Slate of Ancestry

Slate of Ancestry

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, , Discard your hand: Draw a card for each creature you control.

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Slate of Ancestry Discussion

tigerninja18 on Major League Goblins

10 minutes ago

I apologize for the lack of speed in replying, I've been busy with work.

So, Braid of Fire only gives you mana during your upkeep, which drains afterwards, but is something I shall add if I feel I can reap the most benefit from it, and if I can get my hands on a copy. I tried Slate of Ancestry at one point, but the massive draw is something I see as a bit of a turn-off. I love the way Mind's Eye works though. It's like a reverse Rhystic Tutor. Thousand-Year Elixir and Magewright's Stone are both nice, but the fact that they can only be used once is rather offputting for me. In the Web of War and Ogre Battledriver were both cards I had in my initial version of this deck, and I have been thinking of putting them back in.

About Goblin Lackey and Warren Instigator: I'm working on phasing out cards that only work during the combat phase, because they become the first things to die, and I prefer to be able to reap the benefit from a card multiple times. Which is why I'm removing Legion Loyalist. I love him, but I don't think he'd fit in this deck. I'm also not too sure about Beetleback Chief. I've been on and off that one for a while now.

Furnace of Rath and Gratuitous Violence.Doubling damage is always a fun thing, and enchantments are my second favorite card type, right behind creature (of course). Probably going to go into the slot Eldrazi Monument was, since doubled damage>indestructible tokens. Board wipes aren't that big of a thing in my meta, and Krenko allows me to recover rather quickly from them.

I could have sworn that I'd included Ashnod's Altar. I'll put it back in. The same goes for Goblin Welder.

Blasphemous Act is one of those cards I'm currently trying to get a hold of for inclusion, and I haven't slotted it in because I don't have it at the moment. And because I need to figure out what to remove.

About Avatar of Slaughter-will get considered, just not sure what to remove to add it.

I do like the idea of Urabrask the Hidden. My meta is slightly token-heavy, and this just makes those kind of games more fun. Especially if I decide to play this deck against my Rhys the Redeemed deck. The shenanigans shall be much fun.

PayOneLife on Major League Goblins

2 days ago

Braid of Fire is a good cheap mana producer often used in red EDH.

Slate of Ancestry is cheap and goes gangbusters in a token deck like this. Mind's Eye could work too. Card draw is hard to come by in mono-red, but you still gotta find ways!

Thousand-Year Elixir is cool. Magewright's Stone also. In the Web of War allows you to tap Krenko the turn he comes into play, and the tokens he produces are 3/1 with haste! Ogre Battledriver is the same effect on a critter.

Goblin Lackey and Warren Instigator are awesome. Beetleback Chief is Siege-Gang junior.

Furnace of Rath ups the ante like nothing else. Imagine it with Coat of Arms, In the Web of War, Skirk Fire Marshal or Purphoros. Game ender. Gratuitous Violence is a safer version of this.

Ashnod's Altar Gives you tons of mana, and goes infinite with Umbral Mantle if that's your gig. Good with Carnage Altar too.

Blasphemous Act can reset the board if you need. Cheap with all your tokens.

You've got quite a few effects that boost all your creatures' toughness, and some effects that give haste (I've also suggested a few hastey abilities). This being the case, Avatar of Fury could be good. It's basically the coolest card that ever lived. The must attack clause works well with the speed of this deck. Urabrask the Hidden is another amazing red creature that helps get the most damage out of your goblins as possible.

With 18 Artifacts you could go with a Goblin Welder. This will allow you to salvage your best artifacts.

kexx5930 on Gourmet World's Salad Dish: Hate Seed

1 week ago

Okay, so I also have a Hate Seed deck and have good luck with mine. That being said you do have good ideas that I missed. Archetype of Endurance is a great choice and I totally missed Vastwood Hydra.When it comes to suggestions and cutting if you want more detail on anything let me know but I will try to summarize:Doubling Season will put you miles above Hardened Scales, Though the Season costs more (sadly in real dollars too) it will give you way more gain. I do not personally care to stack the deck with hydra's. Ulasht can be mana intensive because he is great at eating himself as is. That being said you can cast your hydra's cheaper for more power, especially when you rarely want a 3/3 hydra. Also the Doubling Season will double the casting power of your general and double his token output for the hoard.Earthcraft is another super useful card to keep your deck going.On the more affordable side Rancor is a amazing trample producer. When it comes to cutting... one shot abilities are weak in this format and are better substituted with cards with more longevity. Shamanic Revelation is generally better done with Slate of Ancestry for example. I am sorry if it seems like I just wanted to name really expensive cards, I really don't. Just keep your Cc low to keep the creatures flowing and you should do good. Also Basilisk Collar on Ulasht makes his "one damage to a creature" into deathtouch damage. Machine guns have made their mark in history and in Magic. Hope this helps and if you want any more info let me know.

PayOneLife on We are legion(WIP)

2 weeks ago

Hey dude!

Firstly, you really need more lands if you want it to be quicker. The general number of lands is 37, which can go down to 35 with a low curve. Windbrisk Heights is an auto-include. Kjeldoran Outpost makes soldier tokens which could be helpful. Temple of the False God, Boros Garrison, Battlefield Forge and Forbidding Watchtower are worth considering.

This land amount assumes that you have about 4-5 mana rocks. In here you've got two straight forward rocks, Darksteel Ingot and Sol ring, and then three not so straight forward rocks, Mox Opal, Urza's Incubator and Sword of F & F. Mox needs two other artifacts, which will usually need mana to cast which makes it slow. Urza's only accelerates around half of your spells. Sword requires you to have cast a creature, cast the sword, equipped the sword, and then successfully deal combat damage. That's slow and difficult to accomplish. Boros Signet, Boros Keyrune and Chromatic Lantern could make things easier. I'm not saying drop Mox, Urza's or Sword, but that these should go in as well.

Because the deck's strategy involves having a pretty heavy battlefield presence, board wipes are going to be a big threat for you. There's a few ways to make the deck more resilient to the inevitable Damnations and Wrath of Gods. Firstly, you could put in a few cards that produce lots of tokens for instant armies, like Decree of Justice, which replaces itself and can make angels when you've got lots of mana. Decree could be a good replacement for Assemble the Legion, which is slow and vulnerable to removal. Evangel of Heliod is the same cost as Nomad's Assembly, but doesn't require creatures to be in play. It's at least three creatures (because it triggers off of its own devotion), any creature with two white in its cost (which there are heaps of) will produce two tokens instead of one, and cards like Spear of Heliod, Godsend and Elspeth will trigger it too.

There are other ways to beat wrath effects. Boros Charm is a no-brainer. At instant speed it can win games without a doubt. Legion's Initiative is also very helpful, and somewhat unusual. It provides a bit of a buff for your creatures, protects from wrath and allows you to reuse etb triggers, like Captain of the Watch, Sun Titan, and just imagine Purphoros!!! Remember that it doesn't work that well with tokens though.

Also, you need some card draw. Mind's Eye, Mentor of the Meek and Slate of Ancestry could be helpful.

Wildsong on To Them These Trees Belong (Rhys Elf combo)

1 month ago

Staff of Domination + Rhys the Redeemed + any elf like Priest of Titania = you draw the whole deck and play every card. I use to play with an Akroma's Memorial within the deck, so it's pretty much gg.

BTW i loved the combo Kill Switch + Mycosynth Lattice finally something to control the control player. Aura Shards just makes this combo more nasty btw.

I realy liked your version of Rhys the Redeemed. It showed me strategies that i didn't had any clue that could work with a G/W token deck. I'll try some changes on my deck right now.

I tried the Altar of the Brood combo before. I must say, it is tempting but not reliable. Some decks just might take advantage of cemetery. Maybe with something like Rest in Peace in the deck. Anyway, it does not mill fast enough.

Thornbite Staff: i tend to not use cards that can only work if it's proper combo. I think this card specifically can't do nothing unless you put more sac outlets on your deck. I'll provide some good and usefull examples: Perilous Forays, Fanatical Devotion, Martyr's Cause, Smokestack or Phyrexian Altar. With more sac outlets you can even try Martyr's Bond in your deck. I, myself, rather go with cards like Umbral Mantle to combo with Priest of Titania and Rhys the Redeemed for infinite mana and tokens.

I'll shamelessly link my deck to you. Maybe you can try some stuffs that i play as well and maybe you could give some feedback.

The Song of the Conclave Playtest

Commander / EDH Wildsong

SCORE: 22 | 16 COMMENTS | 5940 VIEWS

Great job btw. I guess that you need to polish your deck just a little bit as well as add some S-tier lands like Gaea's Cradle. I miss more draw mechanisms. I use like 5 on my deck. My favorite of all time Abundance + Sylvan Library , but Slate of Ancestry is Gold too. I play an Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre so i'm safe from mills and from draw myself out of the game.

Suggestions: Staff of Domination and Umbral Mantle

InDirectX on 2015-05-12 update of The Good ...

1 month ago

Yes. This is just me speaking here, but in my modern decks I try to only include cards that are <3 cmc unless if their cost is justified by how much they change the game state. In this case, Slate of Ancestry may be good when you have spawned a ton of tokens, but it requires these conditions:
A. you have the mana to cast it (this will take until turn 5-6 to be viable simply because of how the game state works)
B. you have to discard your hand (for this to be not harmful, it needs to be at least turn 6 probably, especially with how high cmc your deck is already)
C. it relies on having a lot of tokens. this is the biggest reason why I wouldn't include it. You have some token engines but they're relatively high cmc, and making sure you WILL have them out and still have mana to tap fo card draw is pretty unreasonable until turn 7+.

I wouldn't include it, but it seems like your local modern playgroup isn't very aggro/tends towards midrange, so you can choose to put it in if you like. I believe there are significantly better cards, although I can't remember them off the top of my head. (I'm on mobile)

tl;dr heart cmc is the only way to go.
Also, I have a thing on my profile that basically describes my modern philosophy if you're curious.

SkylordAleksander on Followers of the Temple

1 month ago

Gavony Township and Mikaeus, the Lunarch would be great in this deck. Also Kazandu Tuskcaller is a nice token engine, for the cost of one of your sapling tokens he can make a 3 every turn at instant speed. Essence of the Wild is also fun. Makes all your tokens 6/6. Intangible Virtue makes your tokens a beafy mess to deal with. Slate of Ancestry gives you consistent massive draw. And to finish off this list, Overwhelming Stampede makes your Scion of the Wild or Voice of Resurgence token double itself and buff everything else.

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