Slate of Ancestry


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins Rare
Ninth Edition Rare
Onslaught Rare

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Slate of Ancestry


, , Discard your hand: Draw a card for each creature you control.

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Slate of Ancestry Discussion

joshuaizac on Sidar and Tana

1 week ago

I love the synergy between Tana & Sidar...I think these two were made for each other more so than any other 2 partners.

Beyond that I think you got lost....Single target pump spells / bloodrush effects and the like are horrible in multiplayer games....unless this is intended solely for 1 v 1, I'd say ditch ALL of them. Aside from Intangible Virtue I wouldn't put any other static effect Anthems in either...once you get your tokens to be bigger than 2/2 then you just lost all synergy with Sidar...and have defeated yourself. Collective Blessing, Gaea's Anthem > out.

Creatures / Spells that will only ever give you 1 token (in addition to the creature that comes with it) also not that effective. Again unless this is 1 vs 1. Attended Knight and Tukatongue Thallid and such...out...

Deckbuilding for edh: When I build an edh deck, I too just start throwing cards at it, then cut lots then try to figure out how much ramp I need, and how much card draw I need, and how much removal I'm going to put in. These three things I put in pretty much EVERY deck. I may not run much but at least a little. (I'm only seeing a few of each on your list) After I get things balanced out and make my cuts I work the land base usually 35-39 lands depending on the deck/mana curve, amount of ramp ect. This deck I'd say 36-37 lands.

I'm not going to price check all the following recomendations, but bear in mind the tcg prices on this site doesn't account for different / older prints / damaged card discounts ect, though a few still might be 20 cents over your budget, but I'm gonna list them anyways.

Cheap ramp: (in addition the the couple of mana dorks you already have pick 3 to 5 more) Wayfarer's Bauble, Rampant Growth, Explore, Burnished Hart, Fellwar Stone, Commander's Sphere, Darksteel Ingot

Cheap removal: (keep Pacifism if you must pick 3-5 here also) Revoke Existence, Fate Forgotten, Oblation, Terastodon, Smash to Smithereens, Entrapment Maneuver, Desert Twister, Scour from Existence ... there's several others but still this is a descent selection...

Cheap Card Draw: There really isn't much in the way in these colors to begin with, even less on your budget... maybe throw Faithless Looting a few cards that give you the Monarch like Protector of the Crown and or Crown-Hunter Hireling and get a Skullclamp and maybe a Slate of Ancestry once you can find/trade for/afford one (they're only $1.50 tops)

Cheap Efficient Token Gen: You got a few good ones already a few more worth mentioning, Decree of Justice, Sporemound, Ezuri's Predation, Twilight Drover, and again...maybe later add Rith, the Awakener and or Sigarda, Heron's Grace.

Cheap Pump: Aside from Borrowed Grace, which you could leave in or not, you really only need a few good GLOBAL pump spells spells for finishers. Usually I'd suggest something like Beastmaster Ascension, but in this case synergy with Sidar. I'd probably throw Titanic Ultimatum and Overwhelming Stampede (stronger 1x use versions of Overrun) and also throw a Leonin Sun Standard at the deck for repeated use/abuse after declare blockers step. Those three alone should probably do it.

Cheap Land Base: Aside from basics there are quite a few good lands to run in budget builds in the case of a Naya deck, you've already listed Jungle Shrine (I'd ditch the bounceland), there's also Naya Panorama, Rugged Highlands, Blossoming Sands, Wind-Scarred Crag, Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse. I'd run every one of these, and then basics for the rest. (Again, 36-37 total lands for this deck.) ...holy wall of text Batman, hope some of it helps, gl & hf

GMD_1090 on Sliver

1 week ago

hmm Prosperity or Skullclamp are good card draw engines

so is Distant Melody, Slate of Ancestry,

here is a pretty broken one for your sliver deck:

Use Hibernation Sliver and Dormant Sliver while you have Aluren in play for card draw value (bounce the hibernation sliver a lot)

Pal00ka on Paradoxial Sages

2 weeks ago


Rubblehulk, bloodrush is fun but your more about mana dorks than putting lands onto the field so his boost or body will not be as impressive.

Hydra Omnivore, cute but overcosted.

Ancestral Statue, it's only here for Animar, right? Too niche if the answer I know I'm going to hear is 'yes.'

Peregrine Drake, this is here for Deadeye Navigator, right? Though cascading into it you get 5 'free' lands. But you don't have any mana dumping outlets to take advantage of it.

World Breaker, an expensive control piece and you don't have a lot of lands for sacking to recur imo.

I think you should add 2x more lands and play more than just creatures. There's a lot of crazy enchantments you could be dropping. You have Archetype of Imagination so why not Levitation? Or Warstorm Surge to take advantage of your high power guys for burn? Elemental Bond for draw? Or artifacts like Lifecrafter's Bestiary and Slate of Ancestry for draw?

Scyllathepris on Lots and lots of relentless rats

1 month ago

ooop333 I'm not sure about Phyrexian Arena, Eldrazi Monument, or Slate of Ancestry yet, I'll have to playtest those, but Thrumming Stone and Ratcatcher are definitely going in

ooop333 on Lots and lots of relentless rats

1 month ago

I know this was mostly thrown together as a joke, but I'm sure you can go down a few rats for Ratcatcher, Thrumming Stone, Phyrexian Arena, Eldrazi Monument, and maybe a little Slate of Ancestry action too.

Pal00ka on Talrand Budget Arbitor EDH

1 month ago

Metallurgic Summonings for token generating redundancy and a way to bring back instants/sorceries for round 2.

Azami, Lady of Scrolls for draw synergy w a few of your guys. Your achilles heel is playing your hand and top-decking.

Slate of Ancestry will fill your hand again. Add Reliquary Tower to keep everything.

Bident of Thassa for another Coastal Piracy effect and to force opponents' to attack, which you can easily multi-block to kill their annoyingly useful creatures.

GregariousG on Living Tokens

1 month ago

Cards to Consider

Optimator on Boggart Avalanche

1 month ago

I just realized I have a Slate of Ancestry. should be awesome in a deck like this but I don't know what to drop.

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