Leyline of Punishment


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
2011 Core Set Rare

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Leyline of Punishment


If Leyline of Punishment is in your opening hand, you may begin the game with it on the battlefield.

Players can't gain life.

Damage can't be prevented.

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Leyline of Punishment Discussion

FadingLight on Boros Aggro - Competitive Humans & Tokens

1 week ago


  • Questions

Would it have helped out to have Cavern of Souls, Archetype of Aggression, Anointed Procession or Archetype of Courage?

What cards gave the most value, and what cards pulled through right when you needed them. Besides Mikokoro, Center of the Sea were there any other dead cards?

  • UB Turns

Sounds like the deck was stalled due to counters and cards designed to tap down. I don't have an answer to Thing in the Ice  Flip, so I would hold Eerie Interlude to avoid the bounce or try and remove it with Path to Exile I would get Grand Abolisher here as well.

  • Death and Taxes

I'm not sure what this deck does, but it sounds like its a controlling deck. Not only that, but a deck I didn't have answers to. Maybe Torpor Orb if its "taxing" when entering? Could you explain this deck a little for me?

  • Titan Shift

I'm not sure what this deck is supposed to do either, could you explain this because I've never heard of this archetype. However, sounded like it is combo oriented? The deck had a faster clock and just won. However assuming you brought in Path to Exile, would Lightning Bolt have worked better for you?

Sounds like it helped to have Aurelia, the Warleader in the side, I will keep her now.

  • Grixis Shadow

I don't believe that this has splash white, so I would play Grand Abolisher and Authority of the Consuls Yes, Grand Abolisher would be a target instantly when it hits but if Cavern of Souls is on the field, it will land, and they have to use mana of their own to deal with it. If they don't they cant counter my spells, I won't need that much land and I can spare it should I choose to wait on my turn.

  • Oath of Nissa Superfriends

It doesn't seem like the deck was fast enough to close out when the deck was being mana-screwed, however there really isn't much for me to analyze here :(

  • 4-color Akido

(I'm interested in the fact your opponents are punished for having creatures, may I see the deck list for this? My WB might benenfit from stealing the engine.)

Leyline of Punishment I think is the answer to this.

  • Mono White Flicker

Seems like combo decks kinda have a hard time with this, again i'm thinking of Torpor Orb Just to make it easier.

  • Infect


  • Eldrazi Tron

I don't know what "Tron" is, but I do know Eldrazi is hard to deal with. Blood Moon is a card that will stop the mana base, I know Eldrazi and so does Tron needs that.

  • UB Faeries

Kinda surprised by this one, I really have to rely on the deck just being good on this one, as I don't have a lot of ways to deal with enchantments in the sideboard.

  • Merfolk Aggro

Tap down with Authority of the Consuls and use spot removal on key cards, or stop Aether Vial with Stony Silence. Keep creatures tapped down with Thalia.

I'm going to add more land, but I with the cards I suggested, do any of those seem good enough to be in the side board, I don't think Angel of Jubilation is a good card here, but then again, the deck hasn't gone up against mono black or something like that. It also stops fetches, which I think is huge.

Thespartanhomie on Help Wanted for Izzet Counterburn

2 weeks ago

so since you're in Izzet colors, maybe take out the burst lightning for Lava Spike or Rift Bolt, good damage despite the sorcery speed. Wurmcoil Engine is really not needed, but if you wanna do continuous damage while still having a creature Guttersnipe would be a great option, or if more aggressive strats, Goblin Electromancer. 8 fetches isn't really needed imo, 6 or 5 are just fine, take out 2 or 3 Misty Rainforest and replace with Spirebluff Canal, maybe 1 or 2 Cascade Bluffs, or a Desolate Lighthouse for EOT cantrips. If you want to ensure your instants don't get countered while not caring about your life total, Boseiju, Who Shelters All is an excellent choice

3 Blood Moon is just fine instead of four, replace one with a Banefire for late game burn. and finally Izzet Charm is a go to for me.

For Sideboard, it depends on what your meta is at your Gamestore, but i would recommend Leyline of Punishment for countering any lifegain your opponents have.

I hope i was able to help with your deck

Neotrup on Protection regarding Global Effects

2 weeks ago

It is worth noting that Red does have a decent answer to this. Red has access to effects like Leyline of Punishment and Flaring Pain which, while it doesn't remove protection, it does stop the damage prevention portion of protection so that effects like Blasphemous Act can get through.

MindAblaze on Magic Art Pairs

1 month ago

Leyline of Anticipation

Leyline of the Void

Leyline of Punishment

Leyline of Sanctity > Magic 2011 Basic #233

Leyline of Vitality > Basic 244

I actually think the other ones don't have matches despite being led to believe it...

EternalBrewmaster on This is What Glory Looks Like: a Savage Beating

1 month ago

Thanks for the kind words Podma101! Mana doublers are great, but what I've discovered so far is that they're totally unnecessary wasted card slots in this deck. As you've noted yourself, Neheb can already generate such incredible amounts of mana that you can end up running out of cards to play. In that case, the mana doublers will serve no further purpose other than letting you reliably recast Neheb. Hopefully the deck will run smooth enough that that won't be a problem, but we'll see how it evolves with more testing. There's a good amount of card draw/advantage in here specifically because you can burn through your hand really quickly. And the only other X spell I want to include is Molten Disaster. I'm generally not a fan of X spells as they feel fairly boring and unsatisfying to win with. I'd rather play Coalhauler Swine+Stuffy Doll+Fortune Thief+Eldrazi Monument+Furnace of Rath into Blasphemous Act and watch all my opponents explode for 1 haha

Also, I love Leyline of Punishment and tried to run it, but I realized quickly that it nixed my protection from red coming from Akroma's Memorial and the two Swords of X and Y, which are key pieces to keeping my limited creatures from getting wiped out by my own symmetrical burn smells.

Podma101 on This is What Glory Looks Like: a Savage Beating

1 month ago

I absolutely love this deck, and this is the way I had hoped most people would choose to build Neheb, though I never considered making him a bit Voltron too. What is your opinion on mana doublers such as Doubling Cube (which should be in here regardless, can double the mana from Neheb) and Extraplanar Lens? Also, what about some more X spells? You can produce a lot of mana, but it looks like it's possible to quickly burn through a hand and have so much mana left over. X spells could also help with infinite life gain decks, as well as something like Leyline of Punishment. Again, amazing deck!

Colgate on If I equipped sword of ...

1 month ago

E also stands for "Fortified" and "cannot be damaged" just simply prevents damage. With Leyline of Punishment out even Progenitus can be dealt damage.

SteelSentry on Solemnity

1 month ago

So let's assume an opponent Lightning Bolts you. Delaying Shield has a replacement effect that replaces damage dealt to you, in this case, instead of taking 3 damage, Delaying Shield gets 3 delay counters. At this point, Solemnity says that counters cannot be placed on the Shield. So Lightning Bolt resolves, and the damage is replaced by 0 counters being put on Delaying Shield. On your next upkeep, Delaying Shield has no counters on it, therefore you do not have to pay any mana.

2 important things to note:

  1. This is not damage being prevented, it is a replacement effect. Your opponent's Skullcrack or Leyline of Punishment will not make you take the 3 damage from the Bolt.

  2. This only works on damage, not loss of life. If your opponent's commander is Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord, you will lose the life to his first activated ability

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