Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Players can't gain life this turn. Damage can't be prevented this turn. Skullcrack deals 3 damage to target player.

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Skullcrack Discussion

GabeCubed on Ze prowess burnz

3 hours ago

I really don't think you want Monastery Mentor. Yes, he is a good card, but it is not a good idea for this deck. It's basically a Time Walk on yourself. It opens you up to more disruption, and does nothing when it enters the battlefield. You could do 6-9 points of damage instead.

I suggest adding 2 Grim Lavamancer and 2 Skullcrack.

ghoul_Legion on Boros Control/Burn

1 day ago

Hello, I love your take, a deck playing Mana Tithe ? take my pvote sir.

On a more serious note, burn is usually based on killing your opponent as fast as possible.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is pretty much unplayable in modern, CMC is way too high.

Balefire Liege on paper sounds really good, but keep in mind that most decks use removal and since you have a really really low creature count, chances are they are going to have removal at their disposal. But I could still see it work with some effort. Thunderbreak Regent seems better overall.

while Solemn Simulacrum is great, This deck scream Aggro, so I'm not sure if it belongs here.

Since you are running soulfire granmaster, I don't see a reason to not run 4x Lightning Bolt

Path to Exile could replace oblivion ring. leaving mana open for more burn.

ALso, Skullcrack if you're running against lifegain is always nice.

hope this helps! :)

DeepbloodEclipse on Shock and Awe(R/W Burn)

1 day ago

I actually ran the rituals in my mono red, they were amazingly devestating. But yeah, stand out a little too much and people starts sideboarding agaisnt you. I'll see how well they work in this. I'll stick Flames of the Blood Hand and/or Skullcrack into my sideboard, reason why I made it mainboard is because there are some people running lifegain in my local meta, they are reaaaaally annoying.

zingzang on Shock and Awe(R/W Burn)

1 day ago

Looks okay to me. You could maybe add Pyretic Ritual, Desperate Ritual, Manamorphose to thin out your deck and get fast mana, Past in Flames works great with the Rituals in your graveyard and provides lots of fuel as you play your hand empty. Maybe you can get some sort of Stormcount up, so you could run a Grapeshot in your sideboard. This way cou can get about 5 dmg for 2. Path to Exile has to be in your deck, not in your sideboard. Maybe, you could cut Skullcrack and Flames of the Blood Hand.

Pocketmouse on Malice

3 days ago

I have a mono red deck that is really quick and aggressive, here are some cards I run, I definitely suggest getting all the 3 damage for 1 mana spells (and of course, Rift Bolt).

-Searing Blood


-Shard Volley

-Rift Bolt

-Monastery Swiftspear

-Hellspark Elemental

-Spark Elemental

-Collateral Damage

-Lava Spike

-Vexing Devil Great in a 1v1 match, not so great for matches with more than one opponent.

Here are some cards I feel your deck could do without:

-Lightning Strike

-Reverberate This card can be useful, I personally would take it out though because spending 3 mana for 2 1 drop spells is inefficient, 2 2 drop spells breaks even at 4 mana spent and 2 3 drop spells at 5 mana is where it becomes worth it, but you don't have many 3 drop instant or sorcery spells in this deck and spending 5 mana with a 20 count land base is risky buisness

-Searing Spear

-Sorin's Thirst



-Havoc Festival Way too expensive without any form of mana acceleration, I'd just go for Skullcrack instead. It may do less damage, but by turn six (the soonest this deck could cast it) your opponents will be able to deal with it.

-Guttersnipe This card is great to have in this deck if you're playing vs. more than one opponent, in a 1v1 match he's not worth it though.

The idea with these decks is to stomp your opponents down before they can get a threatening board state, lands that enter in tapped will only hold you back, so I suggest cutting the Bloodfell Caves for either 2 swamps and 2 mountains or (if you can afford them) 4 Bloodstained Mires or the less expensive Dragonskull Summits (or if you don't mind dropping money I'd get a playset of both and then run 6 swamps and 6 mountains). Another thing I'd like to point out is that in my deck I cut my land base all the way down to 18, 20 might be better with this deck though since you have more spells that cost 2 mana. Hope my comments help.

pskinn01 on Swords to Plowshares vs Path ...

6 days ago

depends on the format, and the deck type.

If you are playing modern, swords is not legal. so path would be your only option.

If you are playing a red/white/other burn deck, then path is the better option as the decks purpose is to negate their life. But I have seen someone Skullcrack thier opponent, swords a threat on the board, and then swing with better field advantage.

But most of the time giving life is a better set back then giving ramp.

superman101 on Heroes never die!

1 week ago

Lightning Bolt over Skullcrack. Other than that, I don't see many win-cons. More wrath effects would be nice, such as Wrath of God, Planar Cleansing, etc. If you're willing to splash green, Reki, the History of Kamigawa will be absurd.

aeonstoremyliver on burn

1 week ago

Lightning Bolt!!! Rift Bolt, Lava Spike, Keldon Marauders, Monastery Swiftspear, Spark Elemental, Skullcrack, Forked Bolt, and Flames of the Blood Hand are all relatively cheap and effective. You could easily cut two Mountains, as 20 is enough.

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