Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Players can't gain life this turn. Damage can't be prevented this turn. Skullcrack deals 3 damage to target player.

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Skullcrack Discussion

DuBie15 on Heroes of Theros

1 week ago

I actually think you could have cut Hero of Iroas, because he is basically a 2/2 with heroic. he will only ever reduce the cost of enchantments by 1, and doesnt influence every one of the enchantments you have in the deck. I think flying is better than that ability. But that is just me.

As for flavor text, Skullcrack appeals to me as a burn player. Ash Zealot is also really fun, and from theros i always gotta stick with Fabled Hero. If you really like flavor text check this out all the best text in the game.

Also if you are looking to add in green, a personal favorite card of mine is Selesnya Charm. All 3 options on it are amazing and the card is super versatile. i suggest it wherever i can lol

Vortexflame on Flameo Hotman

1 week ago

Skitter of Lizards is too much mana to be a relevant part of this deck. Try Vexing Devil or Rift Bolt instead. Bloodcrazed Neonate also doesn't seem too helpful, so try replacing it with something like Stigma Lasher, Anger of the Gods, or Skullcrack.

MidgeRub on Naya Burn

1 week ago

XVicarious Hey you never know it could be fun, was recently testing a 1 of Bedlam Reveler myself, it lol I have to say Deflecting Palm is my favorite card in my SB, it has saved me multiple times in infect, affinity, bogles, has even saved me from Emrakul once. In those matchups you can find yourself doing 10-15dmg for 2 mana, I imagine it is how legacy players feel dropping Price of Progress lolMost burn SBs I've seen run Path, but 99% of them run 2-4 Destructive Revelry so post board they will almost more than likely have more Claw answers available than Firewalker. If Eidolon doesn't get sided out that's another potential target for D Rev as well. If you don't see the mirror much then it is really irrelevant I guess, every mirror match I've ever had has been decided by who goes first g1 and who sees more Firewalkers g2/3, not only are you gaining the life, but unless they have Firewalker out or NaCatl (gross but it happens), Firewalke can't be blocked and represents damage as well as life. Can also block just have to watch out for Skullcrack but yeah if no mirror in your meta than I can see where you are coming from, ever considered taking it out completely?

Fred_Qc on Actually Budget Rackdos 8-Rack

1 week ago

To counter lifegain, maybe play some Skullcrack of Flames of the Blood Hand

epic_eeyore on UR Modern Prowess (LF Suggestions)

1 week ago

Looks good, I like the use of twisted image in here. I would suggest adding Electrolyze either main board or sb. Skullcrack would be a good sb card against lifegain.

MRDOOM3 on Quest Burn

2 weeks ago

Instead of Mogg Fanatic and Ember Hauler, you can try Monastery Swiftspear or Kiln Fiend, since both can easily be buffed by your repeated burn spell casting.

Lightning Strike can replace Needle Drop, since Lightning Strike is essentially a Bolt reprint.

Lava Spike and maybe Skullcrack and Rift Bolt are almost like staples in burn decks.

Ehsteve on Thwop Thwop

2 weeks ago

Krark-Clan Ironworks makes the thopter/sword combo go infinite as follows:

Play Ironworks T4 with 1 thopter on the board and a sword of the meek (because of course you got down the foundry and meek on turns 2 and 3 respectively, leaving 1 mana open to generate a thopter with no interaction from the opponent <_<).

Sac thopter token to Ironworks, generate 2 mana, use the mana to sac Sword of the Meek to Thopter Foundry, get a thopter token, gain a life (1 mana floating), sac thopter to Ironworks, generate 2 mana (3 floating), generate a token (2 mana floating), gain a life, rinse repeat. From this you generate inifinite colourless mana, gain infinite life, and generate infinite thopter tokens (of course within reason). Heck you don't even need a thopter token for the first sac if you have a spare Darksteel Citadel or other artifact to kick it off.

There's the obvious caveat of Atarka's Command and Skullcrack ruining your plans, but they're having to have 2 lifegain prevention cards in hand to stop you going infinite on their upkeep if they try pulling off that shenanigans during your turn.

It's also a good way to finish off grindy matches and is a lot easier to assemble than the Time Sieve combo for infinite turns.

I could slide in a dismember in place of a supreme verdict. I want to keep at least one Supreme Verdict and Damnation in for those pesky elves and troll worship.

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