Players can't gain life this turn. Damage can't be prevented this turn. Skullcrack deals 3 damage to target player.

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Skullcrack Discussion

thomashapp71 on Tree of awesomeness

1 day ago

Maybe Leyline of Anticipation as a way to flash either of your pieces. Also, possibly Skullcrack instead of Rift Bolt to more reliably keep them into 13 life.

awesome511 on Zoo 2.0

2 days ago

Jund will always be a tier 1 deck, and zoo is like tier 1.5 - 2 honestly.The biggest issue with Jund is dealing with the life gain. Between Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Scavenging Ooze, and Kitchen Finks, it is very tough to deal with. Occasionally I consider running Skullcrack, but it doesn't really help against jund creatures. This is where Path to Exile comes in handy, especially against the finks. I just try to burn the ooze before it gets big though, otherwise you are using your creatures to chump block it.About Deflecting Palm, I found that it is versatile against a lot of decks. Before I was using Sudden Shock against infect, but it doesn't do anything against bigger creatures.Another thought for jund is to use a wipe such as Volcanic Fallout. It shouldn't matter too much because hopefully you are running more creatures than them, and can recover more quickly from a board wipe. Also, fallout is good against merfolk because it can't be countered. As for Rest in Peace or Relic of Progenitus, it is a matter of costs and turn advantage. Rest in peace is retroactive, in that everything is exiled once it hits the board, but it costs 2. Relic costs 1, but it is more proactive, in that you tap to remove A card, and you don't choose which one. It is another 1 to activate relic, but you also get a draw. In my opinion, people are still running affinity, so there is a lot of artifact hate out there, and you won't always have the turn advantage, so I would say Rest in Peace is looking better right now.In terms of creature protection, I debated using Vines of Vastwood because it is also a pump card.

LordDonato on Boros Burn

2 days ago

sac_ld I am a fan of land destruction, and Molten Rain would be useful in a lot of matchups. Grim Lavamancer would give me gas when I run dry, and I have considered moving two Searing Blaze to the SB and bumping Deflecting Palm to make room for it. Shard Volley is another nice damage spell, but unless I have excess mana it would need to be the last spell I cast. Atarka's Command is one of the hardest to decide on, as I am not sure if the flexibility of the card coupled with the possible mana problems outweighs the consistency of Skullcrack.

Trent188 on Budget mono red burn

4 days ago

I would replace Mizzium Mortars (sorcery) with Searing Spear (instant) and replace Wild Slash with Skullcrack .. And although they are a bit less budget friendly ($3) I really like Rift Bolt

GidEmrakulPlox on Fire as my mixtape

5 days ago

Really coool idea. Have a +1. Ok so, if you want to make this more effective, try to replace Kiln Fiend with Keldon Marauders.Forked Bolt is better than Shock, because it allows you to distribute the damage, and instant speed isn't your priority.Volt Charge is crappy, the proliferate doesn't combo that well, and you are better running Lightning Strike.Searing Blood is amazing, also try removing some Searing Blaze because you need fetches to make it more effective.Young Pyromancer could be replaced with Ash Zealot.Lava Spike, Rift Bolt are kind of pricey, but work very well. Needle Drop is good Skullcrack is even better.Also, you could try to use Mardu Scout. You could also stick to 19 lands.And Quest for Pure Flame is more versatile than Shrine.For sideboard, you could use Smash to Smithereens, Dragon's Claw, Electrickery and Volcanic Fallout are good to deal with the opponent's creatures. You should also try using some graveyard hate. Ash Zealot is good, Relic of Progenitus or Tormod's Crypt

Kjartan on Modern Budget Jund

5 days ago

Skullcrack isn't a good midrange card.

War_Machine_800 on Competitive Burn (Jund)

6 days ago

Thanks for the feedback PAR11. I actually have my friend's Naya Burn deck saved on here privately for personal reference. I find that Boros Charm is not worth the mana cost as you would really only use the for 4 damage when there is more efficient burn available (i.e. Lightning Helix). I do eventually want to get Skullcrack, but in the mean time I have found Searing Blood to be surprisingly helpful. As for Atarka's Command, my friend runs it in the Naya burn deck I mentioned earlier and it has been really efficient in all of the play tests I have run with it. I will definitely keep that card in mind.

ellipsim on Red rush

1 week ago

I don't know about Staggershock. I think there are better 3-drops personally, if you're even going to mainboard 3-drop cards. I would go with something like Browbeat, probably only at 2.

Shrine of Burning Rage also seems a bit slow for dedicated burn. Try more straight-up burn spells like Searing Blaze or Searing Blood to remove a creature and still deal damage. Also Skullcrack in the main is a MUST. Lifegain is the enemy of burn.

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Tiny Leaders Legal

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