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Players can't gain life this turn. Damage can't be prevented this turn. Skullcrack deals 3 damage to target player.

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Skullcrack Discussion

JonRules12 on Izzet Pantheon

2 hours ago

Spark Jolt isn't amazing. Skullcrack you can have two, or just sideboard 2. Nullify is more sideboard imo. Scouring Sands is probs sideboard at best as well. Bolt of Keranos not amazing. Anger of the Gods good sideboard. Consider the new god Keranos, God of Storms . Overall looking good, tighten up on your instants. Instead of having 1 or two questionable instants like Spark Jolt go up to four of really top notch cards. Dissolve , Searing Blood , Izzet Charm , Lightning Strike , Magma Jet over something like Spark Jolt anyday of the week imo. I would run AEtherling over Melek, Izzet Paragon same cmc but AEtherling can win games on it's own. Young Pyromancer , gutter snipe are also just amazing creatures in a burn/control izzet. You do have a lot of rather sideboardy control. Annul , for example, Essence Scatter , Dispel . Good luck with the pre-release.

Energycore on rotate spike jester, acquire currency

1 day ago

If you go against control, you'll want to become much more of a burn deck. Consider Rakdos's Return in the side for that matchup. Against some kind of devotion deck you'll also benefit from going removal crazy. I really like your choice for Skullcrack in the side, it'll be great against Sphinx's Revelation .

I'd put the following side:4x Thoughtseize3x Doom Blade2x Hero's Downfall3x Skullcrack3x Rakdos's Return

Reasoning: i don't think you'd need 11 destroy effects considering you're also running burn, and Hero's Downfall, being instant speed Dreadbore, is preferable over Ultimate price in my opinion.

You're not going to need 4x Skullcrack. If you run 4, you have a high chance of getting 2 of them throughout the game and you only really need it once. If you skullcrack the control player's rev once, that's basically game because you have hasters and you have burn.

Rakdos's Return is a real jewel against any deck really. It's a great finisher that is honestly overkill unless you're facing a deck that won't let you win superfast.

With these changes and a lot of playtesting i think you'll be ready for a lot of 3-1 or 4-0 FNMs.

Regulus1010 on Borzhov Sinister Control

2 days ago

@Aytonday, lonewaer, kmcree and RobinScottsfield: Thanks for your comments and feedback! I didn't see any of your +1's if you left them, though.

To respond in specific (and sorry for the delayed response on my end:

@Aytonday: I chose Rakdos Keyrune for a few reasons. Firstly, I dropped Mutavault to speed up/smooth out my mana, so I needed something that stayed on the board as a threat and avoided board wipes. Spare mana? If I can spare the 1 mana to attack with a Mutavault for 2 damage, I can almost certainly spare another and attack for 3. Plus, first strike isn't bad. Also, when I'm getting slightly land-screwed, it provides acceleration same-turn and a small degree of mana fixing. I was running 2x up until recently but getting a 2nd one was never something I wanted.

@lonewaer: Love your deck! I gave it a +1 last night. I loved the enthusiasm in your comment on this deck :) I would love to have a 2nd Slaughter Games or a 3rd Rakdos's Return in my SB, but there just isn't room for it with everything else I need to jam in. I like your read on the control matchup which is essentially the same as mine, but I'm still having a tough time with it. Maybe it's bad draws or I just need to learn to play against it better, but I just don't have room for more than 5x hand hate spells MB between Rakdos's Return and Thoughtseize . I do definitely side in all the hand hate I can against control, though, including Duress and Sin Collector . Also, I don't want to be shocking myself for 2 more than I already have to with this deck, and drawing a late game Thoughtseize when you need removal is BRUTAL. So, those went down to 3x.

As far a card advantage, between 12x Temples and 2x card advantage spells, I have plenty to filter/draw. I was running 2x Read the Bones and 2x Underworld Connections , but too many of the former hurt too much, and too many of the latter was causing me to draw 2 in a game too often (shitty luck), which I never want in a deck that's already painfully slow. I know that there are reasonable arguments against what I'm saying here, but it's a playstyle choice on my part.

I've chosen to MB more Blood Baron of Vizkopa over Stormbreath Dragon exclusively for the lifegain aspect. I take a lot of self damage and early damage very often, and if I haven't drawn Warleader's Helix or Whip of Erebos out with a creature that's dealt combat damage, I was hurting quickly. I've found Stormbreath Dragon to be far better against control due to haste and their inability to answer right away, but only for that matchup is it better than Blood Baron of Vizkopa . I basically find myself wanting to draw Obzedat, Ghost Council every game I play, so he got bumped to 2x and I even thought about 3x although I don't know where that copy goes in MB or SB.

@kmcree: You're right, Skullcrack is great against Sphinx's Revelation but I'm far less concerned about the life gain since if you give me enough time with this deck, I'm absolutely going to kill you. I'm more concerned about their drawing 5+ cards on me. That's something this deck can rarely come back from. It was suggested to me up a few posts to use Spirit of the Labyrinth , which isn't a bad idea but again, I already have so much control hate in the SB that I'm not sure what would make more sense to take out. I think with control, this deck needs to hope to Godhand and have control draw shit.

@RobinScottsfield: I did have Slaughter Games MB when this deck first started out, and not that I don't completely agree with you because your comment is precisely why I started on that path, but other matchups made it clear that Slaughter Games needed to come in games 2/3 to produce better game 1 results for me.

Love the feedback - please keep it coming!

Jojja on American Smashmouth

2 days ago

So it's Boros aggro that splashes blue for Skyknight, Charms and D.Sphere? Why not just play with black instead for Necromancers and the new god(the B/W one and maybe the R/W aswell)? all of them have better synergies with the rest of the deck and you can move the Skullcrack to the SB and add some spot removal in there like Hero's Downfall ? The blue splash just seems like it would be a potential risk with the 4 Vents and 3 Nyxthos that might keep you off enough white in the early game? Also Ajani, Caller of the Pride might be good in this deck to help you jump something for the kill.

I think you really need to have a reason to go 3 color in standard and right now the only good combos I can see for a deck like this is R/W/B or Naya for the beef that green brings the deck.

JTetris11 on Why No American Aggro Lists?

3 days ago

Hey everybody I just wanted to put out a question which is why there are not more people trying to make American Aggro Lists work in standard. I think that if you took the same philosophy of the Esper Humans deck that is popular and made it even more aggro by splashing red for Skullcrack and Boros Charm you could really surprise people with how competitive it could get. What do you think?

The list I am brewing over is here:

American Smashmouth Playtest

Standard JTetris11


kmcree on Borzhov Sinister Control

3 days ago

I'm not sure if someone has already suggested this, or if you've looked at it, but one of the best ways to deal with Sphinx's Revelation decks is Skullcrack .

gavoryn on The Best $20 You'll Ever Spend

3 days ago

My local meta has quite a bit UW Control, Esper Control, and of all the weirdo things, Maze's End .

Skullcrack seems to be an amazing answer for all 3 of those decks! Fog what? Skullcrack disagrees.

Had I not lost Round 2, my next opponent would have either been Esper Control or RG Monsters, depending on what the computer spit out. My Round 2 opponent faced the Esper Control. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.24 $0.59 $2.05 $4.0
Color(s) R
Cost 1R
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 11.97
Avg. cube pick 2.89


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon