Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Players can't gain life this turn. Damage can't be prevented this turn. Skullcrack deals 3 damage to target player.

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Skullcrack Discussion


1 day ago

4x Monastery Swiftspear, and vexing devil is useful as more a 1x (maybe drop guttersnipe as it costs to much mana) and whats the reason behind Faithless Looting?

or even cards like Young Pyromancer, Soulfire Grand Master, or even Goblin Bushwhacker

other burn spells to look at: Atarka's Command, Lightning Helix, Searing Blaze, Skullcrack, Lava Spike, Boros Charm

whats your manabase like? fetchlands are great for thinning and shocks can be useful to provide any sideboard answers you may need.

lagotripha on Red Deck Wins MaD Budget by madthewicked

2 days ago

Budget RDW is very doable. This build sits pretty close to the prebuilt decks in terms of curve and focus, so lets talk competitive play, card options and fun budget stuff that people often overlook.

Budget RDW have a set of cheap, immensely powerful spells- Dragon Fodder, Krenko's Command, Foundry Street Denizen, Mogg War Marshal Brute Force, Titan's Strength, Temur Battle Rage. I've seen a lot of decks now running both Reckless Bushwhacker and Goblin Bushwhacker to take advantage of this and pump out a lot of damage very quickly- often in concert with cards like Hordeling Outburst. Goblin Wardriver will work in a pinch. Guttersnipe was a staple until his high cost drove him from modern- he's still a budget workhorse for midgame.

I've had some success running cheap artifact creatures and Shrapnel Blast/Kuldotha Rebirth alongside Act of Aggression, Traitorous Blood, Fling and Zealous Conscripts. There is nothing like stealing an emrakul with conscripts to win.

Generator Servant will let you pump out efficient 4 drops quickly should you wish to use them in the list. Avalanche Riders in a Stone Rain/Molten Rain list springs to mind.

Lightning Bolt is insanely good- there are a lot of printings and a lot of damaged common-rarity copies out there if you want to run it. If you're using sleeves the white bordered ones are even cheaper, but if you find yourself spending two mana on three damage, Incinerate and Searing Spear are instant speed options and Skullcrack has competitive use in stopping lifegain- theyre good replacements for higher cost spells.

Seismic Stomp is fun if you need to bypass blockers for damage and Smash to Smithereens appears in every mono-red sideboard to deal with artifacts for a reason- you will have very little ability to shut down creatureless combos, so you take what you can and try to outrace them.

Most of all, have fun, take a look at the pauper format for budget list ideas, and if a card is expensive in pauper there is usually an uncommon with a similar effect which is budget because it can't be used in pauper.

I normally end up running 16-20 lands depending on if I have three cost cards.

Pay attention to what other people like to play at your store- there are a lot of budget hate cards out there which can sit in a sideboard and wreck everyone playing a particular deck's day. Sowing Salt / Crumble to Dust when tron/scapeshift is in vogue. List of Modern Sideboard Staples is useful.

Good luck and happy playtesting.

ComradeJim270 on Burn 7/22/2016

5 days ago

I would consider replacing your Shard Volley with Lightning Helix. They're much better in the mirror and a lot less awkward to use. Consider that there are some tier 1 and 2 decks with countermagic, and having a Volley countered is horrid.

You could change your landbase a bit. I think you could comfortably run this on 19 lands, and even if you don't ten fetches is plenty. The damage you take from your lands is not inconsequential. I'd also run one more shock... probably Sacred Foundry, since white is needed for some key cards especially if you do run Helices. If you choose not to run Helix, another Stomping Ground should be fine.

Personally, I also run three mainboard Skullcrack but this is not correct to do in every metagame.

kamarupa on Jeskai Infect

6 days ago

Sometimes a buddy of mine plays Turbo Fog, and golly do I wish then I had a deck with Skullcrack.

I prefer Faith's Shield to Apostle's Blessing, though I totally get that the Blessing is easier for this deck to cast.

Ratchet Bomb is pretty sick against tokens.

Sanctimony is another cheap option for sideboard against red. Leyline of Sanctity, of course, if money isn't an issue.

I think I'd go with Mana Leak over Remand and/or Negate.

I notice you've also got a Human sub-theme - so maybe something like Stoneforge Masterwork or something else that works with that could be really fun. Bonds of Faith, or Sharpened Pitchfork, for example.

Tainted Strike "strikes" me as out of place, but then again, USA Prowess isn't really my forte.

I hope some of this has been at least a little bit helpful.

Kjartan on black burn

1 week ago

I'd drop 1x Dark Confidant and 2x Shard Volley to add 3x Skullcrack

Rain of Gore is the sideboard card of the year in B/R burn.

Khazvv on Budget Burn

1 week ago

Did you ever try Searing Blood instead of some number of Searing Blaze? Blaze can sometimes be hard to play optimally, especially since you don't run any fetch. Being able to cast most of your 2cmc spells at instant speed (essentially representing Skullcrack) seems quite important to me.

No sideboard?

FierceTierce on Burn, Naya, Burn

1 week ago

Good point Lanzo493. I think I'll trade 3 Atarka's Commands for Skullcrack and leave one Skullcrack cause reasons.

Foof811 on Infinite Goblins! (1072 Damage turn 4)

1 week ago

Duckling Yeah Boros Burn was incredibly annoying because of Lightning Helix. I destroyed the guy in the first game because I got an incredibly explosive start with a turn 1 Warren Instigator via Simian Spirit Guide and 2 Goblin Guides on turn 2. Games 2 and 3 went awful though because I got terrible draws, and i ended up having to pass turns because I had nothing to play. I blame that on me though and not the deck. My shuffling is garbage lol. I do have a copy of Blood Moon I could throw in, and a couple Skullcracks as well. Not having a Kor Firewalker for red makes it incredibly annoying to deal with burn as a mono red aggro.

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