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Players can't gain life this turn. Damage can't be prevented this turn. Skullcrack deals 3 damage to target player.

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Skullcrack Discussion

Planeswalker_Pete on Ajani's JUNK in the Trunk

3 hours ago

Bipolarprobe I've thought about that.. burn can be a touch nut to crack with Skullcrack , however I believe siding Heroes' Reunion in consonance with Centaur Healer will allow me the sustain I need. Also, I would'nt Ult Ajani, Mentor of Heroes against a burn deck without at least a 3-4 loyalty counter buffer post ult.

zippermanzo711 on Red/White Deck

3 hours ago

This is a good start, but I think it will need some work.

The focus of the deck seems unclear and inconsistent. You should decide on your deck's strategy and focus it, is it aggro, midrange, or tokens? Right now it is a little all over the place.

In addition, I think that Young Pyromancer should be cut from your deck, as you only have 6 spells that trigger it. It is a good card, just not right for your deck.

Molten Birth is way too inconsistent of a card, so I would cut that as well. It will be underwhelming most of the time. A strong replacement would be something like Assemble the Legion or Sunhome Guildmage . Both work quite well with Purphoros, and Assemble the Legion would fill your empty 5-drop slot.

I would cut out at least one Barrage of Expendables , if not all of them, from your 75, as if you draw a second one with one out or in hand it's just a dead card. In general, your tokens and creatures are better alive than as 1 damage effect that you have to pay for. Some cards that can utilize tokens to consider are Spear of Heliod , Dictate of Heliod , and Legion's Initiative .

A strong creature I would recommend adding, especially if you decide to go with the token strategy is Ogre Battledriver . He has great synergy with all of your spells and tokens, and is quite useful in general with his boost and haste.

I also noticed that you have a fair amount of white devotion. A great curve topper to add to utilize this would be Evangel of Heliod .

As far as the sideboard goes, it all depends on your local metagame where you play. Deicide will be better than Revoke Existence as it's instant speed and hits Gods. There aren't a lot of artifacts in standard that aren't enchantments anyway. Rest in Peace could be included to bring in against graveyard strategies like Dredge, and you could include cards like Iroas, God of Victory , Banishing Light and Reprisal for midrange or monsters decks. Pithing Needle or Fated Conflagration could be included for decks with lots of planeswalkers like Superfriends or U/W/X control. Boros Charm could be included as a board wipe counter, and Skullcrack could be included as a Sphinx's Revelation or Gray Merchant of Asphodel counter. The choices you make of cards to include in your sideboard really depend on what decks you expect to play against on a giving night.

Hope you find this helpful to getting your deck to where you want it to be! Best of luck to you and keep working hard at making it stronger and more competitive.

Bipolarprobe on Ajani's JUNK in the Trunk

4 hours ago

Despite the varied means of lifegain here you still need an answer to Skullcrack . There's nothing quite as dissapointing as ulting Ajani, Mentor of Heroes just to get shut down and lose ajani for nothing. By then you really should have stabilized, but the point stands. Burn is sort of your Achilles heel here. At least that's how it looks as a lot of burn options can just outspeed or just outright kill your lifegain options. Also consider Mistcutter Hydra in the side over Scavenging Ooze . You need answers to control. Aside from that this looks very fun and I love junk as a color combo. +1

emelw on Afterlife Glory

8 hours ago

I can say that this looks really sick. Personally I don't like the current standard meta, because you really need a shitton of evasion and nothing more - which you got a lot of.

What I can think of the top of my head, is that you seem to lack the card draw needed for a deck of this sort. Yes, you can recycle your creatures with Athreos, but otherwise you've got nothing. If you could fit Chandra, Pyromaster , Read the Bones or Underworld Connections , that'd be neat. Erebos, God of the Dead would also be good, and would fit the same role as Skullcrack . Life shouldn't be hard to gain with both the bloodbaron and whip.

(Also, my compliments on your description, I really like the amount of effeort put into it. That's worthy of a +1 on its own.)

zippermanzo711 on Izzet Burn aggro

10 hours ago

I think Keranos, God of Storms would be a great inclusion as a 2 or 3 of when JIN drops. You could replace maybe a couple of Skullcrack or Cyclonic Rift with him.

The only thing I'm unsure on is if this is Control, Burn, Aggro or Counterburn, because the focus of the deck is unclear. I think once you identify the style/win cons of the deck you'll be able to make it a lot more focused and consistent.

Hope this helps!

shinokyofu on Shrieking Affliction Standard

13 hours ago

I'm not sure Chandra's Phoenix will be doing a lot for you with only Skullcrack to bring it back. I would almost recommend a couple Flame-Wreathed Phoenix instead of a couple of Chandra's, but I'm not sure. I would also suggest Slate Street Ruffian , and maybe a Cryptborn Horror or two on sideboard. Additionally, some more burn and low drop creatures wouldn't be amiss, I don't think.

cupofnoodles on Rise Of The Minotaurs

22 hours ago

Perhaps you should cut the numbers of all creatures in the deck from 4 to 3 copies. That will give you 8 slots to add some more utility to your deck. I'd recommend at least 2 Dreadbore and 2 Hero's Downfall 's in the deck, preferably 3 copies of each. Perhaps you could also fit Boros Reckoner in there. Underworld Connections is also fantastic for replenishing your hand for a small price of 1 life, something every aggro deck can make use of. Whip of Erebos would be great in this deck too, as there are many creatures that can benefit from all of it's abilities. Temple of Malice can also be a good investment, since it has at least a year before rotating out, unlike Blood Crypt which will be rotating soon.

This deck is fine against other aggro decks, but you'll need to build up a sideboard to face control decks too, because make no mistake, face them you will if you're gonna play this in FNM. I recommend boarding Slaughter Games , Skullcrack , Duress , and possibly Blood Scrivener or Read the Bones for additional card draw. Use Slaughter Games to get rid of their Sphinx's Revelation and Detention Sphere s, Duress (or Thoughtseize ), during the early game to diminish their hand, and Skullcrack if they try to gain life. Hope that helps!

yourself196 on Bug Devotion

1 day ago

Yeah, normally I would say that lifegain can really screw with a burn player but life gain from Gray Merchant of Asphodel is much more vulnerable to Skullcrack than a Courser of Kruphix . Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.25 $0.58 $2.05 $4.06
Color(s) R
Cost 1R
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 11.97
Avg. cube pick 2.89


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon