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Players can't gain life this turn. Damage can't be prevented this turn. Skullcrack deals 3 damage to target player.

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Skullcrack Discussion

Jamesfurrow on Izzet Electromancy - suggestions pls

5 hours ago

Ok blue red basics first Control spells vary with budget and hopes of the deck so heres a few Mana Leak hard counters a lot more than you think because who keeps 3 mana open unless agaisnt another blue deck? Remand well its remand gotta love it Spell Pierce is also a strong control spell. Izzet Charm extreamely versitile but dont over rely on it. Red loves to burn and destroy stuff so Lightning Bolt is your strongest spell ever for red. Magma Jet is a personal favorite because hurt you or a creature then scry 2 um yes please. Skullcrack deals well with lifegain decks and also makes sure your guttersnipe will trigger and harm the opponent. Searing Spear and Lightning Strike are good seconds if you still want to target creatures. Rift Bolt is a Lightning Bolt you wait a turn to trigger with suspense.

Now mechanics of the deck should get those spells very quickly.

Draw spells are your best friend in this situation your going to want Serum Visions and i like this card because it helps move the deck while keeping your hand full

Uncovered Clues does a great job at this as well.

Electrolyze will do the job of both burn and draw amazingly

So izzet is basically a draw deck ( really strong draw) with some heavy hitting burn spells while your creatures benefit from both

djakes on Orange Vigilantes

23 hours ago

So many cool things in Izzet. Consider Kiln Fiend , particularly with Distortion Strike or Artful Dodge (cheaper versions of Teleportal without the overload). I'd consider Skullcrack versus annoying lifegainers, too.

I love the idea of using Dual Casting with Guttersnipe , may have to steal that idea for my Izzet deck! Would you mind having a look at it and giving me your thoughts? Izzet Card-draw and Damage Extravaganza

FalkensteinAZ on new to modern, need advice

1 day ago

People see a Burn deck full of Lightning Bolt and write it off as 20 to the dome (granted a lot of unskilled pilots play it that way), but there's a lot of finesse to the archetype, playing through the Pod combos, etc. Your key cards vary by matchup, from Skullcrack to Keldon Marauders to Smash to Smithereens , but it is rarely ever a Lightning Bolt clone.

Anyways, Imma pimp my favorite deck here: Infect! It plays like combo a lot of the time, can be set up in a variety of color combinations, and can be built from less than $100 to over $1000. The budget versions lose a bit of flexibility/depth, but the deck can play very competitively at all levels.

The Modern card pool is so big though, there are definitely more combos waiting to be discovered. Any of the Tier 2/3 budget decks will serve you well on a local level while you're busy breaking the next big combo.

As far as the metagame goes, check out MTG Top for an overview, and then google "deckname primer" for anything you're interested in. Good luck!

cmbr on Fun little R/W Aggro T3 win!

2 days ago

Well, PrimitiveGuy, I'm glad to see that you have adopted my sideboard ideas. Looks pretty decent now! But please keep in mind that those were only raw suggestions and you surely want to fine-tune it. Depending on your local meta you could even use some entirely different cards:

Assumed that Red Deck Wins and Boros Burn are quite popular there, you could try running Lagonna-Band Trailblazer (an early blocker they can't burn down) against them!

Or if there are some Maze's End-decks which want to troll you, counter them with Skullcrack (you know, against all those Fog s)!


2 days ago

So first things first... Boros weenies is awesome. I used to run it as well. But a few suggestions and tips... The point of the deck is to end the game AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Like turn 3-5. So you want to run the best 1, 2, 3, and maybe 4 drops out there, and make sure they get out there. When I ran this I also ran a small burn spell base. I ran a play set of Lightning Strike, Magma Jet and Boros Charm. Magma Jet isn't necessary because it is only 2 damage. However, the scry is great. So anyway... Lets look at your 1-drops: Soldier of the Pantheon, Boros Elite, Legion Loyalist. The Elite is amazing. Legion Loyalist is good, but I believe should be in the sideboard for other weenie matchups. Soldier of the Pantheon is great as well. One suggestion is Rakdos Cackler . 1-drop for a 2/2 is great for the first turn. I would run a play set of Soldiers, Elites, and Cacklers and put the Loyalists in the sideboard. Now for 2-drops: Ash Zealot and Firefist Striker. Both great. Firefist can change a game, which is what you need. I would recommend Precinct Captain . I would choose 2 of the three to maintain a decent mana base. 3-drops: you've got Boros Reckoner, Frontline Medic, Skyknight Legionnaire. Reckoned is an absolute must. And I would also pick two of these guys as well. I would prefer Frontline over Skyknight personally. 4-drops: You've got Iroas, Rubblebelt Raiders, Spark Trooper, and Firemane Avenger. All great cards, but I'd thin it down to just 1 of them. Drop Rubblebelts. He requires three red. To hard to get out with the curve. Spark Trooper is a great option too. I wouldn't pick Firemane for the sheer fact that he can get hit by a Lightning Strike and you can't use him until turn 5. Iroas... Is just beautiful. So I personally would choose between Iroas, Spark Trooper, and Firemane although he doesn't pay back enough. Personally, I would go with Iroas. Too good not to have. The 6 life is great, and people argue he's better because you can give him double strike, but only with six mana on the field... Iroas will let practically all your guys get through and will most likely be online as well because if all the creatures you run, especially Boros Reckoner. Iroas also affects the field turn 4 as well, unlike Rubblebelt Raiders and Firemane Avenger, who can't attack until turn 5. Although Iroas doesn't attack turn 5, he's still affecting the field in a MAJOR way. Recommendations for other cards: Madcap Skills . AMAZING card. I would also recommend Titan's Strength , depending on if you like the burn or the pump and Scry 1 more.

So here's the breakdown:3 different 1-drops creatures2 different 2-drops creatures2 different 3-drops creatures1 single 4-drop creature2-3 different burn spellsA playset of Madcap Skills

I'll give you a list of what I would personally run in my Boros Weenies deck.

Burn spells: 4 Boros Charm, 4 Lightning Strike

Pump spells: 4 Madcap Skills

1-drops: 4 Rakdos Cackler, 4 Boros Elite, 4 Soldier of the Pantheon

2-drops: 4 Firefist Striker, 3 Precinct Captain

3-drops: 4 Boros Reckoner, 3 Frontline Medic

4-drop: 2 Iroas, God of Victory

20 lands

You might want to go 22 lands and cut two cards, but 20 might suffice. Sideboard-wise I'd add 4 Skullcrack , 2 Legion's Initiative , 3 Legion Loyalist , 3 Satyr Firedancer , 3 Magma Jet .

That is my small bit of advice... I hope my tiny comment helps you out. Good luck dude. Obviously you don't need to copy my exact deck list, but its an option. Again, good luck man.

Sarmon on Mind Blast!

3 days ago

Aw, sucks about the Lightning Bolt , and I understand about the other. As for creatures, how do you feel about Wee Dragonauts ? Electrickery , Skullcrack and Spite of Mogis are all pretty good/cheap but have really specific uses, being either against weenies, life gain or just a late game smash.

FrontalLobotomy on mono red burn w/ m15

3 days ago

dont know how I feel about the shrapnel blast. I'd go with Stoke the Flames cut the shrapnel blast. then for the ornithopter you have some choices: Skullcrack is solid, if you want to stick with creatures then go with either Young Pyromancer or Chandra's Phoenix . also I would recomend gutter snipe and throwing in some more low CC burn i.e. Shock Spark Jolt (scry=good).

ps I realize that you wanted rotation ready but I feel that the is really not feasible at least at the moment. Sorry.

lemme know your thoughts, Thanks

Jamesfurrow on "Izzet" modern ready?

3 days ago

UpperDeckerTaco thank you for pointing that out to me. also I changed the deck a little and its based on what I can easily do to the deck because I either have them or the card is very easily accessible at my store. what do you think of the minor changes? also Flames of the Blood Hand I would rather use Skullcrack because it is less mana for only one less damage. also could you help me with my side board? I have it posted as to how I actually have it at the moment and I would like to know what would be better spells to have in there. Price

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Color(s) R
Cost 1R
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 11.97
Avg. cube pick 2.89


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Gatecrash Uncommon