Slate of Ancestry

Slate of Ancestry


, , Discard your hand: Draw a card for each creature you control.
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Slate of Ancestry Discussion

griffstick on Green/White Token Swarm V2

6 days ago

you dont have card draw maybe Slate of Ancestry, Collective Unconscious or Harmonize. how about Explore to speed you up without losing card advantage.

ClassyShinobi on The orc, who will strike the bell.

1 week ago

I would put in a few more mana rocks. I would say, Orzhov Signet, Rakdos Signet, Boros Signet, Thran Dynamo, and Gilded Lotus. If not the last 2, at least the Signets. They are a little slow but very helpful. Also, Lightning Greaves could be better than Swiftfoot Boots, or you could run both. Vandalblast is both flexible and could really put a damper on an opponent's day. I would put at least 3 board wipes in the deck. Some that you could use are Wrath of God and Damnation, but those are kinda expensive. But some less expensive ones are Black Sun's Zenith, In Garruk's Wake, Inferno, Volcanic Fallout, Pyroclasm, Plague Wind, Fated Retribution, Rout, Mass Calcify, and things like that. Command Tower is a nice land to have. You also need some form of card draw, so put in things like Raiders' Spoils, Greed, Necropotence, Erebos, God of the Dead, maybe Slate of Ancestry. I think a great card for this deck is Assemble the Legion. And you should put in some anthem affects to go with it, since anthem affects also just go really well with the rest of your deck. (Ex. of "anthem affects": Dictate of Heliod, Glorious Anthem, etc.).

10vernothin on Pusheen & Friends

2 weeks ago

What you need is card draw, especially because you're mono-white, you need a density of card draw, not just 1 or 2 good card draw engines. Ones with a side of ramp or works well with your strategy is good


Commander's Sphere, Mind Stone, Dreamstone Hedron, Loreseeker's Stone, Slate of Ancestry

10vernothin on Pusheen & Friends

2 weeks ago

What you need is card draw, especially because you're mono-white, you need a density of card draw, not just 1 or 2 good card draw engines. Ones with a side of ramp or works well with your strategy is good


Carnage Altar, Commander's Sphere, Mind Stone, Dreamstone Hedron, Loreseeker's Stone, Slate of Ancestry

Pal00ka on Army of Mushrooms and Friends on Mushrooms

2 weeks ago

Slate of Ancestry could be a great card draw engine with all the creatures you're popping out.

Love Hate Seed and stealing ideas for my deck, +1!

Vulnoth on Rise of the Elves

2 weeks ago

Since you're playing Modern, your best bet at the moment (due to being budget) is to abuse what cheap cards you have access to, such as Shaman of the Pack and such. Something to consider is that I also left the competitive scene a couple years ago, so I can't guarantee great advice in a rapidly evolving format such as Modern, however I will help you the best I can. Additionally, I apologize in advance because I'm a wordy person and I have a way of unintentionally condescending.

First, it's a good idea to know exactly what your goal is as a deck builder. Do you want to do traditional Elf swarm and stomp? Or perhaps Elf Ramp into Eldrazi? The beautiful (and occasionally overwhelming) thing about Magic is that the possibilities are endless. That being said, it seems like you're leaning into a traditional Elf strategy. It may sound silly, but something my brother always told me about deck building is to ask yourself "Does this help me achieve my goal? And if so, how does it and can anything help me more?" It's doubly important in competitive where things like flavour are thrown out the window, leaving only efficiency to deck building. Don't be afraid to scrutinize every aspect of your deck. If you want to better combat more difficult strategies, you need to be willing to change everything possible for that chance to win.

Next, your mana base. Having used to run a Boros Deck Wins in Modern, I know personally that Pain Lands (Battlefield Forge, etc.) are solid fixers, especially if you can't get the appropriate Shockland. Taking 1 damage isn't fun, but its worth it if you can get your colors covered more consistently and thus win. Additionally, you have too many lands. It sounds crazy, I know, but as an Elf user and having been taught by an Elf user, 20 lands in an Elf deck is too many. Your mana curve will be topping at 4 most of the time, so there really isn't a need for 21 land. Between mana dorks and a low mana curve, your deck should work sufficiently on 18 or so land.

I honestly don't think anything like Farhaven Elf will help you much. With a lower land count, you can more easily run on Llanowar Elves, Elvish Mystics and so on. Elvish Visionary is a 4 of easily. I was skeptical at first, but after trying it, Visionary goes into every deck its feasible in. Elvish Archdruid is a great way to ramp into your win cons like Joraga Warcaller, and if you happen to have any lying around from when it was a bingo bin rare, Genesis Wave is also a powerful win con. If you're going for a traditional Elf strategy as it seems, you'll definitely want the deck to move itself along as quickly as possible. Depending on what you find yourself facing, Slate of Ancestry might be a serious draw engine when you have plenty of creatures and a sufficient source of mana, which Elvish Archdruid might be of help in.

As far as removal goes, how much you run will depend on what you normally find yourself against. I recommend a set of Putrefy and Go for the Throat (Doom Blade works as well) in addition to Eyeblight's Ending. Krosan Grip is a great sideboard option for when you want to Naturalize without fear of being countered. That aside, your removal is pretty solid. Golgari Charm is decent, however I think it might be better sideboard material than anything.

Things such as Cultivate and Mwonvuli Acid-Moss won't help you because not only are their effects "slow", but they cost more than you can afford in an aggressive strategy. They're just out of place here, but from among your considered cards you'll find better things to use over them.

Lastly, don't be afraid to take notes from other competitive decks, and since you're on a budget, decide what is within and what is outside. I know for certain I spent a lot of time taking notes for my own excursions. Do some research and find out how winners build, hahaha.

I hope I was of some help.

Pal00ka on Yeva Has the Phone Box

2 weeks ago

I too fell head over heels with Temur Sabertooth when it was spoiled and Yeva is the perfect complement to him, he should be by her side in the artwork!

Slate of Ancestry > Shamanic Revelation; for nearly the same cost you get repeatable draw with the color that focuses on having a lots of guys out.

Cream of the Crop > Evolutionary Leap; while the card won't be put into your hand, CoC will help you filter for what you need next turn, not just a creature.

Looks solid, I'll keep an eye on it as you tweak to steal more ideas!

Pal00ka on Flashy Fauna

2 weeks ago

I always enjoy seeing other people's takes on Yeva and getting input, thanks Spitfirefox!

In its nascent I had a focus on fog effects and cut for more tempo. I'm currently building this so I don't know my meta yet, but if fog is needed I'll definitely add SW.

I actually got SH yesterday but forgot to add him in here...edits list. I like WB's repeatable tutoring but he is pricey so till I snag one Terra Stomper (had one lying around) is in for beat down. If I find I don't have enough tutoring I'll add him.

LH has to die for his effect to happen, if this had more sack or kill options I think his utility would be higher. I think Slate of Ancestry is a better option.

Thanks for the great feedback!

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