Players can't gain life this turn. Damage can't be prevented this turn. Skullcrack deals 3 damage to target player.

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Skullcrack Discussion

Ryotenchi on Debauchery and Infamy

17 hours ago

Think I need some sort of Skullcrack ability for the side..

GeminiSpartanX on WTF?!? 4-Color Burn!

22 hours ago

ceji3- My description likely does need updated, but I don't have Vexing Devil in the 75 at all. I operate my burn deck in such a way as to be as consistant as possible for a turn 4 win.

I know that many lists are running 2 Grim Lavamancer in the main, but in my experience that card has been lackluster and slow. Up until DTK, I was running 1 in the MD and I regretted seeing it in every opening hand. Although you do bring up a good point about the synergy with having more creatures to attack with when using Atarka's Command's +1/+1 ability, so I may reconsider finding space for it.

The one matchup where I do side in all 4 Destructive Revelry (Affinity), I do indeed side out the Bumps since against Affinity you need to be as interactive as possible. Not being able to target their creatures means it is a weaker card to use against them.

I have tested Atarka's Command pretty extensively since the DTK prerelease, and it really does deserve 4 slots in the MD imo. You'd be surprized how often putting the extra land into play allows for 3 additional damage faster than you'd otherwise be able to do.

Path to Exile most likely should be replaced with Deflecting Palm as an answer to single large creatures such as Primeval Titan out of the Amulet Bloom deck, but I wanted another answer to Twin since I cut back on the number of Rakdos Charms that I use in the SB. Plus it has the upside of being another answer to a resolved Kor Firewalker along with other problematic creatures. I'm actually not worried about Tasigur, the Golden Fang too much, since I'm aiming to be faster than decks that abuse him.

Combust and Rending Volley are (for me) only ever used to battle Twin and control decks (and occasionally Merfolk), and against those decks Rending Volley is much better at 1 mana.

Crackling Doom is more of a controlling card, and fits better in a jund-y style deck as opposed to a straight burn list. 3 mana for 2 damage will not win you games any faster, and the burn player should aim to win as fast as possible. I have seen a Mardu modern control list do faily well using C.Doom, but it was aiming to control moreso than win quickly.

I understand the arguement for using Skullcrack instead of Atarka's Command, but so far in my testing the Command has demonstrated that having the extra versitality is much more powerful in multiple situations compared to before DTK when I did run 4 MD Skullcracks. Additionally I don't feel the need to run additional lifegain-hate in the SB as I've found that if you can stop just one instance of lifegain, you rarely need to stop the 2nd one since you'll be that much further ahead in the 'life race'.

I do appreciate the suggestions, even though many of them were already in the maybeboard. Thanks for looking!

ceji3 on WTF?!? 4-Color Burn!

1 day ago

my burn list, Modern League #1 Screw Blue Burn, may offer some suggestions, as will I. Sideboard, replace Rending Volley with Combust. Rending Volley may look good, but, it can't kill siege rhino. Another good option here is Roast. It isn't instant speed, but it also deals with Tasigur, the Golden Fang. Lists like this are VERY painful in the mana. Definitely consider Dragon's Claw. I know Skullcrack used to be run as a 4 of in some decks, but Atarka's Command should only be 3. It spreads your mana base, exceedingly thin, but it can still be an amazing finisher. With 3 creatures, i dropped someone from 14 to 2. Personally, i also like Grim Lavamancer as a 2 of for late game reach, and attacking synergizes well with Atarka's Command. Path to Exile is nice, but it is really only used against creatures you don't wish to 2 for 1. I personall like Crackling Doom because it is nice removal, and the only things that we can't hit with it are against abzan, which is why we have Roast and Combust. Vexing Devil is bad now, compared to swiftspear. You cannot give your opponents choices. As for playing the deck, when you want to board in Destructive Revelry, i recommend boarding your Bump in the Nights because if you stretch the mana too thin, odds are, you won't draw what you need when you need it. consider boarding a couple Skullcracks because you want the same prevent life gain effect, but you don't stretch your mana base as much.

Also, YamishiTheWickedOne, those lands can't be fetched for, and that is why he should not run them.

Blades_Of_Autumn on Flames of Naya!

1 day ago

Dekonic, in my online playtesting it has been exceptional. Not only is it four more copies of Skullcrack in the deck to hose lifegain, it combos beautifully with Monastery Swiftspear. Prowess trigger + the Commands +1/+1 is six damage off the swiftspear and one spell. Crazy good.

Doctor_ando on Li'l Berserkers

2 days ago

may I also recommend Skullcrack in the place of Wild Slash since it provides a more aggressive kind of damage permanence. For your sideboard; Red Elemental Blast & Pyroblast are sure to catch your blue-playing opponents off-guard

darkcivilian on RDW

3 days ago

Certainly then! Skullcrack, Roast, Shattering Spree.

JakeOswoll on Modern Rg/x Burn

3 days ago

Molten Rain is good. Honestly, you shouldn't have too much trouble against control. Control decks are usually good matchups because they have slow clocks and our topdecks are better. If you're having trouble with UWR, having Atarka's Command in addition to Skullcrack should fix that.

8 on Burn

3 days ago

In my opinion, Valakut is nothing but a slowpoke in this deck. You'll have won or lost in turn 7 and you won't have played more than 4 lands (more like only two or three). So I would put in 6 or 7 more mountains and take out those who cost more than 3 mana. AND Banefire, cause Banefire for X = 2 sucks. Kicking the opponent with Skullcrack or Shrine of Burning Rage with Braid of Fire is working well.

Color(s) Red
Cost 1R
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 10.38
Avg. cube pick 2.85


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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