/toughness one at a time, but she doesn't do a whole lot when you want to swarm.

Sylvan Primordial - Not an Elf.

Viridian Zealot - Naturalize on legs isn't really practical. You'll pop him often and wind up paying a total of 4 for something you could hold in hand (and keep as a surprise) and cast for 2.

Wirewood Guardian - Vanilla Elves don't do a whole lot. The Cycling is cool, but on a good game you can get by with 1-2 land, some mana Elves, and a Slate of Ancestry

Wirewood Herald - While being nice insurance against Damnation , you probably shouldn't be looking to kill your own guys.

Deserted Temple - You shouldn't be too worried about untapping land with land. The Temple is great, but not for this deck. You're going to rely more on creatures for mana.

Gaea's Cradle - Outstanding and broken land, but also ridiculously pricey. If you have 3 of the Cradles already, then go for it and disregard this.

Llanowar Reborn - In Elves you can't really afford slow lands like this. Speed is everything.

Thawing Glaciers - Refer to above.

Wirewood Lodge - Nifty land, but your Elves will probably be doing so much that this land loses value. If you really want to untap an Elf, use Seeker of Skybreak

Blanchwood Armor - Makes one creature really big, which doesn't really end well in my experience.

Bow of Nylea - While being fun in Junk decks, the bow doesn't do a lot for Elves. You're better off with bone crushing power than Deathtouch.

Leyline of Vitality - It doesn't really help Elves. This is designed more for a Control-oriented deck.

Primeval Bounty - Great card, but alas, not for Elves. It's too slow because when you have the mana, you need ways to spend it to go into a snowball effect and crush your opponent underfoot.

Chord of Calling - Chord of Ballin' is badass, but what you'll want is to draw or drop your deck instead of bringing out one creature with a card of this nature.

Wirewood Pride - Instant Timby (Timberwatch Elf )? Meh. Timbies are better.

Akroma's Memorial - While being hilarious in a Treefolk deck, the Memorial doesn't help Elves much. You'll be burying people under piles of Elves. No need for them to fly.

Gauntlet of Power - Neat, but isn't useful outside EDH. You don't want to risk helping your opponent.

This cuts 26 cards thus far, which now leaves us room to add some good stuff while refining what's left. Note that I may recommend you take more cards out to make room for others.

Refining:Drove of Elves - Neat card. I've seen a couple variants of Elves do well, but one really big creature that doesn't Trample like her older sister (Heedless One ) just doesn't cut it. -1

Elvish Harbinger - Nice for unjamming your deck if you get bad draws, but the longer the game goes on, the less useful she gets. -1

Elvish Mystic - You need 3 more of the new Llanowar Elves . Or you could use Llanowar Elves because they're the OG. But that's your call lol. +3

Elvish Visionary - Outside of combo Elves (the king of deck that just ramps into something big and overpowered like Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and sucks if it doesn't), he doesn't do a whole lot. -1

Heedless One - While I have said multiple times that "teamwork" needs to be a thing, this gal kinda does teamwork. Big swing and trample. What's not to love? I'm a little partial here because I have a soft spot for creatures that are part of cycles (Doubtless One , Nameless One , Soulless One , and Reckless One are the others in that cycle). This one is up in the air.

Heritage Druid - Great in combo Elves, not so much outside. -1

Jagged-Scar Archers - Refer to Drove of Elves -3

Joraga Warcaller - Excellent, especially in swarm Elves. +1

Llanowar Elves - You don't really need both Llanowar and Mystic. Use a playset of one.

Priest of Titania - This gal here has made Elf decks run forever. For that alone, you should have at least 3, if not the playset. +2 or +3

Timberwatch Elf - When I was a little tyke, I saw Timby turn a lot of games in favor of the Elves. Unfortunately, he relies on one big creature (works well with Heedless One ). Timby could work, but it would take some effort. Here again I leave it up to you.

Voice of the Woods - Really cool guy here, but in my experience he's more of a "rich get richer" kind of card. -1

Wellwisher - Staple in Elves. 5, however, is illegal. -1

Lands: Counting the lands I recommend you drop earlier, you're currently at 24 total land (20 Forest , 3 Gaea's Cradle , and 1 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx ). Generally, since Elves vomit out mana you can cut some land out of the deck. I'd drop 5 or 6 forest and call it good. This will bring you to 18 or 19 land.

Elvish Guidance - Amazing card. Mana ramp like a boss. +1

Naturalize - Depending on how paranoid you are over Artifacts/Enchantments, you may want another 1 or 2. This is all dependent upon the people you play with.

Coat of Arms /Door of Destinies - Pick one of these and run 2 of it, then stash the other on your Sideboard. Sometimes it's more handy to run the Coat than Door, and vise versa.

Afterthought: Cut the Elvish Mystic /Llanowar Elves in favor of Arbor Elf just because Arbor can untap a Forest with Elvish Guidance for super mana ramp shenanigans. I don't really feel like scrolling up and down right now, so bear with me.

Sideboard: Forget everything there. If you're really attached to Ambush Commander , then keep him because he IS good. I personally am just paranoid about some bastard playing Reiver Demon while I'm tapped out and knocking me out of the game. The Commander can also do quite well in the Elfikaze (Elf kamikaze)

Next, you're going to need some badass Elves to replace the ones I recommended you toss. Luckily, I've gotten my ass kicked by my older brother's Elf deck more than enough times to know good Elves when I see them.

Ezuri, Renegade Leader - Forget Regenerate, he has Overrun on command. Plus, with the retarded amounts of mana you'll have, you can just Overrun as many times as possible for kill. +1

Imperious Perfect - While she may be a little slow to use, she is fantastic if you're off to a slower start. She's also a great way to vomit out Elves. +4

Lys Alana Huntmaster - More Elves +3

Rhys the Redeemed - Elves...Elves everywhere... +1

Taunting Elf - Excellent distraction if some ass decides to Terror your Ezuri before you have the mana to Overrun . Also, it's really painful when a single Taunting Elf stomps your whole field. +2

Slate of Ancestry - This is what made old Elf deck kick into high gear. Draw a ton of cards and play them all in one swoop, then if you have enough creatures untapped, swing for game (assuming you dropped a Coat of Arms ). You'll probably only activate the Slate once or twice, but that's about all you'll ever need. +3

Steely Resolve - Since I run stupid amounts of removal in ALL my decks, I'm paranoid about someone Terror ing my Priest of Titania . It also flies the bird to Burn decks, which are the bane of Elves. +3

At this point, you've got a great library of cards to work with and have the tools to improve your own deck further. I've just given you a general idea of what to do, but I can't tell you how to make your deck. Worst-case scenario: you can always look up other Elf decks on TappedOut and see what other people have done. If you'd like, here's mine: Exile and Redemption. I hope all this does some good for you!

Once again, welcome back to Magic. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.61 $0.9 $1.48 $3.99
Cost 4
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.40
Avg. cube pick 7.26


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Ninth Edition Rare
Onslaught Rare