Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Players can't gain life this turn. Damage can't be prevented this turn. Skullcrack deals 3 damage to target player.

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Skullcrack Discussion

Triton on MDN Budget R/G Landfall (Casual)

2 days ago

For lifegain-prevention, I can think of Atarka's Command and Skullcrack. Command is the best option for this deck imo, since you have more use for the different modes of it.

For SB, you can use a combination of Destructive Revelry and Ancient Grudge for artifact hate. Offshoot can definitely be an option for SB against aggro.

AndrieuR on We dont need no Water, let this Motherfucker burn!

2 days ago

If you're going to go all in like this, you might as well just maindeck Blood Moon, probably in place of Searing Blood. There are enough situations in which it's good and it doesn't hurt you at all.

I'd also make some room for maybe Incendiary Flow and definitely Skullcrack to help you against graveyard decks and life gain respectively.

If you have them, I'd suggest using some of the red fetch lands (Bloodstained Mire, Wooded Foothills, etc.) to be able to filter down some of your lands and improve your draws marginally.

Bedlam Reveler may also be a neat thing for your deck to do. I haven't gotten a chance to test it yet, but it seems sweet.

frogkill45 on Red Burn

4 days ago

Skullcrack sideboard possibly

Vexing Devil this is also a great card

vexingozar on Burn in the Night (with sideboard guide)

4 days ago

Also you seam to deviate from the sacred path of burn strategy :) do not kill creatures unless they gain your opponent million life. Path to exile is an excellent removal but it does not do any damage and your game is a race so you are looking for a tempo solutions. There is Skullcrack obviously but against abzan lifelink you also got Deflecting Palm and maybe Rakdos Charm if they tend to put 3+ creatures on. A copy or two of Surgical Extraction is worth considering just because you can cast it for free so they never see it coming.

TeamSDBags on all the lightning 9helix

1 week ago

I'll start you off with a lot of things

  1. Browbeat is basically unplayable in modern (as is prism ring it doesn't give you gas), I'd cut Browbeat and Prism Ring and play 4 Rift Bolt instead, its a great turn 1 play and you really need it if your playing burn.

  2. Gut shot is not a friendly burn spell, but Magma Jet is, as it sets up your draws and keeps you pumping out gas for your opponent. I'd cut 4 gut shot to play 4 magma jet.

  3. While Thermo-Alchemist is great in standard burn, it doesn't do so well in modern, I'd play Hellspark Elemental instead, as it can come back from the graveyard and deals damage with ease.

  4. Since your playing Boros Burn, Soulfire Grand Master would be great as a 2 of, as giving you back all that life you deal in damage can prove to save you many times, also gives you recurring burn spells should you not kill your opponent fast enough.

  5. While Incinerate is a great burn spell, Skullcrack can win you games, as something like Martyr of Sands can wreck your game plan.

  6. Although I see you are on a budget, Eidolon of the Great Revel can give you games against decks like Zoo and make your control matchups a tad bit easier, (also goes through leyline) and it's not terribly expensive.

  7. I personally would run Sacred Foundry over Clifftop Retreat, as you never want to lose curve with this deck, and it being a possibloe tap land can do that to you.

For your sideboard:

Wear//Tear or other enchantment removal would be great against leyline, and Pyrite Spellbomb can kill off pesky Kor Firewalker.

caesarsalad77 on Niv's and Niv's Goodtime Wizard Party

1 week ago

Thanks for the suggestions! This deck's fairly new and it's still a work in progress. All my EDH decks are pretty much "what I have on hand" so some things are out of my grasp (sweet, sweet Serum Visions, and some dumb choices - like Skullcrack are based upon the local meta, which consists of me and the three other guys I routinely play with. It could still be cut, though. The Spitfire and the Fiend are great suggestions for how the deck's already played, so I can't wait to add them into the tweaking pile.

TheDracogenius on Niv's and Niv's Goodtime Wizard Party

1 week ago

Sweet deck, welcome to the Izzet League!

If you are looking to improve the deck, I would cut Curse of Bloodletting , Skullcrack, Rethink and Rayne, Academy Chancellor.

The Curse only affects one player, who will then try anything to get revenge on you. You are not really an aggro deck, so you will probably get the least use out of this card. You could instead add instant or sorceries that grant double strike like Temur Battle Rage, as those not just double the damage but also raise the power of your Nivix Cyclops in the process. The same goes for Skullcrack, it only affects one player and the damage is negledgible in commander. Rethink is just straight up worse than any other counterspell for three mana, as it is only conditional. It is below average as Cancel and Counterspell are the golden standart for counterspells.

If you really want to go for an aggressive red blue build I would remove a couple of the high drop creatures you run and replace them with more cheaply costed cantrips like Ponder and Serum Visions to get more triggers on your Nivix Cyclops-like creatures. If you want to go all in I would recommend Chandra's Spitfire and Kiln Fiend aswell as Young Pyromancer. You need to streamline your deck, lower your utility creature count and put in more cheap card draw and you have a sweet blue red tempo deck. If you want to extend on the combo side of the deck, feel free to read the primer on my Niv-Mizzet deck, which is a heavy combo build.

Have fun playing and updating the deck!

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